How to Increase Your Website Traffic for Free

Best Paid Targeted Traffic

Best Paid Targeted Traffic
Best Paid Targeted Traffic

In our discussion today, we shall be talking about the best paid targeted traffic and how it can be leveraged to get ranked in Google fast.

Ever since I started out online, I have always noticed that getting traffic has been the greatest challenge faced by most people trying to make money online.

It was my greatest challenge too, not until I found a lasting solution. Leveraging the best paid traffic will solve over 60% of the overall challenges faced by internet marketers today in getting search engine rankings.

Using the paid traffic sites is necessary and most needed by those who are just starting out online, but if you can be so hardworking and patient, it may not be that necessary for you.

Building out quality, fresh and engaging content on your site consistently is highly promising and will be yielding great dividends for you in the long run.

Best Paid Targeted Traffic
Best Paid Targeted Traffic

Aside from writing quality and engaging content on your site, you must make use of these paid traffic sites in order to boost your overall marketing experience at the initial stage of your online business.

One major fact about building out your site with such quality content is that it brings future dividends more than those sites that do not have such quality content.

Understanding this major fact now will help your business grow and expand in the nearest future. It guarantees future success to the core.

It’s good to boost traffic at the initial stage of your business using the paid traffic sites, but you shouldn’t ever forget that quality matters, not quantity.

Most people don’t seriously work on this at the very beginning of the business, trying to boost income as early as possible.

You shouldn’t worry about what you can make now or what you can’t make. The future matters and won’t be long that you will start pulling tons of cash daily.

Time is coming when your site will start bringing out several pieces of cake for you which you will continue enjoying for the rest of your life.

Best Paid Traffic Sites

Best Paid Targeted Traffic
Best Paid Targeted Traffic

The best paid traffic sites are Google Adwords, Bidvertiser, Facebook Ad Marketing Network, and many more.

You won’t be using all of these paid advertising (Pay-Per-Click) networks, but will be leveraging only the two most effective networks among them.

These are Google Adwords and Facebook Ad Marketing Network. They are proven to be the most advanced and efficient advertising networks online. Getting result is guaranteed once your Ads is up and running.

In using Google Adwords, you will be needing to create a free Gmail account, but if you have one already, you wouldn’t need to create another account again.

You will only need to log in with your free Gmail account and start creating your first campaign using Google Adwords. You are going to be using one Gmail account for everything google.

Considering the traffic potentials in the Facebook Ad marketing network, you would want to try it out at least once in lifetime.

It really works out as you will be having the traffic delivered to you instantly, though may be costlier than most other paid advertising networks.

When you look at the result anyway, you wouldn’t bother about the cost at all because it pays and yields good results.

How To Advertise Your Online Business

Best Paid Targeted Traffic
Best Paid Targeted Traffic

Once you’ve learned how to use the advanced paid advertising networks, you should start taking actions by leveraging those networks in pulling tons of traffic to your site.

When there is no traffic, you won’t be making money yet, but once traffic starts coming, you will automatically start seeing cash flow into your accounts.

Your online business has been set to generate unending income for you, but you must build it out first from scratch so that it can become a steady stream of income for you soonest.

You’ve learned in the online entrepreneurial training that your brand is your virtual real estate and can turn out to be a multi-million dollar brand for you in the nearest future.

Most people wouldn’t want to be patient at the very beginning stage and, thus, opt for quantity instead of quality.

Best Paid Targeted Traffic
Best Paid Targeted Traffic

The essence of using the paid traffic sites is to ensure you earn some bucks at the initial stage of your online business while concentrating on building out your site with quality content, not quantity.

The future of your site is great while competitors will be shocked at your progress and success as they see you build authority over and over again.

How To Use Facebook To Increase Sales

Best Paid Targeted Traffic
Best Paid Targeted Traffic

Advertising your site using the Facebook Ad marketing network is what I experienced to be a great way of generating instant traffic, though Google Adwords provides some kind of instant traffic provided your campaign budget is good enough.

The performance of your Ads depends a lot on your chosen budget, though Google will warn against using such ineffective budgets.

Google automatically suggests a suitable budget for any newly created campaign which guarantees some kind of instant traffic and you’ll be getting the traffic first before paying at all.

This is why I love using Google Adwords to advertise my site. I have been using Google Adwords to run Ads campaigns for over 10 years now and have seen the effectiveness in the traffic delivery.

