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Whenever you come across a blog post titled, ‘Get Paid To Post Comments‘, what’s your own perspective about it and what do you think it simply involves? How does getting paid to post comments affect your blogging career or, perhaps, what does it have to do with your blogging goal?

Make sure you don’t miss the road as thousands of influential bloggers do today.

To get started here, different people do have different goals in mind for blogging. Some do practice blogging to make money while other people blog just for making fun or sharing thoughts and nothing more. What is your own view about blogging and why do you blog?

If you are simply blogging to have your passion turned into an online success, then this blog post is mainly for you and not for anyone else. Have you ever considered turning your passion into a thriving online business?

Let me show you some facts about blogging and how you can leverage blogging for financial advantage through blog commenting.

How To Comment On Blogs

There are hundreds of thousands of bloggers out there who need quality comments on their niche blogs. The major reason behind this is link building. Each and every updated blogger knows that Google has recently improved so much on its algorithms and links are the pioneering factor in its hierarchy of ranking factors.

Blog commenting is one of the most valuable and productive tactics to get top rankings and that’s why bloggers need your quality comments on their blogs.

Most importantly, you do your blog commenting by ensuring that you add your website URL only when you are offering your attention grabbing comments to a niche specific blog. By doing this, you will be automatically building high quality links and you should be getting yourself a big pat in the back.

Aside from building high quality links for top search rankings, you are being reciprocity and outreach wise as analyzed by Ryan Biddulph and this is a big strategy to getting maximum exposure and generating backlinks naturally.

Get Paid To Write For Blogs

Writing for blogs is part of your daily blogging activities. Are you surprised to hear this? You shouldn’t be at all. Do you know that you are simply performing your normal blogging herald when you write for blogs? What sort of blogs would you be writing for? Why must you perform blogging herald on a daily basis?

Blogging herald involves the various blogging activities that you simply perform on other people’s blogs at constant intervals. These include guest posting, commenting on several blogs and promoting top bloggers’ blogs in return for the high traffic leveraged.

To make the most out of blogging and blogging herald, maximize this by leveraging tools like Ahrefs and  for getting authority bloggers’ email contact lists. To learn how to make proper use of these tools, leave a comment below this post and I would be more than happy to reply you quickly.

You need to perform blogging herald daily in order to improve your site health and eventually build your site trust at geometrical rates. As you continue doing this, people will begin to link to your blog gradually from top bloggers’ sites.

Search engines will take this as a signal that you have quality and engaging content on your site and will start improving your site in search results amazingly.

How To Get People To Comment On Your Blog

Getting the right people to comment on your site would be the cheapest task to perform in your daily blogging career. This is one of the most important reasons you need to start linking to authority bloggers.

It’s in the ethics of passionate blogging that when quality blog comments are being offered, the favor must be returned back in due course.

Note the following hints and you will get massive comments to your blog:

Hint 1 – When you offer quality and relevant comments to top bloggers in your respective niche, the law of reciprocity takes effects. Be everywhere and ensure that you post comments to as many blogs as you can daily.

Hint 2 – Make your readers a promise at the beginning of your blog post and make them see that you fulfilled the promise at the end of that post. You win your readers’ minds with this and they see every need to return to your blog from time to time.

Hint 3 – Make your blog an Internet Marketing or a Money Making Clinic and help in resolving customers’ blogging issues the same way doctors treat ill patients at clinics.

Hint 4 – Learn how to build content to address your customers’ needs and narrow your aim while addressing the target audience at the point of their needs. You will get tons of comments to your blogs using this approach too. It’s a powerful strategy and it works.

Hint 5 – Know the minds of your target audience by becoming the audience and choose the media they would prefer as this will lead to more engagement on your site and bring more traffic. You choose from media such as videos, Podcasts, audios and lots more.

Hint 6 – You must have built a long-term relationship/friendship with top bloggers well before asking for any help from them. That’s how it works.

Hint 7 – Their blog posts appear on other top sites with the highest Page Rank like Forbes, Virgin, Entrepreneur, Nell Patel and many others and they get tons of traffic from guest posts too. They are potentials for newbie bloggers to get maximum exposure and maximize outreach campaigns.

