FlexJobs Review (2020)

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Working remotely comes with challenges especially with the fact that the market is highly competitive and flooded with scams; this is why it is advisable to use a premium legitimate service like FlexJobs.

If you’ve been looking for a way to start working from home for a long time but nothing has really been figured out yet, then you’re in the right place.

I’m aware that there are several cases of frauds and companies that offer “remote work” and some that even charge money doing this. So ridiculous!

Nonetheless, the internet is flooded with websites set up by real companies for numerous legitimate remote working opportunities too.

In this comprehensive Flexjobs Review, I will be discussing FlexJobs, a premium legitimate job aggregator with hand-screened remote, part-time, freelance and creative job portal.

This review will be straight to the point and structured with the goal of helping you find something doing online.

Working Remotely, A Fantasy?

Before I start the FlexJobs review, I would like to address remote working or work-from-home jobs which I believe so many people still find a fantasy.

I’m still amazed when I hear people make a big deal out of working from home especially when most jobs these days are done over the internet.

Remote work is a system of work that enables experts to work outside a traditional office setting and is based on the concept that work doesn’t have to be done from just one place.

In my opinion, remote working boosts efficiency and satisfaction as people (employees) now have the choice of working in environments they are most comfortable in.

In fact, today, many businesses have gone remote simply because one finds it cheaper and easier to do so.

In a nutshell, it’s as easy to get a remote job especially with the inception of the internet and tools making it easy to manage workflow among many people from across the globe.

The bottom line is that working remotely is now fantasy especially with the origin of the internet. As a matter of fact, it’s actually become a norm many companies follow.

FlexJobs Pricing

In my opinion, I would say this is the best part of the FlexJobs subscription as it’s pretty cheap.

  • Month-to-month subscription: $14.95/month
  • Three months: $29.95 (approximately $10 per month)
  • One year: $49.95 (virtually $4 a month)

Unless you score a long-term remote working role (which is really difficult), I would recommend that you go for the annual subscription just in case you want to get more remote working opportunities in the future and decide not to be committed to a specific job role.

Why does it make Sense to Pay For Flexjobs?

The fact that you’re reading this review gives me the impression that this question is on your mind and I do understand why.

Probably, you are thinking why would anyone in their right senses pay someone for “leads” to work from home when it’s feasible to get them for “free” from several other websites?

It has a simple answer; legitimacy! First, have you asked yourself why would a “free” service exist to help YOU find a job? Do they have an incentive?

Mostly, these free job portals are scams and honey pots to extract information for their selfish future purpose.

FlexJobs is a company devoted to finding and screening legitimate companies and then finally posting those legitimate job listings through their website.

This costs time and money and should in no way be offered for no fee.

Also, FlexJobs saves you a lot of your precious time as you don’t have to spend hours on numerous websites looking for legitimate companies and even more finding jobs that will suffice your criteria.

For only $50 a year, you have the option to automate the whole job search process and focus on the more valuable application process which, in my opinion, makes it a norm to get FlexJobs.

Nothing valuable in the world is free. This is why I also considered paid services alongside “free” ones.

Besides, if you’re searching for something like a job that will consume a great portion of your time and earn you a living, I think it would be a good idea to invest in the right tools and resources so you won’t waste your time.

FlexJobs isn’t just a job portal. It is much more than that. Once you’re a FlexJobs member, you are given access to many awesome perks, which include:

Resume Evaluations (Discounts if you want to choose their writing services)!

Resumes play a key role in the job search process, as they are the first thing sent to the potential employers before you are even called for an interview.

Though creating a resume is not an easy task, luckily, with FlexJobs, you have the choice to get your resume reviewed by experts who can advise you on how to create a resume that actually works.

Skills Testing

FlexJobs has fascinating skill tests that make it easy to examine the competency of a job especially with jobs of unique skills in the job descriptions.

You are also given the choice to list the skills on your profile if you’ve earned a score of over 70%, which will definitely give your application more credibility.

Hyper-Specific Application Profile

You have the choice of creating multiple profiles, especially for special employees.

This is quite helpful as it enables you to target potential employers better as against preparing a general application that does not connect with specific potential employers.

Email Notifications

Most times, emails are annoying, but not when it comes from a potential employer and moreover when it’s a follow-up concerning your application.

In this case, the race is won by the fastest runner especially in the work-at-home position where most of the available positions are taken within 48 hours of posting as there exists a great competition.

Discount with Partner profiles

As earlier mentioned, FlexJobs isn’t simply a job portal, but a network that grants you access to other services for instant annual meal planning services that assist you with watching your diet that is more often than not a difficult feat especially when life and work come in between.

Advanced Job Search

Job portals can be quite complicated resulting in thousands of hours being wasted in digging through leads to get jobs of your specifications.

Luckily, FlexJobs offers an amazing job search tool that helps you filter jobs based on the categories of part-time/full-time, 100% telecommute/partial telecommute, entry-level, and many other job positions.

So these are some of the numerous reasons why I believe FlexJobs is an outstanding legitimate job portal for work-from-home positions on the internet.

Is FlexJobs Worth It?

Working from home is not an easy task, especially when the market is highly competitive and full of scams.

This is why it is recommendable that you use a premium legitimate service like FlexJobs.

Also, as repeatedly said, FlexJobs isn’t simply a job portal. It’s much more and quite distinct from other job boards:

Firstly you won’t be scammed of jobs, or find too-good-to-be-true business opportunities, ads, commission-only jobs, or junk jobs on FlexJobs.

Second, FlexJobs focuses more on flexible jobs, rendering it a hyper-specific clutter-free job port specially created for those searching for remote work opportunities.

