GetAmbassador Review: 10 Powerful Reasons to Use GetAmbassador

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Ask any business owner, manager, or CEO of their Number One business objective; and you’re most likely going to hear the word “growth”.

This growth could apply to any aspect of the business – market growth, revenue growth, or profit growth.

Growth is an important metric to measure the health and success of a business, and so business owners and managers invest in activities that help deliver growth, primarily advertising.

Of all the methods of advertising, word-of-mouth happens to be the oldest and most effective.

Customers voluntarily promote the products and services of businesses without the expectation of financial compensation, simply because they are satisfied with the products.

Businesses also have long taken advantage of this fact to create channels through which customers can easily “refer” their family and friends.

The referral marketing business has since been on the increase, with lots of solutions for all classes of business.

One of such solutions is under review in this post, and we are here to present decision-makers with details for reaching informed decisions.

To set the ball rolling, I would like to describe what referral marketing is before we delve into our review of GetAmbassador.

The main topics covered in our GetAmbassador review include:

  • Referral Marketing and Why it Works
  • Overview of GetAmbassador
  • GetAmbassador Marketing Solutions
  • Main Features of GetAmbassador
  • 10 Powerful Reasons to Use GetAmbassador
  • GetAmbassador Pricing Plans
  • Pros and Cons of GetAmbassador
  • Conclusion

Referral Marketing and why it Works

Referral marketing is an advertising method of promoting products and services through the use of referral sources.

The most common channel of referral marketing is word-of-mouth, which incidentally is the most effective.

This is, however, limiting when you consider the potential reach of businesses through the internet.

Other referral marketing channels include blogs, email newsletters, forums, social media networks, business websites, and landing pages.

Referral marketing has evolved into an industry with active players such as affiliate marketing agencies, bloggers, affiliate marketers, influencers, and customers

Referral marketing has worked very well over time due to 3 main factors.

I. Cost-effectiveness – The cost of acquiring a new customer is much more expensive than retaining an existing customer or getting referrals from your customers.

In most cases, the business doesn’t pay its customers any financial compensation for their referrals.

Customers are obliged to tell others about the great experience they had with your brand – inadvertently advertising to family and friends.

In some cases, referring customers are rewarded with gifts such as cash backs, discounts, and exclusive club membership.

II. Trust – Trust is the basis of every financial transaction, and once this is established between a business and its customer, advertising the business to family and friends becomes a natural fall-out.

III. Experiential marketing – People can see through marketers beyond their gimmicks and facade.

If a marketer truly believes in a brand, it becomes obvious while promoting it.

Most referral marketing is done by those who have experienced the brands they are promoting and found them to deliver real value.

Tools have been developed to help businesses explore all referral marketing channels.

GetAmbassador is one of such tools and you will be learning all that you need to know about it.

Overview of GetAmbassador

GetAmbassador is an all-in-one marketing platform designed to help startups and established businesses grow through referral marketing.

GetAmbassador marketing solutions comprise referral marketing, affiliate marketing, partners, influencer marketing, and ambassador’s brand marketing.

We will cover these unique tools in detail in the next section.

Businesses of all sizes and types can take advantage of the offers from GetAmbassador to promote their brands before the target audience, drive referral traffic to their sites and stores, and generate sales lead.

There are different pricing plans to suit particular budgets of businesses.

GetAmbassador provides an easy-to-use platform with lots of features for tracking and reporting of referral and affiliate marketing activities.

Let’s look under the hood of the marketing solution so you can get a better understanding of how things work.

GetAmbassador Marketing Solutions

GetAmbassador is a marketing solution with 5 different suites that can all be configured and run from a single place.

I. GetAmbassador Referral Marketing

The referral marketing tool allows GetAmbassador users to empower their customers to share the business’ products and services with their networks.

There is mobile optimization to enhance user experience through phones and tablets and improve the ease of sharing both offline and online.

The tool gives the ability to track across email, mobile apps, and stores everywhere.

Users are able to easily integrate different CRM systems, eCommerce, and billing platforms to facilitate the fast delivery of products to the market.

This tool works across various referral marketing channels, tracks engagement, rewards performance, and gives out automated rewards to customers.

II. GetAmbassador Affiliate Marketing

Businesses willing to drive their promotions through affiliate marketing would find this product very useful.

The platform allows for branded emails and automated communication, the power to decide who to recruit as an affiliate marketer for your business, and the right to choose who gets access to register.

The GetAmbassador Affiliate Marketing solution enables a customizable affiliate portal and tools for promotion and tracking of affiliates.

Payments can be processed easily through integration with PayPal as the mode of payment to affiliate marketers.

The live reporting will give you details of affiliate performance and those who are generating sales.

This gives you total control over the management and administration of your affiliate marketing program.

