How to Create the Perfect Article Pitch

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Sometimes submitting your article to an editor may look like a complicated task. I like to simplify it by having this thought that writing is almost the same as selling out a product.

You just need to perfect your marketing strategy. It may feel so hectic, but don’t bother.

Listed below are some guidelines on how to write article summaries that editors would want to snap up.

The Bright Side of Summaries

If you always get bored by writing an article, you need to work on that because it has its own benefits.

Summaries give you the chance to submit a paragraph or two on your idea; this is better than you wasting your time to write a whole article that won’t make it out of the list but get dumped because it is not the publication they had in mind.

Summaries give you the platform to showcase your writing skills and also make the editor to be well aware and informed about what you want to write. In addition, summaries also benefit you as a writer.

They always give you the privilege to come up with the idea of what you want to address in the article, thereby creating a better outline.

If your ideas get accepted, a concise summary will make your article very easy. Always have it in mind that planning will make the work half done.

Great Things Come in Small Packages

Endeavor to always keep your summary short. You wouldn’t want to get editors bored with very long, waffling summaries.

Keep to the basics of what you want to discuss. A paragraph or two should be enough (Always target for 100 words per summary).

Your sentences should be quick and crisp. Go straight to the point, so you don’t get lost along the line. Always remember that editors may not have the time to read long summaries.

Always maintain a brief summary; this will help hold their attention all through when going through your work.

Grab a Great Title!

In the words of David Ogilvy who is often known as the father of Advertising: “The point is your article title is very important; it is the first thing editors will read and so you will want to make it nice, interesting and worthwhile.

Consider the following titles:

Find a way to improve the titles by using eye-catching and meaningful words:

The last examples are very resourceful and powerful because they give the reader an insight into how they can improve their lives, business, and fashion style.

The reader needs to learn something new from the article after he has read it. Always follow these tips when writing titles:

1. Be precise and concise. Make the titles short, not longer than 10 words.

2. Use words that are eye-catching. E.g. you can use the word ‘Great‘, “Easy tips’ and more words that will keep the reader and editor interested.

3. Number it. It’s always nice sometimes if you use a specific number of guides or tips in your title. For example, Five summer fashion tips that will turn your heads.

This indicates that the reader should expect five tips, no more, no less. This will motivate readers to go through the article with keen attention because they are certain that in a few steps they will have finished reading through.

4. Motivate the reader. Let readers be aware that the article will have a positive impact on their lives and how it will help them change their lives for the better.

For example, instead of telling them to learn how to eat healthier meals, you can write on what they can eat to get better.

Now, we get to the main part of the summary body. What should your summaries entail? Below are some important pointers:

1. Why are you writing the article?

Always come to a conclusion on why you are writing the article.

  • Will an article be based on news items about eco-friendly leather because the world is adopting greener initiatives?
  • Do you have a passion for the topic?
  • Is the topic relevant?
  • Is an article about food tips for pregnant women useful to women who want to conceive?
  • Is it a topic that has been trending on social networks because it is important?

Finding enough reasons for writing the topic will help you settle for motivation in respect of it.

If you do this it is necessary; others will think in that direction too. But you need to talk about it well in your summary.

2. Are there Facts to Strengthen Your Views?

It will help to discuss the studies or research that supports or backs your idea.

For example, when writing about date tips, making mention of a recent study that talks about the common mistakes people commit on a first date make the idea more meaningful

3. What is the Publication About?

I have witnessed situations where writers send ideas to publications without even reading about what the magazine/website is all about.

This is just like going for an interview without having a clue of what the company does. It doesn’t matter how good your ideas are; if they are not in line with the publication’s content and objective, they will not get accepted.

Having good knowledge of the publication will strengthen your summary. For example, when you pitch the idea of eco-friendly leather to a green lifestyle publication, the task of building environmental awareness is a very great step.

In short, you can reach out to the editor, explaining that green leather is a great step towards the right direction in green living and how well it can protect animals, be nice to the environment, and many more.

Prove to them that you are well versed with your own idea and why it fits into the publication; this will boost your chances of your idea getting chosen.

4. What are the Points to Include in the Article?

List a few points that you will talk briefly about in the article. For example, if you are discussing how men can choose a winter fragrance, it will give your editor a clue of the paragraphs that you will add in your article.

