Blog Comments For SEO: How To Do Blog Commenting

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It’s a new dawn for bloggers when it comes to building links through blog commenting. Most influential bloggers have misled a lot of people out there with a view to boosting site rankings through content creation alone.

There are basic facts about building links which aren’t clear enough to hundreds of influential bloggers. In today’s post, we shall be discussing facts that necessitate backlinks while preparing your site for a first Page Rank.

In building backlinks for SEO, certain skills are involved and these are what we”ll be looking at in today’s business publication.

Blog Comments For SEO: How To Do Blog Commenting
Blog Comments For SEO: How To Do Blog Commenting

How To Write A Comment On A Blog

In writing blog comments, you must prepare to be genuine, authentic and realistic. You must consider why you are posting comments, the need for writing genuine and authentic comments and the efficacy of making your comments 100%  relevant and of high quality.

How is blog commenting needed for building high quality links? Why must you build links for SEO? Why must you never rely on creating quality content alone in building site trust? Let’s consider a few points to answer all of these frequently asked questions:

  • Through blogger outreach campaigns, you can post a lot of quality and genuine comments to top bloggers’ blogs and get maximum exposure if your comments are attention-grabbing.
  • Writing attention grabbing comments at all times can generate you unlimited backlinks and boost overall site rankings.
  • Doing blog commenting genuinely can create a strong relationship / friendship between you and top bloggers out there.
  • Thorough blog commenting can help you gain site popularity easily and, thus, increase your chance of receiving guest-post invitations from top bloggers.
Blog Comments For SEO: How To Do Blog Commenting
Blog Comments For SEO: How To Do Blog Commenting
  • Search engines in operation prior to 1998 ranked sites based on content quality and variety while Google revolutionized and took over the ranking of sites with effect from 1998.
  • Google ranked sites based on links. It looked particularly at the quality of visitors that linked to your site.
  • Brian Dean in conjunction with Eric Van Buskirk and other data partners analyzed 1 000 000 Google search results, researched deeply into factors that have the highest correlation with first page search engine rankings looking at Content, Backlinks and even Site Speed and uncovered interesting findings.
  • According to Ahrefs Domain Rating, a site’s overall link authority has a strong correlation with higher rankings.
  • The data gathered and compiled from the 1 000 000 Google search results shows that the number of domains that link to a page has stronger correlation with rankings than the rest of other 199 ranking factors.
  • Backlinks remain the most crucial Google ranking factor.

From the highlight above, it shows that links are an extremely crucial Google ranking factor.

How To Get More Comments On Your Blog

In as much as site engagement is a great factor when it comes to building site trust, it becomes mandatory to find all possible means to increase the number of comments that you receive daily.

While trying to get more comments on your blog, you may find the following strategies indispensable:

  • Start blogger outreach campaigns: Connect to as many top bloggers and online influencers as possible through relationship / friendship building.
  • Help, promote and befriend pro bloggers: This is a vital aspect of generating blog comments naturally as the law of reciprocity takes effects with time. You will start building strong connections with pro bloggers out there simply by helping, promoting and befriending them without expecting anything in return.
Blog Comments For SEO: How To Do Blog Commenting
Blog Comments For SEO: How To Do Blog Commenting
  • Create Remarkable Content: What do you understand by creating remarkable content on your blog? Your content will become remarkable in the minds of your readers if they always find it highly informative, creative, helpful and engaging.
  • Write Practicable and Realistic Content: If your content is realistic and practicable, you will succeed in growing a large audience and will save a lot of weeks and months in building site trust.
  • Engage Your Audience From Time To Time: Aside from getting more comments through audience engagement, search engines will trust you more and more for doing so. While engaging your audience, provide tips to resolving their various issues and challenges and ask a few questions to further help them out.
  • Reply Comments On Time: This is typically a comment generating booster as it encourages and condones more comments / replies from your target audience. Out of the hundreds of pro bloggers out there, you would only be impressed to keep offering comments to bloggers who reply and get back to you on time.
  • Be A Passionate Blogger: Do you blog with passion at all? Do you realize that more people will seek your engagement more and more if they find out you do blogging with passion?

