17 Practicable Ways to Get More Views on YouTube in 2020

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YouTube is the world’s leading video platform and competition for attention is fierce on the platform.

Despite this, it is possible to increase views with simple tweaks and tricks here and there. That’s what you will learn in this article.

Video views are the equivalent of the traffic generated by blog posts and both are critical to generating brand awareness and, of course, conversions.

It is no longer news that video content is on a steady increase in popularity and is among the key ways of doing Digital Marketing. But the question remains: how do you increase views on YouTube?

One thing is certain: if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. But with the tips you’ll see now, your work will be much more complete and your chances of pumping your channel will increase significantly.

Check out the 17 practical ways that will make your videos better known and effective for your strategy!

1. Create Great Titles for Your Videos

At first, your videos will be found on YouTube from the direct search on the tool.

Although it does not appear among the first results, it is possible to draw the user’s attention.

As they scroll through the page checking the suggested options, the tip is to ensure that the click is on your video. And the best way to achieve this is to get the title of the material right.

2. Optimize Your YouTube Content for SEO

As the user searches, your content must appear right away. Not sure how?

The secret is in SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization.

It is nothing more than the work of content optimization that favors your positioning ahead of others as a suggestion of search results.

If I were to give a single SEO tip, it would be obvious: be careful with the keyword.

Let it match the exact word or phrase that the user types in their search.

The idea, then, is that the visitor does his research and YouTube presents your video as one of the first options for him to know.

3. Create Clear and Attractive Thumbnails

Unlike what happens on Google, on YouTube, the results are presented with the video title next to images.

They are thumbnails, a preview of the video that helps the user decide which content to consume. Thumbnails will always be present, even if you leave them aside.

Only, in this case, YouTube will automatically generate an image. It is not ideal, as the platform does not analyze the best moment of the video to choose from.

4. Make Your YouTube Profile as Complete as Possible

So, make sure they know who you are and what your channel is about. It is very important (again) that you take into account the characteristics of your personas at that time.

The information you will include in the profile and the language adopted must match the audience you want to attract.

To better understand, think if a nutritionist used the language of a YouTuber “lung civil” instead of something like “Linda Diet” to communicate with his audience.

Of course, it wouldn’t work. In order not to make a mistake, immediately say what type of content you are going to present.

This ensures that those who stay there are genuinely interested in the videos – and that will generate likes significantly.

It is also a good idea to get closer to the public. For this, leave contact links, such as email, and other social networks as well.

5. Maintain a Regular Frequency of Publication

What is the use of promoting your YouTube channel if there is no new content to check on it?

This is basic, but it is worth the warning. It’s like buying a newspaper that has the same cover. Or you visit a blog where articles never change.

Increasing the number of subscribers and views on your YouTube channel requires dedication and commitment.

If you want to attract real followers, you need to establish an updated schedule, and don’t forget that the content needs to have quality – don’t just publish out of obligation.

6. Respond to Comments on Your Videos

As you’re getting started, most likely you won’t have 1,000 comments right after posting a new video.

By this, I mean that you need to give individual attention to each user who watched the content and left a message below the video.

These comments are of immense value. That’s how your relationship with the audience begins.

Be grateful for the time the user took for that action. Respond as soon as possible. You can be sure that your audience will be much more involved when they realize that you are interested in talking.

If the routine is hectic, set aside time each day to listen to comments. Create your organization strategy; just don’t leave the user unanswered.

7. Partner with Other Channels

Partner with other channels to promote your channel on YouTube, this is one of the best tips.

Partnerships with channels that already have a good audience are great for attracting users to your videos.

But of course, it cannot be with any channel. Take your audience’s preferences back into the account.

Where else do the people you care about consume content on YouTube? After identifying potential partners, it is time to propose collaborative material.

Why not make a joint video?

The promotion of this content tends to be positive for both. In practice, one attracts new followers and the same is then exclusive to the other.

This gives your channel greater visibility, increases the number of views of videos and subscribers as well.

Just be careful not to force a partnership. If there is no interest from the other party, it will be a waste of time to insist on the matter.

8. Advertise Your YouTube Channel

I suggest you set aside an investment to try advertising your channel. And don’t worry; you don’t need to invest a lot of money.

