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Getting your site indexed by Google is one of the greatest achievements you would ever want to have in your online business. This is paramount to your online success and can be achieved as soon as you start creating content on your site. Prior to making content, you have some important things to learn first. You have some training courses to undergo. You will be learning about certain tools that you will be using to build your site for Google rankings.

I have been online for over ten years blogging without getting results just because I didn’t figure things out. It was then I learned properly that online success never comes by magic. You have to learn what needs to be learned, set a goal and then work hard towards accomplishing your target. You can actually have your goal accomplished if and only if you can work for it.


In online business, laziness is a taboo. Becoming successful online wouldn’t ever happen overnight, but will simply work out perfectly by receiving training and working fervently. You must be ready to do the business and give the best of commitment to it in order to get results. Once you are ready, there’s no barrier on your way to success. It’s all about understanding the business to the uttermost and working hard to achieve overall success.

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Prior to learning about getting your site indexed in Google and other search engines, you need to get familiar with a platform whereby you are going to be fully trained to become a successful entrepreneur. This is Wealthy Affiliate for you, a community of over 1000000 trained and prosperous entrepreneurs.

What you will be learning in training here will be worth much more than a 4-year degree course in the university. That is the truth about the platform anyway and you may want to visit to check it out or try it free. Except you are from restricted countries, you will be able to create an account free and will be given access to all lessons in the first stage of the online entrepreneur certification.

How To Get Your Website Indexed By Google

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Today, you will be learning how to get your website indexed by Google possibly in less than 24 hours. Are you surprised to hear this? Do you think it’s impossible to get indexed by Google in 24 hours or less? Be rest assured that if you simply follow what you are taught here today, you will be writing your first content today and will be getting indexed in less than 24 hours.

In the first place, you will be undergoing some training courses to become an internet entrepreneur first, then will be practicing what you are taught to start a great brand and step up quickly to online success. To get access to the online entrepreneurial training classes, you may want to join the community of over 1000000 trained entrepreneurs.

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Here in the community, we have a system called Pay-It-Forward system. The community trains everyone to pay it forward by helping other members solve one problem or the other while training is going on alongside. The training you are going to receive in the network will be focusing on training you to become successful with your online business. During the course of receiving training, you will learn deeply how you can set up a brand and become successful in no time.

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In the meantime, we shall be discussing how you can get your website indexed by Google in less than 24 hours. Before I get started, permit me to ask you a few questions first. Do you have a website of your own? How long has the website been created? How far has it been going online in terms of receiving traffic? No matter what the situation might be with your website, you will be learning how to move fast with your brand as from now on. You will be given some simple tips, yet the greatest to get your website indexed in a short period of time, usually in less than 24 hours.

The impact of audience engagement on your site getting indexed fast takes a larger percentage of the overall effort. You must encourage guests to leave comments at your site or, perhaps, leave a feedback which could be a general, layout, content quality or any other specific feedback. This will give Google and other search engines clue that you can be well trusted.

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Google places indexing on some common parameters and these are what will be looked at before your site can get indexed. One of the most crucial parameters that matter a lot is about the comments or feedback that you receive at your site and how deeply you have been engaged to your target audience. If you want to build trust with Google, or you want Google to begin assigning authority to your site in the sight of your target audience which increases your rankings, you must engage your audience regularly.

Another great parameter needed for getting indexed fast and building authority in the sight of your audience is content frequency. Content frequency is all about how frequently you post new articles to your site. If you want to be posting new article every other day, make sure you don’t change the time frequency at all in order to have your website pages or the overall website indexed in no time.

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Content frequency is a great parameter just like audience engagement for building online authority and trust with Google. Google is the all-important search engine to satisfy. Once that is done, you are automatically okay with other search engines and nearest to online success.

Your content is needed by Google because its operation is tailored towards content advertisements so that advertisers stand to gain real and targeted traffic to their own websites. Google is making sure that its advertisers are given the best of quality when it comes to buying adverts online. So, you can leverage this opportunity in getting your website placed in first page rankings. By working on this, you don’t have to advertise your site anywhere any longer.

How To Get Ranked in Google

In order to get ranked in Google and other search engines, you must get your website indexed first. This must precede getting ranked. Once you have received training, create your website using the WordPress theme. The reason you must use the WordPress theme is that it has features that can help your site get optimized for high search potentials. Once you are done with the creation of your website, it’s time to start creating content on your website.

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During the course of getting trained to become an entrepreneur, you must have learned how to use the keyword search tool for building a website content. If you haven’t, then you may want to learn shortly about that here. Once you have learned about the use of the keyword search tool, you are good to go now. Write your content using the low hanging fruit keyword you have just read about in that post. Post your first article on the first day of creating your website.