Drive Traffic With Blog Comments

More comments equal more rankings. More rankings equal more traffic and more traffic equals more revenue. More of blog comments give rise to more trust and greater exposure to pro bloggers and online influencers out there.

Earlier than 1998 when Google had not started operation, Alta Vista, Yahoo and several other search engines ranked sites based on publishing frequency, content quality and variety.

Alta Vista was established in 1995 and was one of the most widely-used web search engines before it lost its ground to Google in 2003. In the same year, it was bought away by Yahoo which took over the brand and continued running all Alta Vista search activities on its own search  engine.

On 8th July, 2013, the Alta Vista service was permanently shut down by Yahoo and it could not be accessed any longer online.

Blog Comments For SEO: How To Do Blog Commenting
Blog Comments For SEO: How To Do Blog Commenting

Google began operation with effect from 4th September, 1998 at its location in California, USA and took over site ranking from other search engines after few years in operation.

As said earlier, ranking was initially based on content by early search engines but Google shortlisted an hierarchy of 200 ranking factors on which links are the most important. From the hierarchy, link building becomes an extremely crucial ranking factor and the most crucial skill in SEO.

Now, you can easily build links through the dofollow blog comments that you make everywhere. This has been made possible through the CommentLuv plugin which is widely-used by most top bloggers out there.

When you make a comment to a top blogger’s site, you generate links back to your own blog and you build traffic exponentially.

Maximize Blog Commenting For Online Revenue

Taking blogger outreach campaigns to the next level through blog commenting is a great technique to having a rocking blog and earning consistent revenue.

Due to the misconception in respect of link building on the part of most influential bloggers, the simple strategy for making genuine blog comments everywhere has been completely ignored.

As a result of that, most struggling veteran bloggers have been convinced to focus attention on content creation alone. This misconception came up as a result of the popular saying: “Content Is King”.

Why do we say content is king? When visitors pay visits, they search for informative content on your site. That’s the extent to which writing quality and engaging content is crucial while building out your site.

As you go on writing hundreds of articles alone over the weeks and months, you will discover that your site traffic will always remain and balance on zero and you wouldn’t get any motivation for not making progress. This is the likely cause of giving up on the part of most newbie and veteran bloggers.

Blog Comments For SEO: How To Do Blog Commenting
Blog Comments For SEO: How To Do Blog Commenting

To start maximizing blog commenting for online revenue, follow the simple tips below:

Tip 1 – Get A Chance To Receive Guest Post Invitations From Top Bloggers Through Genuine Comment MakingHow things really work out when it comes to receiving guest post invitations from top bloggers is that you build long-term relationships before asking for anything.

Asking for helps from top bloggers prior to building a strong connection / friendship / relationship will only turn you a silly blogger as analyzed by Ryan Biddulph.

Tip 2 – Get More Comments On Your Blog Posts Through Freelance Writing Networks: This is one of the greatest ways to get comments on blog posts which helps a lot in building backlinks and increases the ranking speed of  sites.

To start leveraging freelance writing platforms while trying to receive genuine and authentic comments to your blog, read the following posts and you will be safe to go.

How To Build Backlinks For SEO

Paid Forum Posting Review

Postloop Reviews

Get Paid To Post Comments


As you continue building out your site with quality and engaging content, note that you won’t be ranked for just writing content alone but based on how topically-relevant your content is and, most importantly, on the quality of visitors / readers that link to your pages at one time or the other.

You would see some struggling veteran bloggers writing articles 2000 – 3000 words long with a view to getting a first Page Rank without finding out what to include before content can get ranked in SERPs.

However, if you ‘re not building links at all, you may still be getting first page rankings if your content is up to 2000+ (The average length based on SERP data is 1890) words in length and is deeply focused on a topic.

Blog Comments For SEO: How To Do Blog Commenting
Blog Comments For SEO: How To Do Blog Commenting

If you ever want to make inquiries about blog commenting or, perhaps, want to learn more about getting authentic comments to your blog, don’t hesitate leaving a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to reply you in earnest.

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Wish you much success,

Israel Olatunji


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52 Comments on “Blog Comments For SEO: How To Do Blog Commenting”

  1. Wow! What a great article. I learned so much. I hadn’t ever heard about the CommentLuv plugin. I am most certainly going to try it. You are so right, site comments are very important to increase website authority. I think that bloggers, when they begin, tend to forget about them. Thank you so much for your useful tips!

