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Israel OlatunjiI’m Israel, a proficient freelance writer & full-time blogger – reaching you from Online Business Publications. As a brand associate, I create SEO-friendly CONTENT for website owners in a quest to help them achieve their content marketing goals using the best of digital marketing initiatives. I also help businesses manage their social media handles effectively and improve SEO rankings in Google.

You’re planning to take your business to the next level but currently have work schedules that wouldn’t let you get the time to manage your writing tasks efficiently, right? Well, it’s great to see you land on this page!

If I’m hired to take up your writing projects, rest assured, every piece of content I deliver will have:

  • A fascinating headline
  • An appealing introduction
  • Stats, resources, and examples where appropriate
  • A call-to-action (CTA) for your audience
  • An intriguing and fetching voice
  • An excellent READABILITY score – satisfying the Flesch Kincaid Readability Ease requirements

I’ve passionately authored and written extensively for several blogs across industries; so you can hire me right away for your qualitative writing projects.

What Do I Offer?

Need A Freelance Writer?

Being a professional freelance writer and seasoned blogger, I know what it takes to come up with great content that satisfies search intent. I consistently create for site owners who need such content to engage their audience.

Want to know the kind of quality I offer? Check it out here.

Need a Professional Freelance Writer? Look No Further!

Need A Freelance Writer?
If you’re in search of a professional content writer and blogging expert to constantly assist with providing informative content for your brand & ensure continuity in driving more potential clients, leave a message below or contact me directly.
I might be the right person to provide you with the content style that turns the one-time clients into regular & stable customers. Learn more about my freelance writing service.

Want to Join the Best Affiliate Marketing Community?

While building a website involves a lot of technicalities, you need an advanced web host and friendly community that will provide you brand security, reliability, and 24/7/365 (full & interactive) support.

Wealthy Affiliate University

I’m introducing Wealthy Affiliate – a Canadian affiliate marketing community that offers the best of education and training and helps you turn your passion into a thriving online business.

Wealthy Affiliate Training PlatformWA has got you covered when it comes to building a virtual estate that earns the greatest ROI.
You will have the opportunity to build 50 websites using WA’s state-of-the-art hosting server. This includes all site protocols (Site Protection, Security & Privacy, Site Speed, Business Email Accounts, Site SSL Certificate, WHOIS, and a lifetime WordPress managed hosting account worth more than the third-tier $250 monthly hosting plan you could get elsewhere).
Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate University, or simply click the #1 Recommendation tab on the site’s main menu above.

Want to create a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog?

Are you about to start a personal blog? Congrats, I wrote a comprehensive guide for you! Check it out here.

Want to Start Your Own Business Online?

Would you want to set up an online business that will grow up passively from 0 to $100,000 monthly revenue? Not to worry! Simply check the comparison table below and choose the right platform that will meet your online marketing goal.

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