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How to Generate Blog Traffic from Reddit without Hurting Your Brand

Reddit platform

These days there are a couple of social sharing sites, and becoming a user can help grow your site traffic one way or the other.

Through the Reddit community, you’ll learn one of the thriving rules of leveraging social sharing sites to make your blog more visible. Reddit dislikes those who deliver their content with the intention to drive traffic to their sites.

While there’s a good way to publish posts on Reddit and drive a ton of visitors to your site, you must endeavor to tread with care.

In this tutorial, I’ll talk about some key points that are vital to using Reddit when it comes to promoting your blog content.

1. Identify Your Audience: the Model Redditor

If you aren’t conversant with the Reddit community, then take a few seconds and get an overview of what it is about.

Simply put, Reddit is a social bookmarking site that lets users post links to images, content, web pages, and more.

I’ll dive into the system of submitting a post later in this tutorial, but let’s understand first that most Redditors are found under a few demographic groups (A huge part of the Reddit user base is categorized as The Hivemind, simply because they always share the same opinions.)

Thus, what does your Model Redditor seem like?

i.) Unbiased thinking: Break between the more popular party and a smaller part which consists of Libertarian believers! In as much as these are 2 different diplomatic groups, both have the same sources that Reddit supports.

ii.) Young and scientifically disposed: From my tenable guess, most Redditors range from 16-35 and almost all Redditors support online marketing tools and technology actively.

Iii.) An animated female community, but mostly male:
Hugely consisted of the Subreddits that support female engrossment. While the conventional Subreddits like Funny and Pics get influenced by male absurdity and it’s conspicuous to any web user accessing the website that the sex disparity is nearly 80/20 in the esteem of a mainly male audience, the female attendance on Reddit is still quite important, and they are a crucial part of the entire community.

Having known this, you should note that image-based posts are proven to feature well on Reddit.

Generally, Redditors are against presenting your own website, stating in your title that the content is yours.

2. Post in the Right Subreddit!

A Subreddit is simply the way content is organized on Reddit. Thus, try finding out if the general theme of your post content aligns with the Subreddits adopted by Reddit.

Selecting the appropriate Subreddit can somehow be devious, and this is why:

You want to select a Subreddit with many viewers, but are not so stuffed that your content will get astray in the shuffle.

Posting in the r/pics Subreddit, for instance, will always result in your content getting lost in the midst of copious submissions.

But if your content features, let’s assume, a lot of fresh images on the latest mechanism, getting it posted in the r/Tech Subreddit will definitely drive in web users who aren’t interested in that particular category alone, but also will concentrate on most fresh posts there since it is not as stuffed as r/humor or r/pics.

To find out how many users have got the Reddit added to their front page, simply launch a new tab, and after entering the normal Reddit URL, enter /r/Reddit-name.

For instance, you enter, if you want to view the Reddit about tech. On the right-hand side, you’ll find a considerable number of users with the Reddit added to their own front page.

Ensure you select a Reddit that has to do with your link and has got a considerable number of subscribers.

One of the reasons you should submit to specialty Subreddits and not just the popular ones is that your posts get ranked faster in such smaller Subreddits.

Thus, if you are able to get to the top of r/WordPress through your content, it’s still roughly 3,000 subscribers to Subreddits that could virtually click-through (Always ensure that your content is great, and is relevant to WordPress particularly!)

3. Present the Post with an Intriguing Image & Title

Perhaps you have nothing other than just the title to persuade visitors to check out your post (most Subreddits will display the very first picture), you need to make the title of your blog intriguing.

Punning and creativity will feature here; you must write a fairly long title, but be on the point. Be descriptive of the most intriguing points in your content.

Inquiring is a proficient way to make readers click – this is an approach to involve them in the content by responding to their queries rather than just delivering something inappreciable.

Also, in general, the more contentious the content in question is, the better! Encourage people to deliberate on a topic or, perhaps, ask questions, and they’d be interested in taking a look and leaving their comments.

Going forward, what type of content features most on Reddit?

I’ve discovered that…

  • Educational stories and websites that have uncommon or unclear facts about technology, science, or history
  • Personal challenges, personal stories or going through unbelievable balances are the most famous
  • Religion (particularly atheism) and Politics (worldwide and in the United States)
  • Comics (particularly similar to pop culture or anything evocative), art and photography
  • Technology (particularly programming and computers)
  • Games of videos (MMORPG and console)
  • Music (of most genres)
  • History and Science
  • Marijuana (interesting enough, it has 2 famous Subreddits dedicated to it!)
  • Fitness and Food

These are virtually the topics with the most famous Subreddits. For example, one of the most popular Subreddits on the website is r/gaming.

The most accepted content will be unique and either have a powerful personal story or be totally informative – Reddit blooms off of limits.

Desist from posting everything you write; rather have it saved for the really fierce stuff or something that you come up with which has an informative personal story.

Redditors love to hear from genuine users, not just how-to blog posts unless the content has truly inventive images.

4. Stay Active on Reddit

I’ve observed on several occasions that most users leaving comments on your posts will also check out your submission history (since it’s public) and profile on Reddit.

In as much as your page has a full record of your comments and links, you must always ensure that it does not turn you a spammer in the sight of the audience.

Keep in mind to constantly post useful links to other intriguing posts online – not just the posts already published on your blog.

Generally, most Redditors have contempt for people who frequently promote their own posts; thus, you’d certainly leverage the community to your own good if and only if you know you can stay active as a contributor, not just a user who is only interested in promoting his personal stuff.

Know that Reddit is just a social community like Twitter whereby you post interesting things rather than just your own work alone. This way, Redditors will be more disposed to have a look at the posts with your profile name.

5. What Should You Do if Your First Submission Fails

Reddit platform
Build traffic on Reddit

This section is so crucial that I had to give it a deeper look.

All that matters in Reddit are timing.

Having said that, even if you publish posts at the most convenient time (either on a weekday or at dawn), the first set of voters can let you experience failure in your submission.

Experientially, administrators at Reddit frequently talk about this themselves, as pieces of content that were posted a couple of months ago are still visible again at a later time three times the votes.

Thus, you need to realize that even if you are making frantic effort to comply with the guidelines (ensuring all posts are made in the right Subreddits) but your first set of posts are not featuring well, it could be nothing but bad luck.

So, what is the next line of action?

Hold on a bit to submit again: Redditors dislike reposting or seeing that the same post is coming up again within a short period of time.

When you submit again, make sure you remember to trash the original content lest it shows up under your profile name again.

If you succeed greatly on a huge Subreddit, you are going to earn hundreds of thousands of traffic hits.

In total, Reddit can be a strong source of website traffic, but in order to win big, you’d have to play your game appropriately and would also need to exercise some patience.

Conclusion: is Reddit Really Worth it?

Reddit definitely has a tougher crowd than any other social bookmarking site.

Finding great success on Reddit solely depends on your specialty, a bit of huge timing, and how your post is presented.

In the course of pitching to Reddit, do not forget that you are connected to one of the toughest crowds online.

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