Facebook is a powerful social channel that has millions of users from all parts of the world. Thus, it’s a promising platform to advertise your site. Result starts coming almost immediately with this network.

It’s a great source of generating instant traffic and most entrepreneurs trust the network.

Make Money With Your Traffic

Best Paid Targeted Traffic
Best Paid Targeted Traffic

Have you been generating enough traffic to your site now? Are you fully ready to start pulling cash through your online business?

That’s guaranteed once you’ve been able to use the advanced and efficient paid traffic networks right from the beginning of your business.

Facebook Ad marketing network is as efficient as Google Adwords, but you must order first before getting the traffic at all.

You set a budget while using the Facebook Ad Marketing Network like in Google Adwords.

As an experienced internet marketer, I have tested these paid traffic sources out and have got good results from them in the course of promoting my online business.

They are indispensable, especially while starting up and are needed for promoting your online business at whatever stage your business might get to in life.

Advertising a business brings a lot of fortunes and speeds up success in business.


Having studied the great ways to leverage the most working and efficient paid advertising networks, it’s time to begin driving traffic using those networks alongside building out quality and engaging content on your site.

Should you have any question or comment you want to pass across, don’t hesitate getting back to me by filling out the form below and you will be receiving a response in earnest.

15 thoughts on “Best Paid Targeted Traffic”

  1. Thanks for summarizing the best paid traffic sources! I’m at the point where I’m moving towards thinking about paying for traffic but the big thing is I’m afraid of losing lots of money.

    I’m told if you don’t know what you are doing, it’s the easiest way to burn through a lot of money. Where did you learn how to do paid traffic well?

    1. Thanks for getting back for the valuable thought, SJ! Kudos for reading my post and for fleshing out relevant points! Using the best paid targeted traffic sources is not a must to build out a site to the first page in search results.

      Paying for online adverts such as Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Google Adwords Express and lots more as you read in that post would only be necessary if you have every good reason to do so such as helping to get started, getting some instant traffic for a particular purpose and many others.

      You will start building site trust soon if you work fervently on content, site and visitor engagement, social engagement as well as link building and may not necessarily spend a lot of money on online adverts.

      Wish you much success,
      Israel Olatunji

  2. Hello!

    I used paid-targeted-traffic myself 2 or 3 times so far. I chose Facebook, as I had my biggest followership in Facebook.

    I could see a huge increase of traffic coming to my page. However, when I was examining the behavior of the visitors, I recognized that they all stayed only 1 second on the page (just the click).

    Does this have any negative influence, as they are not “really” visiting my website, if they leave immediately?

    How often should I use the paid traffic campaigns, especially in the beginning?

    Best regards,

    1. Thanks for getting back with a valuable thought, Mia! Did you use Facebook Ad marketing network alone? While trying to use paid adverts for a blog, it doesn’t rely on one network alone if it’s a social media network.

      The difference you see in Google Adwords campaigns these days from that of social media is that Google sends real and targeted traffic; real visitors who are truly interested in what you blog about.

      Google sends real people who need information from your site and would love to stay reading through blog posts before leaving. You see such people take actions eventually on your site after they’re through with readings. Try reading the post below and you will get some exceptional clues to build up your marketing channel soonest.

      I am sure reading the blog post below will be helpful:

      How To Increase Sales Conversions

      Wish you much success,

      Israel Olatunji

      1. Hi Israel,

        Thank you very much for your feedback! Yes, I tried only Facebook Ad the last time. I might check out Google Adwords for the next time. It sounds like a better option as it is related to targeted traffic.
        Best regards,

        1. Kudos for getting back, Mia! Be rest assured that nothing would ever work out a long-term dividend for your site like creating quality and engaging content, doing blog commenting genuinely, doing social engagement effectively, connecting to online influencers as well as helping and promoting top bloggers without expecting anything in return.

          Using the best paid targeted traffic would only be necessary for a start and may be ignored in the long run at will. It only helps to get started as you know you need a great deal of work to do in building site trust.

          Once you have successfully built up site trust, you’re going to be driving unlimited traffic. While using the best paid targeted traffic, continue building out your site with creative, informative, helpful and engaging content.

          Wish you much success,
          Israel Olatunji

  3. Wow! Thank you so much for this informative and generous post about getting seen in search results when starting out.

    It certainly was timely for me as I’m starting out and getting frustrated that I’m not appearing in Google even with a unique name.

