Accuranker Review (2021) – Does Accuranker Really Work?

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This Accuranker review will examine all the features and pros of Accuranker, as well as their value and cost.

SEO is essential if your business wants to be found online. You will need to make sure that your SEO tools are up to the task.

Today, I’ll be talking about Accuranker, a popular SEO tool. My Accuranker review will give you the facts to determine if it lives up to the hype and whether it is worth your time to use it in your SEO campaigns.

Which is the Best Pure Rank Tracker?

Accuranker, a dedicated rank tracking system, is the best option if you only need it. It is flexible, accurate, and user-friendly. You can get cheaper options but they don’t provide as much data and are more difficult to use.

Accuranker is your first step!

Google accounts for 94% of all organic traffic. Research shows that Organic ranking generates 5.66 times more traffic than paid search ads. It makes sense therefore that your business should rank for keywords you use in Google.

You can save thousands on paid advertising by improving your SEO. Additionally, you will be more likely to attract people to your site.

Google’s algorithm is designed to provide the most relevant search results to users of the search engine. This means that most people won’t have to click on more than the first five results (SERP) as they will likely find what they’re looking for immediately.

Search engines are trusted by users for this reason. Consequently, 70-80% of searchers skip the paid advertisements at the top of results pages and go straight to organic results.

Local SEO is also becoming more important, especially with the boom of mobile traffic. People are now searching for local businesses on their smartphones. If these local businesses have their sites SEO-optimized with a great content strategy, they can reap huge benefits, including new customers and streams of qualified traffic.

You can make sure your website ranks among the top five search engine results pages by using the right keywords and high-quality SEO-optimized web content.

Finding the right keywords and tracking different variations of these keywords is what can be difficult. Accuranker helps you keep track of all the stats.

Let’s dive into our Accuranker tutorial. Read the post to the end and see how it can help improve your SEO.

Accuranker is an SEO tool that tracks rank. It was created for SEO professionals and agencies. Accuranker claims they are the fastest and most accurate keyword rank tracker in the world. Accuranker tracks both local and global rankings, from Google and Bing.

Accuranker’s data is extremely accurate and readily available on-demand. This allows you to immediately access detailed analytics when you need them so that you can focus on your SEO campaigns.

The main dashboard is intuitive and simple to use. It allows you to see all your important data in one place. Cloud-hosted software means that you don’t need to download any additional software and can access your account from any device at any time.

Accuranker allows you to track keywords and websites in the SERPs. This can be a tedious task, especially if you don’t have a dedicated tool. Accuranker makes it easy by allowing you to track rankings on a daily basis.

You can keep track of your rankings and your competitors’ rankings. This will help you to know where you need improvement, as well as where you are succeeding. It is possible to compare the metrics of your competitor and yours side-by-side so you can identify where they are excelling, and how you can improve your performance.

This tool can be used to track search results by keyword, postcode, city, or state. It is ideal for both local and global SEO professionals.

Accuranker offers paid keyword ranking plans, but also free tools anyone can use, such as the Google SERP checker and Google Grump. This handy tool will let you know the moods Google is in so that you are prepared to work on your SEO strategy.

Accuranker has been trusted by more than 20,000 brands worldwide and locally. You can also view case studies on how the tool helped different brands grow their businesses on their ‘Cases” page. HubSpot is Accuranker’s loyal customer. They used the tool to increase their organic blog traffic by 45% within 6 months.

Kinsta is another brand that has enjoyed great success with Accuranker. Kinsta’s organic traffic grew by 571 percent in just 13 months.

Let’s now take a look at some of the features and see how this tool works…

Accuranker Review: What are the Key Features of Accuranker?

  • Google SERP Checker/Rank Checker Free
  • Keyword Monitoring
  • Get instant, on-demand updates
  • SERP History
  • In-depth Analytics
  • Unlimited domains and users can be managed from one account
  • Competitor Monitoring
  • Share your voice
  • Export of data
  • Google Grump Rating

We’ve now seen some of the most important features Accuranker has to offer, let’s dive deeper into the main offerings.

