How to Run Twitter Ads Accurately

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Social media marketing strategies have proven very effective in achieving the 3 major advertising objectives for small businesses – awareness, engagement, and conversion. Businesses are now more easily able to increase their brand visibility, drive traffic to their websites, and increase lead generation through social media networks.

Different social media networks have been found to be best suited for certain advertising activities, which makes it easier for businesses to align their campaign objectives with the best-fit social media networks. Depending on your business’ social media marketing objectives, incorporating Twitter into it might just be that needed extra boost to expand your audience base.

Twitter gives a lot of advertising options for businesses to expand their reach and drive traffic to their websites. This post is a guide to using Twitter advertising for the setup and creation of your ads campaign.

About Twitter

Twitter is one of the best channels for businesses to drive traffic to their websites and grow awareness and demand for their products. Twitter reports indicate that as many as 63% of all its users are following at least one brand, while 60% of Twitter users have made at least one purchase from Small and Medium Businesses on its platform.

There are currently 330 million monthly active users on Twitter that comprise monetizable daily active users of 145 million. This figure represents those that can be reached daily through Twitter advertising, presenting an opportunity for brands to grow their audience and reach new customers.

It isn’t all nice-sounding words for Twitter; the facts are there to buttress whatever claims we’re making in this post. Take a look at some exciting reasons why your business needs to be active on Twitter.

Reasons for Using Twitter for Your Ad Campaigns

If you haven’t tried using Twitter for your advertising campaigns, here are some strong reasons for you to begin.

1. Twitter is a platform most commonly used by professionals who are engaged in jobs that are mentally inclined and involves a lot of communication. These include but not limited to professions like journalists, politicians, poets, activists, and librarians.

2. There is a direct correlation between the most active users of Twitter and the number of followers. A socially active brand on Twitter can effortlessly build the number of their followers and drive engagement of their brands.

3. A monthly active user base of 330 million gives a wide potential reach for brands seeking to expand their presence on Twitter and beyond.

4. Twitter is reputed to be the most active social media network for the politically inclined.

5. The three most important activities on Twitter as ranked in order of importance are 1) News, 2) Photos, and 3) Videos.

6. Twitter users have a very large appetite for videos with an average of 2 billion videos watched daily

7. Tweets that have videos embedded get as much as 10 times more engagement than tweets without videos.

8. Brands can immediately connect with their customers on a personal level.

9. Twitter has one of the highest CTR compared to other social media networks, making it a good choice for driving traffic to your website, blog or online store.

10. Twitter offers different advertising options to choose from in line with your campaign objectives.

11.  Twitter advertising allows for targeting to effectively reach those people who may need your products or services.

12. Businesses yet to take advantage of opportunities presented by Twitter advertising may just find themselves missing from the action. For those who have focused primarily on building their reach through organic means, Twitter Advertising offers many more opportunities for business growth and a wider reach.

Advertising on Twitter

Twitter offers the opportunity for businesses with the option of promoting individual tweets or running entire campaigns based on specific objectives. There are eight different campaign objectives available to businesses for each ad campaign created. These campaign objectives include video views, app installs, and website conversions.

To increase your reach on Twitter and grow the number of your followers, augmenting your organic activities with paid promotions would go a long way. Twitter ads are great for getting your tweets before new audiences, which helps in increasing prospects for lead generation.

The ROI for your advertising spend can be significant even on a low budget. Businesses have the opportunity to grow their audience at a reasonable cost.

Getting started with your Twitter ads comes in a few basic steps that anyone can follow through with success. The next section will walk you through the setup process.

How to Advertise on Twitter

Step 1: Choose the Mode

You are presented with “Promote Mode” and “Twitter Ads” to choose from before setting up your Twitter ads

You would need to first decide if you intend to promote individual tweets or run an entire ad campaign based on specific objectives.

Promoted Tweets – enables Twitter to display your tweets in Twitter streams or search results of specified users. Promoted Tweets are ideal for businesses that want to get more traffic for their websites. For this option, a flat monthly fee for promoting the tweet helps to maintain the focus of your brand and drive lead generation.

Twitter Ads – is a much broader campaign that involves the use of multiple tweets to achieve a particular objective. Twitter Ad deploys different options to achieve your campaign objective like displaying your username in other users’ newsfeed. Twitter Ad is best suited for businesses that want to grow their follower base or increase their audience.

Step 2: Selecting Your Ads Objective

In this section, we will cover the Twitter Ad campaign extensively while Promoted Tweets is covered in the next section of this post.

To proceed further on your Twitter Ad campaign, you would have to select a Twitter Ads objective. There are eight objectives to select from and these include Followers (Promoted accounts), App installs, Tweet engagement, Promoted video views, Awareness, Website clicks or conversions, App re-engagement and In-stream video views.

Step 3: Fill in Ads Campaign Details

You will be redirected to a page where you name your campaign after you have concluded on a campaign objective. You will also be required to fill in a start and end date and the total budget for your campaign. Your ad campaign selected in Step 2 will determine which additional details you would be required to fill in. If for instance, your ad objective is app install, you will be required to connect the app to Twitter and select it from the dropdown menu.

Step 4: Create Ad Group

This next step requires you to create an ad group for your campaign. A minimum of one pre-created group is required while you can create more groups for the campaign. In order to create an additional ad group, select the “Copy ad group” to the right-hand side of the current ad group.

Ad groups are distinct ads having their own audiences, budgets and start and end dates under your ad campaign.