    The post made me realize that I should try the paid route. I’m now feeling more comfortable about that after reading your post.

    1. Thanks for your engaging comment, Laura! I researched into why most newbie bloggers give up so quickly and discovered that a large percentage expected to get found in search results as early as they started out, but got frustrated for not getting found at all.

      The truth about making money online is that you need to figure things out about blogging and must be persistent in working out effective blogging techniques while building out your site with quality content and engaging visitors.

      That was why I wrote this article so that newbie or struggling veteran bloggers can start getting some appreciable amount of traffic in Google using the best paid traffic channels alongside building out their sites.

      I am sure reading the blog posts below will serve as a bailout for all struggling bloggers just starting out online. You can read too to get some exceptional tips to an effective blogging in the year 2018.

      How To Increase Sales Conversions
      How To Grow Your Blog Audience
      Blogging Tips For New Bloggers: 10 Blogging Tips
      Get Paid To Post Comments
      How To Build Backlinks For SEO

      Wish you much success,
      Israel Olatunji

  4. Hey Israel,

    Wow, I really liked this article on leveraging online traffic increasing tools. I had not previously made the connection that pay per click (PPC) ads were just Google and Facebook ads that you have to pay for. I really liked how you stressed that it is your site content that is the most important piece to the puzzle. Once you have consistent and high quality content, your site will begin generating its own traffic.

    One thing I’m curious about is the PPC Ads that you suggested in the beginning. Does this mean that once your site is well constructed, you should stop using the PPC Ads altogether? How many posts do you think should be the minimum before you start using the PPC advertising? Should my site have a minimum amount of preexisting traffic before stepping up to PPC ads?

    Thanks for all the great information!

    1. Thanks for reading, Atlas! There are several ways to generate free traffic from Google and Facebook, but you might want to buy advertising from these two platforms to make your site gain popularity as soon as you started out. This is not a must if you wouldn’t mind building out your site with quality content while engaging visitors.

  5. I’ve been curious about using Facebook Ads as a traffic tool. You see, I am not that active on my personal Facebook, but I am interested in the audience demographic for growing my business. ]

    Do I need to set up a Facebook page for that purpose or can I jump right in with an ad that links to a landing page on my website? Thank you for your advice!

  6. I’ve been curious about using Facebook Ads as a traffic tool. You see, I am not that active on my personal Facebook, but I am interested in the audience demographic for growing my business.

    Do I need to set up a Facebook page for that purpose or can I jump right in with an ad that links to a landing page on my website? Thank you for your advice!

    1. Hello Cathy,

      Thanks for reading my post and for getting back with such a valuable thought! Facebook is such a promising social media platform that you can leverage to drive tons of traffic to your site in earnest. I am impressed about your curiosity and willingness to leverage this platform to boost your overall site traffic.

      The idea of engaging your audience on social media by answering questions, helping someone out, replying comments, sharing thoughts and ideas with friends, groups and communities is called Social Engagement. It really works in getting instant traffic delivered to your site.

      In the meantime, you might want to use the Facebook Ads to generate more traffic to your site. It only costs some money and it can be leveraged together with the social engagement.

      The big secret about turning your passion into a thriving online business is to build out your site using the best approaches you’re going to learn by reading the following pages.

      How To Grow Your Blog Audience

      Blogging Tips For New Bloggers: Top 10 Blogging Tips

      How To Build Backlinks For SEO

      Get Paid To Post Comments

      Wish you much success,
      Israel Olatunji

  7. Hi there and thank you for sharing this information. My blog is around 3 months old at this stage so I guess it’s way too early for me to think about using paid advertisements such as Google Adwords to get more traffic.

    I know this may not be an easy question to answer but – how much traffic can one expect to be getting from a 3 month old health blog with regularly updated content and beginner social media accounts?

    1. Sincerely speaking, it’s not too early to use paid advertisements to drive traffic to a three month old health blog as you think, but it’s not a must for anyone using paid advertisements. It depends on the kind of goal you set initially for your blog or website. I started using paid adverts right from my first month in the online business in order to meet up with a particular target, though that may not be necessary for just anyone.

      Literally speaking, no one can ever predict how much traffic you can get to a website or blog of that age, but the expectation for a three month old blog or website should be up to 50000 visitors from the first day of writing content even without using paid adverts at all. So, if your website traffic has come up to this figure or greater, then you must have done a good job in site and audience engagement.

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