Using Guest Posts to Get Quality Backlinks Fast

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Online traffic is so important to many online businesses as they are the main source of getting traffic for your products and making huge sales. To get quality backlinks fast, apart from posting on your blog, it is important for you to have guest posts on other people’s sites. Now, note that Google has much preference for high-quality posts and this will help you build good backlinks.

How to Find the Right Prospects for Your Guest Posts

There are sites that accept guest posts and those that do not. You need to seek out sites that do not only accept guest posts but are also credible enough and meet Google’s standards.

Searching for the Right Sites

When you search, you will find many sites where you can place your guest posts. However, you need to make your choice of the right sites for your post. Start by opening an excel spreadsheet for some selected sites.

Your target information should include the site’s homepage, guest posting guidelines, social media followers and comments, and any other relevant metrics. On this sheet, you will be able to input the attributes of your sites and make comparisons to come up with the best among them.

Using the Right Search Strings

You will find a good number of search strings for your Google search; however, you should know the right combinations that will give you the right guest posting opportunities that are relevant to your niche.

You can also carry out a Google blog search by visiting to make your search.

You can also run a Twitter search and locate authors that have published guest posts on other sites and also sites that have received guest posts. Just go to and enter your search string.

My Blog Guest

Also a nice one for guest posts! However, you may not find many credible sites but many of the sites are still worth writing for. You will need to create an account with them before you can proceed to the guest author section. From the categories, you will find one that fits your niche.

Go Deeper

After looking up sites that accept guest posts, you need to narrow them down to what you need and what will add value to your site for higher SEO ranking and traffic. It is important to determine if the chosen site will be just right for your content. Make sure that your site of choice has many active guests and usually posts relevant guest content.

This is one great site where you can get much information about what to expect from your guest posts in the long run.

You can easily find out an estimated amount of traffic to expect for your post. Go to the traffic sources area of this website to get information about traffic to the site.

Reviewing Blog Comments

These have a relationship to referral traffic. Sometimes, Google uses blog comments as a metric for deciding whether a site is real or not. By looking at the number of comments on a site, you can have an idea of the amount of traffic that a guest post can get on that site.

Having a guest post on a site that does not get many comments may not be really worth the stress because you may not generate much traffic for your post.

Social Signals

Social signals are a great indicator to know how a site is faring. Signals like shares are good for generating traffic and also help your post rank higher on search engines. You can tell how valuable or relevant a post is by how much it is being shared.

You can use the Blog Social Analyzer to see a site’s history of sharing. Take the URL of the RSS feed of a site and paste on Then you will be able to see how many tweets, likes, and shares that the recent posts have received.

Twitter outreach

Using Twitter following posts and their followers’ profiles can tell you how popular a site is. The more influential the followers on a site are, the more popular the site will be.

Follower Wonk can help you determine how popular a site is. You should go for sites that have influential people with the high social authority of about 20 and above.

Preparing Your Guest Posts

Once you are done with the task of choosing the right site for your post, then it is time to create a captivating guest post. Before writing your post, you need to find out what works on that site. Find out the category of the audience that visits that site, then you can create your post around a target audience.

Popular Posts

On the sidebar of many websites, you will find the popular posts widget. You can check to know what type of posts attract the most audience. Most popular posts on many websites cover SEO, how to succeed with your business or how to generate high traffic to your sites.

Open Site Explorer

This is one good site you can visit to see pages that generated a lot of backlinks. But you should note that having backlinks does not mean that a post will generate as many shares. Open Site Explorer will take you to open site explorer, and then you enter the site’s homepage URL. Check Top Pages to know pages that have the highest page authority.

Wrap up Email

It is important that you reach out to the site owner, offer him to write a guest post on his site and show him a list of your published articles. This will prove to him that your article deserves to be published on his site.

Preparing Your Post

Go for topics that have high acceptance. Let your post have a great headline, and have your content well outlined and captivating to your audience. You can search your topic on Google and make your selection of the best results.

Rephrase your title in line with those that you saw to have the highest views through your search. Then you can use WordPress editor to add sub-headers.

Using Guest posting List Sites

There are sites that post the top 10 or top 20 lists of guest posts. If you are listed on these sites, then add a link back to your site. Most SEO searches hardly find these guest posts because such sites hardly label such content as “guest posts”.

Working with Guidelines

Most of these sites have their guidelines which they expect you to adhere to. They may not be so strict about them but then you should try as much as possible to adhere to them.

Writing Your Content

Having great content is very important to the success of your post. Carry out thorough research for your content and make sure that your niche of focus is well captured.

Use simple language that your audience will understand and make sure that you do not digress to other issues that do not concern your topic.

Publishing Your Guest Post

If the quality of your post is not up to the standard for those sites, it is very easy to get your post rejected. Publishers are more interested in posts that will attract much audience to their site and not posts that will seem like spam.

When you send an email to a publisher requesting to publish on his site, have a clear subject matter and try to personalize the content of your email. Let the publisher see clearly how his site will benefit from your content and other posts that you have published that can lend credibility to you.

Things You Should Do Before Publishing Guest Content on a Site

  • Make sure that the site welcomes guest posts. Check the quality of guest posts that they accept, and know their posting requirements.
  • Go to some of their blogs to know what their audience wants. Read many of them to understand their pattern of writing. You can also learn about their social share counts.
  • Comments are very important to give you much information about what the audience wants and how they usually respond to posts.
  • Familiarize yourself with their writing style so that you can adapt it for your posts.

Write Away!!!

After conducting all the necessary research on the best site to publish your guest content, their regulations, type of audience, and publishing style, it is time to get down your post. Remember that having interesting and valuable content will increase the chances of your post being accepted.

The first thing that will attract the audience to your post is your headline. If it does not attract your audience, then is sure that they will hardly cast a glance at your content.

Your headline should be reflective of your post. If the audience enjoys your post, then they will often come back to check for more of your posts. You will also find blog owners requesting you to write guest posts for their sites.

These days, images are very important for attracting the audience to your posts. There are royalty-free images that you can go for or you may wish to pay for some images to add beauty and credence to your posts.

Sending an Email

Once you have created your post, you need to reach out to the owner of the site where you intend to publish your guest post. There are several email templates online that you can choose from, but you need to be careful what you choose because a badly prepared email can block the chances of your post being published.

A good introduction will give the site owner an idea of who you are and if your post is worth being published on his site. Try to personalize the email and make it less formal.

Do not give him the idea that you are trying to pitch your business with him. After creating your email, use software like Yesware to follow up on if your email has been read.

Sending follow up emails

Sometimes, bloggers are lucky to have their guest posts accepted in a very short time; however, most of the time; it may take several follow-ups to get your email replied to and your offer accepted. This is why you need to reach out to them weekly, as a way of sending them reminders until you achieve your goal with them.

Promoting Your Content

Remember that it will be much easier for that site to accept more posts from you if your post was able to attract a lot of audiences and generate much traffic to the site. You too will do well with many shares and comments from the audience.

In addition, you can always make references to such posts from other blogs. You can promote your posts using your social media accounts and respond to comments from your audience. Note that your audience can go a very long way in helping you promote your posts as they share with others.

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