So, you are relieved of having to spend hours looking for keywords like “flexible” or “remote” because of the clear difference between the job listings.

On average, every individual spends as much as 30 minutes per job testing its legitimacy and competency with Flexjobs’ high standards.

In my honest opinion, spending $50 a year to save on unlimited hours of time and hassle is certainly worth the investment.

Moreover, if you are seriously looking for work-at-home jobs without having to waste your time on scams and shitty companies, Flexjobs is the right platform for you.

What is the bottom line of this discussion? The bottom line is, since job searching is hard and tedious, it would be advisable that you concentrate your efforts and time efficiently.

FlexJobs Review 2020 FAQs

What is FlexJobs?

FlexJobs is not in any way an employment agency or staffing service. It is simply a job portal that searches and analyzes flexible, professional and legitimate job opportunities and puts them all in one place.

Is FlexJobs a Scam?

Like I’ve said earlier, there are many job scams in the world of “remote work” but FlexJobs stands out to be a legitimate service with real people working, which makes it easier to connect real companies with competent professions, employees etc. For this reason, it’s not a scam.

Does FlexJobs have a refund policy?

Yes, they do. If the service you’re offered does not satisfy you, you have the choice to ask for a refund. However, this option is only available not later than 30 days from buying into their service.

Does FlexJobs offer career counseling or help with Resume?

Yes, FlexJobs offers a 30-minute career counseling session for a fee with one of the professional coaches making inquiries and receiving guidance toward finding better jobs faster.

My First Impressions of FlexJobs

  • Signing up with FlexJobs was very easy. I was eligible to jump right in and start browsing jobs in no time.
  • Their great organization as well impressed me. FlexJobs offers over 60 categories and sub-categories that you can browse through with all the newest postings right there at the top.

By clicking on any of the jobs, a more detailed description with a link to applying pops up right before you.

You also find it possible to filter jobs by company name, location, newest jobs, or better still, browse the “Best Lists of Companies” put together by FlexJobs.

Other FlexJobs Perks

You can create your resume within FlexJobs and use it when you apply for jobs through their site.

You as well have the opportunity to take up to 50 various skill tests for no fee on their site to assess your strengths and flaws in diverse areas.

Employers can view your scores on these tests if you apply through FlexJobs and you have a score of over 70% on any test. This is capable of helping you get a job.

FlexJobs regularly updates their blog with good, valuable articles on finding hot jobs and information about working from home, etc.

Whether you have a membership or not, you can still access their blog and read those posts.

More to FlexJobs Pros for Home-Based Job Seekers

They are one of the largest databases of home jobs I’ve ever come across. They have vast sorting options.

Saves you time of researching and seeking out home jobs on your own.

  • Void of scams. All of the jobs are well screened. I have never been a victim of anything skeptical.
  • It’s frequently updated. Five days per week update is not a deal-breaker.
  • FlexJobs site is void of ads and I definitely didn’t see any while I was browsing.
  • No monthly billing if you don’t want. In fact, you can set your account to expire after a month.
  • They offer a money-back guarantee.
  • They offer you the advantage of being able to take skill tests through their site to show to potential employers.

More to FlexJobs Cons for Home-Based Job Seekers

Although the vast majority of the jobs are work at home, just choose “100% telecommuting” when you’re searching and you’ll filter out the ones that are contrary to work from home.

The fee! While $14.95 per month doesn’t seem a lot of money, it’s still a cost, considering the availability of other free work from home resources we have out there.

Some of the jobs provided are publicly listed elsewhere on some other sites and are not restricted to FlexJobs; so it’s apparent to find many of them on your own if you search yourself.

Some readers have lodged complaints that most of the telecommuting jobs on the site are more of IT and tech, or need extensive experience.

There are a few like that, but you can beat things down to just entry-level jobs if you follow these steps.


The web is full of accolades for FlexJobs. Their testimonials are the real deal. Many people have found telecommuting flexible positions.

All thanks to the listings that FlexJobs offers! These people are happy to have paid the money and proposed that others do the same.

I have had a lot of readers that let me know they found home-based jobs, thanks to FlexJobs!

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  1. I completely understand what you have said about free opportunity’s they don’t give people an incentive to make them work . I like the sound of flex jobs, the idea of having the jobs all in one place makes searching for the right opportunity a lot easier. It’s great that it’s updated on a regular basis and there is no contract to adhere to.

  2. Thanks for your review in here. Honestly, this is really good and I think this is as good as it can get for us. Honestly, I think being able to actually focus on getting freelance jobs too can be greater. Flesh b is a great platform and seeing this here even delights me better too. Thanks for sharing this with us all

  3. Hello Israel, thanks to you for this clear information about Flexjobs review. There are so many of us out there that are looking to get a good platform like this and this is one very good platform with a well developed program and the membership fee is for cheap for all for afford. Very nice platform and I hope to see better testimonies from them 

  4. For those that want to work online, this seems like the perfect platform to join. It’s also perfect for those who want to make money online as well. Love the way you’re able to give the information on how it works as well and also more information on the way we can get paid from flex jobs too. Thanks!

  5. Flex jobs sounds like a good way to be able to make some really good money but I dontreally understand how to go about this and besides I don’t understand why I have to pay to get a job when I would still have to work for whatever job I get eventually. What’s the income potential per month, does it cover everything I will pay for monthly. That’s the questions on my head now.

    • Hey there, as for the income potential of Flexjobs, that’s, of course, high when compared to its counterparts. You need to realize the fact that there are ways you pay first to get paid. It’s the kind of program we’re talking about here.

      Israel Olatunji


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