How to Get More Comments and Traffic

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Getting more comments and traffic

When it comes to getting search engine ranking and traffic, comments are extremely crucial. You must find all possible means to ensure that you start receiving comments soonest on your blog if you haven’t been doing so at all. Do you publish content daily, yet, you’re worried about the zero traffic which your blog has been generating so far, right? Yeah, you’ll keep getting zero traffic so far you’re not willing to implement the working strategy. You must make comment […]

Coaching Business

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How to Create Content for Your Website

When it comes to getting access to past examination questions, is, of course, the best among its counterparts. It’s the largest and most recognized past examination question bank in the online world. In West African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Gambia and the rest, it’s still the largest post-secondary school and pre-university examination question bank and has been leveraged by the millions of students who have passed their Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) over the past years. As […]


How To Start A Training Business

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How to Increase Page Authority

You want to start creating training courses and tutorials on your site, right? What would stop you from doing that? You’ll be having interactive sessions with your audience through the training offer you’ll be creating from time to time and this will make your blog look more lively and captivating to your readers than ever. It further maximizes your blog’s online revenue potentials and makes the blog a must-to-visit portal for the hundreds of potential, veteran and struggling bloggers out […]