Are You Interested in My Freelance Writing Service?

Freelance Writing Services
Freelance Writing Services

Thanks for your interest in working with me! I have been a content writer since 2011. And, it’s been an amazing freelancing journey for me.

I’ve written so many guest posts for authority bloggers out there, published hundreds of articles on many article-submission sites such as EzineArticle, GoArticle, and have got super blogging experience since I started rocking the blogging world.

Furthermore, I’ve had the opportunity of writing for several local and international brands. I’ve also been a partner to several content marketing agencies home and abroad and this connection has given me further exposure into the world of writing.

How I Help Brands Write Content

When some clients get in touch with me and want to find out how they can leverage my freelance writing services, I simply organize a series of appointments with them, and I try to get specific details about their businesses such as:

  • What their business is all about;
  • How they’ve been generating content so far; and
  • Specifications as to who their target audiences are.

Most brands have never handled their businesses this way — many would say that they’ve once hired a freelance writing service, but it didn’t suffice for the two parties.

So, once I’ve been able to ascertain what the clients do, get to know who their target audience is, and who they want to attract, engage, and convert, I forward to them additional details such as word length, content style & format, and pricing.

If you’re willing to work with me, don’t hesitate to reach me directly using the form below: