Adcash Review: A Better Way to Monetize Your Blog

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Adcash is one of the ad networks from which advertisers can buy traffic.

They offer advertising services guaranteed to produce high conversions from global traffic sources.

We are talking about the ad network called Adcash, and this post highlights detailed information about the features, benefits, advantages, and disadvantages of using the platform.

So you have invested time, energy, and money into creating a great product. Or maybe it’s a service that you want the whole world to use.

How do you go about getting the much-needed target audience?

Companies, not for profit organizations, even government institutions encounter this problem on a frequent basis.

Having Your Product or Brand Promoted Before the Right Audience

The one-stop solution to all these is “traffic”. Not just traffic but getting high-quality traffic to view and interact with your brand through your messages.

Of course, the internet is replete with so many options however you choose to go about it. You can decide to build your traffic organically through the use of a content marketing strategy.

A great SEO strategy and execution is a good way to position your brand in search engines.

It guarantees your site a good search ranking and lots of traffic. You could also build highly engaging followers on your social media accounts by posting educative, informative, relevant, and engaging content.

Or you could take the much faster route of generating highly targeted traffic through paid ads.

Search engine marketing through the search engines gives you more than average conversion rates if properly executed.

Social media platforms and ad networks also offer services for brands interested in buying traffic.

The main topics covered in our Adcash review include:

  • What is a Traffic Source and how do the 3 Traffic Sources Differ From Each Other?
  • Overview of Adcash Network
  • Main Features of Adcash Network
  • 10 Powerful Reasons to Use the Adcash Network
  • Adcash Pricing Models and Payments
  • Pros and Cons of Using the Adcash Network
  • Conclusion

What is a Traffic Source and how do the 3 Traffic Sources Differ From Each Other?

A traffic source simply refers to the place of origin of a site’s traffic.

Websites usually have more than one traffic source, which can be analyzed, measured, and optimized to improve the performance of the traffic sources.

Google Analytics is a great tool to find out detailed information about the traffic to your site and its origins.

There is no single best traffic source but what we have are traffic sources suited best for certain types of companies, products, or audiences.

There are 3 different traffic sources and each differs on where and how the traffic is generated from.

1. Direct – This traffic source comes from users who directly type your site’s URL into their web browsers and are directed to your site. This kind of traffic results from visitors who have the name of your site stored in their minds.

Brands whose site URLs are easily memorizable, well known by their target audience, or make good use of mainstream advertising enjoy direct traffic.

2. Referral – This traffic source refers to the visitors of your site who came from other websites.

Your website URL was placed on another site, blog, the social media network, email newsletter, or other media. Banners and campaign ads are also great sources of referral traffic.

The use of backlinks, affiliate referral links, sponsored listings is all means of propagating links for referral traffic.

3. Search – This kind of traffic originates from online search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The traffic could be organic using SEO techniques or inorganic through paid ads.

For businesses to be effective in driving high-quality traffic to their sites, they have to employ a good mix of traffic sources that guarantee high conversion.

Examples of traffic sources include displayed ads, paid search, social media advertising, sponsored content, influencer marketing, and the use of advertising networks.

Overview of Adcash Network

Adcash is a multilingual ad network that specializes in providing traffic sources to advertisers and website monetization to publishers.

The ad network was founded in 2007 and operated from Estonia in Europe. Adcash services customers from more than 156 countries in the world.

Adcash currently serves over 200 million ad requests daily with an estimated 850 million daily impressions focused on the mainstream.

Adcash has 2 types of traffic – desktop and mobile.

Adcash offers a self-managed platform to advertisers which gives them more control over how their campaigns are set up.

Ads campaigns are optimized using the company’s advanced targeting options to deliver high converting traffic.

Adcash is feature-rich with so many benefits to users. Here are the basic features that any user should expect from Adcash Network.

Main Features of Adcash Network

I. Adcash operates a centralized platform where all advertising campaigns are created, tracked, and reported easily.

II. A Self-managed system available to advertisers gives them a lot of control in planning and executing ads campaigns.

Publishers are also given the power to determine ad formats, costing models, placements, and other details that make for a successful campaign.

III. Goal Tracking for Campaigns – You can set up a creative URL with ClickID to track clicks on your ads.

IV. Adcash Advanced Campaign Creation Wizard – Adcash has 2 campaign creation wizards to assist users with handle their campaign creation.

The 2 campaign creation wizards have more similarities than differences. The main difference between both is in the layout.

