Beyond Hosting Review: Everything You Must Know

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Ensuring that you have a good time and enough availability in time and the speed of your webpage are factors that are related to the hosting service you use and, today, with advancements in the infotech industry all around the world, having a slow website is no longer loved by consumers and internet users or would these people rely on a company whose page is unavailable from time to time?

If you are looking for a website hosting service, you must have been familiar with the name Beyond Hosting at least one time in your searches. This is one of the best-known services available online, but is Beyond Hosting good? Is it worth it?

Putting a website up is a tasking job, starting from the work of research and decisions. Regardless of the project, is it e-commerce, a blog or your company’s website? It is necessary to ensure performance, security, and stability.

Beyond Hosting is one of the world’s leading hosting and website management platforms. More than sustaining the site structure in an online environment, Beyond Hosting offers a wide range of services that are of great help.

The company’s idea is to make the work of managing space on the web more productive, secure and professional. For a new project or in the hosting transition, having these characteristics is necessary.

What are the Advantages of Investing in Beyond Hosting?

Are you thinking of purchasing one of the plans at Beyond Hosting? Before choosing the service and plan to stick to, you should know more deeply the advantages and disadvantages that it can present. Here is a list of what to expect from Beyond Hosting.

1. You Have High Traffic

This innovative web hosting platform has been one of the most common choices among companies and digital marketers because of its expansive bandwidth size and its capability to withstand and shoulder high traffic on their hosted sites. This recurrence has very obvious reasons: quality of service and credibility in the market!

Beyond Hosting is a true platform of services related to the maintenance and management of a structure on the web.

Anyone who needs a website has technical needs, such as speed, support, stability, and security. Besides, you need to ensure professionalism in your project, with your domain for both the website and email.

Beyond Hosting guarantees its customers that websites hosted on their platform will stay up 100 percent of the time, and they also monitor your server 24/7 to ensure it is running uptime and round the clock.

2. A Very Good WordPress Feature

WordPress is the most famous CMS in the world, that is, a platform for managing, configuring, and monitoring websites. Very practical and full of features, it can be used in accommodation of all types, such as the options that Beyond Hosting offers in its plans.

With WordPress, it is easier to know how to create a website or even how to create a blog. The configuration options are very simple and the plugins help to facilitate.

In this case, with Beyond Hosting, there is a guarantee of good services on a good platform. Alternatively, you can also count on other differentiated plans dedicated to hosting WordPress websites. In this modality, you can also take advantage of 24-hour support and receive your SSL certificate for free.

Whether to create your blog, website or even create your virtual store, Beyond Hosting guarantees greater loading speed, advanced security, simplicity, and convenience to access your database through a single panel available in the plans that offer Backup CodeGuard, besides, of course, you can take advantage of all WordPress features and plugins that will all be provided for you.

3. Connection Stability

One of the points of most concern when it comes to developing websites is their stability. Google’s algorithms can penalize the ranking of pages that are down, which prevents your site from appearing on the first page of search results.

Given this, Beyond Hosting highly values the connection stability of the pages, delivering practically 100% throughout the year, and this is in an agreement. The company guarantees in the contract that, if at any time, the stability falls below 99.9%, the user gets a month of credit.

4. Automated Backups!

Failures, errors, and attempts to break into your site can happen. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that all your files and information are safe.

CodeGuard is Beyond Hosting’s backup service, ensuring that everything is saved daily in an easy-to-access and fully secure cloud.

The backups are automatic and happen without the need for configuration, being performed daily. CodeGuard offers a dashboard where you can monitor your backup job whenever you want, activate notifications, and edit all activity of this functionality.

You can also configure restore points however you want using the panel.

5. On-Demand Servers

What is the size of your site and, mainly, the demand for access? Institutional sites have a lower level of information, so hosting doesn’t have to be robust. In contrast, medium to large e-commerce needs stability and loading speed.

Each situation will influence the choice of hosting services. Shared services serve sites that have a lower level of access and are not as heavy. The most powerful, on the other hand, need a system to match.

In this case, dedicated hosting guarantees its server to keep the pages stable.

6. Name and Domain Registration

Your website’s name and domain are simple but fundamental issues. It turns out that you need to know if they are available or if someone else is already using them. After that point, the first step is to register, that is, to ensure that you have your own web address.

One of the advantages of Beyond Hosting’s plans is to be able to make this registration as soon as you hire the service, right in the first moments of configuration, before creating the website.

In any of the packages you choose, Beyond Hosting offers the domain for free in its first year. This is a great attraction to ensure that investments are reduced in that first moment.

7. Website Builder

The Beyond Hosting Webuilder is the website creator integrated with the hosting that the company offers. It is a tool developed to support simple and intuitive work for creating pages. With autonomy and minimal knowledge, it is possible to achieve great results!

For those who have medium-sized sites, Webuilder is a very competent platform that meets expectations. Among its features, the highlight goes to the easy-to-operate interface and the more than 200 templates to give your company’s face to the website.

Regardless of whether it’s a blog, e-commerce or website, the creator of Beyond Hosting offers everything you need right now.

8. SSL Certificate

Security is a factor that makes a big difference for both sides: users, who surf the web, transact and provide information, and websites, that need to ensure all of these activities take place in a solid environment.

The SSL certificate is the main resource that ensures that access and interaction with a given page are completely secure.