Hint 8 – Alongside building friendship, it’s important that you help these top bloggers by promoting them through your blogs, in the middle of blog posts, in the blog commenting sections and elsewhere.

Things start working out naturally for you in no time and you start seeing results amazingly. You steadily start building site trust with Google and other search engines. More trust equals more traffic and more revenue.

Get Paid To Comment

This is a vital aspect of commenting on blogs as everyone would love to earn revenue for doing it all. Do you know that more comments equal more trust and more ranking? New blogs are not trusted yet by search engines until they can show really that they have quality and engaging content.

In an affiliate marketing community known as Wealthy Affiliate, I earn $0.50/comment when I offer quality blog comments to other people’s blogs and there’s no limit to the number of comments I can offer daily. You simply use the credits earned to request comments back to your site and this is what we call a pay-it-forward system of blogging.

There are so many other ways to earn by commenting on blogs. You have a number of freelance writing platforms at your own disposal like Postloop whereby you get paid posting comments, though that isn’t worth your time.

Like me, you simply leverage these platforms and pay writers who are from different ethnics, cultures and tribes of the world to write for you. You can receive as many blog comments as you want daily and may choose to pay other writers from your earned income in the platforms.

More comments equal more trust and more traffic.

The happiest time in blogging is when you see progress coming. Imagine how motivated you’ll be when this begins to happen.

It really boosts your morale and you work more to acquire more success.

When I first started seeing progress in site trust, site traffic stats and revenue, I became seriously overwhelmed and you could imagine how that was going to look at.

I do ask and encourage everyone to do blog commenting herald which maximizes exposure and helps in getting high quality backlinks.

Note the following major points and you will start building site trust soonest:

  • Create Quality and Engaging Content Constantly While Engaging Audience.
  • Build Links For SEO Through Blog Commenting, Guest Blogging and Social Engagement.
  • Attract More Visitors and Earn Consistent Revenue In Lifetime.

One thing you would ever regret doing with blogging is being a cheat. Don’t be a frustrated blogger as Google will frustrate you for using the link auto-generator software to build links. Don’t get slapped by the search engines. Don’t look for shortcuts. There’s no shortcut to success in blogging.


Having read through this post, taking actions right away on your site would be the most profitable way to blog and the best strategy to make the most out of your blogging career.

Do not just read and get away without practically applying those techniques to commenting on blogs and ensure you build backlinks massively.

Should you have any question you want to ask or, perhaps, have some inquiries you want to make, don’t hesitate leaving a comment below and I would be more than happy to reply you quickly.

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12 Comments on “Get Paid To Post Comments”

  1. Hi, Israel I wished I would’ve seen this post like a year ago when I started my online journey. I am inspired even more by your post because you educate people the right way on blogging, Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Hello Viviana,

      Kudos for your lovely thought! Thanks for reading my post and for getting inspired by what you read! Much appreciated, Viviana! A lot of bloggers out there do make horrific blogging mistakes due to inappropriate mentoring, low orientation about blogging as well as wrong training.

      Check out on some of our latest posts through the links below to equip yourself more and more for online success and learn how to turn your passion into a thriving online business:

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      How To Grow Your Blog Audience

      I strongly recommend reading one of the most recent posts On Ryan’s blog through the link below.
      What May Be Your Most Horrific Blogging Mistakes

      Wish you gigantic success,
      Israel Olatunji

  2. Hi Israel, Your post on Get Paid to Post Comments is informative. I have used the Wealthy Affiliate comment section before but I tried to get enough credits to get some Site Feedback because I needed some.

    I never thought of actually getting paid for posting comments. They have a good program at Wealthy Affiliate where you can trade comments. I prefer to use that thread.

    Comments help to get your website rank in search engines. I also learned a lot from bloggers by reading their posts.
    I love that you have taken the time to write this detailed article for your readers.
    Good Read!

    1. Thanks for leaving such a valuable thought Luna! The Wealthy Affiliate “Site Comment” Platform is leveraged by thousands of internet entrepreneurs for site engagement and ranking speed enhancement. I joined the community a couple of months ago and I must say it’s been a wonderful platform so far.

