CrakRevenue CPA Affiliate Network Review 2020

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Thinking of exploring other affiliate earning programs or maybe you want something exciting?

If you stick around long enough you will get all the details you need to get started with one of the foremost adult affiliate networks. This Crakrevenue review highlights the features, workings, and approval process of this adult CPA network.

About Crakrevenue

Crakrevenue is one of the widest known CPA networks that enable affiliates with adult traffic to monetize their websites.

It is a CPA with over 10 years of experience in the affiliate business, especially in Cam, VOD, and Dating verticals. One of the main strengths of this adult CPA network is the time and effort it invests in improving its offers to ensure higher conversions for affiliates.

As an affiliate, you will be able to access a dedicated support team to help guide you on how you promote your offers. There are also lots of resources and tools designed to bring out the best in all your campaigns.

Crakrevenue provides thousands of offers in the adult verticals that ensure affiliates never run out of which offers to promote.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of pitching your tent with this adult CPA network.


1 – Exclusive Offers

Affiliates have access to exclusive offers from top brands in the adult industry. The partners behind these offers provide high-quality content in the most popular and profitable niches.

These offers are bound to bring in higher than average earnings for those who promote them.

2 – Optimized Offers and Traffic

If there’s one thing that members of this adult network enjoy it’s the access to optimized offers and traffic.

Advertisers are granted access to a vast network of affiliates that have loads of high-quality traffic. While the affiliates are treated to a wide selection of high converting offers to promote.

So both parties are opportune to always get the best out of their campaigns on Crakrevenue.

3 – Smartlinks

This Smartlinks is a unique selling point for the CPA network that is optimized for tracking links to ensure affiliates get the best of everything.

4 – Skilled Team

Crakrevenue has a solid professional team that is constantly working to ensure that the system keeps improving. There is ongoing A/B testing and analysis of designs and tools used to promote the offers.

5 – Flexible Payment

This is a noble gesture that you don’t get to see on CPA networks or affiliate networks for that matter. You can request for net 7 or net 15 payment the moment you start working with an account manager.

Otherwise, you will settle for a net 30 payment just like every other member of the network.


I – Over 10 Years Experience in The Industry

Although years of experience don’t always equate to skills and expertise, you will find that Crakrevenue packs a lot of goodies for members. The offers are excellent, include exclusive offers and they are high converting.

The support team keeps finding ways to improve the system, the designs, and the tools that affiliates work with. And the company keeps expanding its user base, partners, and offers that it provides through different verticals.

II – Marketing Help

The company has over 120 young and dedicated team members who are experts in marketing and sales among other fields. And these help to provide marketing and sales support and help to affiliates who are in need of it.

Also, the creative team provides the right images, banners, infographics, trailers, videos, design tools, and landing pages for affiliates. The goal is to ensure that they are well equipped to deliver optimum results from their campaigns.

The sales team remain in constant touch with affiliates while helping them to optimize their traffic and achieve their goals.

III – Accurate Reporting

Unlike most other networks, Crakrevenue does not use third-party tools for tracking activities on its platform. Using their own tracking tools, users can view real-time stats on how they are performing and also get more details on clicks and conversions.

IV – High Converting Sales Funnels

The in-house design team creates great-looking landing pages and banners for driving higher conversions. The top affiliates are also opportune to receive custom banners and exclusive landing pages for their promotions.

V – Earn More

You can receive an extra 30% earners for letting Crakrevenue use popunders and back-offers on all custom generated affiliate links.

This is an extra income earner to your website that allows you to promote offers without having to overload your website with ads and banners.

Traffic Sources For Promoting Offers

There are 4 different traffic sources that you can use to promote offers to your audience:

1 – Organic Traffic

This is the main traffic that consists of visitors to your blog or business website. You can build your audience through publishing high-quality content such as how-tos, guides, and reviews.

A freshly updated website or blog will attract higher search rankings to your site.

2 – Social Media

You can through social media networks target the right audience for your adult or dating offers.

3 – Paid Traffic

This is an option that you can use to display text or banner ads of your offers through paid channels. To be effective in this you have to ensure that the traffic source is a high-quality one.

4 – Email Marketing

If you’ve been in any online business for some time, it is likely that you have an active email list. And if you do not have an email list in a place you can start right now to build yours.

Emails are great channels to send messages in mass to thousands of recipients with just a click of the button.

Getting Started

Getting started on Crackrevenue is quite simple though you need to have high-quality dating and adult traffic. Every information that you provide about your website or blog will be verified so ensure that your details are up to date.


If you are on the lookout for a new affiliate program or want to get more adventurous you can sign up for Crackrevenue. It is one of the highest paying adult CPA networks with lots of offers for affiliates who are ready to start earning.

It is free to sign up and the process is straightforward, you will however need to be verified by the company before you start.

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  1. It’s a really nice thing to read through this article and I must say you’re doing a great job in making these useful articles that are always of help in putting people through about the best products out there. I like Crakrevenue and I think it’ll be a  good opportunity to affiliate marketers to check it out, as it can increase traffic. Thanks

  2. I have heard of so many affiliate platforms but I have not heard of CrakRevenue and it is also very surprising. It also looks like a very good platform as it has multiple benefits from exclusive offers to flexible links to skilled teams and so much more. After going through your review, I would definitely recommend it to anyone 


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