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Today, you will be learning about the best free affiliate programs and getting to know the needful in your journey towards actualizing your financial goal. Most people who search online for affiliate marketing opportunities have always been on the lookout for posts like this. Affiliate marketing program is still one of the most legitimate programs online today, but getting the right program to join is a great issue to many people.

When I started out online, I joined an affiliate program and was required to purchase a money making website as they called it. I got the sum requested by all means and made payment for 1 domain name and 1 hosting account. I was learning about domain names and web hosting for the first time then. I was so eager to buy the website because it was called a money making website.

I thought the website would be generating income for me automatically, but never generated a cent till the 12 months period expired. What was the cause of this? It was because I never received any training at all, but just got my control account login details together with the affiliate marketing/promotional tools emailed to me. Having got those details, I managed to create a blog and posted my affiliate link in every article I published.

Despite all these, I saw that I wasn’t making money at all. Six months later, I began to worry about the $100 paid for registering a domain name and hosting package since I wasn’t making sales. I realized that my inability to make money was due to the fact that I wasn’t trained first. The difference in my past experience and my achievement so far is what you will be learning about in my post today.

How To Build A Successful Affiliate Marketing Website

In starting out as an affiliate marketer, you need to learn how to build a successful affiliate marketing website. The best way to make money online  is to own a website. Your website is your own personal brand whether you are using it to promote products owned by you or by an affiliate company. Your website is your virtual real estate and can take you anywhere in the world.

Building an affiliate marketing website is the very first step you will be taking prior to making money. You start by picking an interest which is going to be your website niche. All you will be writing about is going to be centered on your niche. Visitor engagement will equally be centered on this niche.

The next step is to build your website. The Search Engine Optimization technology in WordPress will be integrating your website for high traffic potentials and making money is guaranteed. You don’t need to employ the service of a web designer at all. You will be doing it all yourself even at the comfort of your home. Building a website has never been easier. On the day you successfully build your affiliate marketing website, you will be starting a journey to financial freedom.

Having successfully built your affiliate marketing website, you should start attracting visitors. This is a very wide aspect. You can achieve this step in so many ways. What you will be doing to make your website attracting or captivating to visitors are the search engine optimization activities you need to perform on your website to make it a success. We shall be discussing details about attracting visitors later in this post.

The last step in setting up a successful affiliate marketing website is earning revenue through the website. This particular step is based on building and maximizing earning potentials for your website. It’s the most interesting part in the course of setting up your affiliate marketing website. Once you take the necessary step, you should be earning greatly.

Best Free Affiliate Programs

Once you have successfully built and activated the all-in-one SEO plugin on your site, you should be fully ready to consider joining the best free affiliate programs. Being a newbie online, you may want to join the best free affiliate programs in earnest. The very first affiliate program you would want to join is the Amazon affiliate central. This is the first and best free affiliate marketing program ever.

You will need to sign up first to the Amazon affiliate central and have the Amazon code placed on your site. As your website traffic increases with time, your potential to generate revenue with your website increases automatically. Below are some suggestions to make your website traffic boom in no time.

  • Install and activate the WordPress All-In-SEO plugin on your website
  • Sign up a Google analytics account and add your tracking ID to your WordPress website.
  • Activate sitemap on your WordPress site which enables your website sitemap to be accurately submitted to Google for better search engine visibility and rankings.
  • Create a Google Adwords account and choose a low budget to start with. Your budget may be increased later.
  • Post articles to your website at regular intervals with a 100% publishing frequency.
  • Engage visitors that visit your site and engage your target audience too.
  • Join up to five online communities and post regularly at forums adding your website address to the signature section.
  • Leverage the social media such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and others to drive instant traffic to your site.

Best paying Affiliate Programs

When it comes to finding the best paying affiliate programs, you may want to require suggestions based on experience. It’s great to start out with affiliate programs that really have what it takes to become successful. If I may suggest the best for now, I would mention Wealthy Affiliate first. Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate here.

Wealthy Affiliate is an independent affiliate marketing network that has 2 in 1 feature. First, it trains you towards becoming a successful affiliate marketer as well as earning consistent revenue online with your own brand. You will receive training on how you can successfully build a personal website for marketing online. You will further receive training on how you can monetize your website in various ways.

There are many great affiliate programs online aside from Wealthy Affiliate, but the difference you will be seeing is that Wealthy Affiliate is a kind of independent affiliate network where you are free to subscribe and resubscribe at will. The commission plan that awaits you at Wealthy Affiliate is superb and rare.

Aside from receiving commensurate commissions for making sales, you stand to travel to Las Vegas in the USA on a yearly basis, all expense paid vacation. This is based on meeting up with certain criteria which have to do with the number of sales made within the year and your ambassadorship status. Wealthy Affiliate is really superb.

How To Become A Successful Internet Marketer

Your journey towards becoming a successful internet marketer begins with your brand, your virtual real estate and your personal website. While choosing your niche, you should make it general in nature so that you can make posts on many topics. Your activities will be broad using such a niche.

In many areas of the internet, you would want to leverage the various legit online business opportunities using your website. With a website of over 30 GB in disk space, you will have wide opportunities to monetize your website and become successful in no time.

