How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Website

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Currently, there are more than 300 billion domains in the webspace of which yours is one or more. While aiming at standing out of the crowd, you’ll find it so challenging due to the high level of competition. But if you know the right strategies to implement, you’ll find that you can stand out easily in a matter of months.

You have experienced a situation whereby you’ll have to try several times on a domain search before you can find what you’re looking for. This usually occurs when the name you want to register has been taken by another person and getting a name similar to that may be quite hard.

Thus you’ll have to be very cautious about the name you’ll eventually purchase lest you register that which coincides with another person’s business name.

You’ve loved to register a particular name that is highly competitive in the industry and, so, this may cost you some hard times to search over and over again.

You may have to try different searches again before you can find an available name to purchase from a registrar. Irrespective of the domain competition, ensure you stick to it until you find it.

Once you can continue to search, you’ll surely find what you’re looking for. You don’t have to give up after a few trials but keep trying until you find something similar to the name.

To start a domain search, try following the points below:

  1. The readability level is an important factor
  2. It can easily be remembered
  3. The desired domain extension must be chosen
  4. It must be distinct
  5. It must be suitable for SEO
  6. It must be relevant to your niche
  7. It must conform to the copyright and trademark laws

The Readability Level is an Important Factor

Before deciding on which domain name you should register for your blog, you must consider the readability of the name. It must be readable and other people must assess it for you. If you have friends around, you may pass it across to them to help you take a look at it, sound it, and seek their professional advice on the readability level.

If your proposed name contains a keyword ending with “s” followed by another keyword starting with the same letter “s’, then the readability of such a name would need to be checked. So, if you must register a name that won’t make the tongue rolled off while sounding it, its popularity may be affected in the online world.

It Can Easily be Remembered

As part of what you need to do to ensure that your site name becomes popular and known by many people, you must choose such a name that people can easily remember and store in the mind. You must strive to choose such a name that a little child can sound easy and a lot of people would want to pick in search results.

Before asking other people to help you take a look, try to pronounce it to someone around and ask the person after some hours to tell you what you pronounced to him. If, after a few hours the name can easily be resounded, then you have a good name for your blog.

The Desired Domain Extension Must be Chosen

Sometimes, the name and location of your business determine if you’re using a domain extension such as, and many more.

For example, if you decide to run your website locally, nationally, or internationally, it is going to determine the look of your name. So, you must ensure you choose the right name since you can’t change this after it’s been registered.

It Must be Distinct

When it comes to operating a business safely and securely, it entails being distinct in everything starting from the registration of domain names through other things that pertain to the business. As far as registering a domain name is concerned, there are people out there who deliberately search around the web to find out who has registered a domain or business name after them but which is exactly identical to theirs.

Such people take legal actions against you once they find out that you’ve got to search through Google for whatever name you’re registering for a domain or for a business lest you get sued in the course of making progress in your business.

The business directory is there for you at your disposal to leverage while searching for a business name relevant to that of your registered domain name. Alternatively, you can also search for a unique business name by leveraging the content or blog curation sites.

It Must be Suitable for SEO

While it’s necessary that you search for a business name, you may want your domain name to sound alike or seem just relevant. However, if your domain name must be suitable for search engine optimization, then it has to be researched using an integrated niche research tool.

Though it may not be compulsory for domain names to be researched before it can be chosen, you need to realize the fact that it will cost you a lot of effort and time to build a site whose niche was not researched from the onset.

It Must be Relevant to Your Niche

You get a higher chance to build domain authority when it’s niche-relevant than when it’s not niche-relevant. This is the beginning of the business and all these factors must be taken into consideration lest you have some difficulties in getting ranked in the nearest future.

If in the event of creating a blog, your domain name is not relevant to your blog niche, you’ll surely have ranking issues and delays. Search engines will find it so difficult to rank your blog and this will eventually affect the frequent appearance of your URL in search results.

It Must Conform to the Copyright and Trademark Laws

Do you realize that your business needs to be covered by copyright and trademark laws? You stand a chance to be sued if you didn’t seek appropriate protection for your business. The normal step you should take is searching through any of the suggested criteria above as to whether the business name you’re choosing has not been taken by anyone home and abroad.

And once you’ve found that the name has already be taken, you’ll begin a new search immediately. But if you insist on proceeding with a name already taken, then expect to get sued anytime. All of a sudden, you’ll be contacted and sued for trademark and copyright infringement.

If you’re thinking about how you can do a name search for your business, then leverage the trademark and copyright electronic search tools.

6 thoughts on “How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Website”

  1. Hello boss. I was told a good domain name and one relevant to the Niche and field covered in the website and blog posts is very important. I was finding it hard to choose a perfect domain name for my website but I think sticking to these guidelines of yours will be a great source of help and motivation for me. I’m glad I found this post.

    • Hello Vwegba, thanks for your comment! Kudos for appreciating this post! Finding a suitable domain name for your niche website is as easy as A-B-C. Make sure you consider your intended niche before you choose the domain name for your business lest you choose the wrong one. Your domain name and niche must be related to each other so Google can rank your website easily with time. Thanks for your lovely visit!

  2. I wish I knew about this when I was choosing domain names. I’m always lackluster for ideas so what happens is that I make up names by using acronyms of random names that have meaning to me. Then I put in a keyword from my niche behind it. 

    For me though, I don’t really want to spend too much time on choosing a domain and name. I would rather spend the time on writing content.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Kevin! It’s not about spending some quality time on choosing domain names but on making sure that you choose the right domain name for your business lest you miss the road from the onset. Another crucial thing this post is meant for is to let you know that you can’t just choose a domain name that is not related to your niche and all of that. Thanks for your lovely visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  3. Hello Israel. You have done fabulously well in this post on how we can choose a domain name for our website. Sincerely speaking, I had some specific domain name in my heart to purchase but I found out that they have already been purchased. It took me so much time to figure out a similar one relevant to my niche. It took me patience too.

    This article is very useful for anyone that needs guide lines on choosing a domain name.

    • Thanks for your valuable comment, Barry! Much grateful! You’ve done well by being patient to search for the right domain for your niche website. It seems like that most times that what you simply want to choose, others might have taken, whereas, it may require specific searches to really find what you’re looking for.

      No matter what, you may have to add or subtract a phrase or word from your domain search keyword and you’ll find that your desire domain name will come up. Thanks for your lovely visit!

      Israel Olatunji


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