    1. Thanks for stopping by to leave a valuable thought, SJB! You have literally done great by deciding to implement those working strategies towards building out your site.

      Getting tons of site comments will give you a good rank in search engines. Blog commenting is one of the great ways to maximize your site exposure and increase referral traffic. Thanks for visiting!

  2. This is a great post and one of the questions and hazy areas I have been slow to pick up ! I learned something from this I needed !
    Thanks for the insights here . I will be implementing these principles myself and will tell others about this information and your site !

    1. Hello Mike,

      Thanks for finding my post helpful! Much appreciated! Commenting on blogs is a great instrument for building up relationships with authority bloggers in your niche and for generating tons of referral traffic to your site.

      Selecting a good number of authority blogs to comment on is an effective way to give your site maximum exposure and reach out to your ideal target audience. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Thanks for this post! I did not know blog comments were this important. I am working on trying to get my website going and after reading this I need to change a couple things up. Now I see why my posts aren’t really moving up or down the page rankings. This was extremely helpful, and I’m glad I came across this!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Alex! Blog comments are important for the ranking of sites in search engines as Google counts on this for site engagement.

      Leaving relevant and authentic comments on niche related blogs will help you get connected with the right persons (Pro bloggers) and move your blogging game to the next level. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Hi Israel,

    It’s really great to see a post about comments having so many comments…

    Comments also help you the writer know that your content is being read and appreciated by your visitors. So, it’s also a great way to get feedback too.

    It’s nice to see you helping content providers understand that writing with the intent of getting comments is a great tactic.

    Good job!


    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a valuable thought, Tim! Blog commenting is a great blogging strategy to get top rankings in search results and the best way to engage your audience effectively and efficiently.

      When you write a post, it’s very essential to request comments on that post as a way of engaging your ideal target audience. The more of comments and replies you get on your site daily, the better the rankings you get in search results. Thanks for visiting!

      Wish you breakthroughs,
      Israel Olatunji

  5. You’ve provided some interesting information in terms of blog comments. Of course, the goal of online blogging is to make connections and revenue. You’re right about working mostly on online content than providing comments. I’ll have to try to concentrate on comments some more as well as content. Thanks for the information!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Kevin! Kudos for leaving a thought! Much appreciated! You need to build bonds as you move on with blogging. Helping other people passionately, being ridiculously generous to everyone as well as connecting to online influencers are all working strategies..

      How on earth can struggling bloggers become pro bloggers without connecting to pro bloggers? Not just possible! Leaving genuine and authentic comments on pro bloggers’ blogs is one of the best strategies to build bonds. Thanks for visiting!

  6. Hello Israel,

    I have to say I agree with you on how important commenting on Blogs has become. However, I didn’t realize it till I got here recently.

    You made a very good point about this and it is something that google looks at now. Making sure that people are stopping by and they are leaving you relevant comments!

    I also just learned how to back-link through comments. This is a very nice tool. I like being able to offer someone a page where they can find even information out.

    Great job on this!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog post, Melissa! Much appreciated! Commenting on other niche related blogs and replying comments left on your own blog are of paramount importance.

      Though comments are a great way to get maximum exposure and referral traffic through links, it’s worth leaving genuine comments anyway lest you are found guilty of spamming comments. Thanks for your contribution!

  7. Hey Israel,

    Thanks for an interesting and enlightening post! I guess I have always fallen into the content is king mentality, so find your insight very helpful.

    I just wonder though to use this strategy to increase traffic to my sites, do you recommend I include links to my sites in my comments ?

    Anyway thanks for the advice, I will work on some strategies to engage my audience more in future and see how that works.


    1. Thanks for getting back and leaving a valuable thought, Tony! Content is king though, you just have to understand the content marketing strategy and be ready to implement other working strategies towards building your business on solid blogging fundamentals.

      As you build out your blog with quality and helpful content while engaging visitors, make sure you apply all blogging fundamentals including other SEO strategies. All these will work together and skyrocket your blog to the first page. Thanks for visiting!

