Create Quality Website Content: How To Write Great Content

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Are you preparing to create content on your website, but didn’t know how to go about the whole process? Content creation is one of the major ways to step up quickly with your brand and get ranked in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other major search engines. Creating quality website content could be challenging to so many people while to others, it’s more of fun than work. It doesn’t feel like work at all to certain people, but comes naturally to those who cherish doing it.

Welcome to Online Business Publications once again! Today, you will be learning all the tips that would integrate your experience for content creation, marketing and strategies. These are pre-requisites to setting up your website and optimizing it for search engine rankings. Steps will be highlighted and none should be skipped to achieve results.

How To Write Great Content For Your Website

As part of the steps to ensure that your brand becomes popular and visible to the world, you must carefully learn how to write great content for your website. Content is king when it comes to getting site rankings. Uploading relevant product images within your content would be an added advantage. Search engines regard this as part of the criteria for ranking a website.

Do you realize that content creation is one of the clues required for building your site and getting ranked in search engines? Would you consider giving a 100% attention to learning all you would need to become an authority in your respective niche through content writing? You should be getting ready for a journey to financial freedom with actions.

I spent several years blogging without generating income at all. Were you shocked hearing such a sad story at all? Yes, it really happened to me the exact way it did to many others trying to make money online. I was only reading and hearing about some online marketers who were earning hundreds of dollars daily, but couldn’t figure it out at all.

In writing great content for your website, you must first ensure that your website niche is within your pool of knowledge and you can deeply write a lot about it. All articles must be totally relevant and unique in order to receive Google rankings. Once you get ranked in Google, other major search engines like Yahoo and Bing will automatically rank your website. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited by search engines and, if found within your content, you won’t get ranked and, therefore, will never earn revenue.

What Is Quality Website Content?

Quality website content is a collation or an arrangement of words in paragraphs and sub-headings which are 100% original, unique and relevant to a particular niche. Thus, to write a great content, search engines must find a 100% level of originality, uniqueness and relevance across your content. Once these are found, search engines will love your content and assign authority to your website among many competitors in your respective niche.

For more than a decade, I was busy writing articles, but only earned zero traffic in the process. By the time I was counting up to 500 articles on my blog, traffic was still not coming. I kept writing without getting any result until I became completely sceptical about blogging. Because I couldn’t figure things out with blogging, I became totally hopeless.

Sometimes ago, I learned about an online marketer who posted only ten articles and was earning tons of traffic within a few weeks of starting his website. How did he go about it and what is the way out? I began to ask myself those questions and some other questions having to do with traffic generation.

It was then I began learning about content marketing and its potentials for generating traffic. When you want to write content, you need to leverage certain tools such as the keyword search tool, all-in-one SEO tool, WordPress theme and lots more. Writing keyword rich content is the greatest strategy to make money with your website. You will get rankings on time and will earn revenue in so many ways with your website.

As an entrepreneur wanting to succeed online, you would love to leverage the best free keyword search tool called Jaaxy. This is the best and revolutionary keyword search tool used by professional online entrepreneurs who make hundreds of dollars daily online with their respective niche websites. Jaaxy is built for you by two Canadian affiliate marketers who have emerged most successful in the online business world today.

How To Create Quality Website Content Using The Best Keyword Search Tool

This is the most essential step in making your site content superb and getting your website ranked in Google, Bing, Yahoo and the rest of major search engines. There is no shortcut to earning consistent revenue with your website other than taking the right steps. Consider the following steps as pre-requisites for writing quality content.

Leverage the best keyword search tool prior to making all your site content. Click here and create a free account today to start leveraging the most accurate keyword search tool in the world.

  • Your keyword must be 100% relevant to the title of your post.
  • The keyword must make grammatical sense.
  • The title of your post must contain the chosen keyword.
  • The keyword must be mentioned or used in the first or second paragraph of your post.
  • You must write the rest of your post naturally keeping in mind to be relevant.

To achieve maximum success, you must follow those steps sheepishly and will certainly have your brand at the top. This is simply how to write great content using Jaaxy, the most advanced keyword search tool in the world.

You will get results on time by sheepishly following those crucial steps and will successfully build a multi-million dollar brand online working at the comfort of your home. Starting an online brand without carefully getting to learn the needful will result in overall failure. Making money online entails learning those tips and getting fully certified in becoming a successful entrepreneur.

At this juncture, you need to join a platform whereby you will be learning all tips for becoming an authority with a brand and earning unlimited revenue in your respective niche. This is Wealthy Affiliate for you, the most trusted brand in the industry today. Click here and join the community of giant online entrepreneurs. You will get rolling once you sign up your free starter membership account.

