14 Powerful Link Building Tactics Experts Choose in 2020

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Link building has a whole lot of advantages and we all know about its importance if it is done the right way.

Aside from the fact that it can help build your website rankings, it can also help to promote your site.

Link building can be helpful if done properly, and so also if done the wrong way, the ranking that has been built so far will disappear.

Link building is not an easy task and it requires a lot of strategies which include efficiency, expertise, and the right resources.

So, if you are new to link building, you need some helpful insights on the do’s and don’ts and when to use a certain strategy.

A research was conducted by SEMrush, which was about knowing users’ views about the most effective link building strategies.

About 850 SEO and digital specialists were asked about their goals, objectives, and experience in different niches and the link building strategies they implement in growing their backlink profiles.

So many specialists from four different professions took part in the survey and they are as follows

  • Business owners – 38.29%
  • In-house specialists – 30.24%
  • SEO consultants / freelancers – 22.44%
  • Agency SEO specialists – 9.02%.

The result of the research shows that over 34% of the respondents possess intermediate skills in link building, about 17% are core professionals and just about 4% are experts while almost 34.5% said they are a newbie when it comes to link building or has no prior experience at all.

This article will focus solely on experienced users (a sample of about 65%, including experts) and we will look at each of the strategies they implemented and found to be most useful.

Most Productive Link Building Tactics Based on the Survey

Our skill level differs; that is we all have our skill levels, but we are expected to promote our products, services, and content.

With regard to the survey, link building strategies are mostly implemented to enhance positioning on search engines and help generate and drive traffic (94.39% and 79.02% of the experienced users, respectively).

We will begin with more advanced strategies that will require more time, resources, and input (effort).

Some of the skills that are needed for these include PR, content creation, and detailed keyword research.

You need to stay glued to these skills if you want to actively promote your content, articles, press releases, publications, etc.

Let’s go through each of them in the right order.

Advanced (Outreach) Strategies and Link Building Tools

This link building tool has been designed to help you apply all these strategies and utilize all their full potentials.

We will quickly take a look at them and explain in detail their working principle with SEMrush.

The whole workflow always takes 6 steps which are:

  1. Create a project by entering your domain.
  2. Include up to 10 keywords that you want to rank for.
  3. Add about 10 competitors to help you look up the best backlink potentials for your site.
  4. Search for prospects, set up a particular strategy for each one, and carry it out.
  5. Always go out and communicate with website owners within the link building tool interface.
  6. Check and track your success.

Create a Link Building CampaignBottom of Form

Guest Posting

Recommended: 53%

Though each of the respondents listed out so many preferred strategies, but guest posting is at the summit of that list.

The majority of the specialists deem it fit to be one of the most guaranteed ways to grow a backlink portfolio fast.

Also, as part of the link building strategies, guest posting is a means of improving the visibility of your site on another person’s blog by putting a link on it.

The links may be placed either in the text body or in the “About the Author” section and a No-follow attribute will be placed on it; this depends solely on the approval of the blog owner.

In return, you can also place a link on your website directing to that particular blog, so the blogger can increase their blog’s visibility as well.

Resources and Links List Pages

Recommended: 43.55%

Some of the other strategies you can implement with the LBT’s prospects are resource pages and link lists.

This is a strategy that is all about producing high-quality content as a resource page for a certain niche. For example, you have comprehensive content with singing techniques.

You can propose the source link to a website that is designed for songwriters, musicians, and singers, and, if possible, they will put a link on your website.

Tip: make use of LBT keywords potentials to look for the website that can place your content and help hook up with website owners.

You can use the combinations listed below to find the relevant websites. Keyword + “resources”

  • Keyword + “useful resources”
  • Keyword + “helpful resources”
  • Keyword + “links”
  • Keyword + “useful links”
  • Keyword + “helpful links”

Social Media Backlinks

Recommended: 38.7%

This strategy is effective and useful when we talk about brand promotion or you present yourself as an expert.

Building a personal profile and dedicated communities can influence your brand positioning and help them gain trust.

It works when you need to utilize your branded traffic and make people eager to learn more about you.

Social media can positively influence your branded search engine results pages (SERP) with the new SERP features, just like the example below.

If you are not active or you don’t have an account on social media or you haven’t used one yet, you now have a very good reason to start managing one but always have it at the back of your mind that this strategy is more similar to add or gain branded traffic than growing a backlink portfolio.

Tip: You can make use of SEMrush’s social media Toolkit for tracking and posting your content.

The tool always helps you research relevant and useful topics, engage the audience, and track your competitors.

Public Release and Content Submission

Recommended: 35.48%

Another means and effective strategy of link building is the submission of news, opinions, research, guides, and some forms of content on all dedicated platforms.

These platforms are the listed websites on which you can submit paid or free info on your services:

  • Aggregators
  • Marketplaces
  • Article promotion websites
  • Press release distribution portals
  • Blog platforms
  • Wikis
  • News portals
  • Online magazines.