  8. Hello Israel,

    I know you are posting this for bloggers and website owners that have monetized their blogs for business to get more traffic through effective commenting. I know first hand that proper commenting is beneficial to your site.

    I did start a blog through Blogger way back in 2006 because I wanted a way to display and possibly get some feedback on my art. It did take a while, but as my posting increased over time, I did start to get comments from other bloggers.

    That little blog, became a small group of like minded bloggers that would reach out to each other-all because of commenting. And no, we had no idea of commenting value and none of us were blogging for business at the time. Keep in mind, this was before Facebook became the social hub it is today.

    Even though I rarely post on that blog anymore, it still gets some traffic, and most of the posts that are landed on are the ones with high conversational commenting. And when I do post, quite a few of those old blog buddies will stop by.


    1. Thanks for visiting my blog post, Foxxfyrre! Kudos for reading my post! Much appreciated! This blog post is meant not only for newbie bloggers but for veteran bloggers too. A lot of influential bloggers have ignored those blogging tips over the past years and have missed the road completely.

      Blog commenting remains a wrong strategy to many struggling bloggers out there whereas to those successful bloggers like SmartBlogger, Neil Patel, Ryan Biddulph, Jon Morrow and many others, blog commenting is an effective blogging strategy. Thanks for visiting!

      Wish you breakthroughs,
      Israel Olatunji

  9. If I am getting too many inauthentic or generic comments on my blog, do I get hurt as the blog owner, or is it just the commenters that get hurt? Also staying on the subject of generic comments, how do I avoid having too many generic comments as it seems that is all I have been getting in my latest blog content?

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog, Jessie! Kudos for reading my blog post! I have seen a lot of bloggers out there who usually approved such generic comments on their sites.

      Approving such comments will turn your blog a dung-hill over time and will eventually affect your overall search engine ranking.

      To avoid such generic comments on your blog, you must install and activate the “Akismet” Anti-spam plugin. This plugin will help you detect spam comments automatically and delete them. Thanks for visiting!

      Wish you breakthroughs,
      Israel Olatunji

  10. I think I get in the rut of just creating more and more content, forgetting the importance of engaging my audience.

    I have worked on building relationships on other blogs and forums to help generate brand recognition, but I’ll say its a long process thus far.

    My question to you is, how do I let people know in my comment who I am and where to find my blog? Am I to include a link within the comment or is there something I’m missing?

    Thank you for the very informative info in the importance of comments. It gives me a better perspective on where to go to improve my SEO.

    1. Thanks for getting back, Cameron! I must assure you that if you can outreach effectively and build strong relationship with pro bloggers out there, you will generate high quality backlinks on your site.

      You wouldn’t ever need to embed links within your comment, but rather fill out the comment form with your Name, email address and website address. This is how you get “Dofollow” backlinks from those authority blogs. Thanks for visiting!

      Wish you breakthroughs,
      Israel Olatunji

  11. Israel, you consistently share very helpful and innovative knowledge. What you are saying makes a lot of sense. I will need to bookmark your page and read some of the other links.

    How do you create backlinks through comments on someone else’s blog? Does this involve posting the URL of one of your posts to a comment that you leave?

    1. Hello Jordan,

      It’s nice meeting you here and Kudos for reading my post, my friend! Thanks for always finding my post helpful and innovative! Kudos for finding a lot of sense in what you read! Much appreciated, Jordan! I can see this is not a joke at all.

      Generating backlinks through blog commenting is quite easy, Jordan. You simply sort for authority blogs and leave valuable comments. Being everywhere is the simple logic for outreaching effectively and generating lots of backlinks for SEO and first page rankings. You can’t afford to ignore this simple strategy, Jordan.

      It’s so costly to ignore fundamentals of blogging including those back-linking strategies mentioned in some of the posts you have read. They work much more than creating content of 2000+ words alone. To become a rocking blogger with a first Page Rank, you need to apply simple blogging strategies alongside building out your site with quality and engaging content.

      1. Ah I see, so just to clarify – you search blogs that are in your niche, and then you post valuable comments onto their blogs, and put some of the links to your own content within your post?

        I see there’s an ad for Ibotta at the bottom of the last comment that you replied with. Is that an example? I also promote Ibotta, and I was wondering if that’s an example of backlinking through comments. I tend to learn most through visuals.

