BidVertiser Review: Earn from Clicks

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BidVertiser is an advertising platform that is similar to AdSense. It’s not new on the web – it has been there since 2008 by BPath Ltd.

Servicing more than 80,000 advertisers and publishers, the platform supports Native ads, Slider ads, Push up notifications, Pop-unders, and XML Feed for desktop and mobile devices.

BidVertiser makes it a responsibility to constantly improve its services. Their site gets an average of 100,000 to 300,000 visitors monthly.

Most websites and platforms make much of their money through advertising.

And most advertisers consider advertising on publishers’ websites as a way of positioning their products and making money through the internet too.

This means that through advertising, several people benefit – the blogger, the advertiser, and the visitors that get free and unhindered knowledge of the product or content.

So, most websites or platforms do not charge users any cost to access their content; rather, they use the opportunity of visits to their website to make money.

There are several advertisement platforms: AdSense,, WordAd, BidVertiser to mention a few.

BidVertiser supports small to medium websites very well. And it works by “Pay per Click” (PPC).

BidVertiser does not charge advertisers but places a bid and the advertisements of the highest bidders are selected and displayed on publishers’ websites.

BidVertiser pays a publisher whenever a visitor clicks on the ad or views the ad for a period of time (CPM) or even signs up for a sale (CPA).

What Features Does BidVertiser Offer Publishers?

  1. There are multiple formats with which a publisher can place an advertisement on his website (Native ads, Slider ads, Pop-under ads – we’ll look at them later).
  2. They make it possible for publishers to group their visitors based on geography, demography, and other data.
  3. They do share the details of incoming bids, winning bids, and how much earnings have been made.
  4. Different payment options – PayPal, Checks, and Bank Wire.

How Do I Get Started with BidVertiser?

Over the years, BidVertiser has made changes to what it takes for you to be given approval on its platform.

To join BidVertiser, you should have your own website with a custom domain. The website should have a secure and active SSL certificate.

BidVertiser does not support websites from platforms that host free websites and give free domain names (for instance,, Blogger, etc).

But you can buy a website and migrate to it. I still recommend WordPress or Bluehost.

They also have an age restriction of 18 years and above to be able to apply and participate.

BidVertiser will manually check to see if your website or blog complies with its specifications and guidelines as done with AdSense.

If everything is in place, then, you are likely to get its approval.

Remember the following as you apply:

  1. Make sure your website is well-constructed and organized.
  2. Ensure you have quality content and high traffic.
  3. They accept websites written in any language, and you can apply from any part of the world.
  4. They may not give you the opportunity to apply several times, so you should check your website and be sure that it is ready to meet their conditions, and then you can go ahead and apply.

Type of Content Prohibited by BidVertiser

  1. They do not accept websites that offer inappropriate adult content, promote such, or are linked to websites that offer such.
  2. They do not accept websites that offer or promote or have links with websites that offer unlawful or illegal material, violent materials, and materials that violate the intellectual property rights of others.
  3. They don’t condone sites that discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, nationality, mental or physical disabilities, sexual or age orientation.
  4. They also do not regard dishonest traffic such as clicking on the ads yourself or tricking others to do so. Such site owners usually get their accounts banned and terminated permanently.

How it goes…

The publisher goes on to the BidVertiser site, signs up, and fills out the form in which he supplies the details of his website.

After the scrutiny to ensure that there is nothing that contravenes their specifications and conditions, the publisher is immediately notified through an email that he can begin to use the platform.

In his dashboard, he can choose from the ad types and specifications available.

He can also choose from their templates to create his own layout that will suit his style and website.

Then he creates the ad code and places it in the HTML section of his site so he can begin to receive ads on his site. So getting on BidVertiser isn’t a difficult task.

BidVertiser works by giving points to publishers. These points are then used to score the sites when bids are placed.

A site with good ad points gets higher access to well-paying advertisers.

Why Would I Go for BidVertiser?

  1. It is easy to get approval for being part of BidVertiser. They already have their requirements and conditions. Once they are satisfied that their conditions are met, you will get an email immediately letting you know that you have been approved.
  2. They offer several ad types – native ads, Slider ads, Pop-under ads, etc.
  3. It is also not difficult to create a layout on the dashboard for the ads to begin to come in.
  4. It is possible to use BidVertiser with AdSense. You might want to work with both of them to increase your earnings.
  5. There are several payment options and a minimum payment threshold of $10. So, you don’t have to wait until you have sufficient earnings before they can be withdrawn.
  6. They offer referral programs through which users can also benefit by inviting other customers.

