How to Earn Through Recurring Affiliate Programs

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In today’s article, we will be focusing on how to earn passive income through different affiliate programs. Passive income is income that you generate with little or no effort. Affiliate marketing is one passive way of earning online.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

You might have probably heard of the word “affiliate” without knowing and what it is all about. Affiliate marketing is simply a system by which you get a commission for promoting other people’s products.

Keep in mind that commissions are earned when people buy a product that you are promoting through your affiliate link. Different companies have a different commission, and these commissions are paid once for each product a customer buys through your affiliate link. This is also known as the fix rate affiliate.

Today’s article will be focusing on earning with recurring affiliate programs. Please note that affiliate marketing is quite different from a recurring affiliate program, but they work in a similar way though.

What Do You Understand by a Recurring Affiliate Program?

Recurring affiliate programs are products or services of referral programs that pay you an ongoing commission for promoting a particular service through your unique affiliate link. Most services involved are that of membership services where people keep paying a membership fee to stay in a program.

As an affiliate marketer, you get paid your commissions each time a customer that joined a program renews his or her membership fee. Affiliate marketers are paid commissions based on the company’s policy.

Some companies’ policies allow an affiliate marketer to get paid a commission for Life as long as the customers that joined the company through his or her link keeps renewing their membership fees while others demand that an affiliate marketer is to be paid for a stipulated period of time.

At this juncture, it is noteworthy that not all affiliate programs are worth doing; some will just end up wasting your time and efforts with nothing to show for your hard work.

Do not fret about this as I’ll be giving you all the necessary information in this article to get you started on the right path as an affiliate marketer.

What I love most about recurring affiliate programs is that you do the hard work at the beginning by promoting the company’s brand or services through your affiliate link, and keep reaping the benefits afterward. While the flat rate, on the other hand, requires that you keep promoting the company’s products or services continually.

Remember that the flat rate affiliate programs give you a one-time payment on any product that is purchased through your link.

Things to Note before Choosing a Product

  • Choose a product or service that sells easily. Some products take time to sell. You can make research on products that sell fast
  • Go for products or services that are hot in demand or trending
  • Choose from a list of products that solve a problem. Problem-solving products sell out fast because people are always searching the internet for solutions to their problems.

Now that we have established some facts about affiliate marketing, we will be going fully into some lists of affiliate programs that will keep you earning passive income.


Aweber is an online email marketing platform with an affiliate program that pays its promoters up to 30% of commission on a monthly basis, and it’s for a lifetime. As an affiliate marketer, you keep earning monthly as long as the customer keeps renewing their subscription fee.

Aweber is one of the oldest email marketing sites that have attracted affiliate marketers and bloggers alike. The platform offers a 30-day free trial to users, so they can have an experience of how Aweber works before getting on board.

As an affiliate marketer, you have the advantage of using Aweber because the platform has all the email marketing tools that you need to become successful as an affiliate.

Before now, the check payment model is one factor that usually turns away potential affiliates. Just recently, a more convenient payment system has been incorporated into the platform. PayPal is now one of the payment modes used to pay affiliates at Aweber.


SEMRush is also a good platform for an affiliate marketer; it pays up to 40% of the recurring commission to its affiliates. Just like Aweber, SEMRush also has a free trial period for intending users to test and experience how the platform works.

One good thing about SEMRush is that it helps to analyze users’ websites or that of other competitors. SEMRush offers 3 different types of account services such as; Pro plan, Guru plan and Business plan.

As an affiliate promoter on SEMRush, you can earn from any of the above plans. For instance, you will earn $39.98 per month when a customer signs up for a prospective plan; you will earn $59.98 for every customer that signs up for guru plan and finally, you earn $219 per month when a customer signs up to a business plan through your affiliate link.

Lead Pages

Just like Aweber, Lead Pages is an email marketing network that offers affiliate programs and pays its affiliate promoters a 30% recurring commission. This marketing network provider supports the creation of a landing page in a very short time which can be added on its platform. This includes Drupal, WordPress, etc.

The Lead Pages affiliate team members are very responsive; they provide all necessary materials that will aid their promoters.


Shopify offers its affiliates commission for any merchant that signs up through their affiliate links. Shopify is a great e-commerce software that allows users to create their own online stores where selling takes place.

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn big on Shopify. Shopify offers different plans at varying rates. These include; Shopify Lite which goes for $9 per month, Shopify Basic at the rate of $29 per month, Advance Shopify which goes for $299 per month, etc.

You get paid as an affiliate based on the plan that a customer signs up for. For example, you will earn a $58 commission when a customer signs up for a standard plan. You can even earn as high as $2,000 for enterprise plan otherwise known as Shopify plus.


GetResponse is an online email marketing network that also offers affiliate program opportunities. The platform is currently one of the best online email marketing providers. Affiliate marketers earn 33% of a lifetime commission from GetResponse.

Again, the affiliate promoter earns a commission based on the plan that a customer signs up for. GetResponse currently offers the following plans; Email plan, Pro plan, Max plan, and an Enterprise plan.

As an affiliate on GetResponse, you are provided with free marketing materials and tools such as logos, text ads, banners, etc.

You get a recurring commission for a lifetime as long as your referrals keep renewing their subscription. Payment is made through PayPal, Wire Transfer and check. $50 is the minimum payout.

Social Oomph

Social Oomph is a tool that supports other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This platform aims at managing different social media marketing channels by automation.

