Affilorama Review: Earn Money As an Affiliate Marketer


In this review, you’ll learn a lot about Affilorama and how you can get trained as an affiliate marketer through this network.

Isn’t it ironic that the only constant thing in life is change? We are living in an era where information is being produced and distributed at light breaking speed.

Every single minute billions of contents are produced and uploaded on the internet for all to consume. Our exposure to this constant streaming of information is the prime cause of the change we experience as humans.

One important change that has resulted from the growth of the internet is the ability for us to own and operate our businesses from our homes. Nursing mothers, part time workers, students and even those currently employed can set up home businesses, providing services to clients from the comfort of their homes.

Everything you need to know about Affilorama
Affilorama Marketing Training

A desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone as your work tool, and internet connectivity is all the tools you need. Also of great importance is the need for relevant information about your proposed niche.

That been said, this post serves as a great resource for those who are serious about earning money online. It reviews a well known affiliate marketing company offering services to affiliate marketers. Even if you are an experienced marketer, it is possible that you seek information and resources to take your business to the next level; this review will help you with the first, while the company under review may help with the second.

Areas we’ll look into:

  1. What is Affilorama all About?
  2. Who is Affilorama For?
  3. What are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Affilorama?
  4. Membership Options and Pricing Plans of Affilorama
  5. Conclusion

What is Affilorama all About?

Affilorama - an alternative way to make money through affiliate marketing
Get trained by Affilorama

Affilorama is an affiliate marketing training founded in 2006 by Mark Ling and Simon Slade for the purpose of teaching new and experienced marketers. The company provides a lot of tools and learning resources for its members, different membership plans and packages and an online community for support and help in using their products.

The sign up process is quick and easy, and you are assigned a free member status that gives you access to a lot of learning resources including courses and videos. The free resources are so rich that you can get enough information from it to become profitable in your affiliate marketing business. Upgrading to the Premium plans opens you to more information and resources to grow your business.

Affilorama is one of the few companies that have brought their experience to bear in the affiliate marketing industry, claiming that many of their students have gone on to become very successful in the business. For whatever reason that may have brought you to this page, I am sure that making extra money may be one of them. Even if it isn’t let us delve deeper into the world of Affilorama and see how it can help grow your income.

Who is Affilorama For?

The following categories of people can benefit greatly from the offerings of Affilorama.

1. This is a good learning place for those who are new to affiliate marketing. Although experience using Affilorama immediately shows that the platform best serves those who already have some experience in affiliate marketing. The training is intense moving at a very fast pace. Also there is plenty of resources to consume and put to use.

That doesn’t mean that someone who is new cannot get value from using it. You however have to put in the determination to make it work. You have to get out of your comfort zone and push yourself until it becomes familiar to you. If you are that kind of person, then I suggest that it can work out very well for you.

2. Affilorama is also a good learning place for anyone serious about making money online. There are lots of online money making ideas and businesses. There is social media marketing, forex trading, cryptocurrency, ecommerce and blogging. If you are considering how you can make money through affiliate marketing, then Affilorama is for you.

The fact that you have zero knowledge about affiliate marketing shouldn’t stop you. Affiliate marketing is one of the major sources of income for online marketers and bloggers. All you need is a platform where you can build your audience from, and the right tools to build your business. Affilorama will give you the tools, resources and support to build a profitable online business.

3. If you are already earning money from affiliate marketing, joining Affilorama might just be the platform that you need to take your business higher. One of the benefits of membership is access to some profitable niches and resources on how to explore the opportunities in those niches.

4. Your knowledge and expertise in any niche is directly proportionate to your success level in that niche. That been said, Affilorama offers training for the experienced marketer to help her become more profitable. There are hundreds of training programs that cover very important aspects of affiliate marketing and will help advanced marketers gain more insights into the industry and use same to improve on profitability.

5. Even if you have been profitable in a lot of online niches, there is always room for one more. Affiliate marketing is very profitable and it can build you passive income streams that keep brining income long after you have done the work. Affilorama can help with the training and equipping aspect of setting up your affiliate marketing business.

6. For bloggers who need to monetize their websites. Not all blogs are profitable. In fact very few are able to generate enough income to break even. While other bloggers have found themselves in the wrong niche because they followed the wrong advise. If you are serious about turning the fortunes of your business around, or want to improve income for affiliate marketing then Affiloramam is for you.

What are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Affilorama?

Earn Money with Affilorama
Learn Affiliate Marketing to the core through Affilorama

People out there are looking for the ideal affiliate marketing program to development themselves, and access resources that will help them grow their businesses.