The Unpleasant Side of BidVertisers:

  1. They do not take the time to match ads with related websites, so, it is not unusual to see ads on your website which are unrelated and highly irrelevant to your niche.
  2. They require you to set a list of advertisers which can be a bit difficult to decide. If you are unable to set your list of advertisers, then they will be randomly picked for your site and they might not be related to your niche.
  3. Advertisers and publishers outside the United States, usually do not get a good fill rate, so it is usually recommended to add AdSense for non-US advertisers so they do not miss out on earning opportunities.
  4. They don’t have a uniform commission rate for publishers.

Set to Sign Up?

Ok. Take it one step at a time.

Take a look at their conditions and requirements again and ensure that you’ve got them all.

Go to their website and sign up as a publisher. Fill the form and provide all the required information.

After the successful completion of these tasks, your BidVertiser account is ready.

Bidvertiser will verify to ensure that you comply with their terms and conditions and within 24 hours, you will receive an email letting you know if your website has been approved or rejected.

If it was rejected, the reason for the decision will clearly be stated. Your BidVertiser account is ready to be activated. You activate your account by paying in $100.

What are Bidvertisers Like?

BidVertiser adverts are usually randomly displayed and they may actually be unrelated to your niche and content.

They have varied types of ads for both mobile and desktop devices – sliders, pop-unders, banners, etc.

Native/ Display ads are meant for both desktops and mobile phones. They are very common.

They are banners of different sizes and made up of texts, videos, audios, flash, and images.

See examples of standard banners:

  • Medium Skyscraper (120×600)
  • Wide Skyscraper (160×600)
  • Leader Board (728×90)
  • Full Banner (468×60)
  • Large Rectangle (336×280)
  • Rectangle (300×250)

Pop-under ads: These ads are also available for desktops and mobile devices. This class of ads is not usually patronized by many website owners.

It usually appears when a user takes an action such as clicking on a link, closing the webpage or clicking on a download link.

They are different from pop-up ads because pop-up ads appear directly at the top of your content page and you can decide whether to click on them or not, but you do not have any control over pop-under ads.

Push Notification ads are the ones that notify you that they would like to send you ads, to which you can allow or block.

Slider/Catfish ads: Slider for desktops and Catfish for mobile devices. You can see them directly floating at the bottom of a page.

XML (Extension MarkupLanguage) are Feeds that are usually displayed on websites with high traffic. It shows information or ad of the advertiser search result pages. XML is also available on Google ads.

Some Interesting Places to Place Ads

An advert may be placed anywhere on a website, but there are certainly interesting places that will get your ads noticed faster.

You will find these ad placing tips interesting and beneficial:

  • Just below the title of the blog post is a highly advantageous place to place an ad because almost all visitors to your site will take note of it as they take a look at the title. If the ads have some relevance to your post, it will facilitate getting a good number of clicks.
  • Another advantageous place is at the bottom of the blog post because 80 percent of the time, the eyes move about and move down. If the ads particularly pertain to something of the readers’ choice, then the tendency for having many clicks will be high. Sometimes, the Click-through Rate (CTR) is often above 20 percent.
  • The sidebar usually gets readers’ attention 60 percent of the time. It is a place that is very good for placing affiliate marketing ads. This position offers you an opportunity of getting many clicks.
  • If you write great and captivating content, then, in between the posts is another great place to place an ad. Visitors are quite likely to be captivated to read between the lines of the post and also get engaged with ads on the page. Most ads in this area often get high clicks. Remember that more clicks mean more revenue.

Earning on BidVertiser

To earn on BidVertiser, a publisher needs:

  • 1000 daily visitors or 30,000 monthly visitors.
  • Visitors from known countries earn you more than visitors from lesser-known countries.
  • The PPC or CPC rate from the ad network in each country differs.

BidVertiser uses Cost Per Action (CPA) and Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) to calculate earnings.

They also rank websites on a level of 0-9. The level of your website on the scale determines your rate of commission and earnings.

They pay via PayPal, Bitcoin, Check, and Bank Wire. The minimum requirement for payout is $10 for PayPal, $100 for a check, and $500 for bank transfer.

The platform is also available to persons and corporate entities seeking a good platform to advertise their products and services.

