Bloggers Make Money From Blogs

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Yes, bloggers make money from blogs as you’ve just heard it. Bloggers don’t just start out a blog and begin to make money from it right away. Before they start making money from their blogs at all, they give some quality time for days, weeks and months and they undergo some training, trials, and challenges.

Do you have a blog? How do you make money from that blog? Bloggers make money from their blogs in numerous ways such as affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, dropshipping, freelancing and many more. Which of these do you specialize in? How do you make your own money online?

In today’s publication, I’ll enumerate some cool ways to make money from a personal blog without spending a dime. I’ll emphasize a bit on the right thing to do with your time and make some decent and cool money online.

Are you ready to start making money online as a blogger? Bloggers make money by:

  1. Promoting affiliate programs on their blogs
  2. Publishing for Google using their blogs
  3. Offering freelance writing services to the people who need it
  4. Selling personal stuff such as personal products and services
  5. Organizing coaching sessions with their fans

Promoting Affiliate Programs on Their Blogs

Bloggers do promote the various affiliate programs around the world through their blogs such as Amazon, Commission Junction, Shareasale, Grammarly, and many more and earn commissions.

The only problem is that you cannot promote yet with a blog that is not generating enough traffic. If your blog is still new or under construction, you’ll have to build it first before you can start using it to promote products.

To build your site fast and make it worthy of promoting affiliate products, follow the steps below:

  • Create helpful and informative content frequently.
  • Build engagement with your potential audience.
  • Build a social relationship with your fans.
  • Connect to online influencers for better exposure.
  • Build strong bonds with the authority bloggers.
  • Help and promote the pros without expecting anything in return from them.
  • Share all of your blog posts on social media using the social share buttons installed on your blog.

Publishing for Google Using Their Blogs

Do you want to start making money as a Google AdSense publisher? How much would you love to be making daily, weekly and monthly in order to be able to earn as a publisher?

You’ll have to ensure that you’ve got some quality content on your blog with each post not shorter than 1000 words in length. Once you’ve started generating some appreciable amount of traffic and you actually have some content already published on your blog, it’s time to submit an application.

Ideally, make sure you’ve got up to 20 plagiarism-free articles and ensure that up to 70% of these articles are of lengths 2000+ words. Google loves content so much and wouldn’t hesitate to get you approved once it can find all these on your site.

Another thing you must bear in mind while applying for Google AdSense is that you musn’t let any form of misleading content appear on your blog at all. This prevents Google from approving your application.

And if you must eventually get disapproved before you’ll decide to follow this guide, then you’re much welcome by Google to re-submit your application.

Offering Freelance Writing Services to the People Who Need it

Big time bloggers do earn thousands of dollars monthly writing for individual bloggers, companies, and organizations out there and simply offer such consultancy services through their site contact emails.

To showcase your freelance writing potential, you can simply create a menu for your freelance writing services and, before you would know it, people are already reaching out to you.

If you want to make the most out of freelance writing, make sure you work as a professional writer addressing your clients as well as communicating them professionally. When you’re seen as a professional, you’ll surely be well-paid.

One big secret about maximizing revenue in this business is that people love to pay even more when they realize that they are dealing with professionals.

Selling Personal Stuff Such as Personal Products and Services

Do you have personal stuff you want to sell? Do you know that there are people who may actually need what you have and are willing to pay for whatever you have to offer for sales?

The internet is such a big marketplace whereby we have the opportunity to buy, sell and do just anything humanly possible to improve our financial lives.

So is the offline world too as you leverage the offline market to sell a lot of personal stuff to the people that need them.

The internet is leveraged by a population of 4 billion people who are from different parts ofthe world. So, the sales potential of every potential blogger here is at the maximum.

Sit back and think about how you can reach out to these people. While finding out the possible ways, you may want to try out Quora.

As at the moment of creating this post, Quora is leveraged by the top bloggers and experts out there to build a lot of high-quality links and drive tons of organic to your blog.

It allows you to embed 1-3 links within the quality answers you post to other people’s questions and they land on your blog upon clicking those links. This is how you generate external links through  Quora.

Organizing Coaching Sessions With Their Fans

Bloggers make a lot of money by organizing coaching sessions with their fans. This is another decent form of making money online from a personal blog.

Once the service is placed where the potential customers can quickly and easily find it, they will surely patronize and turn up as much as possible. Use your main menu and you’ll drive a lot of sales before you know it.

Do you have a particular potential that you think you can sell to the people in form of service? You may start organizing coaching sessions with your fans without waiting until you’ve become an expert in your niche. There are people at their respective levels that will surely need that potential of yours to improve on their own business.

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