Can You Make Money from Blogging on WordPress

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When it comes to making money online, the first emphasis should be on choosing the right blogging platform that will help you actualize your blogging goal and WordPress had ever been the choice of the pros, newbies, and veterans in the blogging world.

This is because WordPress is technologically and technically integrated with lots of blogging tools and software that are most suitable for affiliate marketers of all levels.

Currently, this blog you’re reading from is a WordPress based site it’s been featuring well in the blogging world. It goes from setting up with the best of site design templates to help you build a professional-looking website without employing the service of a web designer at all through the use of highly-integrated online marketing tools that help to run a successful blog in the online world.

WordPress sites can be monetized in many ways such as Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Selling Ad spaces, Offering training, tutoring others online, asking and answering questions, as well as others. The various ways in which you can make cool money from your WordPress site will be discussed later in this post.

First and foremost, I would want to state a few benefits of using the WordPress blogging platform. The following are some of the benefits you can derive from using WordPress for your blogging career:

  • WordPress is a blogging platform for the Pros – The authorities in the online world
  • You have hundreds of super web design templates to help you build a professional-looking website
  • WordPress is the blogging platform most cherished by Google and other search engines
  • WordPress sites outrank others 5 times faster
  • WordPress site owners have access to the best and most integrated blogging tools or software
  • WordPress has the best tools for SEO.

The following are good ways in which you can make money from blogging on WordPress:

  1. Monetize your site with Google AdSense
  2. Monetize your site Amazon Ads
  3. Get approved by awesome affiliate marketing companies
  4. Offer freelance writing services on your own WordPress site
  5. Promote self-made products and make money
  6. Create an ideal sales page on your WordPress site
  7. Sell advertising spaces on your WordPress site(s).

Monetize Your Site with Google AdSense

Yes, Google AdSense is a great way to monetize your site as this is an online publishing program owned by Google itself. Google makes billions of dollars each year from its AdWords program and shares revenue awesomely on every valid click with publishers from all parts of the world.

Currently, I know some bloggers who derive their major income from Google AdSense and earn hundreds of dollars monthly from the program just for displaying relevant Ads on their sites.

To really get approved fast for Google AdSense, note the following hints:

  • Make sure your site is secured and safe for users to use
  • Make sure your site is EU GDPR compliant
  • Make sure you’ve published an appreciable number of posts on that blog and some decent traffic has started coming gradually
  • Make sure some of your posts contain the length 2000+ words or greater while the rest may be anything from 1000+ words long.
  • Make sure you’ve added your site privacy policy, terms of use, affiliate disclaimer, about page and all of that.

Monetize Your Site Amazon Ads

Amazon Ads are an excellent way to monetize a site, though this needs to be approved first as it does with Google AdSense. The little difference is that Google does not open a retail store whereby people will have to buy something before you can make money.

Once you’re approved to start promoting Amazon promoting, you can now start sending people to Amazon stores through the Ads displayed on my site.

Get Approved by Awesome Affiliate Marketing Companies

I’m pleased to inform you that there are extremely-awesome affiliate companies that you can join and will simply start making money from affiliate marketing through your personal website.

Personally, I currently promote Grammarly on my site. Their incentive is quite appreciable and makes a lot of sense. In fact, they pay you $25 just for posting a review about their product right on your site.

I also promote other cool affiliate companies such as Commission Junction, Shareasale, and make some cool and decent money right on my site.

Offer Freelance Writing Services on Your Own WordPress Site

Offering freelance writing services on your own WordPress site is a great way to monetize your site. When you’re well-known for qualitative writing services, you’ll start getting jobs through your site and will make a lot of money writing.

Gone were the days when you would have to wait for assignments or approval from the clients before you could get paid. No more waiting for writing assignments on freelance writing platforms! No more waiting for an approval or a rejection by clients! Not that anymore!

Promote self-made products and make money

Do you have some products that you’re willing to promote on your own WordPress site? This is another avenue for you to make cool money selling through your own website.

Create an ideal sales page on your blog and start selling what you’re passionate about. Why must you create an ideal sales page? You need this lest you make the pages of your site a sales pitch.

Create an Ideal Sales Page on Your WordPress Site

Yes, an ideal sales page is all you need to start selling on your site. It will be a static page such that people can easily get to know what your site is offering and how they can place orders on your site.

To make sure that people link to your sales page easily from the homepage, create a custom menu in the main menu and you’ll start receiving patronage.

Sell advertising spaces on your WordPress site(s)

Though this option doesn’t work out when a site is still under construction, You’ll surely start making cool and consistent money when the website starts receiving higher rankings in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Selling advertising spaces was one of the ways Arianna Huffington was making money the $10, 000, 000 from his blog monthly.

Your Turn

How long have you been into blogging and what has been your blogging experience so far? Leave us a comment below this post and let’s learn from your own supper blogging experience.

If you need a help with anything going forward, don’t hesitate to let me know and I’d be more than happy to respond in earnest.

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