Online marketing success secrets are fully uncovered in the Wealthy Affiliate network. This is part of what makes it the best money making platform in the world and the only program with unlimited access to financial freedom. The owners of the community are proud of the great development they’ve been able to put in place and the kind of money making exposure they have given to thousands of people from the different locations of the world.

Within the community, you will be having unlimited access to training, classrooms, weekly webinars, the affiliate bootcamp, the online entrepreneur certification as well as other training tools. You cannot find such a money making platform in the world where you can get all these resources for building an online brand.

To facilitate training for the sake of newbies who may not have got any online marketing experience at all or, perhaps, for the sake of those who might be regarded as slow learners, featured images and videos are fully uploaded on every page of the lessons.

Aside from having unlimited access to training tools, you will be able to buy a domain (Your virtual real estate or brand) and get hosted by the most powerful hosting platform in the world. Your domain registration comes with free SSL certificate, which is required by Google and other major search engines for getting your website ranked quickly.

The cost of registering SSL certificate alone if you were ordering from outside, not as a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, is approximately $50 per year which will be totalling $1250 for 25 websites and you will be getting this free just for being a Wealthy Affiliate premium member. Other features added free to your domain registration include site privacy, site protection, WHOIS protection and lots more.

Leveraging Keyword Search Statistics For Writing Content

To ensure that you have quality content written and published on your website, you must leverage the following keyword search statistics. This is what guarantees high rankings in Google and the rest of search engines.

  • You must use low hanging fruit keywords in making all your content. What do I mean by low hanging fruit keyword? Low hanging fruit keywords are low competition keywords that make search engines find your site quickly.
  • The quoted search result or competition of your keyword must be as low as 100 or even lower. The lower it looks, the better chances you have for getting rankings!
  • Your chosen keywords must make grammatical sense, not just keywords.

Once you abide by those simple rules, you will be flying with your brand in the online business world and will never be left behind. Earning consistent revenue is guaranteed with adherence to these rules in making content. To make it work out perfectly, you will be engaging your audience on a daily basis and would never have to worry about traffic at all.

By starting with content creation on your website, you will be leveraging the best keyword search tool that will give you clues into hundreds of low competition keywords. These are key factors to pay close attention to when it comes to receiving rankings on all of your posts.

Buy Content For Your Website


Buying fresh and unique content from article marketplaces is an excellent idea and great alternative for online marketers who don’t have the time yet to give it what it takes. Articles purchased are fully made to pass through plagiarism checks and copyscaped. Thus, it’s safe buying content from any content marketplace you trust.

Instead of spinning articles using article rewriter tools, you should rather buy articles from article marketplaces. This would be safe for SEO. Articles generated using rewriter tools contain spamming elements which search engines detect quickly. That is risky and detrimental to the success of your site.  Any attempt to joke with Google will never work out.

Engage Your Audience

Having understood the concept of keyword and writing keyword rich articles, it’s great to consider engaging your target audience on a consistent basis. This is part of the ranking algorithms used by Google and other search engines.

To maximize earning potentials on your site, you would consider working on these two things which are content writing and audience engagement. You have learnt a lot in this very post about content creation and audience engagement.

Joining the talked about money making platform in this post will single you out for unprecedented online success in no time. Join today and start leveraging the various tools to set up and build an online brand including the tool that would give you unlimited access to audience engagement. This is the site comment and site feedback platform in the network.

At the site comment or site feedback platform, you will always earn $0.50 on every comment that you offer other sites and same amount on every feedback you offer. There is no limit to how much you can earn daily from these platforms.

To really start engaging your audience leveraging these platforms, you simply request comments from other users and you either approve or reject comments and feedbacks posted to your site.


Having learnt deeply about writing quality content and getting rankings through content creation and audience engagement, you might want to benefit directly by becoming a member of the best money making community in the world today. Join through any of the links given above and start a journey to a better financial life today.

Once you have it in mind to become totally free from financial mess, you need a lot of actions to take now and never. If I didn’t take actions a few weeks ago, I wouldn’t have known I could be doing this today. How would you ever know you could be a better person tomorrow?

If you have one or more questions or comments to pass across to me, feel free to fill out the form below and I will respond quickly. We truly care about you and your financial success.

12 thoughts on “Create Quality Website Content: How To Write Great Content”

  1. It must be very hard for you to be blogging without any income coming out of it. I’m just new to blogging but 500 articles sound a lot to me! I have a question about the articles marketplace. You said that software generated articles are not very good, so does this means the article marketplace only sell genuine articles made by real authors? Any examples of such marketplace that i can try?