  • Advanced Layout – Enable users to set up and a fast 4-step campaign wizard on all available ad formats. You should note that the chosen bid type will matter later on. You may not be able to run all ad formats in one campaign should you decide to use CPC.
  • Express Layout – This layout is a one-step campaign creation wizard meant for a specific ad format.

V. Campaign Tracking and Reporting – Users have tools that will enable them to access all marketing stats from any location they are.

Reports checking to allow for 4 different users on Adcash:

  • Daily spending – Find out how much was spent on using indicators like impressions, conversions, and eCPM.
  • Detailed Statistics – View data that has been organized based on category, format, zone, and other parameters.
  • Request Reports – Make a request for all your campaigns or for just specific campaigns from Adcash.
  • Reporting API – Get detailed statistics, check out all targeted placements, and view the best-converting ones.

VI. Multilingual Admin Panel – Users have the opportunity of selecting any of the 8 languages supported by Adcash in the admin panel. This removed the restriction on non-English speaking users.

VII. Affiliate Network – Adcash Network provides earning opportunities for publishers who are encouraged to focus on building their sites and improving the quality of traffic.

VIII. Developer Resources – Adcash offers a developer portal which is a great resource for developers who assist with adding ads by providing a sequence of instructions to follow.

It also has a developer forum where questions are asked and answered, knowledge shared, an interaction occurred between developers.

IX. Targeting Options for Advertisers – These targeting options can be based on Geo, language, user interest, devices, Operating Systems, etc. Advertisers can also retarget ads.

X. 3 Minutes Ad Campaigns Set Up – The platform is so easy and straightforward that users can have their campaigns set up and ready to run in 3 minutes or less.

There are many more features for both advertisers and publishers on Adcash Network. You would have to sign up on the platform to avail yourself of these features.

There are also numerous benefits to using this multilingual ad network. Here are 10 of my best reasons you should consider using the Adcash Network for your next ad campaigns.

10 Powerful Reasons to Use Adcash Network

1. Self-managed – Users have the liberty to plan, set up, and run their ads campaigns themselves.

They can choose the ad format best suited for their ads, targeting options, budgets, traffic type, and many other parameters that make for a successful campaign.

2. Time-saving Platform – Using Adcash is so simple and intuitive that anyone can get their ads set up in a matter of minutes.

3. Growing Platform – A growing platform is indicative of one thing – there is something right that Adcash is doing.

More than 200 million ad requests and 850 million daily impressions are obvious indicators of a network offering valuable services to its customers.

4. Track Your Campaigns – Adcash provides tools to help users measure the performance and track their campaigns. Users can access specific or detailed stats of all campaigns.

5. Experience – Adcash was founded in 2007 making it 13 years old. That’s a lot of experience in the online advertising industry.

Users benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience invested in creating and delivering value.

6. Adcash Simple User Targeting – Users of Adcash can use the user interest targeting to display ads and offers for traffic sources that have indicated an interest in the offers.

7. CPA Target Bid Type – It is an automated bidding type where you notify Adcash of your CPA goal and a tracking system. Then the network takes it up from there to find converting segments for you.

All you have to do under CPA Target is check back for the results of the campaign.

8. Advanced Targeting Options – Provides targeting options to further narrow target to a particular segment, or filter out traffic based on some defined parameters – options such as browsers, Operating Systems, Zones, connection type, categories, domains, and Internet Service Providers (ISP)!

9. Choose from Different Cost Models – There are 3 different cost models that advertisers can choose from – CPM, CPC, and CPA Target.

10. Great Platform to Buy Genuine Traffic – Adcash is very particular about the quality of traffic from the publishers.

Checks are put in place to ensure that the traffic is genuine and of quality – which translates to genuine, quality, and converting traffic.

Adcash Pricing Models and Payments

Pricing for Adcash is quite reasonable – for users with a minimum deposit of $1,000 for a managed platform, it is $25.

Payment methods include PayPal, Skrill, Bank transfer, Webmoney, and Credit Card.

It is worthy of note that Adcash offers a refund for unspent funds.

Pros and Cons of Using Adcash Network

Our review of Adcash can only be complete after due consideration of the advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of Using Adcash Network

  • An easy-to-use and very intuitive dashboard
  • Adcash offers refunds for users’ unspent funds
  • The ad network offers a responsive, multilingual customer support
  • Dedicated account manager for its users
  • Advertisers have control over their ads set up and running even to the point of customizing the ad

Cons of Using Adcash

  • Managed services accessible to higher-paying clients
  • No referral program on Adcash


Adcash is a reputable ad network serving advertisers and publishers with an array of online advertising services.

