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Today, you will be learning how to generate website traffic free using the various strategies that will be discussed in this post. As an internet entrepreneur, you work daily to drive tons of traffic to your website. Traffic simply signifies consistent revenue and you can work daily to drive targeted traffic to your website if you know the right step to take. Through the various strategies that you’ll be learning about here, you will find it easier to make money online working at the comfort of your home.

Generating website traffic is the most crucial thing you would ever want to achieve on your site in order to maximize online revenue. You will be getting to understand and acknowledge how significant traffic generation can be to your online success. The goal of every internet entrepreneur is to generate traffic and earn revenue. So, learning strategies for generating website traffic is worth every effort you can ever put in, and getting results in no time is guaranteed.

Let me ask a few questions before we proceed in our discussion today. Are you a website owner? Do you really want to make money with your website? Do you honestly have any other goal than being helpful to the people and making money alongside? Do you actually know that you can generate traffic without spending a dime? Let me proceed now with our discussion about generating website traffic free, but before we do, let me provide answers to those questions that belong to me as follows.

If you want to make money with your website, you need traffic and tons of it for that matter. That is why this post will be very useful and relevant to your online success. So, if you are with me, let’s move ahead. It is good that you aim at making money with your website. By that process, you are maximizing your website potential to make the most out of it and, by doing so, you are creating a path to finacial freedom.

As the case may be, if you are a website owner, your ultimate goal would be to be helpful to other people proving tips to solving problems one way or the other and making money. If you want to generate traffic free, you can possibly have your way by learning about that in this post. You will find out that website traffic has the best potential to earn you consistent revenue.

How To Generate Free Traffic To Your Website


Are you eager to start generating traffic to your website without spending a dime? That is what we refer to as free traffic. You can effectively get free traffic to your site the same way you earn paid traffic or greater. Even if you learn properly how to generate free traffic to your site, you wouldn’t ever want to pay for traffic in your lifetime and you will be making money daily.

To many people, generating free traffic is a difficult task to perform, but to some particular people, free traffic is the most achievable thing in the course of doing online business and some tips to finding it feasible will be discussed here in this post today. Just sit back and read on to the bottom of the post and you will start leveraging the free ways to generate traffic to your website.

Let’s start discussing the various ways to generate free traffic to your site now, but be ready to put things into actions in earnest. To start generating free traffic to your site, you should start with Google+. Google+ is the best when it comes to delivering free and instant traffic to any website. It’s even the most effective and is being used by organizations, industries, companies, individuals and other corporate bodies.

To leverage Google+ in generating free traffic to your site, you start by signing up a Google+ account and this is automatic once you have a Gmail account. With a free Gmail account, you can instantly create a Google+ account and start leveraging the platform in minutes. Once you sign in your Google+ account, you should first copy your Google+ profile address and share with friends and family. Aside from sharing your Google+ profile address, you would also want to add people to your circles.

Once you have people added to your circles, you should then start sharing and linking back to your site on a daily basis. If you can be sharing a post to Google+ daily, you will discover that you are already generating traffic. With time, you will find Google+ an indispensable social media platform to drive instant traffic to your site. Facebook is the second social media platform you would want to use to get some instant traffic to your site or blog. It’s used by millions of people from all parts of the world and can be leveraged to drive some free traffic like Google+.

You simply create a page which can be an official or business page on Facebook and make posts to it on a regular basis. You just need to have a 100% publishing frequency to be found by Google and other search engines. Aside from using Google+ and Facebook, you can still use other promising social media platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. Of these, I will be talking about how Twitter can be leveraged to generate tons of traffic to your site.

While using Twitter, you should be focusing on generating followers daily. When you share a post or, perhaps, post a tweet on Twitter, your post will be viewable by all of your followers in their respective Twitter account profiles and clicks will be generated therefrom. That is traffic for you using Twitter. One major issue with using most of these social media is that you must be active.

I have not been using LinkedIn and Pinterest actively, but have been very active and regular at Facebook, Twitter and Google+. So, I can speak much about the effectiveness in using those platforms and how promising they are to the success of your online business. Google+ has the greatest potential to generate you unlimited and instant traffic as you keep using it and progressing with your content making and publishing frequency.