Wealthy Affiliate will give you a complete insight into what you will be needing to build an online business. At Wealthy Affiliate, you will be attending live classes whereby you’ll be taught everything you need to know right from setting up your website up to generating unlimited revenue from the website.

You can’t become a successful affiliate marketer without going through these classes? The whole job requires some technicalities and you wouldn’t be able to get through unless you accept to receive training. The training you stand to receive at Wealthy Affiliate comes in series and will turn you an expert in a few weeks of starting out.

The secret of becoming a successful internet marketer rests with the knowledge you have acquired in the course of trying to become an internet entrepreneur. In the online entrepreneur certification training, you will be getting some great tips to being a successful internet marketer.

While starting out, you should prepare your mind well that it’s not a get rich quick money making scheme, but you are rather building up a business from scratch and will be targeting to be successful with time. You may not make a sale in the first month at all, but should keep making progress building up your brand. Someday, you will be surprised to see that you are already making money.

Once you can keep posting articles consistently and try engaging your visitors and target audience regularly, sky will never be your limit. With that alone, you will start pooling tons of traffic soonest. This will take you several hours daily, but if you can invest time today, you will harvest great fruits tomorrow. You will be glad you invested time into it when you start seeing traffic.


Having read about the best paying affiliate program and how you can build a successful affiliate marketing website, you have all resources at your disposal and have the best potential in the world to make money online.

If you want to have your success fast, then you need to take actions right now. What many people cannot achieve in five months, you can achieve in one month. Your success lies in your hands. You determine your own progress and how you want to move on in life. Action takers are, indeed, money makers.

Action takers never lag behind. They rather move in earnest and step up quickly. Would you be an action taker at all? Do you believe in actualizing dreams? Your dreams or passion can be turned into a thriving online business. Once you start an engine, the car begins to move immediately and will keep moving until the driver applies the break to stop for a while. This is simply how your online business will be going once you start it now.

A few years ago, I didn’t know I can ever do what I am doing today, but got my exposure about setting up an internet marketing business from Wealthy Affiliate. I wouldn’t be able to evaluate my loss in life if I had refused to join the Wealthy Affiliate network. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stumbled into a pool of training courses I have never seen in my life. I was given only 7 days to enjoy the 61% diamond discount.

The 61% diamond discount is a discount scheme deliberately designed by the CEOs of the platform to encourage action takers. If you want to uncover the internet entrepreneur certification training tools in full today, try and learn more about the network here. It only takes a few minutes to create your free starter membership account.

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing and training community started and developed by two great and reputable Canadian affiliate marketers, Kyle and Carson. Currently, the community has grown up to over 1.2 million members within 10 years of starting out and new members keep joining every minute.

Why wouldn’t you find a good position for yourself in a community filled with over 1000000 trained and prosperous internet entrepreneurs? As large and truted as the community is, it keeps up the great work and has successfully created a pay-it-forward system to ensure that all members keep moving.

How would you feel if you can actualize your financial goal faster than a lot of people? How would you feel if your financial freedom comes earlier than that of your counterparts or competitors? As someone who has been on the lookout for gigantic financial opportunities, you would want to speed up your online activities towards becoming successful online.

Should you have questions you want to ask or, perhaps, have a comment you want to pass across, kindly fill out the form below and I will be more than happy to reply you quickly.

16 thoughts on “Best Free Affiliate Programs”

  1. Hello there! I’m just starting with my website and I’m looking for a way to make money with it. I heard about affiliate and it got my interest. My website talks about guitars. I read that on your article that amazon is a free affiliate program. This is perfect for me to earn money and after that, I could add more with the help of wealthy affiliate. Hopefully I could start earning money with my website. Thank you for your help.

  2. Hallo there,

    I was about to use the Amazon associates program until I saw the wealthy affiliate plan. Getting good commissions and a trip to Las Vegas sure does sound awesome, and I would love to be part of it.

    Can you please tell me more about the trip? What happens in the trip? When it happens? How long it is.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Thanks for your valuable thought, Dave! Amazon affiliate central is one of the programs you would still want to leverage because of the earning potentials. You almost earn up to 5% on all of the sales and you can add multiple products at will, both digital and physical.

      Amazon is known as the second affiliate marketing company in the whole world which started over a decade ago and has been recognized today as the father of affiliate marketing. As you build out your site with quality and engaging content, you would be leveraging this program too as part of the ways to maximize revenue.

      Wealthy Affiliate is really a breakthrough for the world and, indeed, a bailout for newbie and struggling veteran bloggers out there. It gives full and interactive support to members and has one of the greatest earning potentials in the affiliate marketing industry.

      Aside from earning recurring commissions and cash credits on Wealthy Affiliate, you will be having the golden opportunity of visiting Las Vegas at least once a year (All Expense Paid Vacation) to hold private meetings with top bloggers and highly successful entrepreneurs in the industry and have some fun too for a few weeks.

      You qualify for the trip when you will have achieved 300 active members within the year, though there are certain exceptions based on your month of joining the network. Once you qualify to travel to the US, an invitation will be sent to you anywhere in the world together with flight subsidies and other necessary documents for the trip.