The ads are considered using a bidding means. The higher a potential advertiser bids, the better the choice of websites on which his adverts will be placed.

An advertiser can visit a website in order to ascertain the quality of service that he will be getting.

This means that an advertiser has control over his ads, and his ads are not restricted to a particular type of niche.

It is, therefore, important that an advertiser should have some knowledge about his target audience.


In conclusion, BidVertiser, as an advertising platform, is available for publishers, advertisers, and also visitors to benefit and earn from advert marketing.

As a publisher, once you are able to meet their conditions, it is easy for your website or blog to be accepted.

BidVertiser has a wide coverage of over 100 countries and it gives ease of payment and generating revenue through pay per click.

You can have it side by side your AdSense to help you earn more.

While earning side income through advertising platforms, you need to build a virtual real estate alongside, which is the sure way to financial freedom.

No other adventure can earn you financial independence than building websites and promoting affiliate programs.

Set to start building out a profit-ready website? Then, take advantage of Wealthy Affiliate – one of the most powerful site builder platforms in the entire WordPress industry.

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  1. I have google Adsense installed on my websites but I’m looking for other advertisers and that’s how I found your review. I have two well-structured websites with quality articles and an SSL certificate but my traffic is not big enough yet. 
    So I can’t apply at BidVertiser now but I’ll save this article for later use. I like that you can get paid in bitcoin, among other options, and also that you can use BidVertiser with Adsense simultaneously.  

  2. Hello there, i have gone through some of your website today and i must say your reviews has been amazing and pretty helpful to me and to my friends as well and this one is no exception. I have gone through it, i personally have not heard of this platform before now. It is always great to see that one can earn from such platforms, i am going to add it to my adsense work both out.

  3. Hello there, i have gone through some of your website today and i must say your reviews has been amazing and pretty helpful to me and to my friends as well and this one is no exception. I have gone through it, i personally have not heard of this platform before now. It is always great to see that one can earn from such platforms, i am going to add it to my adsense work both out.

  4. First time hearing about Bidvertiser. I am looking at the platform as an alternative since it very difficult to get approved for Google AdSense. I also like the fact that they have a low withdrawal threshold when compared to Google Adsense. Placing ads on one’s blog is such a great way to supplement earnings. Nice article. 

  5. Hello there,  thanks for this very detailed and informative review on bidvertiser,  I understand that for a post as comprehensive as this must have undergone a lot of concious,  calculated and concious effort,  an I must say this post really meets me well as a newbie online I have been looking for platform to get my product to a larger audience. And I hope to really like it at bedvertiser

    • Hey Jomata, Bidvertiser is one of the biggest online advertising platforms that will help reach out widely and present your business before the right audience. Thanks for stopping by!

      Israel Olatunji

  6. Hello there, I must say you did a marvelous job on the Bidvertiser’s not easy taking your time to carry out such tentative research on such a platform and also sharing your candid findings with others to help them make decisions on how to go about signing up into such a platform…

    Thanks for the review!

    • Hey Evans, when it comes to an effective advertising network and an Ad platform for monetizing a blog, Bidvertiser can be recommended. It helps you earn revenue for displaying advertisers’ ads and you can deploy its advertising power to drive traffic, conversion, and sales.

      Israel Olatunji

  7. Hello dear thanks for sharing such exclusive information with us, I was actually doing some reviews online when I saw your post, I believe these post has been of great help to me, I was referred to bidvertiser by my brother, but I wasn’t sure if it was legit or not so I decided to do some reviews. After going through your I believe I now know what step to take thanks for the info

    • Hey Skuchmane, glad you believed in the authenticity of Bidvertiser! This advertising agency has been in existence for almost two decades now and has gained a lot of grounds in the online advertising world. Thanks for reading!


  8. I’m relatively new in the world of online business and I know so little about advertising. However, I admit that I’ve seen a lot of adsense ads pop up on my screen while I’m surfing the internet. This post has been very informative as I’ve been able to grasp that there’s no monopoly in online advertising and Bidvertiser is also an efficient platform. I’ll look more into it and see how I can capitalize on this for my business.

    • Good to know, Carol! Kudos for your courage and determination to wax stronger in the online advertising world. While creating content, you don’t stop there; you rather make a concerted effort promoting your content. You make it happen first. You don’t get organic traffic when your site is still under construction. You create and promote. That’s the formula.

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