Whenever I speak about tips to generating free website traffic, I always love speaking and making much emphasis on content quality and variety. If you keep making quality and varied content at all times, that alone can generate tons of unlimited traffic for you without measures. Why don’t you try this out to see how successful you are going to become in your online business? If you think you can try that out, why not? You will only succeed in placing your very own feet on the path of success.

Do you think you can just create a website without performing SEO activities at all and expect any result? Not at all! If you want your website to become visible not just to you alone, but to the whole world, then you have some duties of writing quality content frequently to perform. Doing this will bring some lovely results in no time and you will make money from your website joyfully.

How To Generate Leads For Sales


When traffic starts coming in through the social media platforms like Google+, Facebook and Twitter in particular, you already have every potential to make money online. It usually takes some little more time to generate leads for sales on your website. So, you will be considering the online forums and communities whereby you are expected to participate actively to make the most. Joining up to ten online forums will be okay to start driving sales in a matter of weeks or months.

Leveraging the online communities to generate more leads for sales entails some further tips. What are those tips? First, you must consider joining only forums with first page rankings in Google and other search engines. You can always google it out to get the best of these highly ranked forums. Why should you consider joining highly ranked forums or online communities? It’s because you will be required to participate at discussion forums and wouldn’t ever want to do that for doing sake. You would always want to make earn traffic of course.

Adding a signature to your forum profile across the forums is equally important. What is signature and what does it stand for? Your signature is a web address or link to your web pages or posts and it stands for helping you get lots of backlinks to your website. This helps a lot in generating traffic to your site.

How do you make use of your signature to generate traffic to your website? When you want to start using your signature at forums, you add it once to the signature section of your forum profile and it automatically appears at the bottom of each of your posts. When  a visitor stumbles at your forum post, your signature will direct him straight to the landing page which is your website homepage.

What should you do while deciding to leverage online communities to generate more leads for sales? There are communities or forums that wouldn’t permit you ever to add your signature to their sites. You shouldn’t ever join such forums unless you just want to participate for fun. Meanwhile, there are some forums that only permit you to add your signature upon making your first 10, 20, 30, or more posts/threads. These are worth joining so far they have first page rankings in Google.

What should you never do while trying to use the online communities? You should never violate terms and conditions that have to do with membership and posting. Every forum has its own posting rules and regulations which guide members in posting threads and replies at the forums. Violating such rules and regulations may result in getting banned and bans are not usually lifted in most forums.

Getting banned either permanently or temporarily may amount to a waste of time and effort put in so far and may eventually discourage you in the course of stepping forward in your online business. Forum owners are strict about this. So, it’s worth checking out for posting rules and regulations prior to making posts. Violation is strictly prohibited.

How To Generate Leads For Your Business

Are you a business owner, but needs a lot of tips on how you can maximize your potentials to generate leads online? The only help you simply need is getting yourself familiarized with the various online strategies for building up traffic. When you will have fully integrated yourself with those strategies, you will then start leveraging them to generate leads for your business.

In the course of trying to become successful in your online business, you will be trying the various means to ensure that a lot of people find you online. This to you and so many people is a task, whereas, you can get found online if you want to be found. I mentioned earlier that one of the ways to get found by Google and the rest of search engines is to add your sitemap to Google properly. This is part of what increases indexing speed and your potential to get ranked increases automatically once your site gets indexed.

Selling Your Website Traffic

Having generated tons of traffic to your site, you would want to monetize your traffic by having it turned into lots of cash for you in no time. The traffic you receive daily to your website is your best potential to make money online. As traffic increases daily to your site, your chances of earning daily online revenue will automatically increase.

Affiliate marketers will be paying you through the Google Adwords platform to buy the traffic in your site. This is feasible through the advertisements displayed on your site. You will be sharing revenue with Google on every click that is generated through your site. This is one of the greatest ways to sell your website traffic.


Generating website traffic free does not happen by magic or chances at all, but by putting in much effort and taking some necessary actions. As said earlier, you need a lot of clicks to make and actions to take in order to make things happen in your financial life.