Every paragraph will be a new idea to write about. So the summary could appear like this “In this article, paragraphs could include the following: factors men should consider when shopping for a fragrance; the types of fragrance that fit your personality and many more.

If you outline about five paragraph ideas, the editor will have a good list of what he is expecting from the complete article should it be approved for you

5. What’s Your Angle?

One of the things an editor wants to know is the dimension or approach your article will be taking. This is where to include creativity and fresh ideas so that the editor will be interested and convinced with your idea.

So, when brainstorming or coming up with a nice angle, try to widen your perspective on the issue.

For example, if you want to write about chemical dangers in make-up, this is a topic that has been comprehensively discussed and written in so many publications.

So, you will need to step up the gas and make your article unique so it can stand out against all of its contenders.

Even the topic can take a new dimension by looking at how to replace such make-ups with organic options and why this is not just beneficial to women but the entire environment.

One of the easiest ways to get your article is to flesh out the idea you will be writing about. This will allow you to be more creative in presenting the information

Spell and Grammar Checks

Make sure the summary shows excellent spelling and grammar. If there are bugs or errors, it can tarnish the power of your summary.

It is not just enough to depend on computer spell checks; try to print out the summary and check every word with an eagle eye to make sure that the work is perfect and well polished.

Writing, Grammar, and spellings make first impressions when it comes to writing.

Where to Pitch Your Freelance Writing Service

Listed below is the list for a short summary of each outlet tone, the scope of coverage and the platform to submit your piece.

Always look at the opinion section on every site to get and discover a sense of length, title, and topic of other op-eds.


This is a tech company whose objective is to show support to Black millennials across the African Diaspora, economically and using the right creativity and initiative.

This will enable them to engage in the work they love and also change the world through this process.

Categories involved include News, Tech, Videos, Series, and Finance.


This website is majorly based on news and opinion, thereby giving constant updates on entertainment, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, books, and all subjects that have to do with women.

The website deals with women age 18 to 34, thereby focusing on general interest topics from a feminine angle.

The available categories include News, Entertainment, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Tech, and Food.


This is an independent virtual media firm that constantly delivers entertainment and news to people ranging from 100 to millions around the world.

You might have come across Buzzfeed list-style articles or read from the BuzzFeed news section. Did you know you can submit long-form, personal essays to BuzzfeedReader?

Global Citizen

This is a platform that talks about issues relating to women on the planet and also treats topics related to women issues, health, education, finance and innovation, food and hunger personal hygiene, environment, citizenship, and a lot more.

There are many opinions and threads in its news section and also articles that talk about non-profits around the world.


This is an online news source that cuts across domestic and international news and politics, culture, business, science, media, technology, and so on. Mic also includes some verticals such as Hype, Payoff, Multi-player; the future is Now, The Movement, Slay, Navigating Trump’s America, etc.


This is also an online publication that covers news and culture; this website has dedicated its course to bring readers features on individuals, places, trends, ideas, and opinions before getting covered by mainstream media. OZY also has a growing opinion section.

The Intercept

The intercept is a digital magazine that produces original investigative analysis, reporting, multimedia as well as focusing on national security, politics, our environment, international treaties, technology, criminal justice, media, and a lot more.

The Outline

The outline is an online news source that primarily focuses on three topics that are rapidly converging in special and important ways: culture, power, and the future. If you want to send your submissions, you can send it through to

The Tempest

This is a technology and media company aimed at building and connecting innovative products and experiences for different millennial women. The tempest also entails verticals such as Life, love, news, social justice, and Pop Culture.


This publication tends to focus more on political news and analysis. It addresses current events and news and offers political thoughts.

It has a section called Speakout section which includes “quirky”, personally reflective or more like activism. Ensure to read the guidelines for their submissions before you mail your pitch to


This is a global media channel that offers investigative journalism features and enlightening videos, a collection of topics that are controversial such as world news, drugs, politics, sex, and sports. Editorial pitches can be sent to


It is also an online news source that features data journalism, latest news analyses, fact rundowns, and many more.

Vox gives content for trends, bytes, and other viral topics as well as a stage for relevant thin pieces and opinions. You can send your submissions to Christopher Shea, Senior Editor of Perspectives.


This pays more attention to multimedia, cyberspace, high television, virtual reality, and the electronic frontier.

Wired also focuses on the culture, business, politics, and personalities that are around such technologies and pushes them forward to the 21st century. Your submissions should be sent to

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