        Thanks again!

        1. Thanks for getting back, Jordan! I could see that you’ve started working towards becoming a rocking blogger soon and must continue doing that to have breakthroughs this very year.

          Regarding blog commenting heralds, you wouldn’t ever embed links in any of the comments you’ll be leaving at authority blogs as this is regarded as spam comments in the blogging etiquette.

          Since you will be leaving your comments only at “CommentLuv” enabled blogs, the links you will generate are “Dofollow’ backlinks meaning that search engines will follow the website address you leave while filling out the form and this is great for SEO.

          To get authority blogs in your niche, use the Google search by typing keywords such as “Blogging fundamentals + leave comments”, “Affiliate Marketing + leave comments” and so on depending on your blog niche.

          For maximal results, you would need to be leaving a blog comment 2-3 times a week at each of these authority sites and you will generate very high Page Rank backlinks in no time. As a WA member, you wouldn’t need to install the CommentLuv plugin on your site anymore. All technicalities have already been handled for you by default.

          The Ibotta Ads you saw at the bottom of the comment you spoke about is just a Google AdSense ads unit. If you would like to get approved for Google AdSense once, let me know and I’ll be more than happy to reply you in earnest.

          Wish you breakthroughs,
          Israel Olatunji

  12. Thanks for your contribution, Daniel! I would suggest you should start making most of your articles up to 1890+ words in length or greater if you would be counting on content for getting first page rankings. A minimum of 1890+ words would be needed to get ranked with content according to the data results from SERPs.

    Yes, you may not have to pay any writer to get comments to your blog posts. You can receive blog comments naturally if those tips you read in the article are duly implemented.

    Doing your blog commenting genuinely, making informative, helpful and compelling posts as well as outreaching effectively will attract a lot of natural comments flooding your site soonest.

    Wish you much success,
    Israel Olatunji

  13. Thank you for the informative review! I never tried this method and I heard a lot about that. I know that is not so popular today, earlier it was easier to rank with those types of comments. I like that we can get rankings with comments without needing to pay for them, but I think quality content is on the high side.

  14. This information has been super helpful. I started my blog about 2 months ago and I had no idea that commenting on other blogs was so important.

    I have been putting a lot of time and effort into creating content and trying to become more active on social media, but I was missing this piece. I’m hoping now I can start generating more than the slow trickle of traffic that I’ve had.

    1. Thanks for contributing your own quotas to the discussion, Briana! Much appreciated! Congratulations on starting your own blog! Be rest assured that you have started building an online empire and have created a multiple stream of income already, Briana.

      Blog commenting is vitally needed for gaining maximum exposure to top bloggers and for generating lots of high quality backlinks which lead to getting ranked. Hundreds of veteran bloggers out there have ignored blogger outreach campaigns like you and, because of that, have been making a lot of horrific blogging mistakes without knowing.

      You can be spending the whole of the day writing content alone, yet you won’t be seeing any positive change in your traffic growth and won’t be happy to progress. Getting ranked based on content creation will place you on a long-term building work which may threaten progress.

      Get updated with practicable tips and bring your business to the next level by reading the following posts.

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      How To Build Backlinks For SEO
      How To Become An Expert In Your Niche

      Wish you much success,
      Israel Olatunji

  15. Hi and thanks for your great article! I’m not 100% clear on what backlinks actually mean, particularly in relation to comments? Can you please clarify and perhaps provide an example?

    Many thanks!

    1. Hello Melissa,

      It’s nice to have you on discussion board today. In response to your lovely question on what backlinks are all about, I’m pleased to congratulate you first that you decided to find out about backlinks to stop watching zero traffic daily.

      Quality backlinks are links generated through the several clicks that link/connect several people to your site from other niche related blogs.

      You have read from the post earlier that search engines in operation earlier than 1998 ranked sites based on content quality, content variety and publishing frequency alone, but Google took over site ranking from Alta Vista, Yahoo and others and ranked sites based on 200 factors of which links are an extremely crucial ranking factor till date.

      You will be getting your site off the ground easily when you will have built unlimited high quality links through blog commenting, blogger outreach campaigns, connecting to online influencers and building strong connections with authority bloggers.

