Top 9 E-commerce Marketing Trends in 2021 You Must Know

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In the United States, digital shoppers generated over 374 billion dollars in online sales this year. By the year 2021, the digital marketing industry will be worth more than 476 billion dollars.

To achieve the growth of these e-commerce sales, it calls for hard work on the part of the businesses in the digital world.

On the internet, a customer spends almost 1 billion dollars on things like clicking on Facebook ads, checking discount codes on your app, and a lot more.

Meanwhile, for this to happen, your business must be able to get your customer’s attention.

To make your business gain attention, let’s consider some nine marketing strategies. This will also help you lift your sales.

Let’s go!!!

E-commerce Marketing Trends Worth Considering in 2021 and Beyond

The internet allows marketers to have many methods of communicating with their customers. Some of them include creating captivating, instructive, personalized, and high-quality content. This can be of help for customers to make their decision and become loyal to you.

Another is through the use of marketing channels like social media and video platforms. This can help to connect brands with the customers. For companies, they can make use of ad retargeting and machine learning to know and retarget their audience.

In this article, we will see an individual trend with examples. This will help you conclude which one to use that will bring more traffic to your sales.

1. Quality Content is the Most Crucial

A consumer spends six (6) hours on digital content every day.

Does this tell you anything?

Of course, that is the need for you to deliver high-quality content. When you do, it will make a difference and captivate your audience.

There are examples of quality content you can explore to drive sales to your website. The examples are:

  • Testimonials

You can render content quality if you have a customer that is looking for product information.

How can you do this?

Use images and product descriptions to give the customer details of your product. Not only that, why not use video to show that your product is real?

  • Conversational content

Create a content strategy to link your customers to the needed product. You can do this through an interactive quiz that recommends a product for use.

When you do this, your customers will be engaged and he/ she would like to stay on the website for long.

  • Use of webinars and whitepapers

Content that contains information such as that of a webinar, e-book, and whitepaper can be of help. This will make customers know that you give trusted information.

Try publishing this content on your site and link it to a social platform. This will help you increase your website traffic.

  • Blog posts and videos

You can offer content of value to customers, especially those that love the outdoors, through your blog or YouTube channel.

2. More Customers Use Social Media to Shop

Worldwide, 3.6 billion people use social media per day. So try to find your target audience using these platforms and make more sales.

The most popular of these social platforms are Facebook and YouTube. It is important for businesses to find their target audience before they carry out a strategy. Remember each platform contains information such as the age, gender, etc of the user.

Between the ages of 25 to 34, more than one out of four has made purchases on Facebook.

Instead of clicking on a website to buy an item, businesses have made it easy to purchase with just a tap on their digital media. Social media platforms now enable businesses to generate sales through their app, e.g Facebook and Instagram.

A lot of e-commerce platforms can be linked to social media. This makes it easy for businesses to display products and offer customer service.

3. Personalization is a New Criterion

Customers expect that brands must personalize their content. And when this isn’t done, they feel annoyed. Personalization is when you offer an experience that applies to your audience.

To do this;

  • Businesses need to get to know their customers through their general information
  • You need to monitor the source of your site traffic
  • Provide options pertaining to the currency and language
  • Consider how LARQ knows the need of its audience by providing many languages to view web content with.

You can personalize communications based on behavior.

Here are the following ways to personalize an experience for a user:

  • Mention their names in the email’s subject line and body
  • Recommend a product on your website and follow it up with e-mail marketing
  • Offer a discount to entice those who have not been to your site recently
  • Try out personalizing your video marketing
  • Give surprise rewards to your customers

4. Influencer Collaboration is a Must

Join hands with influencers. When you do, there are many benefits in store. You can use your influencer’s reach to promote your business. You will be able to reach a wider audience.

You can boost your brand’s awareness through them. So look for influencers in your industry since all influencers have their benefits. An influencer campaign can be through a product review or a discount code or giveaways.

5. Conversational Commerce for Customer Service

Now, businesses are turning social platforms into digital messaging where they can communicate with customers. This is termed conversational commerce. This strategy helps to provide customer service that is useful.

This conversational commerce holds in form of chat bots. This can help the customer in any way. This strategy has benefits like: it builds the customer’s loyalty, it shows a reliable brand and it also increases the rate of customer retention.

6. Use Video Always

Videos are watched for many purposes like music, entertainment, and information. 85% of Americans watch videos every week. This is because video is unique and has a lot of benefits added to it.

It fills the customers’ curiosity about a product. It makes a brand feel approachable and personalized. It accelerates the decision-making of customers.

7. Growth of AI and Machine Learning

When it comes to marketing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is important. It helps businesses make wise decisions and give room for a more accurate result on the algorithm.

AI can determine group behavior and individual behavior. When they do this, it gives businesses the chance to target similar customers, the chance to give relevant product recommendations.

The information received from AI can better customers’ shopping experience and make it easy for them to connect.

In years to come, I believe Al will be broadly accepted.

8. Cross-Channel Marketing is a Must

When businesses are present in several marketing channels, their chance of communicating with customers will increase.

This doesn’t mean you must be on every channel. In other words, you direct your attention to the platforms that have the frequent visits of your customers. This way, it helps you connect to customers.

9. Retargeting Ads is Effective

Retargeting is a strategy that engages customers once they have direct contact with your brand. Then ads pop up to these customers when they visit other sites. Retargeting helps to capture the mind of your customers to revisit your site.

In an estimate, 70% of retargeted customers visit the site more than the regular ones.

This shows that retargeting ads is effective. Retargeting can be based on your customers’ reaction to what they’ve seen, the length of time spent on your website, or your customer behavior.


Select the right e-commerce trends for your business. As consumers shop online, businesses must examine marketing strategies that will maintain their interest.

Do choose the marketing strategy that is fit for you. At the same time, keep in mind your customer’s needs. This way your business will be a success.

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