Advertisers are able to buy quality traffic from the network while publishers are offered website monetization opportunities.

Adcash boasts of automated tools to help deliver targeted marketing while boosting conversion rates.

As a publisher, you are guaranteed considerable returns on your marketing investment.

There is even an opportunity to request a refund on unspent funds, though this attracts a fee from Adcash.

Adcash is a great network to set up your ads campaign and get it running within 3 minutes.

Sign up is quick and easy and you can get started on Adcash right away.

While monetizing your blog with Adcash, you need to realize the fact that you cannot find financial freedom through that.

The best way to become financially free is by building a passive income stream. Don’t work for the money – rather let the money work for you.

If the case is that you work for the money every day of your life, financial freedom is far away from you.

And the best way to start building a passive income stream is through affiliate marketing.

Build out quality and engaging content frequently and consistently. Never stop posting! Prepare to bear the challenges attached to blogging for the first 2-3 years! Wait for this time to pass away while blogging consistently.

You’ll wake up one day and find that you’ve started making money already.

To start an affiliate marketing business the right way, don’t hesitate to be part of the Wealthy Affiliate community where you’ll get trained properly to become a successful online entrepreneur.

The community has intensive online entrepreneur certification in 5 levels of 50 lessons and affiliate Bootcamp in 7 phases of 70 courses. Check out my honest review of Wealthy Affiliate University.

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  1. Hello again! Thanks for another informative review on ad cash. Like I said in the previous articles, my blog is new and I’ve not really thought of monetization. The only monetization idea I had was google ad sense. From the YouTube video I just watched, ad cash looks like the best platform for this. Your review is very honest and I like the fact that you stated we shouldn’t expect financial freedom with it. Thank you. 

  2. Interesting post this is, I came across it from the platform we are bot h part of, Wealthy Affiliate, and was interested in the monetization of my blog, with some other passive streams of which this seemed a good fit.

    It will need further consideration however as there is no referral program attached to it, but thanks for sharing a very in-depth review on it.

    • Oh, thanks so much for your lovely visit to my blog, Dave! Have you tried Ezoic, a great platform deliberately built for publishers? I’m sure you’ll like this platform and you can monetize your blog with it tentatively. Thanks again for your kind visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  3. I have been wondering about ads on my blog, and after reading your review on Adcash I have come to the conclusion that this is one of the best ways to monetize my blog through ads.

    I also find the 3 minute setup time amazing! I sure don’t like wasting time setting up accounts.

    Will this company accept a new website that does not have much traffic?

    • Hello Justin, I deeply appreciate your comment! To set up your Adcash account, simply follow the guide in this tutorial and start making money with your blog.

      Israel Olatunji

  4. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your article as it contains valuable informations one could hold on to. Being new to marketing i think this would be of great help to me, i will have to engage in this. Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks again, Philebur! Much appreciated! Adcash is an advertising network where you can monetize your blog and earn revenue displaying advertisers’ ads on your site. Thanks for reaching out!

      Israel Olatunji

  5. Hello thanks for sharing such useful information, I believe these post is exactly what I need to take my business to the next level, thanks for the info. I believe these post will be of great help to me, i also want to thank you for the hard work you put into bringing these site and providing such useful message, thanks for the info

    • Hello Skuchmane, Glad you found this post useful and informative! Adcash is an online advertising platform that lets you display advertisers’ ads on your blog. Thanks for stopping by!

      Israel Olatunji

  6. Hello dear, I must say you did a marvelous job on the adcash’s not easy taking you time to carry out such a tentative research on such a platform and also sharing your candid findings with others to help them make decisions on how to go about signing up into such platform…you tips and opinions really would help in a great way considering the fact that no one knows which of these platforms are scams or not…

    Thanks for the review..

    • Thanks for reading this post, Evans! Glad you found it helpful! Adcash is an advertising platform where you earn revenue by displaying advertisers’ ads on your blog. It’s a promising ad platform and a recognized Google AdSense alternative.

      Israel Olatunji

  7. Since the start of the current stay at home order, I’ve decided to venture into the world of online business and what I settled on doing was to run a blogsite. So far, it’s been going well but I’ve been looking for ways to expand my earning power. This post has helped shed much needed light on Adcash and I’ll follow the tips so i can earn more through my blog.

    • Oh yes, Carol! Since the stay-at-home order began, a lot of people out there have begun to see the need to venture into online business. Adcash is a reputable Ad revenue platform that shares advertisers’ money with publishers.

      Israel Olatunji


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