      Sequel to the SERP data results gathered and compiled from 1 million searches by Brian Dean in conjunction with other SERP data experts, the top three ranking factors (Links, Content and RankBrain) were examined and it was found that the number of domains that linked to a page correlates with ranking more than the rest of other factors.

      I would suggest that you read the posts below to learn more about how you can build high quality links through blog commenting, blogger outreach campaigns and building strong relationship with top bloggers and online inluencers.

      How To Grow Your Blog Audience
      Blogging Tips For New Bloggers: 10 Blogging Tips
      Get Paid To Post Comments
      How To Build Backlinks For SEO

      If you ever need to make further inquiries on how you can start building high quality links right away or, perhaps, need mentions of the top bloggers you can start connecting with, don’t hesitate getting back to me and I’ll be more than happy to reply you quickly. We truly care about you and your financial success.

      Wish you much success,

  16. Thank you for sharing so much information! What I like most about your post is that you have information from all around and that you tell where you got your information from.

    You write well and in an interesting manner. I will for sure visit more pages/posts from you.

    1. Thanks for contributing your own thought, Mary! When you want to show yourself as a passionate blogger wanting to help a lot of people out of one problem or the other, or trying to uncover important secrets to so many people who still remain uninformed, this is a great way to do that.

      The issue with backlinks has been a topic for deliberation / contemplation all over the net as hundreds of influential / veteran bloggers have missed the road completely and have misled a lot of people into the same horrific blogging mistakes.

      It took most of them several months or years to get ranked because they simply based ranking potentials on content writing alone and they would want other people to remain struggling for months and years just as they did before getting ranked.

      Eventually, this led into giving up prior to success on the part of most struggling veteran bloggers who receive mentoring under them. What they simply didn’t realize about ranking is that out of the top three factors (Links, Content and RankBrain) in the Google hierarchy of ranking factors, links are the most crucial skill that correlates more with ranking than other factors.

      Get better exposure by reading through the following posts. Don’t hesitate getting back to me if you would need some inquiries to make and I’ll be more than happy to reply you in earnest.

      How To Grow Your Blog Audience
      Blogging Tips For New Bloggers: 10 Blogging Tips
      Get Paid To Post Comments
      How To Build Backlinks For SEO

      Wish you much success,
      Israel Olatunji

  17. Very professional article, Israel! Unfortunately, I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis which limits my ability to write long articles or blogs. I do not have the ability or time to constantly offer comments or help on other sites.

    This is unfortunate because you are right you do need to be genuinely involved with your audience. You help them and they help you. It’s a universal law.

    Perhaps I shall limit myself to short but helpful comments. Helping others is a great way to help yourself.

    All the very best.


    1. Thanks for your genuine thought, James! I am deeply sorry about your health challenge, though you will be getting stronger and stronger, be rest assured. I can understand that your health condition wouldn’t allow you to go extra miles as desired in building links through blog commenting.

      Be rest assured that you will be reading some tips through the posts below that will actually help you get further orientation about getting more blog comments without spending a dime. Read through the posts below and get yourself better opportunities for more blog comments.

      You may check out on some of our latest posts below for greater exposure:

      How To Grow Your Blog Audience
      Blogging Tips For New Bloggers: 10 Blogging Tips
      Get Paid To Post Comments
      How To Build Backlinks For SEO
      Postloop Reviews
      Paid Forum Posting Review

      Wish you much success,
      Israel Olatunji

  18. I found your article very interesting, Israel. I had no idea that getting comments were so crucial to the rankings. I am trying to build out my site and get it ranked high with lots of content. I suppose with every article, I should be trying to get as much engagement as possible.

    Can I ask you about blogger outreach? How exactly do you get started with trying to connect with authorities in your niche? Thanks!


    1. Hello Dave,

      Thanks for getting back with a genuine thought! It’s great to see that you’ve been building out your site with lots of quality and engaging content and you are struggling to get your site ranked in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Kudos for reading the post and fleshing out relevant points!

      As you’ve read in that post, links remain the most crucial skill in SEO and an extremely crucial ranking factor. While building out your site with great content alongside engaging visitors through comments, you would do great by building backlinks the right way.

