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How to Get a Top Google Ranking

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How to optimize a website for Google

While building a site, you need to know that some blogging routines have to be observed alongside creating useful and highly-engaging content for boosting your Alexa ranking position in the online world. This includes building external links which are the main subject of today’s publication. What are the external links? What are the best ways to build external links for your blog? How can external links help you boost your Alexa ranking position in the blogging world? What are the […]

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How to Avoid Paying a Penalty Charge Notice

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How to deal with the writer's block

Have you found some content on other people’s blogs that look exactly as that on your own blog, and do you know that this can lead to paying a penalty charge notice? You have one or more of a variety of things you can actually do to minimize or stop it and there are copyrights infringement laws that regulate these practices in your favor. Occasionally, you may discover or observe that you have a certain number of posts on your […]

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How to Boost Web Traffic

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how to boost web traffic

Before the taking over of Google for the ranking of blogs in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), bloggers used to pool out tons of web traffic easily from content writing alone. Search engines of those days never got meticulous about link building for ranking blogs unlike nowadays that links have become an extremely crucial ranking factor in Google’s search algorithm. Since Google took over the ranking of sites with effect from May 1998, content had not remained the most crucial […]

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What is the Importance of Website Content?

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The importance of quality content

While venturing into blogging, you need a lot of quality and engaging content written daily on that blog in order to build traffic on time. Without publishing content frequently, there’s nothing like traffic and there’s nothing like a functional website at all. You need to publish useful and informative content on your blog daily to speed up search engine rankings. Content is king and it’s the only food consumed by search engines. Once you know how to build your blog […]

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How to Build a Blog from Scratch

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How to make people follow you

Are you trying to build a blog with the goal of creating an online business which yields a lifetime income? How would you love to set up your blog? Would you prefer choosing a paid blogging platform to the free one or vice versa? Though the kind of blogging platform you choose wouldn’t matter in running a successful blog, it determines sustainability in the long-run. A blog is simply defined as an online diary whereby personal ideas, interests, and passion […]


How to Find Duplicate Content on Your Website

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get paid to post comments

To find duplicate content on your blog, you need to leverage multiple plagiarism checker tools so that you won’t be left out in the dark in case a single tool cannot detect properly every element of plagiarism within your posts. The most challenging part of this issue is that it’s really possible for a phrase already used in someone’s posts to have been used somewhere on another person’s blog. For example, we do have millions of bloggers whose niches are […]