There are very popular formats to start promoting your YouTube channel. The ad platform is the same Google Ads, formerly called Google Adwords, used for search engine advertising.

Explore the possibilities to define which one best suits your budget and needs.

An interesting format is TrueView ads, which appear in thumbnails on the platform’s watch page, alongside suggested and recommended videos.

It’s a nice option because you can pay per view. That is, the simple display of the video does not generate costs for you, only when it is watched. So it is worth giving special attention to the first five seconds.

The challenge here is to prevent the user from skipping the ad and not even seeing everything you have prepared for them.

9. Promote Your Channel on Blogs and Social Networks

Promote your channel on blogs and social networks. That is, promote your content on other platforms whenever you have the opportunity.

If you have a blog, it is a good idea to embed video content with articles. You can also do this on partner blogs, aimed at the same audience you target.

In social networks, Facebook and Instagram are almost mandatory disclosure platforms.

It’s worth using them not only to announce new videos but to create suspense and arouse the curiosity of followers about future content.

All of this helps to generate a cool engagement, leading the audience to identify with the channel and feel close to you.

10. Create Playlists

As a YouTube user, you must have already seen and used playlists. In a playlist, as soon as one video ends, the other automatically starts.

The strategy is excellent for keeping the user connected with your channel.

Not to mention that each playlist has its title, this creates a new opportunity to be found from user searches. Playlist ideas depend on the type of content you post on your channel.

You can do a series, for example. In this case, each new video represents an unprecedented episode. Thus, one piece of content ends up pulling the other, instigating the user to remain watching or to return later.

11. Hack Your Competitors to Gain Traffic From Them

I know you want to gain some of the traffic that your competitors are struggling to get and, honestly, there is nothing wrong with that.

YouTube itself gives you a hint on how to do this. But do you know what the secret is to “hack” your competitors’ views?

Nothing but using the same tags that they use in their videos! The platform usually uses tags as a criterion when showing the suggested videos.

12. Place Viewing Hooks at the End of the Videos

If your channels and videos are doing well, you will get a lot of your viewers who will click on the video to get to the end of it.

A very good alternative is to put hooks/links that are linked to other videos at the end of each production. YouTube has a feature that serves this purpose.

The secret is to include content that makes sense and is related to what the person has just seen. Hooks on videos are a hack to increase views on YouTube.

13. Make Interactive Videos like Questions and Answers

Why do users visit your YouTube channel?

It may be because of your authority and knowledge in a given specialty, or perhaps because you identify with their way of expressing themselves.

Whatever the reason is, they certainly have questions to ask.

People are curious by nature, and if you can satisfy their doubts, it will turn subscribers into fans and promoters, which only helps to make your channel better known.

That’s why making room for the audience to send questions and get them answered on video is a great idea.

This interaction with the user creates closeness and contributes to shaping a community, which is always important for the channel’s fame.

14. Use Calls to Action

Do you know what a CTA is? The acronym for call to action is nothing more than a call to action.

It is an invitation that you make to the user to subscribe to the channel, like the video, and share the content, in short.

Many YouTubers do this right off the bat, which may sound strange to certain audiences, but it prevents those who don’t reach the end of the video from ceasing to perform the action you would like.

15. Offer Related Content

Here, the same goes for what I said a little while ago about playlists. Whenever you have content capable of connecting to another, be sure to establish that connection.

Just an invitation to check out a new video, you might make a quick presentation of what the user will gain if they do.

16. Upload New Videos to Your Email Base

Advertising a channel on YouTube goes far beyond interactions with your followers, whether on this or other social networks.

Their main brand, by the way, is in the relationship. It is something that you can invest in by other means.

Create a landing page to capture the email addresses of people subscribed to your channel and offer them some advantages, such as sending firsthand news about your niche, product or service.

Why not create a personalized newsletter, with the face of your audience, so that they have one more way to contact you?

An excellent tactic for capturing your audience’s email is usually to offer rich material, such as an invitation to a webinar or an eBook.

To have access to the material, the user must register his email in the form of a landing page.

17. Measure Your Results and Improve Your Strategy

After putting into practice all the actions that best match your strategy, you need to monitor the results.