      Why must you build backlinks the right way? I saw a blog post asking everyone to request for an automatic link generator tool and a lot of people did request for the tool happily without knowing they will still cry for using such a tool to build links.

      You must never do what will make it too late for you to ask Google why before getting slapped. Most veteran bloggers out there desperately made use of such tools which led into generating low quality backlinks and got slapped for doing so.

      To start building strong relationship with pro bloggers and connecting to online influencers, start with Ryan Biddulph by leaving 2-3 genuine comments on his blog in a week. That’s the format. You will get maximum exposure soonest and doing this will get you strongly connected to top bloggers in earnest.

      You might be interested in reading similar posts below for further exposure to skyrocket your site to a first Page Rank.

      How To Grow Your Blog Audience
      Blogging Tips For New Bloggers: 10 Blogging Tips
      Get Paid To Post Comments
      How To Build Backlinks For SEO

  19. This is very good information about the best way to get backlinks to your site, Israel. Since backlinks are like ‘Google Juice’ for your site, more is better. I understand the process but I am not sure exactly where to start finding the blog leaders in my niche. Any advice? I am in the ‘make money online’ niche.

    1. Thanks for contributing your own quotas to the discussion, Kenneth! Backlinks remain the extremely crucial ranking factor. Building strong relationships with top bloggers, connecting to online influencers, helping, promoting and befriending pro bloggers without expecting anything in return are the greatest ways to build high quality links.

      Most influential bloggers have ignored this simple strategy despite all the exposure and remained struggling veteran bloggers for a very long time. Getting first page ranking through content creation tends to be cumbersome as it’s found from the SERP data results that you must have articles up to 1890 – 2000 words+ in length and must publish such articles frequently.

      To start building strong friendship with top bloggers, start with Ryan Biddulph, the founder of Blogging From Paradise and a successful online marketer who has been featured on Virgin, Entrepreneur, Neil Patel, NYU, Forbes, Fox News, Lifehack, and many other top sites.

      While building out your site with quality and engaging content, make sure you build backlinks alongside using the blog commenting, blogger outreach campaign strategies and other practicable tips given in that post.

      Wish you much success,
      Israel Olatunji

  20. Great and thorough information about getting good comments, Israel! These are really important to boost the value of our website. Asking freelancers for blog comments sounds like a very brilliant idea!

    I won’t hesitate connecting to successful bloggers in order to get more comments, but these freelancers may be great to help me out. I should try!

    Thank you for laying these out in such an organized and clear way!

    1. Thanks for reading my post and contributing your own quotas to the discussion, Kyoko! You have done great by deciding to leverage the freelance writing platforms in getting more comments to your blog posts. This would be a great and profitable time investment for you in the short run.

      Connecting to online influencers, building strong relationship with pro bloggers, helping, promoting and befriending them without asking for anything in return will yield great dividends and you will be glad.

      You may check out on some of our latest posts below for greater exposure:

      How To Grow Your Blog Audience
      Blogging Tips For New Bloggers: 10 Blogging Tips
      Get Paid To Post Comments
      How To Build Backlinks For SEO

      Wish you much success,
      Israel Olatunnji

  21. This post is an eye opener. I am just beginning to realize the importance of the relationship, and the back and forth communication between blogger and audience.

    Google has truly improved the experience for the end user by forcing posts to engage the reader to the point of responding to what they have read. Thank you for this post! I have bookmarked it so I can return and refresh my position from time to time.

    1. Thanks for leaving a valuable thought, Jeff! Building a strong relationship with the top bloggers, helping and promoting them in your blog posts, within your blog comments, and elsewhere will eventually bring about great financial dividends to you in the nearest future.

      Google has truly improved on its special algorithm based on ranking factors of which links are the most crucial skill and an extremely ranking factor.

      As you build out your site with quality and engaging content, you would want to build links alongside to ensure that you get first page ranking. Read the posts below and upgrade your knowledge about link building straight away.

      You may check out on some of our latest posts below for greater exposure:

      How To Grow Your Blog Audience
      Blogging Tips For New Bloggers: 10 Blogging Tips
      Get Paid To Post Comments
      How To Build Backlinks For SEO

      Wish you much success,
      Israel Olatunnji

  22. Hi Israel,

    Really informative post! Thanks so much for sharing! I am starting to get quite a few comments on my posts now. The only real quality back-linking I am doing now is providing answers to questions on Quora and leaving links there. Do you think that is a good strategy?

