How to Increase Page Authority

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Do you want to become an authority blogger in the online world? What are the actions you need to take to step up to the first-page ranking position?

It’s about implementing some strategies as well as following the pro blogging fundamentals. If you don’t stop talking, you’ll never start doing.  Pro bloggers of today took actions and became and who they are today.

When you hear from the pros, you’ll discover that they actually stepped up from the status of a newbie to that of a pro. You don’t just start in a day and become a pro in a day. It wouldn’t work out like that. You must work hard in order to get there. Hard work, persistence, and consistency pay off.

Becoming an authority online starts with your attitude towards your blogging goal. How are you building your blog? How are you planning to move your blogging game to the next level? If you want to become an authority in your niche, you’ll start first by observing certain blogging routines consistently, then will continue observing the same persistently until you can fulfill your blogging goals.

In today’s publication, I’ll talk about the strategic ways in which you can step up gradually in the online world and become an authority working in the comfort of your home.

  • Reach your audience every day
  • Post content every day
  • Build engagement with your audience every day
  • Engage your social media audience every day
  • Make posts to high PR online forums every day
  • Answer questions on Quora every day
  • Be committed to your daily blogging routines every day

Reach Your Audience Every Day

Once you’ve started a site, you’ve begun to have the right audience for the site. These are the real people who passionately love what you’re blogging about. They are fellow niche-related bloggers who believe in and learn from your blogging initiatives.

Your audience will always keep learning from you once they’ve figured out that you have some blogging initiatives you can share with others and are passionate about helping others.

The best way to reach your audience is through guest blogging. Through your guest posts, you’ll have the chance of meeting your ideal target audience. You can generate thousands of traffic hits from each of your guest posts on authority blogs out there and this will help you reach out to the right audience.

Post Content Every Day

Do you know that by publishing content every day, you’re throwing multiple hooks into the water and will catch as many fish as possible? With daily posting, you have a high possibility that some of the posts you publish every day will rank well in Google.

Why would you need to post content every day? if your Google PageRank and CPR score are still below 5.0/10, then you’ll need to publish a post every day on your blog. To the weak veterans out there, writing an article per day is a very difficult task but to the highly-focused ones, observing all these vital blogging routines is quite possible.

Build Engagement with Your Audience Every Day

As a matter of fact, if you’re able to keep your audience engaged, you’ll improve your Page Ran on time and will catch tons of traffic in the online world.

When you continually receive the frequent visits of authority bloggers on your blog, Google and other search engines will believe you have some useful and informative content on your blog and they’ll begin to improve ranking in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Not that your content is read word by word or letter by letter by search engines but by the quality of those links – quality of the visitors that come to your site frequently.

You need real people to comment on your blog frequently and the best way to achieve this is through the Site Comment platform.

Engage Your Social Media Audience Every Day

As you get more audience on your site, you equally have them on social media as well. People might have left some comments on your site or on your social media pages. Find some quality time to respond to all of those comments and keep your audience intact.

You constantly lose more of your audience when you don’t know how to engage them and be helpful to them in certain ways.

For example, let’s say you received a certain number of comments from some people on your blog. There’ll be a higher probability that such people will keep commenting on your blog posts if their comments are approved and responded to on time.

If you’re not active in social media activities such as building engagement with your social media audience, helping others solve their problems and so many others, you won’t be able to get any meaningful traffic.

Make Posts to High PR Online Forums Every Day

Online forums are a fantastic way to boost your site traffic. So, they should be leveraged as much as possible. By posting an article every day, you’ll succeed in making your blog skyrocket in search results and will successfully build an authority site in the online world.

To make the most out of online forums, add your website URL to the control panel of your account dashboard. When you make a post to the forum, your website URL will appear as a signature at the bottom of every post.

Answer Questions on Quora Every Day

If you can dedicate to posting high-quality answers to some niche-related questions on Quora, you’ll quickly build links and that will make your site rank fast in search engines.

When it comes to building external links, Quora is the best for your business. It has a very high Page-Rank in Google and can help you skyrocket your site in search results.

I’ve got several emails from so many people who couldn’t sign up to Quora as a result of security challenges, whereas, there are better ways to get connected to Quora.

If you’re connecting via email, use your Google account. In the process, Quora will request authorization to access your account and once this is granted by you, you’ll get connected to Quora immediately.

3 thoughts on “How to Increase Page Authority”

  1. I can see myself not so active as an authority blogger in considering the points mentioned:Reach your audience every dayPost content every dayBuild engagement with your audience every dayEngage your social media audience every dayMake posts to high PR online forums every dayAnswer questions on Quora every dayBe committed to your daily blogging routines every day

    That means I have to work more on my sites and engage more people who come and visit them.

    I have something that confuses me when it comes to “Page Authority”. Does this mean having your site and posts in the first page of Google Search? 

    I see my sites occupy the first page and my posts are there too. If I understand it correctly from that situation I am the only authority in that niche or topic and I’m happy that competition is not so steep for I am the only one who has the site about that certain niche.

    Is this what it means to have the “Page Authority”?

  2. There’s a saying that the teacher must have been a student first and it absolutely applies to this. But instead of the untouchable teacher that knows everything and the student that knows nothing in a school environment, a teacher that makes mistakes occasionally and can take on a role of a student as well creates lots of engagement and authority. Plus it’s so much more enjoyable and you create a better community from your site.

  3. Page authority is important. And I find that engaging with your community help drive authority. And daily is important, but I”m not sure it’s always possible. What I do is make sure to engage several times per week at a minimum. 

    Otherwise, people lose interest. Thanks for the info! I’ll be sure to increase my engagement based upon your suggestions.


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