      To start building high quality backlinks, check out the following posts.

      Get Paid To Post Comments
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      I equally recommend reading one of the most recent posts On Ryan’s blog as shown below.
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      Wish you gigantic success,
      Israel Olatunji

  3. Building out a Niche Idea about something that I’m interested in sounds like a great way for me to start earning money online. Can you explain the differences between Wealthy Affiliate and the Amazon program?

    Which Platform would more suit a beginner just starting out in Affiliate Marketing and which one offers more Support And Help in your opinion?

    Looking forward to your response!

    • Hello Jeff,

      It’s necessary to build out your niche website about something you are good at or, perhaps, something you know much and can write a lot about without limit. This guarantees success in online business and will prevent you from plagiarizing content. As you know, Google frowns at plagiarism and never ranks such websites that plagiarize content.

      Note the following differences between the Wealthy Affiliate platform and Amazon associate central:

      * Wealthy Affiliate is a community set up for training potential internet entrepreneurs while Amazon is just an online store whereby you can order digital books, computers, accessories and digital products.

      * Wealthy Affiliate is an independent affiliate marketing platform started by two Canadian affiliate marketers in 2007 while Amazon affiliate central is one of the pioneer affiliate marketing networks started in 1996.

      * You get paid $23.50 recurring commissions for promoting Wealthy Affiliate and earn through other ways within the community while you earn 5%-10% sales commissions on Amazon.

      * You get 24/7/365 full and interactive support with access to live chat on Wealthy Affiliate, but Amazon does not have such a platform for giving support and training.

  4. Hi Israel,
    Great post and great info on the Wealthy Affiliate program! I think a lot of people believe you can just start a website, put a bunch of links on the site and start making money right away. And as you have explained in your post here, it is just not the case. Being part of the Wealthy Affiliate program, it is refreshing to know that they take us step by step through the process, though it does take time!

    • Hi Sharon Whyte,

      Starting a website and adding product links alone never works out as far as getting the most out of an online business is concerned. You have a lot of actions to take in ensuring that your site becomes visible to the world. Here at Wealthy Affiliate, series of training are given to you to walk you through the process of achieving these.

      By following the training given at Wealthy Affiliate without skipping any step at all, success is guaranteed. No money making or online entrepreneurial training platform can ever give you such a training stuff anywhere online. Maximize the stuff given at Wealthy Affiliate without skipping a step and you will get rolling.

  5. Hi Israel,
    Great post and great info on the Wealthy Affiliate program. I think a lot of people think you can just start a website, put a bunch of links on the site and they will be making money. And as you have explained, it is just not the case.

    Being part of the Wealthy Affiliate program is refreshing to know they take us step by step through the process though it does take time!

    • Thanks for your valuable thought, Sharon! The Wealthy Affiliate network makes a lot of differences from most other affiliate marketing networks. One of the differences it makes is that it has so much to offer when it comes to training potential entrepreneurs and providing needed tools and resources.

      WA is the only affiliate marketing network I’ve ever found with the tools to give and take genuine, authentic and unique blog comments among fellow members. Blog comments are part of the Google ranking signals to make your site appear on the first page and most other affiliate networks wouldn’t make such tools available. Kudos!

      Wish you breakthroughs,
      Israel Olatunji

  6. I myself am a Wealthy Affiliate member too and it is the best I’ve seen for anyone to get started building websites or setting up a website for affiliate marketing. I’ve tried a few companies in the past that just didn’t deliver with quality services that can really help like WA does. The tutorials and real time helps are amazing!

    • There is no money making platform out there that offers the kind of online entrepreneur certification training that we receive at Wealthy Affiliate. Hundreds of entrepreneurs have become successful through this platform. Among members, some are now earning $10000 or greater monthly while others are earning close to that. It’s a great place to start an online business.

  7. Nice write-up about earning through affiliate marketing. One needs to follow many things in order to become successful in affiliate marketing. Only building site and creating contents will not give success. There are many things like SEO, back links, low hanging fruit keywords, social media optimization and many others you need to follow.

    So, a great training program is utmost important to acquire such knowledge before one starts affiliate marketing.
    Thanks for your nice post.

    • Yes, building out content alone will not bring about success in online business, but leveraging the social media such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Each of these social media is search engine optimized and can bring unlimited traffic to your site if you know how to leverage them. One of the great ways to generate traffic using the social networks is to be active at all times.

  8. This was an extremely refreshing post as most other review posts that I’ve come across are basically just posts published by people looking to get some easy money through commissions. For many of us, we’d prefer to test out this whole affiliate marketing thing first just to get to grips with the basics and decide if it is for us.

    Thanks a lot for posting!

    • Most review posts are basically published by people who just want to sell one product or the other to earn commission and most visitors who find this on sites wouldn’t want to stay long. Once they find a lot of promotional links or advertisements, they wouldn’t want to come back to pay any further visit.

      Amazon affiliate central was talked about in this post as the best free affiliate program, though no affiliate or direct link was found anywhere within the page. I just wrote to elaborate on how anyone can leverage the best free affiliate program in the world to generate unlimited income online.


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