Accuranker SERP Checker

Accuranker’s SERP checker is free and available to everyone, regardless of whether or not you have an Accuranker account. This tool will allow you to view Google search results pages for any keyword in any country and any location. It is the ideal tool for anyone working on local SEO campaigns.

It can show you both organic and paid ads. You can also see results for mobile and desktop. It also allows you to view the questions that are being asked about your keywords. You can view the results in seconds and have up to five searches per day, free of charge, without registering.

This tool is important because Google only shows you results that are specific to your location. If your agency is located in the USA, then you will only see results from Google that correspond to your current location. Accuranker comes in handy when you need to see the local search results of clients based abroad.

Keyword Monitoring

Accuranker allows you to track all keywords. All results are automatically updated so that you can ensure accurate results. You can choose how many keywords you wish to track, depending on the subscription you have. If you are working specifically on local SEO, you have the option of adding the location. You can also choose from results from Google or Bing, or both.

You can filter your results further by choosing to view desktop or mobile search or both. Additionally, you can create tags to help you sort through your results as your list grows.

You can set goals for your keyword to receive a notification when your keyword reaches a certain rank.

You can save hours by importing keywords directly from Google Search Console and other third-party tools.

Analytics and Reporting

Accuranker offers automated reporting capabilities that enable you to create informative reports for clients. Drag and drop allow you to customize the reports so that only the necessary information is included. This creates a simple report that clients can easily understand.

You can white-label all reports that you create. This means you can add your logo or the logo of your client.

Automated and customized reports can be sent to clients on a daily basis, weekly, or monthly basis. This means that you only need one report template and can then focus on other areas of the campaign without worrying about sending out reports.

Accuranker’s other advantage is that you don’t have to manually create reports for your clients.

Accuranker Integrations for Third Parties

Accuranker recommends that you integrate your Google Analytics account to get the best out of it. You can integrate Google Analytics as well as API, Google search console, and databox.

Connecting to apps such as Google Analytics will allow you to access more detailed data about your website, including the number of visitors per keyword or insights on landing page design.

It is easy to connect to third-party apps. If you need help, there are detailed guides that will guide you through each integration.

Monitoring Competitors

The competitor analysis tools in Accurankers allow you to quickly identify key competitors and analyze their on-site content. This feature can also help you identify influential people so that your outreach efforts can begin.

Enter the domain name of your competitor to see their ranking for your target keywords. You can then compare your ranking with yours. Accuranker also gives you a list of the top 10 competitors for each of your keywords so you can see where you stand and how you can beat them.

Google Grump

Google Grump is a smart feature that alerts you when Google’s algorithm changes. Use the filters to search for changes in different places and on mobile or desktop devices.

This clever tool tracks 30,000 random keywords and monitors them for fluctuations and changes. It then calculates the average number fluctuations across the top 100 keywords.

The 100 top rankings are then looped and compared with the rankings of the previous day. Any changes are subtracted from their position on the previous day. To get a final index number for each keyword, add all the differences together and divide the result by 100.

This is a completely free feature that you can explore, even if you don’t have an Accuranker account.

Share Your Voice

You can view your share of voice position on the online marketplace with the share of voice feature. You will have either ‘Share of Voice Pro or ‘Share of Voice Pro’ depending on the plan you choose.

This is an excellent way for you to find out how well your SEO campaigns are performing with your most vital keywords.

Share of Voice Pro is available for all plans with more than 1000 keywords. It also has additional features such as the ability to view your competitors’ share of voice and share of voice data from your tags and Share of Voice Landing Pages, which show you data for the total number of keywords that point at your landing pages.

The Pros and Cons of Accuranker

Accuranker, like all software, has its pros and cons. Let’s take a look at what they are.