    So I have Quora and comments. I will start commenting on top bloggers in my niche as that is something I often neglect. Thanks for a brilliant post! Oh one more thing, do you use CommentLuv and is it worth it paid or free version?


    1. Thanks for your lovely and amazing thought, Kevin! Kudos for reading the post and fleshing out great points therefrom which has made the discussion more engaging for us! Quora is a legit and authority Question and Answer platform like JustAnswer and many others and can be leveraged by anyone to generate high quality backlinks.

      You must keep using the platform, asking questions and providing answers to other people’s questions though must be everywhere doing thorough blogger outreach campaigns to generate tons of high quality backlinks.

      Congratulations to you on understanding the efficacy of generating backlinks and your readiness towards getting started. As you read in that post, link authority has the highest correlation with better rankings when compared to other ranking factors.

      Connecting to top bloggers, helping and promoting them without expecting anything in return is a major strategy to building high quality backlinks and must never be ignored by anyone. Yes, I use the CommentLuv plugin and it’s worth using the free version for now.

      You may check out on some of our latest posts below for greater exposure:

      How To Grow Your Blog Audience
      Blogging Tips For New Bloggers: 10 Blogging Tips
      Get Paid To Post Comments
      How To Build Backlinks For SEO

      Wish you much success,
      Israel Olatunji

  23. I have a question though when creating a blog, many people say, “Don’t follow your passion since it may not be profitable. What are your opinions about it?

    1. Thanks for dropping a thought, Furkan! I wouldn’t want you to get confused by the popular saying, “Don’t follow your passion since it may not be profitable”. It’s just talking about your niche and any niche you choose is going to be profitable whether in the short run or, probably, in the long run.

      It’s such a false idea when it comes to blogging and choosing a blog niche. Think of anything you are well-familiar with in life or, perhaps, anything you know a lot about and you will be highly successful using that as your blog niche.

      Wish you much success,
      Israel Olatunji

  24. Quite an informative post about putting comments into blogs! I’m sure that this will aid a lot of people in their quest to update their websites for SEO.

    1. Kudos for leaving a thought, Andrew! Yes, blog comments are a powerful instrument for getting your site trusted by search engines and for helping to build lots of high quality backlinks.

      When it comes to the most crucial factor for getting first page rankings, backlinks are an extremely crucial ranking factor and the most crucial skill for improving a site’s overall link authority.

      Blog commenting gives your site maximum exposure to top bloggers and online influencers, and you build a lot of high quality links through this channel.

      Wish you much success,
      Israel Olatunji

  25. Hey Israel,

    I really think a lot of people go at it the wrong way. Meaning, they are just thinking of themselves when they are leaving a comment. I think the golden rule for leaving a comment should be, “if you don’t have anything of value to say don’t say it”.

    I do have to disagree about backlinks, though. I have been in the internet marketing industry for 10 years now. Over the last 4 years, I haven’t built one backlink.

    Instead, if you just focus on creating a quality website content, getting user engagement, and updating the website frequently, you will get backlinks naturally which will help shoot you up to the first page of Google.

    1. Thanks for leaving a valuable thought, Garen! Yes, most veteran bloggers leave low quality comments on blogs in their own selfish interests, forgetting the law of reciprocity which naturally takes effects.

      The idea of building backlinks is not what you think at all. It’s the natural way of doing it rather than other means as we discussed in that post, Garen. You should be aware of the fact that some struggling bloggers do generate low quality backlinks and get slapped for doing so. That’s not natural.

      It’s just painful that a lot of people wouldn’t carefully and patiently learn practicable tips to get their sites off the grounds. In building quality backlinks, you wouldn’t be doing anything unnatural at all, following practicable tips like the ones written in that post.

      Wish you much success,
      Israel Olatunji

  26. Read through the post and digest every bit, participate in the discussion, ask questions, make inquiries, share your own thoughts, follow tips and add your favorite tips here.

    Wish you much success!
    Israel Olatunji

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