There are really no ideal affiliate marketing programs, what we have are different training programs that have their peculiarities, or what we can refer to as their strengths and weaknesses. We have highlighted same for Affilorama to help you in deciding if it is the best choice or you.

Advantages of Using Affilorama

  1. Affilorama offers a free membership plan with lots of benefits. You are given access to a lot of learning resources that can help you get started in the world of affiliate marketing. The experienced marketers can also benefit from the free membership plan as they get to learn a thing or two about affiliate marketing.
  2. As a registered member of Affilorama, you have access to one of the largest online community to provide you with support and help. You can interact with members of the community through the forum, share insights with others, ask questions from more knowledgeable members who are willing to help with whatever answers you need. The online community also contains lots of learning resources that contain answers to previous questions. It is a shared learning environment with resources to help you grow.
  3. You are provided with lots of learning resources to make your more profitable, including hundreds of helpful videos. Premium members get more learning videos and up-to-date information about the industry.
  4. Affilorama offers an all-in-one package comprising of hosting, WordPress site building and WordPress themes.
  5. There is a number of payment plans designed to suit your budget. Though the training program seems pricey, there are payment plans to suit one-off and/or monthly installments for your convenience.
  6. Mark Ling, the founder of Affilorama is a well respected member of the marketing and entrepreneurship community. His goodwill extends to this product on offer, giving an assurance of the training program’s quality.
  7. The paid membership plans give you access to quality niche specific contents to build your business. With these you can build different websites in the niche areas and grow all into profitability
  8. Tests have been done with a number of other affiliate training programs, and our finding is that Affilorama is one of the most advanced affiliate training programs. The company claims to have produced very profitable affiliate marketers from its program.
  9. It is very cheap to get started with the premium plan. You can begin premium membership with just $1 subscription for one month, and continue with the normal payment of $67 in subsequent months.
  10. There is a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

There are many more advantages that come with using the training program and experiencing it on your own. You can sign up for a free member or upgrade to the first month of premium membership for just $1.

Disadvantages of Using Affilorama

Some weaknesses found with the use of Affilorama are:

  1. The free membership plan contains outdated contents. Affiliate marketing has so evolved that information of 5 years ago has become obsolete today. It is not known if this is deliberate since it is a free plan, or the management has simply grown tired of updating its contents. You will have to weed out irrelevant information by yourself, and work with the one that is relevant to your needs.
  2. Even though Mark Ling is a respected member of the business community, there are complaints of premium members receiving emails from him of known scams in the industry.
  3. The products are on the high side compared to similar products in the market. There is still the issue of upsells. This makes the program even more expensive to members in the long run.
  4. The free membership plan is limited in what you can enjoy from it.
  5. There are so many membership and pricing plans that it tends to be confusing for new users.
  6. Most support and help you will receive concerning use of the program will be through the online community. If for instance you need information on how to work with a particular feature, asking for help on the community may take a while before someone with the knowhow responds to your question.
  7. Affilorama training program is best suited for those with a bit of knowledge and experience in affiliate marketing. It will take a lot for someone who is just starting out to keep up with the learning pace.
  8. The focus on PLR. Private Label Rights allow a reseller to make minor edits to a digital product (mostly eBooks) and sell to the public. Editing PLR contents today is a practice that isn’t supported by Google search because the contents appear as spun. Affilorama still having trainings on PLR shows that they are yet to update their current information in that niche.

Membership Options and Pricing Plans of Affilorama

  1. Free membership
  2. Premium membership with $1 for thirty day trial, monthly subscription of $67 and $497 for 3 years including upsells


In the beginning of this post we mentioned that information is central to change. That change could be good or bad, depending on the nature of the information received and acted upon. There are countless cases of people been scammed of their hard-earned money simply because they acted on wrong information.

We have made very important information about Affilorama known to you. It is now up to you to make the right decision concerning what you have learnt here. I would advise that you get as much information as possible from their free plan. If you are smart you could start earning money from the insights obtained from them. After then you may consider the premium plans.

Also very important is the need for you to consider your budget if the premium plans are for you. There are other alternative companies with equally good products having lesser prices. Lastly, your experience in affiliate marketing is essential. Affilorama is better suited for those who have some level of knowledge and experience, and not for those who are new to the business. Again you can look out for training companies who are more beginner-friendly.

If you’re just starting out with affiliate marketing or you’ve been involved in this business model over the past couple of years, I’d recommend you try out Wealthy Affiliate where members are currently earning $10,000+ monthly building websites with or without any previous experience.

Before you get started with Wealthy Affiliate, I’d suggest you read my review first and learn a lot about the WA community.

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