  • All your data is organized neatly in one location
  • It is easy to use and navigate
  • Simple design, easy to use
  • Even for beginners, it is easy to use
  • It will show you your rank for each keyword and let you know if it has made it to Google’s ‘featured snippets.
  • Let’s tag your most important keywords
  • White-label professional reports
  • Automated reports
  • Many integrations
  • To get the most accurate data, refresh at any time
  • Fair pricing
  • Both brands and agencies will find it useful
  • This tool is a specialized tool that was created for rank tracking
  • 14-day free trial
  • Trusted by more than 20,000 brands and agencies


  • It can take a while to refresh the data.
  • It only tracks rankings. You would still need other SEO tools.
  • Although the smallest package allows you to track 500 keywords and has no API access, it does have limited features. However, this should not be a problem for smaller companies.

Review of Accuranker: Pricing

Accuranker offers the smallest package, which can be customized according to how many keywords you wish to track. This is an amazing feature that helps you keep a low budget with Accuranker and grow easily with your business.

The lowest-priced package costs $49 per month (or 44 if you pay annually). This allows you to track 500 keywords. Unfortunately, this package doesn’t offer many of the features such as the ability to add competitors, unlimited users, the share of voice pro, and advanced metrics.

You can choose from any plan to access all features, starting at 1000 keywords. 1000 keywords are $79/month (71/month billed annually), 5000 keywords are $249 ($224), and 20,000 keywords are $699/month ($629). It goes up depending on what you need.

All plans, except the first (500 keywords) plan, include:

  • Ten competitors
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited domains
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Updates on daily and on-demand rank
  • Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics
  • Share your voice
  • Landing pages
  • Tag Cloud
  • ProShare of Voice
  • Advanced metrics
  • History of SERP
  • API

Accuranker is available for a 14-day free trial.

Summary: Is Accuranker the Best Rank Tracker App?

Accuranker’s features and pros and cons are obvious. This tool is an excellent choice to rank track. Accuranker is different from Ahrefs or SEMrush because it was specifically designed to be the best rank tracker. Accuranker instantly provides ‘on-demand results and can be viewed from any place in the world.

Accuranker’s review shows that Accuranker was designed with SEO professionals in mind. The automatic reporting feature will save you hours each week by eliminating the need to create custom reports for clients. White-label reports can be created that are fully customized and branded for your clients. They will automatically send them to you on a daily basis, weekly, or monthly basis.

Although the price is reasonable, it is important to keep in mind that Accuranker does not offer all-in-one SEO tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush. You will most likely still need one of these tools, or another similar tool, for any other SEO activities such as keyword research or backlink research, site audits, or even keyword research.

Many well-known companies, such as Ikea, HubSpot and HBO, Toyota, and SalesForce, trust Accuranker and use it. If it’s good for them, then it’s great for us too!

Accuranker is a great product.

Yes, but…

It is best for large businesses and agencies than for individuals or small businesses.

SEMrush is a powerful SEO tool for small businesses. It has everything you need to make a search engine optimization campaign successful.

Which is the Most Accurate Rank Tracker?

Accuranker, a DEDICATED rank tracking system, is the best option if you only need it. It is flexible, accurate, user-friendly, and very user-friendly. You can get cheaper options but they don’t provide as much data and are more difficult to use.

Accuranker is your first step.

If you click on this link and make an order, we earn a commission at no additional cost.

Accuranker gives you a 14-day free trial to try it before you commit to a plan.

Acuranker Tracking Software: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade my plan if I start with the smallest plan?

You can upgrade to any plan whenever it’s feasible, no matter if you have yearly or monthly billing. Your next invoice will show the updated balance.

How accurate are Accuranker’s data?

Accuranker is completely accurate.

Accuranker offers a money-back guarantee if I’m not satisfied with their service.

Accuranker provides a 14-day money-back guarantee. You can cancel your Accuranker account within 14 days.

My Final Thoughts on Accuranker

We hope that you found this Accuranker review useful in making your decision. If you’re a professional or an SEO consultant, Accuranker should be an integral part of your SEO toolkit. Accuranker allows you to instantly view keyword rankings on-demand, which will allow you to execute your SEO strategy efficiently.

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