In each of your articles, make sure you follow the best parameters for writing a keyword rich content. This makes Google find your content fast and you will get the highest potential to get indexed within the shortest possible time. For the first article, try and make the length up to 2000 words or more. You may still have some future articles to be written up to that length or greater for search engine optimization.

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One important thing to note is that you don’t have to make all of your content to be written up to 2000 words or more. If you just want to step up fast with your online business, you may try making one article of 1500 words in length per day. This will optimize your website for high search potentials and you will be amazed at the results you are going to be seeing overtime. This will truly set you on a multi million dollar brand on a yearly basis having chosen a great domain for your brand.

Optimize Your Site For High Search Potentials

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Optimizing your site for high search potentials becomes feasible once you have successfully got it indexed by Google. Google is the biggest search engine in the online world today. It is the search engine on which other search engines depend. Once you get your site indexed by Google, it automatically gets indexed by other search engines.

Everything comes in stages and revenue starts coming in a matter of days, weeks or months depending on how much effort you’ve been able to put in. So, what you want to make from your website depends solely on your effort and you can make that exactly if you so wish.

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Setting up your website and getting rolling from the first day of starting out would guarantee steady flow of income in the short run. You will then be leveraging your site to earn revenue in multiple ways. The internet is big enough to let you make tons of cash daily from your ranked site. Statistically, over 3.75 billion people surf the internet daily.

With the same website, you will be earning from various internet money making programs using the same traffic. Amazon would be a great earning potential for you because a lot of people do buy several items from the store at the same time and you will be earning between 5% – 10% sales commission.


Aside from earning from Amazon, you still have other programs that are really worth your time and efforts. You may further be generating revenue to your site by selling the traffic that comes daily, weekly and monthly. You simply do this by selling advertisements on your site. Soonest, you’ll proudly become an authority online in your niche.

You must note that authority comes shortly after you make much effort optimizing your site with a 100% content frequency, content quality, audience engagement and lots more. Google starts assigning authority to your niche website once you have made much effort. It does not work without much effort. You must put that in mind so that you can step up in no time.

Getting More Rankings

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Getting more rankings means getting more traffic and that simply means getting more revenue. It all starts from the indexing. The impression Google is getting from your site from the very first article published on your site matters a lot. You would want to build trust with Google once you realize that this is the road to online success for you.

Google will index your site normally if it’s purely satisfied with the initial content on your website, but will place its trust in your brand based on certain conditions. Google will be watching if you will be posting articles consistently. Google needs consistent content writers because that is the greatest in the algorithms it uses to rank any website.


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Now that you’ve got your site indexed by Google, you would want to optimize your website for maximum revenue. All you should do to achieve this is to be consistent in posting articles, engaging your target audience and giving out the best in your content.

Once you start receiving rankings from Google, your site becomes a multiple stream of income for you and you have all potentials anywhere in the world to make money online. This is why building online income entails getting trained. Countless people have tried online business and have turned back when they tried all they could, but couldn’t make money.

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While doing business online, you work from the pool of knowledge acquired during the course of receiving training. You already get acquainted with the common challenges faced by online entrepreneurs while starting out online and the dividends you stand to gain if you are stable.

Should you have any question you want to ask or any inquiry you want to put across, feel free to fill out the form below and I will be more than happy to respond as soon as possible.

13 thoughts on “Get Your Site Indexed By Google”

  1. Hi Israel,

    Thanks for the interesting article! I’m always keen to read about ways to improve my Google rankings! You’re quite right that laziness in online business is a taboo. I know that personally and I’ve been surprised at how much commitment it really does take.

    Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a great community – It makes things a lot easier to have folks there who can help you out when you run into inevitable roadblocks.


  2. Great post! I think this will help plenty of people considering that a lot of new entrepreneurs tend to get confused with this.

    I definitely agree that having content frequency as well as comments play a major role when it comes to getting higher rankings in Google!

    The idea of earning passive income from promoting products on a website is something that always had me interested and right as soon as I heard about it, I dove straight into this.

    I could see you mentioned earlier that having frequent articles posted that contain 1,500-2,000 words tend to get much better results in terms of ranking.

    My question is, would it be possible for articles to end up on the first page if they are only 1,000 words? I have kept them at this length for a while now, but would you recommend I try to add more to each post to ensure I get better results?

    • You do blog commenting genuinely this time around, Arie and this enhances your ranking speed if you don’t relent. You carefully fleshed out essential points from the post and this is the right way to make genuine and authentic blog comments. Keep it up.

      A lot of people truly get confused about link building due to the fact that it’s seriously abused and, because of this, some people thought it’s not safe leveraging it for building backlinks. That is, of course, the reason it wasn’t treated both in the online entrepreneur certification affiliate bootcamp.