Social Oomph is mostly used to schedule a post for the future. Posts can be scheduled on Twitter or Facebook which will be automatically posted at a stipulated time.

Apart from making an automated scheduled post at a later time, Social Oomph is used to find a target Twitter user, track certain keywords on Twitter, etc.

This platform offers an affiliate up to a 40% recurring commission. Social Oomph has both a free and paid plan.

Social Pilot

Social Pilot is a popular tool among business owners and bloggers due to its automation feature. This social media tool is used by bloggers or business owners to set up social media accounts and schedule future posts.

Just like Social Oomph, Social Pilot also connects to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. An affiliate marketer will earn up to a 30% monthly recurring commission. Payments are received through PayPal and the minimum payout is $25.


Converkit is also an online email marketing network that was launched in 2013 by Nathan Barry. This platform is programmed to send out automated emails to some people on a specific email.

ConvertKit offers 4 plans at different prices. An affiliate marketer earns a 30% recurring commission on a monthly basis, for as long as the customer stays and keeps paying for the license. Payment is made through PayPal, usually, on the second of each month. $100 is the minimum payout.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes has over 500,000 users and is known as one of the most popular WordPress themes and Plugins. As an affiliate marketer, you can earn up to a 50% recurring commission for as long as your referrals keep renewing their licenses.

Elegant Themes seems to have one of the best deals for affiliate marketers; imagine earning a 50% commission for Life! It’s so huge that you will want to get more people to sign up through your link for more earnings.

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes offers WordPress themes and Plugin service. It was developed in 2013. Themes and Plugins are used to make WordPress websites more attractive and appealing.

Thrive Themes currently offers its affiliate marketers a 50% commission when a customer joins the platform through their affiliate URLs and a 25 percent recurring commission every month, for as long as the customer’s membership subscription is active.

Thrive Themes requires that an affiliate website should be devoid of malware and spam content. Currently, Thrive Themes pays its affiliates through PayPal and its minimum payout is $20.

Mailer Lites

Mailer Lites is famously known as one of the best email marketing networks. It started first as a web agency in 2005. Today, it is now known as an email marketing platform. Affiliate marketers can earn from Mailer Lites a 25% recurring commission per month.

Just like GetResponse, when you sign up as an affiliate, you will gain access to different materials that will help you in your affiliate journey. The platform pays affiliate marketers through PayPal, and the minimum payout is $120.


Tubebuddy is an extension for the web browser, which is used to boost or enhance ranking on YouTube so as to get more video views. In order words, TubeBuddy is used to optimize the performance of YouTube videos.

TubeBuddy has 4 types of plan which are; Star plan, Pro plan, free plan, and Legend plan. As an affiliate, you earn between 39-50% commission for any of the premium plans, and it’s for a Lifetime. All affiliates on this platform get paid through PayPal; the minimum payout is $90.


Affilorama is a platform that was established in 2006 by Mark Ling. This platform offers a training program for affiliate marketers.

Some of the programs include PDF’s, video training, eBooks, etc. This program is aimed at producing good affiliate marketers. It has a free plan as well as the premium plan. As an affiliate, you can earn up to a 50% commission on products you referred buyers to purchase. is a marketing tool that is used by bloggers or website owners to add a message to a webpage. These messages are usually custom messages with a call-to-action link embedded in it.

Some features of Sniply include; pages, messages, and calls to action. The call-to-action bottom is what leads to the conversion, while the page features tell where the message is to appear. The message feature, on the other hand, tells the kind of message you want to display on the page.

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn a 20% recurring commission when people sign up through your link. Payments are made via PayPal; the minimum payout is $20. is one of the most famous freelancing sites. It has become one of the best destinations of most freelancers worldwide. Freelancer doesn’t require any registration fee.

Affiliate marketers can make good earning from this platform even though sign up is free.

Here is how it works – when anyone signs up through your affiliate or referral link, you will earn a 10% commission of his/her job for a period of 90 days. Payment is made through PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, and Wire.


Becoming an affiliate marketer can be rewarding if you are dedicated to it, and if you want to learn how you can become a super affiliate in no time, pass through the WA Affiliate Bootcamp. Read my WA honest review here.

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  1. As an affiliate marketer earning the recurring commission is everything. The commission for the one time purchase is just too little and just not sustainable. I heard so many good things about Aweber and shopify but never really took time to look into them, thanks to you, now I know that they are recurring. I have never heard of MailerLites before, I am going to check them out. Thanks again for the list. 

  2. This article is educative.  I have gained from it today. Its a way of earning money by promoting other peoples product. Affiliate marketing is a very good opportunity for many who desires to have other source of income without getting involved directly with little or no stress. Thank you for sharing this amazing article here with us 

  3. Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative online business to do that is why a lot of people are flocking to it, making recurring commissions is a very interesting and nice thing to have, if makes it show that your affiliate link is earning you Income. This is why it is important that we as affiliate marketers promote and get traffic to out website so that our links are gonna be seen and clicked.

  4. Nice and interesting review you have here on earning through recurring affiliate program commission…over the years affiliate marketing has been a very good and easy money generating process online and it’s still fast paying a lot of people out there through its daily commission so if you aren’t yet an affiliate marketing then you are really missing out a lot…

    • Much welcome onboard, Evans! You can earn a lot of revenue from several affiliate programs that run recurring programs. Wealthy Affiliate is a good example of such programs.

      Israel Olatunji

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