After all, there will always be some marketing effort that behaves better in practice.

Knowing this, you can invest in what offers the best return and make adjustments in what has not worked very well. To measure results, you need metrics.

And on the famous video platform, this is done through YouTube Analytics.

Among other pieces of information, you can find out:

  • What content is most-watched?
  • Which generates greater engagement, such as likes and comments?
  • For how long, on average, do users watch your videos?

This is a valuable data for you to optimize your strategy.


Now, you have good information to develop a marketing strategy, making your videos better known to the audience.

This is the first step towards becoming a digital influencer or just making money on the platform.

Whatever your goal is, you are ready to put it into practice.

Do you want to learn how to promote your business using videos?

Explore the most working strategy for building a business blog and become a super affiliate in no distant time.

11 thoughts on “17 Practicable Ways to Get More Views on YouTube in 2020”

  1. This is an excellent article on how to grow a youtube channel, I’ve started my new channel about health & beauty this year and I’m constantly searching for information on how to improve the performance. I’m not bad off, 87 subscribers for a new channel is quite good in my opinion. I know that SEO, titles, and thumbnails are very important but what I’m a bit confused with are the keywords. I’m not sure if the YouTube algorithm picks just the first words from the title or words from the video content. 
    What I love about YouTube is that it is much easier to rank there than in google with blog posts. In my niche, it is so darn competitive, I sometimes search for keywords for my blog posts for hours and still end up with something that ranks on the third or fourth page in google. On YouTube, it’s easier.
    I’m glad I found out about TrueView ads in your article, it’s completely new to me, never heard of them. I’m going to look into this.

  2. Hello there, This is an amazing article that you have got here. I enjoyed going through this content on your website as you offered a lot of insightful tips that could help promote ones YouTube page. I have  been worried as to his to how I will getvmy drum video public via YouTube and really do not know how to go about it. 

    Thanks for sharing this information with me.

    • I carefully combined and blended those practical ways of generating more YouTube views and these are the most productive means of achieving great success in creating YouTube videos. Thanks for reading!

      Israel Olatunji

  3. This is very helpful information. I am just getting ready to start my first YouTube channel with videos. I am hoping to see a good income from it. I did not know that you had to consider keywords and optimize a YouTube site for SEO.  This is all new to me. It looks like I might have some more homework to do before I begin. Thanks for the great information!

    • When it comes to getting more views on YouTube, it boils down to visiting other people’s channels, subscribing to their channels, watching their videos, and commenting on their videos. By consistently doing all these, you’ll watch your subscriber count grow exponentially daily.

  4. Hello Israel, this is really wonderful,  I have been running my YouTube channel for more than six months now and I haven’t even gotten up to 1000 subscribers. I am sure the content is great but from this post, I noticed that I lack the practical ways to draw traffic to my channel, and I’m putting these tips to work immediately especially partnering with other channels. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Thanks again for your comment, Jomata! YouTube is a video blogging platform explored by hundreds of thousands of bloggers from around the world to drive tons of traffic to their blogs and earn even more revenue by sharing useful and visually-engaging content to the audience.

      Israel Olatunji

  5. Hello there once again, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your article. I think these are some really great ways to get more views on youtube, i will be sharing this with a friend who recently opened a youtube channel as it would be of great use for her, thanks for sharing this

    • Glad you found this post informative, Philebur! Getting lots of views to your YouTube channel is guaranteed with those strategies. These are working strategies that will help you drive unlimited traffic hits to your channel in no time.

      Israel Olatunji

  6. Hey my friend!  Great article!

    I myself am a youtuber so this article I found to be particularly interesting.  

    I think the one thing that is most important for youtubers is simply generating consistent content on a regular basis.  

    Other than consistency, using SEO as you stated is very helpful.  

    Actually I like to use the same strategy for finding good key words for my blog posts for my youtube videos as well.  

    Thanks for your tips and insights, great article!

    • Oh yes, Justin, consistency is of paramount importance when it comes to achieving success on YouTube! By creating useful and visually-engaging content regularly, subscribing to other people’s channels, and commenting on other people’s videos, you’ll get the traffic. Thanks for your comment!

      Israel Olatunji


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