  2. I have a friend who has been in the situation you mentioned. He has been blogging actively for the past two years. He mostly started it as a hobby since he has great writing skills and I believe he did not think of earning revenue then.

    But later on, when he thought he should start monetizing his blog, he found that he was mostly clueless to the knowledge required to drive traffic to his site and his traffic remained non-existent.

    And this, despite all the great content he wrote. I’ll be asking him to check out this article. I’m sure he’ll find it relevant to his need.

  3. Very good article! I was a bit amazed at the start of your post thinking that we both shared the identical situation. I worked on my websites for over 10 years, created articles, posted content and never got any traffic. Ultimately, I got fed up with the whole thing and deleted my 10 year old websites.

    I found Wealthy Affiliate by accident. I wasn’t even looking for anything like it, but kind of stumbled on it. It reinvigorated my longing to create a successful website and get traffic. The things I have learned are definitely some of the most important topics anyone can ever learn when dealing with creating quality website content. As you said, content is king and Wealthy Affiliate opened my eyes on the proper ways to do things in order to get that traffic.

    I appreciate the time you spent in putting this together and helping people like me out!
    Thank you!

    • We truly shared the same situation, trials and failures in the past, Jeff Lewis! It’s nice to have you here once again giving true testimonies about your achievements so far at Wealthy Affiliate. I have similar achievements and testimonies today having learned the real secret of internet marketing through the online entrepreneur certification.

      I couldn’t imagine how some bloggers still roar about online complaining about zero traffic, giving up too quickly and finally quitting the unprecedented pool of internet opportunities due to laziness, frustration and lack of information.

      I used to see website design and WordPress account set-ups as daunting tasks in those days, but once I became a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community, I created this brand in 5 minutes. It’s such an awesome money making community.

      We regard you as a valued visitor and would love to invite you checking out some of the most recent posts on this blog that will give you the right direction to building high quality backlinks.

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      Wish you gigantic success,
      Israel Olatunji

  4. So, this is the key to writing quality website content! I too used to have a website and created lots of content on it only to see no traffic. That was so discouraging, like writing into the wind.

    So, this must be the key that I’m missing, keyword research? I will definitely start implementing this immediately. Thanks again for sharing!

    • Yes, it’s one of the keys to writing quality website content. You can write hundreds of articles yet with zero traffic coming. The two major keys to having your content productive for your online business are keyword search tools and site engagement. You want to get your business popular online? You want your branded website pull in tons of traffic in no time? You would only need to focus attentions on these two major keys.

      You must continue posting articles using the keyword search tool and must engage your audience regularly. The more of audience engagement you do on your website, the more the traffic and, thus, the more the revenue that comes in.

  5. I agree that it is important to have our content outlined in a very engaging way, with paragraphs arranged in a narrow column so they are easy to read and holds readers’ attention.

    You mentioned about Wealthy Affiliate. Is there any specific tutorial in there that teaches people how to create or improve engaging content? I wanna know, and if there’s that tutorial, then I will recommend people to enroll in there.

    • Thanks for your contribution! it’s great to arrange content in an engaging manner and serialize every content page into paragraphs in order to enhance content readability and increase overall site health.

      Wealthy Affiliate has all you need to get rolling right away and discover your entrepreneurial skills towards building a brand online. You have all resources at your disposal and getting financial freedom is guaranteed with this network. How do I mean? There’s an online entrepreneur certification course for you and this is what gives you maximum exposure to online marketing and possibility to online success.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Gomer! Much impressed! Yes, it’s essential to outline your content and this is part of the great ways to streamline the build-up of your website for the first-page ranking. Content serialization is simply what I’ve considered a very important process of making your content readable to readers.

      Yes, I have a series of posts that can help people create or improve engaging content on their sites. Some of them include:

      How to Write Great Content for Your Website

      What is Quality Content for SEO?

  6. Great article! Very helpful! Like you explained, quality content is so important for website ranking and getting followers. Websites shouldn’t just have general information people already know or don’t care about. A website should always have helpful information about the particular niche that it is focused on.

    And, like you said, keywords are super important as well. When I first started blogging, I didn’t fully understand the importance of keywords. Now I go to Jaaxy to look up the best keywords before adding a new post to my website.

    Thank you for sharing this helpful information! 


    • Hello Weston, 

      You have said it all. Just like you, I never understood the process of writing keyword rich content because I didn’t know how to choose low hanging fruit keywords for a content. Is this not one of the major things one should learn first about online marketing prior to writing SEO content?  

      Within five days of starting my site, Google indexed my pages and I was very glad about that. Ever before I started learning online business properly, I wouldn’t ever get indexed due to poor keyword selections. Are you making progress with your site too? Are you really using low hanging fruit keywords to write your content? 


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