SSL is a parameter that encodes all active information during any operation on a website. Simple access by the user already has the SSL action guaranteed, that is, the environment is reliable.

Therefore, your website will have that lock icon before the address in the browser bar. Best of all: like hosting, SSL is free for the first year.

9. Newbie Friendly Interface

One of the beautiful things from this hosting company is that there is a special service from Beyond Hosting designed to help customers who have little technical knowledge in the aspect of carrying out the entire process, from creating and registering your domain to creating good content and publishing on your own page.

It is only available to those who have a hosting plan contracted with Beyond Hosting, with registered domain and propagated DNSs, but don’t worry; if you are not sure exactly what this is, the company itself does all the checking and helps you adjust everything.

During the service, you will receive a presentation on all the features of WordPress, which will be used to create your page, starting with the initial configuration, installation, and customizing your theme and layout, creating a content page, and more.

Additional Beyond Hosting services

Beyond Hosting is good and offers everything you need.

To conclude our review, there is no denying that Beyond Hosting is worth it. A lot of packages to choose from, whether for site hosting or creating a small website, blog, or even to open e-commerce after you already have your ideas of what to sell on the internet!

To know everything about how to troubleshoot whatever problem you have, just access the link and take advantage of all the FAQ and you can also check their customer support media.

You’ll Need to Scale-up in the Future

On the Beyond Hosting Platform, you have the ability to scale up on your preference on both the dedicated virtual servers and the virtual private servers with just a few clicks. You can even readjust the size at any time, which can be vital if you have to scale up sooner than you thought you would.

Other hosting platforms might have some little hitches and delays when it comes to scaling up or down, so having the capability to adjust your server to your needs at any time is important.

You Want Round-the-Clock Support Available

In the hosting and web development world, at some certain time, things might just go wrong, even for the most proficient blogger. And you can’t just rely only on Google for immediate answers in troubleshooting the problem. That’s why it’s extraordinarily helpful to have 24/7 customer support available from your hosting company.

Beyond hosting has a live chat feature available including a toll-free number you can call anytime.

You can make use of the “Post Ticket” feature on their support page, which usually gets a reply in 3 to 7 minutes. But you might just want to save yourself some time by checking out the helpful support guides through the website, which can help walk you all the way through the most common issues you’ll face.

You Need a VPS (Virtual Private Server)

One of Beyond Hosting’s very good products is VPS hosting for both Linux and Windows. In case you might need a more secure website, faster speed, and more control over all the facet of your site, a VPS is something to consider.

Beyond hosting will always be your best bet in case you decide to go the VPS route, with their experience and technical proficiency in the world of hosting; choosing them to manage the hosting for you will be your best.

Notable Features from Beyond Hosting

Still in doubt about the quality of services you get on Beyond Hosting? Here are some of the most admired features to help you decide if this hosting platform is the best choice for you.

A CDN (content distribution network) is an available feature that comes as an Add-On. This essential feature speeds up load times and can help your content get to your customers and visitors at a faster rate. This is another reason Beyond Hosting is good for high-traffic websites because there’s a certainty that your content will always be accessible even in high-traffic situations.

All plans include a cPanel control panel. This is the industry’s standard control panel that is provided on most web hosting platforms. If you’ve, at any point in time, used a web host before, then you’ll be familiar with the cPanel.

Backup solutions are available. You can modify the timetable of your backup based on your blog’s archival and maintenance policies. You won’t even need to bother yourself about the loss of data and web information as your data is backed up in more than one specific location.

Overall, Beyond Hosting is just a very good option for bloggers who are involved in building a business. The VPS feature as well as the managed WordPress capabilities, and solid security features make it the ideal choice for your blog if it handles any kind of personal user information or experiences high levels of traffic.

Would you want to enjoy all site protocols including Site Speed, Site Privacy and Security, Site SSL Certificate, WHOIS, Site Email Accounts, and fully-integrated managed to host features all in one platform (Wealthy Affiliate) with the best of Site Support and live chat features enabled? Then, read my review of WA University and do not forget to leave me a comment using the box below this post.

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  1. Hello,

    Having a complete platform is really getting hard to see and by the day I have made lots if search to see if they would be any and I have been disappointed a lot. However, Beyond Hosting is a very nice platform and its services have to be the best I have seen so far. Offering SSL certificates and helping with site traffic is something done by hosting site with very well developed system. 

  2. Hi there thanks for the review about this website hosting platform. Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page onto the Internet. A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet. There are different platform for hosting a website and Beyond Hosting is one of the best platform

    • Well, Beyond Hosting is one of the best hosting platforms in the online world as you rightly said in your comment. However, when it comes to Power, Reliability, and Security, there’s no hosting platform like WA.

  3. Very thorough and complete review on hosting and why it matters, thank you. Maybe some images to illustrate your points could’ve helped understand the topic better. I also use Wealthy Affiliate and Blue Host and they are both very good. I would say it depends on what you are trying to achieve with your website. WA is great for blogging but Blue Host allows for more freedom in designing a website.

    • Hey Kit, thanks for your comment! Oh yes, Wealthy Affiliate is superb for blogging and affiliate marketing certification. You won’t ever want to try out other affiliate marketing platforms to learn. Beyond hosting is another hosting platform and you should check out their features properly before investing with it.

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