9 Ways to Create Highly Engaging Content

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Anyone can create content, but content without a specific goal is pointless. You must realize that there’s a purpose for your content marketing tactic.

Spell out clearly to yourself what you basically want your readers to do once they’re done reading your content.

Whatever you might want readers to do after reading, your content has to be engaging and compelling enough to suffice that goal; otherwise, no one will care to read your posts.

When you try making your content helpful and engaging, you’ll get the results below:

  • mentions
  • conversions
  • boost in traffic
  • likes
  • opt-ins
  • clicks
  • comments
  • sales

Anyone of these parameters can help to evaluate how engaging your content is.

Also, take note of this. If readers don’t find your content engaging and helpful, they will neither read nor grab any information from your write-ups because it will be of no use to them. So, you’ll end up wasting a lot of energy, time, resources, and money.

Try getting me right. I’m not pin-pointing it’s that easy to come up with high-quality content.

If you really want to pull traffic with content, it will, of course, require lots of engaging posts with converting videos and images, though it’s worth the required effort.

If you try giving the right time, working the techniques with the right energy, and upgrading your content marketing tactics, your business will prosper in no distant time.

Don’t know how to get rolling? Not to worry! I’m here to give you a clear guide.

I’m done giving you 9 working tips for consistently producing highly-engaging and converting content for your audience.

1. Be Unique

These days, it’s hard for many people to come up with write-ups that are100% plagiarism-free.

The simple reason is that people in the same industry talk about similar topics and, so, there’s a possible occurrence of content not being 100% unique unless some thorough proofreading is done on it.

But if you want to be a standout in the midst of the crowd, you must endeavor to write 100% unique content. So, to bloggers out there, writing unique and engaging content is the greatest challenge.

What is the way out of this challenge? Be unique and original. Do not try copying others. Make a difference.

I’m not saying you should be blogging about topics that no one has ever talked about in your industry. Of course, that’s not possible. There are no new topics anymore but you can try being unique and original in all of your write-ups, making sure your work is plagiarism-free.

Share interesting and real stories which no one has likely shared anywhere else.

Most frequently, content marketers produce the most proficient solutions to the problem of creating unique content. They sometimes hire and pay writers without little or no writing experience to write posts at the rate of $15 per blog post.

When you hire the services of such inexperienced writers, you shouldn’t expect extra quality or unique work to be delivered to you. Such content can neither be engaging nor unique.

The most vital thing you can do to maintain your originality is to do the writing yourself, not asking anyone else to do it for you. By doing that, you’ll successfully build a loyal audience of people who are interested in what you talk about.

Though it may cost energy and time, you will increase audience engagement and parameters that way.

2. Create Actionable Blog Posts

I talked about your content marketing goals just a moment ago.

How do you intend to achieve these? If your content isn’t tailored towards a specific goal in mind, then readers won’t gain anything from such. The content will reflect a state of being purposeless.

You should be able to pass an intended purpose in the content you are producing across to your audience. Your content must be engaging, otherwise, it will be purposeless, and readers won’t hesitate to look out for the information they need elsewhere.

For instance, say you are launching a new product or service on your site. You will take your first step by creating a dedicated post for it on your blog. This is, of course, an excellent idea, but doing that alone will not lead to conversions and sales.

You must ensure that the review post exhibits the major benefits, features, modalities for its usage, how you’ve personally used the product, and how it can help improve the lives of the people who decide to use it.

This prompts readers to buy. Let’s see an illustration of this.

A blog from a popular network marketing site narrates how to use a combination of products to cure Asthma completely. But as a professional network marketer, the team wants its readers to use their marketing platform rather.

This part of the post begins by talking about the need to consult a network marketer who has the product knowledge. It talks about potential challenges connected with that approach and suggests a lasting solution.

So, the production company pitches their own offers. And the pitch is embedded with an anchor link that directs the audience to a setup landing page for registration and order processing.

This is controversially the most crucial part of this blog post. Why?

You wouldn’t ever expect readers to just land on a blog post, read some content, move from there to a sales page, browse products, click through products and add them straight away to the shopping cart.

That may be too long to go through and wouldn’t possibly lead to conversions. For readers to convert easily, the action should be easy for them to complete with the click of a button in the post.

If you can make it easy for readers to make a purchase with the click of a button from the post, they will be more likely to convert and buy something. Would you want readers to join your mailing list? Make it easy for them to find the button to subscribe to your list. Provide easy navigations for your audience and get higher conversion rates.

Finding those buttons on your website should not be a treasure hunt for the audience; otherwise, you’ll lose lots of conversions. If the buttons are difficult to find on your site, readers will be prevented from completing the desired actions.

3. Produce Valuable Information

If you’re providing some informative content for your audience, then make the most of that by including research and statistics within your content.

I suggest you do this in all of your informative blog posts.

Just be watchful what you publish on your site. Prior to sourcing any external site as part of the references to be used for a post, you must ensure it’s a quality and accurate website and can be trusted by your audience.

Don’t use any statistic that doesn’t bear accurate information in any of your write-ups. Use it only if it has a clear data source and your audience can trust it.

This is exactly why it’s good to source information from top sites in your industry only and leverage data sources which are recent and more accurate.

Information keeps changing from time to time at a high rate.

Research or statistic used a couple of years ago may have become outdated and, thus, may no longer be useful and relevant. But if you can always try to use updated information, data sources and statistics in your write-ups, you will attract more people and improve audience engagement.

One thing to consider is that you shouldn’t ignore your old posts. Don’t let them waste. For the fact that you posted some posts a decade ago doesn’t mean you can’t update such in the current year.

Pro bloggers utilized this tactic to update their posts as much as they can.

