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Welcome to Online Business Publication – An online publishing medium set up for creating home-based online business opportunities for everyone!

My Journey So Far

I am Israel Olatunji, the founder of Online Business Publication; a brand deliberately established to serve as an Internet Marketing Clinic (OMC) where money making tips are published to satisfy the readers’ appetites.

It’s equally a brand set up to help struggling veteran bloggers showcase their blogging potentials and resolve common blogging challenges the same way doctors treat ill patients at clinics.

My passion is to maximize all potentials in raising giants, building lives and encouraging young talents.

After serving under a boss for a couple of years, I began to search for a home-based online business opportunity and eventually came across one affiliate platform that required a hundred dollars for a 12 months domain registration and hosting premium plan, yet I couldn’t make earn a penny.

A few months later, I came across a freelance writing platform and joined immediately. It was a sort of forum posting jobs and this particular one seemed very promising, not until I signed up and began working.

Despite my writing speed, I discovered that I could only earn between $3 – $4 a day, and this would take me almost the whole day to make.

Why I Must Help Other People Make Money Online

Having come across the real secret of wealth through Wealthy Affiliate, I considered it good enough to save hundreds of frustrated and wretched people who are still out there struggling. It’s my pleasure to always see other people become successful in life.

As the internet is increasingly leveraged by thousands of scammers daily, Online Business Publication will stand in the gap to show a lot of people the right way to financial freedom and help them build up a successful online business soonest.

The Goal Of Online Business Publication

The goal of Online Business Publication is to educate the like-minded people out there on the best way to showcase their entrepreneurial skills as well as make them see that they can set up a multi-million dollar brand & achieve financial independence in no distant time, getting things done with commitment and determination.


Do you have some writing skills and would love to monetize those skills working online? The time has come now to actualize your dreams toward making cool and legitimate money online. Are you a website owner? Do you know that your website is your own machine for generating multiple streams of income online?

With your own brand, you can earn lots of cash through Wealthy Affiliate earning programs. The WA community is proudly recognized as one of the largest and most active online business communities in the online world.

Wish you all the best!

Israel from OnlineBusinessPublications.com

10 thoughts on “About Israel”

  1. I like it that you never gave up and kept on searching for opportunities. The internet, nowadays, offers a wealth of possibilities to earn money and almost anyone can find something that fits. Of course you need to be careful, because there are a lot of scams out there. I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is the unique platform to earn honest money in a legal way with the best support you can think of.

    • Thanks for mentioning that the internet, nowadays, offers a wealth of possibilities to make money! It simply means anyone can find opportunities online to earn multiple streams of income. I am always baffled when I hear some people say they can’t still make money despite all efforts.

      Wealthy Affiliate is truly the only platform giving full and interactive support to everyone and wouldn’t let anyone be left behind or put in confusion. Despite all, one needs to put in small efforts to get off the ground.

      “Every small effort put into business counts a lot and will sum up to success in the long run”, says Hassaan Khan. He further emphasized that the concept of putting in small efforts is based on three basic elements which are as follows:

      1.) Run a blog based on your expertise. Your expertise is all about what you know much and can write a lot about. That’s what we call blog niche. Choosing a niche that isn’t within your interest will amount to total collapse in the short run.

      2.) Work the techniques with the right energy; and

      3.) Be consistent

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  2. Wow, what an inspirational story! Thank you for sharing it! I can’t imagine how frustrating that must have been. A weaker person would give up and just throw in the towel. Not only did you persevere, you also wanted to help others get through their struggle. Good of you! You are a determined person.

    • It was really frustrating to have spent several years working online without being able to show anything for it. When I had worked for years without making a cent online, I almost lost hope thinking that no one can make money online. I was already busy thinking about something else doing while I read about Wealthy Affiliate. I  didn’t even check it out for almost two weeks after getting to know about it, but decided one day to check it out.

      On doing that, I found that if I had come across the network a couple of years ago, I wouldn’t have gone through the rigors I went through in the course of searching for legit online business opportunities around.

  3. Well, thank you Israel for looking out for the little guy. In respect of your journey, I hope to follow your footsteps with your leadership. It is good to know that you have a site set up for getting answers to all the stuff that frustrate us about doing an online business.

    • Hello dsmothers,

      Be rest assured to get the best of support as far as learning online business strategies is concerned. Online Business Publications has gone a long way now in giving full and interactive support to newbies in the affiliate marketing network. We understand the need for doing this realizing that most newbies do give up so quickly when things seem totally confusing as regards money making.

  4. Good luck with your journey, Olatunji. We are on the same path. I have tried many different approaches and programs to find what works for me. I’m glad to be part of the Wealthy Affiliate program with you. Recurring income for helping others while we learn makes it easier to learn the next steps to affiliate success. Wish you luck!

    • Like you, I have stayed for more than a decade searching for legitimate ways to make money online, but couldn’t find it on time not until someone told me about Wealthy Affiliate. I waited extra weeks again before giving it a try just because I was so skeptical based on the past frustrations. Wealthy Affiliate has created a gigantic money making platform for internet entrepreneurs.


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