      The online entrepreneur certification focused strictly on creating quality content while engaging visitors which really works maximally.

      Creating quality content together with engaging your target audience would be enough to get the top rankings that we’re all struggling for, but the truth is that content was the second mentioned in the hierarchy of Google’s ranking factors while links are the first mentioned.

      Yes, I did mention that articles of lengths 1500-2000 words can give you an edge over hundreds of thousands of bloggers in search results overtime if and only if you wrote them using low competitive keywords (Low Hanging Fruit Keywords) as treated in the online entrepreneur certification.

      Targeting to write articles of lengths 1500+ words is truly great for SEO, though not all of your articles may necessarily be as long as that. 1000+ words long articles are the minimum required lengths for SEO, but it’s good that you write up to 1500+ words once in a blue moon.

      We regard you as a valued visitor and would love to invite you checking out some of the most recent posts on this blog that will give you the right direction to building high quality backlinks.

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      Wish you gigantic success,
      Israel Olatunji

  3. I like how thorough you were in explaining how to get your content indexed as fast as possible in Google. It is definitely as important as you put it. The only thing I would add is that it is important to get some of your content to the first page. How do you do that?

    Nobody goes beyond the first page in search results unless you are just a blogger checking your ranking. People who are interested in buying won’t though. Is it just something you work at and after a while, you finally start to see ranks? Thanks for the very info packed post!

    • Hello Jason,

      Getting your site indexed by Google as fast as possible is feasible if you can focus all attentions on content writing and audience engagement. You will succeed in getting your site indexed within 24 hours or a bit longer. That’s guaranteed. Search engines love content and would index your work if you have quality and engaging content on your site.

      As for getting first page rankings in search engines, you have nothing to worry about in as much as you concentrate on content writing and site engagement. It’s true that people don’t usually check into the second, third and other pages of search results. That’s why we strive to get first page rankings. Once you’ve created your website, you should start building it out with quality content.

  4. Great informative article. Your tips are really great. But I think, there are many other things related to google ranking. Only keyword optimized lengthy content will not give you top rank. I think, back links, social media marketing, blog commenting and many others you need to follow for site or page rank. Earlier, I tried this method-only creating contents with keyword targeting, but I did not follow other aspects. As a result, one big zero in the name of traffic though that side had some great great articles.

    Keyword optimized, well written, informative and lengthy content is only a small part of the whole SEO game.
    Anyway, thanks for this great article!

    • At least, I appreciate you for contributing your own thought about getting a website indexed in Google. Your tips are appreciated, though I have never ever restricted my getting ranked to writing keyword-optimized content alone.

      I tried using Google+, Twitter, Facebook and other social media to generate traffic, though building out your site with quality and engaging content is a great way to get ranked in Google and other search engines, not a small part as you said.

  5. When I first got into affiliate marketing, it took me way long to get my site indexed because I had absolutely no idea about what I was doing. If I had found a post like this back then, I would have saved a lot of time.

    This website is very useful and I will be sure to check out all of your other posts relating to affiliate marketing.

    • Getting indexed in Google is quite easy and may take you between a day to a week. It would take so long if you don’t receive the kind of training needed to achieve this as stated in the post above. I could remember that one of the posts on my site was indexed the same day I published it and the overall site was indexed within four days of creating it. Isn’t that amazing?

      Getting indexed this way means more rankings, more traffic to your site and more revenue. It’s good that you learn and know anything you want to do in life because knowledge is power.

  6. Hi Israel! Thank you for your informative explanation. If I may ask because I’ve been curious all this while, what is the difference between Google index and Google rank? I wish to know the difference. Thanks for your response in anticipation!

    • You are welcome back! Google indexing and Google rankings have some areas of similarities and differences. Google indexing signifies that your website has been registered within Google index to display for search results while Google ranking means that your website has been placed on first or second page search results.

      Your site gets indexed first while you receive Google rankings anytime after getting your site indexed based on how much you keep up the great work in your website.

  7. Greetings,
    I am a newbie in the online business and have been at it for about 5 months now in the middle of the training at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s just to let you know my experience level. So, it goes below.

    I found your article very informative and learned a lot from it. It gave me some tips to think about and look into. It’s well written although did find it a bit long. And if a person was just looking into getting online, he might find it to be somewhat overwhelming, but for someone in my position it was very helpful.

    I liked how you informed the reader that this is not a get rich quick scheme and that it takes time. Good site! Good Job!!

    • Getting into online business as a newbie may be a bit cumbersome especially in trying to catch up on time. For you to have been in the Wealthy Affiliate network for about 5 months, you should have started earning up to $500 per month now being a newbie.

      The content is not that long as quoted. It contains tips to getting you on track in having your site indexed and stepping up in the online business community. It makes you learn properly what needs to be learned to ensure future success.


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