How do I create a YouTube Channel for Free?

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This post is a good indicator that you are ready to take the plunge and launch the YouTube channel you have been promising yourself. Although it may sound cliché, the best time to start a YouTube channel is right now. With these tips and tricks, all of the YouTube stars are successful.

Want more great advice on how you can create a YouTube channel. Here are 10 more amazing tips!

10 Great Tips to Set up Your YouTube Channel

Are you ready to expand your YouTube channel?

Tip #1: Invest in Lighting Equipment

You can use the outdoors for most of your filming. If you are filming indoors, however, it is worth investing in studio lighting. It will make a huge difference to the quality of your videos. I believe that lighting is more important than a new camera for your videos.

Tip #2: Create an entire “About” section on your YouTube channel

It addresses the viewers’ expectations about your channel. First, introduce yourself and then add more great stuff to reinforce the viewers’ expectations. YouTube searches these channel descriptions. This helps you with SEO.

Tip #3: Become an AMAZING Editor

Do not just record footage. Edit it! Sometimes, half of the footage you take may end up on the cutting room floor. This is okay, as you want to show the audience the best footage. You can use editing to remove pauses at the start, middle, and end of your speaking.

Also, think about pattern interruptions. This is because I don’t use any pattern interruptions. It’s just me talking and you might find it boring. I don’t use any sound effects and the music isn’t playing. I don’t see the camera changing angles or changing its focus.

But, where was I? This allows you to keep your viewers engaged by changing something every five to ten seconds. This will allow you to edit your videos in a way that is much more enjoyable for your viewers.

Instead of creating a long video with rambling content, you will get clean footage of 15 seconds that you can share with your viewers.

Tip #4: Go All-in with YouTube Custom Thumbnails

Think of the three E’s, eyes, excitement, emotion, if humans will be appearing in the thumbnail. If you can connect the viewers with the people, they will be more inclined to click on the thumbnail.

You can use a colorful background to help distinguish it from the competitors. This will make you stand out as people scroll through search results and browse feeds. Your thumbnail is so different from everyone else’s.

To make your thumbnails pop, you can over-saturate their colors. The thumbnails can be sharpened for the exact same reasons.

You can use the thumbnail to tell a story about the video. The goal is to get people to click but not give away the entire story.

Show the viewer the payoff if you are doing tutorials. To see the full video, they will need to view it.

Keep it small. Keep in mind that you will create the thumbnail on a full-screen but that all your viewers will see it at a different size.

When you’re done making a thumbnail, you should look objectively at it. Ask yourself if you would click on the thumbnail. Your viewers are unlikely to click on the thumbnail if you don’t think so.

You’re correct in saying that we don’t even scratch the surface.

Tip #5: Perform YouTube Keyword Research

Let’s get to the basics of keyword research. Create content, titles, Metadata, and content around the search terms you think your target audience will search for on YouTube.

YouTube Search Bar is an amazing tool. It auto-predicts what people search for depending on the year.

You can use the VidIQ tools to determine which keywords are most likely to be searched on YouTube. These keywords should have high search volumes but low competition. Although tags are no longer necessary, it is still worth looking at the metadata that other creators use.

It represents the level of detail and research that went into their content. It’s better to provide YouTube with information as much as possible about your video. This may give you a slight advantage over other videos of a similar size.

This is just a small fraction of what you should know about keyword research.

Tip #6: Be Yourself!

This is something that I must constantly remind myself of because it’s easy to change your persona by pressing a record button. Be you. Except for your identical twin, there is only one “you”.

Your audience wants something unique, something they can’t find anywhere else. They can only see that from you if they are unique to you.

It won’t feel authentic if you try to be like someone else. Your audience will notice it. They will begin to respond to you when you relax. Just be yourself, no matter how difficult it may sound.

It could be that your audience loves or hates you. This is what you want for your audience. You can ignore the people who don’t like you. They don’t have to be your concern. Put all your love into the people who love you back. Embrace your audience.

The moment you worry about your audience’s judgment, that’s when it’s time to stop being you. You should embrace all of your quirks and mannerisms.

Tip #7: Be Realistic and Patient

You’ve likely got a lot of it if you get this far into the video. But YouTube can be difficult.

You will need patience and determination to succeed as a video producer. Although you can take advice from many people, it is not enough to put it into practice. You might see very little return over time.

After posting 200 videos, you might wonder why your channel is not getting views or subscribers after six months. Then, suddenly, everything changes overnight and your channel becomes viral.

YouTube creators are not able to achieve overnight success in a matter of weeks, months or even years. Keep in mind that YouTube won’t ignore you if you put in the work and your analytics are showing you positive things.

YouTube will eventually start to distribute your content more widely, although it may take longer than you think.

With this in mind, I encourage you to set achievable goals for the next one to three months. Instead of setting your first goal for monetizing your content, set a more achievable goal, such as 50 subscribers, 100 subscribers, or 10,000 views. These are step-by-step targets you can celebrate until you reach your big goals.

If your first goal should be to monetize YouTube content, then it means that you are looking at how to extract the most value from YouTube and not what you can provide to your audience.

Tip #8: Be a Part of the YouTube Community

You become a part of a YouTube community when you begin creating videos about a topic. You should join it. This means that you should watch the content of others and add comments to the discussion.

Others will begin to recognize your name in comments. If you add value to the conversation, rather than spamming your own stuff, people will become more interested in your content and visit your own channel. You might even be recognized by the video creator after a while and could possibly collaborate.

Do not view other creators in your space like they are competitors, but as partners. YouTube video creation is a unique, often lonely experience. There are millions of creators on YouTube. However, they all share the same goal: To have an impact on a common audience.

You can share your creative experience with others. You may share your audience with someone else’s audience and vice versa.

This should be a constant reminder in your interactions with others. It is all about what you can bring to the table, not what it takes away. This is what you get, and it’s a much greater reward.

Tip #9: Maximize YouTube Description

Your video description’s first and second lines are very important as they will be visible to viewers when they scroll through YouTube search results. Write your description like a 140-character tweet.

It should be extremely valuable and rich in Metadata to further intrigue the viewer.

Write a description that contains as many keyword phrases as you can for the video. However, make sure it reads like a normal English sentence.

If you are able, add timestamps to your video. They may be found on Google Search which will give you additional YouTube views.

Tip #10: Do Not Say Goodbye Too Soon

A viewer will instantly switch off if they can smell that you are trying to end a video using trigger words like “Hope you enjoyed watching this content,” or “Thank you for your time,” etc.

The goal should be to keep the viewer interested until the end of the video. You can use calls to action to invite people to subscribe, but don’t tell them that it is time to move on.

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