An example of how ad groups work is having an ad campaign with Followers as campaign objective, a budget of $100 and a one-week duration. Two different ad groups can be created with different dates designed to run one after the other. Each ad group target audience can be set to different parameters to make the Twitter Ads reach those different audiences.

Step 5: Selecting the Target Audience for Each Ad Group

You can customize your target audience differently for each ad group so your campaigns get to those who really need what you’re offering. The following criteria are available on Twitter to help you customize your audience:

  • Gender – This option should be selected if your offer appeals more or is designed for one particular gender. This will help in narrowing your campaign to the particular gender that needs what you are offering.
  • Location – A business that is physically located in a particular region or country would have to indicate that location in order to display the ads before inhabitants of that location.
  • Age – This is ideal for promotions that have age restrictions or have offers that a particular age range would find very useful.
  • Language – This target option is used alongside the location option to identify audiences who live in a particular location while communicating in a specific language.Device – Targeting options suited for campaigns that target mobile users only or desktop users or any combination of both!
  • Audience Features – The Audience Features option includes targeting by keywords, interest, and other related features.

Targeting by Keywords

This is a targeting option to allow you to reach Twitter users who have tweeted, searched or engaged with specific keywords. Your choice of keywords should be relevant to your campaign ad for it to be effective.

Targeting by Interests

This allows you to target the interests of Twitter followers whose interests are similar to specifics of users, like influencers. You can use this option to target users who are interested in “digital marketing” or “public speaking”.

Step 6: Select Creatives

This is the step where you select creatives for each ad group created under your campaign. Creatives refer to tweets you would like to have promoted and they can be found from the list of tweets under each ad group’s Creatives tab.

You can make your creatives selection from already existing tweets in your account, or have new tweets created by clicking on the blue quill icon on the far right of your Creatives screen.

If you want your new tweet promoted only through the Twitter Ad campaign, then check the “Promoted Only” button. This will prevent Twitter from displaying the tweet organically on your followers’ newsfeeds.

You can decide to have your new tweets displayed in users’ profiles and detail pages of particular Twitter conversations. This targeting helps determine a better-qualified audience by displaying before users who are actively engaging with the keywords.

Step 7: Review and Launch Campaign

This is the final step where you review your campaign before launching it. Click on the “Review your campaign” button to go through the details of your campaign for error checks. Once you have determined that all the details are accurate, you can then hit the “Launch Campaign” button.

Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets offer Twitter users the opportunity to promote specific content to a wider audience which is useful in driving views and traffic to websites and landing pages. These tweets are paid advertisements for Twitter to display your tweets before particular users based on interests or location.

The Steps to setting up and launching of Promoted Tweets is quite similar to that of Twitter Ads as follows:

Step 1: You would click on “Get started” from “Promoted Mode” just like we did in the previous section on Twitter Ads. Then you proceed to “Next” on the top right-hand corner.

Step 2: This is where you select the intended country and time zone of your target audience.

Step 3: Choose your targeting interests by selecting up to five interests associated with your target audience.

Step 4: Choose your targeting location by selecting up to five locations associated with your target audience.

Step 5: This is the step where you review your campaign before selecting “Proceed” for the ad campaign. Ensure that all details provided are accurate and Twitter terms are checked before you proceed.

Step 6: If you haven’t yet entered billing information, Twitter will prompt you for it before you launch your campaign.


Twitter is a great platform to include in your social media marketing strategy for businesses that want to connect with their customers at a deeper level. It might not be the best advertising option for engaging your customers, but Twitter makes up for that with its high CTR (Click-Through-Rate) to external sites.

Twitter offers different advertising options to businesses in line with their objectives and you can start out by giving each option a trial. Analyze the results to arrive at what works best for you.

Twitter advertising is a powerful tool to include in your social media marketing tool, and if you haven’t already, now is the best time to get started.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about advertising recently but didn’t know which of the social media should I choose. I’m on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but it was hard for me to make up my mind which one to use for advertising. Having no experience with paid ads, I also didn’t know what to do first, how to proceed.
    Reading your six steps helped me a lot, you made it very simple and easy to follow. Thanks for that! 

  2. Different social media platforms with their own characteristics features or advantage  for various business activities. I read about Instagram few weeks ago and now Twitter. Twitter helps to reach targeted goal or audience. Meaning wherever you are you don’t have any excuse for failure because all social media platforms are instrument to financial success. Thank you for this review

  3. Twitter ads have proven to be very useful over the years. There’s just something about Twitter audience that makes advertisement go to a wider audience than Facebook and even google ads. Twitter to me is the best channel for businesses to drive traffic to their website for reasons I earlier explained. Although I have a little idea on how to advertise on Twitter, these steps would help my already existing knowledge. Thank you. 

  4. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful content here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable informations one can hold on to. I have a twitter account but i have never used it to advertise before, never thought it could be this lucrative, i am going to give it a try.

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    • Hey Skuchmane, thanks for stopping by! Twitter Ads can take your business to the next level like Facebook Ads would do, though the setup may seem complicated for those who are not conversant with it. Thanks for your message!

      Israel Olatunji

  6. I’ve been advertising on instagram, but twitter has just seemed too complicated to tackle. This article laid everything out and made it seem so simple, I can’t believe I haven’t started yet. I think I’m going to start with promoted tweets to raise my CTR, but once I get the hang of it I’m definitely going to utilize an ad campaign. Thank you so much for making it so easy for me!

    • Thanks for your message, Lexi! Glad you found this post easy to comprehend! Much excited! Yes, Twitter ads may be complicated for those who haven’t been conversant with using it, but for others, it’s simpler than A-B-C. Thanks for stopping by!

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