Should you have any inquiry about the subject matter, ‘Generate Website Traffic Free’, don’t hesitate getting back to me by filling out the form below and you will receive a response from me as soon as I get your message.



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  1. Hi Israel,

    What a wealth of information you have provided with your article on how to Generate Website Traffic Free! The section about generating leads is very interesting. Could you give me some more details?

    For example, where do I find forums to join? Are these social media platforms or forums found directly on Google? Could you give some examples?
    Thanks and keep up the great writing.

  2. Hi Israel!

    Some great tips here. I’m about one and half month in with my first website. I’m currently learning effective content building and my next step would be to drive traffic (lots of it) to my site. These are some great tips!

    I have not realised the power of Google+ and just how useful it can be to generate traffic. Getting involved in top ranking forums is another great tip!

    I will start to implement these ideas as part of my strategies to generate traffic.
    Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!


    • Hello Nic

      Effective content building can help a lot in driving tons of traffic to your site if thoroughly accompanied with audience engagement.

      Every small effort put in counts a lot and the idea of putting in small efforts is strictly based on three basic elements which are: Choosing a niche, working those techniques with the right energy and being consistent all along.

      Facebook used to be more promising ever in terms of building links, but Google+ has taken the place now when it comes to building backlinks for SEO. You just have to be regular in social engagement and you will start seeing results soonest.

      Acton takers are money makers. So, for you to start generating tons of traffic, you need to follow up with those marketing ideas and you will be on track towards building a rocking blog.

      To ensure that you get our latest posts, subscribe through our email subscription form placed at the top of the main sidebar. As a valued visitor, you might want to read our most recent posts below to get link building tips for SEO in 2018.
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      Best Way To Build High Quality Backlinks

  3. Hi there, great post and very informative! It has really made me see that I need to start leveraging social media platforms to get more traffic to my site. It is interesting what you say about Google plus really boosting traffic. This makes absolute sense considering this platform is owned by Google and I have noticed first hand that since I joined Google plus myself, I have definitely seen a boost in traffic.

    Thanks for all your great advice! it is invaluable to people like me who just started out in the internet marketing world.

    • Hello Stefanie,

      As you saw the need for leveraging the social media in boosting overall traffic, it’s great for a start when you are not trusted yet by the search engines. Google+ is one of the most promising social media as it helps you generate instant traffic and yields faster than others. Facebook too is equally promising and can generate tons of traffic if you learn how to use it wisely.

      Spamming is strictly prohibited while using the social media, but they can help your site get more popularity which may speed up the ranking of your site. You need to add social media buttons to your site so that site visitors can share your posts with their fans.

  4. Hi Israel,

    I came across this article earlier today. I have a question regarding your advice about getting traffic from Facebook. You also said that a 100% publishing frequency is required to be found by the search engines.

    I am wondering what exactly is a 100% publishing frequency. Could you please let me know?

    Kind Regards,

    • I truly mentioned Facebook as one of the great ways to generate website traffic. What I explained there is that Facebook is one of the giant social media with the largest users around the world. So, it has the potential to pull traffic to your website if you know how to use it.

      The issue of a 100% publishing frequency I mentioned in the post signifies how frequent you publish content to your site. Google and other search engines build some degree of trust once they notice that you stay active with your target audience and post consistently. Content is king as everybody knows and you can’t gain the world traffic to your site in a day, though you may attract visitors to your site in so many other ways.

  5. This is another extremely informative article from this website. So far when looking at getting traffic to a website, I’ve only found posts relating to paid traffic from things like Facebook ads, so it was refreshing to see something where I don’t have to put in any financial investment straight away.

    Thanks for posting!

    • Hello Chris!

      Yes, you can generate free and unlimited traffic to your site just by following those tips you just learned about in this post. It wouldn’t work out for you only if you wouldn’t take actions on those tips. The tips are full of tasks to perform and lots of actions to take.

      How you can leverage Google+ together with other social media was mentioned and elaborated in this post. Google+ is using the modern search engine optimization technology to boost traffic on any site if it’s leveraged in the right direction. As mentioned in the post, you get better results if you share at least a post per day with your communities and circles on Google+.


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