This strategy will work perfectly if you promote a type of product, maybe e-commerce, apps, or services.

Tip: Make use of LBT to connect to site admins that will surely help you submit your content on their websites.

In order to concentrate more on content-submitting websites, scroll to LBT’s keywords tab, and enter the keywords from your master list.

You can also use advanced search operators, that will help you to concentrate more on specific content-submitting websites.

Select the most interesting ones, move them to in-progress, and then contact the right people and track the answers.

Collaboration with Opinion Leaders

Recommended: 22.58%

According to testimonials, reviews, and interviews with popular people, among your audience exists a breeding ground to improve your backlink portfolio and increase more brand awareness.

Always make sure you involve experts in promoting your brand. Run interviews and AMA sessions, get high-quality reviews, and try to gather all branded advocates.

This particular strategy will increasingly help your brand grow and also establish a very strong relationship between the brand and its customers as time goes on.

Tip: provide only genuine and proven information from real people that showcase a vital meeting point for your customers’ needs, probably a review, or feedback.

Always channel more attention on consistency, language, and the value of the message content.

Skyscraper Technique

Recommended: 14.52%

One of the mystical yet most effective strategies of link building is picking up content that is popular and well-loaded with backlinks and, thus, makes it better.

It is not as easy and simple as it sounds, but the strategy needs you to carry out detailed and in-depth research on the niche you are creating content for.

Try to pinpoint and highlight all the weak spots and omissions of the current content that has to do with your audience which includes text structure, visual components, readability, and keyword density.

You need to create something better than your competitors.

Once quality content is made, communicate, and reach out to websites that have backlinks to the original content and ask them to replace one with yours.

Tip: Generate unique content that provides in-depth expert skills.

Quick Strategies

Let’s quickly take a look at the easy strategies that aren’t linked to PR and content creation.

Making use of all these strategies is really healthy for beginners to take the very first steps towards generating and driving traffic, and also for experienced specialists to help them to remain on track.

Take a look at these strategies and the scope of other SEMrush tools that may work best for you!

Replicating Competitor’s Backlinks

Recommended: 46.77%

This is one of the most used and most popular strategies among respondents due to its simplicity and effectiveness.

You just need to take the backlink profiles of your competitors, that you can find in the backlink Analytics group of reports (which is known as Competitors tab), and look thoroughly at it to get more and more backlinks.

The principles have two major key points, and these depend on your goals.

If you really want to improve rankings, this very strategy will give you the insights to build up the same backlink profile as your major competitors.

If your goal is to increase traffic, you can peek inside and get some fresh ideas on traffic driving websites.

Once you are able to figure out where your rivals place their links, you will be able to pinpoint the websites that you need to place your link on.

Broken Backlinks

Recommended: 38.71%

Google always gets impressed and appreciates your input in making the internet a better place.

The goal and objective of this strategy are to locate a broken link somewhere, make a report to the admins or webmasters, and try as much as possible to find a replacement with a link of yours to that same sort of content.

The simplest way to go about this is to search for the broken link of your rivals.

It may appear a little bit monotonous at a first glance but if carried out correctly, this strategy does help to make a difference.

Tip: To detect broken links of your competitors, run a backlink audit on one of them and try to tick that box near Target URL error which is located in the advanced filters.

This is a new filter showcasing the target pages that were not crawled due to a particular error. This is the major thing you need to do.

Once you are able to search and find the pages, you can now search them in order to find the sources that lead to those pages.

Now that you are set to go, you can contact the owner of the source page and inform them that they have a targeted link that is not working out.

A good reason to replace it with your useful content instead!

Unlinked Mentions

Recommended: 35.48%

Are you aware that there may be many websites that mention you but fail to link you to their site or content?

With the unlinked mentions scope, you can easily get across to the admins of the sources that link to your website and demand a link from them to the mentions in their quality content.

Tip: make use of the LBT to easily locate the unlinked mentions of your brand in the prospects tab.

Select the website you want to reach out to and move them to in-progress to make contact with their owners.

If you really want to know about brand overall mentions that exist in the market, it is highly suggested that you use the Brand monitoring tool.

This is a real-time feed containing all the mentions of your brand on blogs, social media, and many other platforms.

If you have come across any interesting thing, shift the mentions to the link building tool and start communication with the authors.

Reciprocal Links

Recommended: 9.68%

This strategy is adjourned to be the most controversial one, as Google handles unpredictably and may bring down website ranking.

Reciprocal link building is when you link out to someone’s website, while they connect to yours.

This is an agreement between two site owners who “dofollow” links, mostly with keyword-optimized anchor text.

How can it affect your ranking negatively? Well, if it is overused, Google will see it as ranking manipulation.

Tip: Handle this strategy very well and wisely. If you still need it, always ensure that your backlink appears naturally and the site owner stands for it.

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