    1. Getting paid to comment on blogs comes through several ways, Attila. I mentioned in my post how you can get paid posting comments at forums and blogs through freelance writing / forum posting platforms like Postloop and many others. I actually posted a review about Postloop as a great way to get paid posting replies and comments at forums and blogs. Learn further details here.

      The second way to get paid for making blog comments is through the high quality backlinks that you generate simply by making genuine and authentic blog comments on top bloggers’ sites who operate niche related blogs. It works out due to the law of reciprocity.

      We regard you as a valued visitor and would love to invite you checking out some of the most recent posts on this blog that will give you the total insight into building high quality backlinks.

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      Best Way To Build High Quality Backlinks

      You might also want to read one of the most recent posts On Ryan’s blog through the link below.
      How to Build Your Business Online by Blogging (Video)

      Wish you gigantic success,
      Israel Olatunji

  3. Thank you for the 8 tips on blogging and commenting, But I listened to Kyle in one of his training where he did not encourage backlinking? What is your opinion about that?

    I enjoy using the platform here at Wealthy Affiliate for comments, but I did not know that you can use monetary conversation, I just assumed you earn credits. Thanks for highlighting that!

    1. You carefully read through the post, Cinderella! The major reason Kyle didn’t include and encourage back-linking in his online entrepreneur certification training course is due to the abuse on the part of many bloggers out there.

      Google has recently improved on its special algorithms based on ranking factors and links are the first mentioned among others, but despite this, people still find a way of spamming the factor by developing some kind of link auto-generator software which is strictly prohibited.

      Using the automatic link generating software to build backlinks leads straight to getting slapped by the search engines. The links generated through this route are referred to as low quality links which lead to severe punishment.

      We regard you as a valued visitor and would love to invite you checking out some of the most recent posts on this blog that will give you the right direction to building high quality backlinks.

      Blogging Tips For New Bloggers: 10 Blogging Tips
      Best Way To Build High Quality Backlinks

      You might also want to read one of the most recent posts On Ryan’s blog through the link below.
      How to Build Your Business Online by Blogging (Video)

      Wish you gigantic success,
      Israel Olatunji

  4. Thanks for the shout out Israel! Love me some good old fashioned blog commenting. If you comment genuinely, you earn cash through multiple streams; some pay per comment of course but also, you attract clients and customers over the long haul. Awesome how nicely genuine blog commenting works. Persistence wins of course; bloggers who keep at it, get it.


    1. Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for getting back with such a lovely and heart-touching comment! You have successfully published hundreds of rocking blog posts both on Blogging From Paradise and at top blogging sites out there like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fox News, Neil Patel and lots more.

      You have deeply emphasized on building a blog strictly on solid, proven blogging fundamentals which focuses mainly on genuine and authentic blog commenting, guest posting on niche specific blogs, helping and promoting top bloggers without expecting anything in return, using the law of reciprocity in blogging, strategizing outreach campaigns and all of that.

      Thanks, Ryan, for emphasizing much more on the fact that genuine blog commenting with persistence really works and that bloggers who keep it simply get it! What an awesome comment, Ryan! Please, keep teaching. I am learning.

  5. I’m a bit confused how you earn $0.50 per comment. Does someone pay you to comment or do you average the number of comments by the sales that you make and comments that you have made on other people’s blogs?

    1. Thanks for getting back Melinda! I was pointing to the pay-it-forward system operated at Wealthy Affiliate. Of course you know such a system of blogging is not practiced anywhere in the world.

      Wealthy Affiliate is the only internet entrepreneurial community that operates such a platform in the online business world to ensure that members build site trust on time and get their branded websites off the ground in earnest.

      Being a valued friend, you might not be aware that the post has been updated a moment ago. Kindly revisit and check the updates.

      If you wish to get paid posting at forums and blogs or, perhaps, just need the platforms to get quality comments back to your site, then I strongly recommend that you read the posts titled, “Postloop Reviews” and “Paid Forum Posting Review” if you haven’t.

      You will get all the details you need there and will be fully set to move your business to the next level. If you would ask any question after reading through the posts, don’t hesitate leaving a comment below and I would be more than happy to reply you as soon as possible.

      Wish you much success!
      Israe Olatunji

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