One of the things they do while updating their old posts is that they change the post titles and that communicates to their audience that some posts have been updated recently.

Some of them even make use of the specific date of the very day the old post was updated.

It’s an adequate content marketing tactic.

This indicates to the audience that the site owner is making frantic effort to produce valuable and engaging information at all times.

If you want to be original, you’ll have to organize your own research and present your study personally to your audience. This will increase engagement in your content.

Though this may require some time and energy, you’ll sound more unique and accurate.

If it happens that another niche-related blogger publishes similar research elsewhere, you’ll still stand unique and original.

4. Share a Story

While you’ll be sourcing accurate information for your write-ups, it should also be considered that people like relating through stories.

Isn’t that why we watch several videos, study books, and keep up to date with celebrity stories and news? We just want to find out what comes up in the news.

If you always share stories, that will bring about a stronger connection between you and your audience. It can potentially help improve brand trust and credibility.

For instance, say you are producing an online entrepreneur certification blog post. If you can share an interesting story regarding what came up during the course of receiving your own entrepreneur certification, your readers will get convinced that you are truly a well-trained entrepreneur.

They’ll be more interested to hear you out than just reading content from bloggers who have never got the practical experience of what they are talking about.

The target is, you want to tell a story that readers can resonate with and respond to awesomely.

Ensure that your story is highly touching and engaging and it motivates readers to consider completing the desired action.

5. Increase Your Readers’ Imagination

Being unique is one thing; making readers think is the other. It’s a skill.

The brain behind making your readers imagine more and more is being able to connect straight away to what you are talking about.

Let readers become thoughtful when they are reading your write-ups.

Throw in some questions without expecting anyone to answer really. Let people see real and clear pictures of what you’re saying.

But ensure to make your points totally relevant to what is happening in society. This will keep your readers alive on your blog and also keep them engaged through your future posts.

This tactic will encourage interactions in the comment section of your posts. Eventually, visitors will keep getting back to your blog and will also participate in conversations.

Experientially, this will generate a boost in your site traffic and you will keep having them flood your website to read posts, comment on posts and engage more and more.

6. Use Images and Videos

You want to strategize content marketing to move your business to the next level!

I’ve spoken at length on the efficacy of producing engaging content for your audience. But you can increase engagement by including visuals. You must incorporate videos and images in your content to increase readership. Naturally, people become more excited to read when they see pictures rather than just seeing a full block of text.

Add visual elements to your content and watch engagement boom in no distant time.

Content marketers even realized how efficacious adding visual elements to blog posts is and, thus, will not hesitate to continually read blog posts that are so enriched with visuals.

Infographics are another technique pro bloggers implement to enhance their blog posts. As earlier mentioned in this blog post, you will keep at being original and unique if you can try using your own research and information.

The use of infographics takes the game to a higher level completely. Since people remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see and 70% of what they hear and see, it follows that they’ll be more probably to remember some information with visual content than text-based posts.

Publish useful videos. Chances are you can build more engagement with video-enriched content and opportunities are almost unending. See below my own personal suggestions:

  • Product or service demonstrations
  • Conversations
  • Training videos
  • Entertaining posts
  • Interviews and stories

Embed videos in your write-ups, email content, newsletters, social posts and many more.

7. Craft Your Post Headlines

Before any of your blog posts can be read and digested, people must have clicked on it first.

So, foster much effort on crafting headlines that are clickable. Be it on your social media networks, blogs, SERPs, or websites, it’s your headline visitors will see first.

Chances are visitors may not click through your headline once they find that it’s not captivating or does not sound informative enough for their consumption.

If you write a funny or valueless headline, countless visitors will not click on it because it doesn’t convey enough information that could potentially lure them in. They will see no reason to read such a post and will prefer to look for the information they value elsewhere.

But if it’s such an intriguing headline, more and more visitors will click through and will be lured in to read down the page. So, you must learn how to craft headlines that intrigue potential readers. Follow this piece of advice and use it while crafting your own headline.

8. Make Your Introduction Highly Captivating

Alright, you’ve received some unique visits to your site! That’s awesome news.

That you see people visit your blogs doesn’t establish the fact that they will read your write-ups. Once they read your introduction and find that it isn’t intriguing, they won’t see any reason to read further. Recent research shows that roughly 54% of those who visit your site do not spend more than 16 seconds reading posts before they click away.

This truly establishes the fact that most people who visit your site don’t really read posts down the page, but only skim around your content.

So, the best way to have readers hooked up and lured into reading posts down the page is by making the introduction (opening paragraph) captivating and exciting.

9. Blend Your Entire Content

Avoid creating boring content. Diversify content to keep readers coming back to read posts on your blog – meaning that when they constantly experience too boring content, they will stop visiting your blog to read.

No one ever wants to keep reading boring content. Make sure readers are always kept on their toes to read and continue to provide exciting content for them all the time.

What do I mean by diversifying content for your blog audience? You simply change the look of your content from every day. For example, if you write a review today, change to a blog post tomorrow, and the next day, write a story and so on.


Creating informative and engaging content isn’t that easy to come up with. That is why entrepreneurs believe that producing engaging posts is the most challenging part of their content marketing strategy.

But by giving the right energy, time and money, you can master the best way to produce high-quality and engaging content for your audience.

It’s completely about being a standout and remaining original and unique. It’s about creating actionable and useful content consistently. It’s also about sourcing for the most updated and accurate information.

Don’t restrict your content marketing campaigns to only one content strategy, but diversify content and implement as many strategies as you can. Blend your entire content and increase engagement.

If you simply try implementing the guidelines in this short post, you’ll find that they are all working strategies for your content marketing strategy.


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