III. GetAmbassador Partners Marketing

GetAmbassador provides you with the tools to integrate partners and grow your business.

Partners are able to share your products on services through their websites, blogs, and emails.

This tool lets you set a profit-sharing ratio with partners, customize your portals, and enable partners to share your products across their networks.

CRM integration makes it easier for partners to directly enter leads. Partners are engaged through the delivery of real-time email communication.

You can trace partners’ reports and performance, and automate profit payment to partners from this tool.

IV. GetAmbassador Influencer Marketing

The partner portal enables GetAmbassador users to get more from their best prospects, the ability to customize their affiliate application, and allow agency or resellers to promote your products to the target audience.

Top influencers in your industry can be targeted and provided with the right tools to enable them to sell your products to their networks.

Influencers are provided with custom links and tools to track performance and generate organic impressions and leads.

V. GetAmbassador Brand Marketing

Improve brand experience with this great tool. Deliver tailor-made and personalized services that give your brand a competitive edge.

This all-in-one marketing solution covers any need that may arise in your referral and affiliate marketing programs.

There are also basic features of GetAmbassador that you should be aware of.

Main Features of GetAmbassador

I. Great Tool for Business Growth – GetAmbassador is a power-packed referral marketing tool with features that are specially designed to help grow your business irrespective of the current size.

There are tools for customizing marketing tools, tracking and reporting of marketers’ performances, disbursing payments and rewards, etc.

II. Easy-to-Use Visual Editor – The visual editor comes with predefined designs and automated workflows that allow users to easily create campaigns and monitor success.

Also, integration with other platforms is a seamless process that can be handled by virtually anyone.

III. Made for Dealers – Sellers have full control of the daily management, communication, and reporting of all referral and affiliate marketing activities.

IV. Different Pricing Plans to Suit You – GetAmbassador has 3 pricing plans starting at $800/month for users. These plans are Startup, Professional, and Enterprise Plans.

V. Optimized for All Platforms – GetAmbassador is designed and optimized for display on all platforms including desktop, Android, and iOS.

VI. Ecommerce integration – Get the best functionalities on your eCommerce store with email integration, payment, and billing information and API access.

E-commerce stores can manage their marketers and provide them with the right tools and resources for the promotion of the product.

Why would any business choose GetAmbassador? Well, I put together 10 reasons which are powerful enough to get you signed up on GetAmbassador.

10 Powerful Reasons to Use GetAmbassador

1. Designed with growth in mind – If you’re like me, the growth of your brand will be foremost in your mind.

GetAmbassador has been able to translate that desire for business growth into working tools that can actually lead to growth.

2. Great tool for handling all referral and affiliate marketing needs – The all-in-one GetAmbassador marketing solution is ideal for all your business needs.

3. Automated process for enrolling and tracking customers – Business can also monitor the performance of their marketers and reward customers, affiliates, influencers, and partners.

4. Fully Mobile-Optimized – Flexibility and mobile optimization for all devices that include desktop, Android, iOS, and tablets. You can access your website’s stats and handle management from your mobile device.

5. Recruit and equip your army of marketers – Using any of the marketing solutions, marketers can be recruited and equipped with every needed tool to successfully promote your products and services.

6. Excellent Customer Support – Users receive excellent customer support from the GetAmbassador’s dedicated team.

There is email and phone support for users. The support team is responsive and helps resolve complaints as quickly as possible.

7. Easily Manage Payments – From the commission tab on the dashboard, users can find detailed information about commissions earned by affiliate marketers.

Information found here includes the date of commission, name of the customer, and the email address.

Also displayed are the revenue, commission, and transactions that have been approved but not commissioned.

The payment displays payment date, customer ID, payment method, and related information.

This gives you a single interface for payment and commission handling of customers and affiliate marketers.

8. Works for every business size – Every business needs to experience growth in some forms.

It could be market share, revenue, or profit growth. The great thing about GetAmbassador is that your particular business objective can be mapped to the available tools on the platform.

As a result of this, different pricing plans and features have been created for start-ups, small to medium businesses, and enterprises.

9. Used by Reputable Brands – Services offered by GetAmbassador have become so valuable that the platform boasts of a long list of reputable brands as clients.

These brands include the likes of HP, SAP, NutriBullet, Ria Financial, and the American Marketing Association.

10. GetAmbassador Intelligent Segmentation – Users who have different segments of marketers can make use of this great tool to segment communication between the different marketers.

For example, being a blogger and an Instagram influencer requires different types of ad formats, messages, and communications.

Intelligent segmentation ensures that you deal effectively with the different segments.

Having offered reasons for using GetAmbassador marketing solutions, let’s consider the pricing plans to know which is right for you, should you decide to sign up for GetAmbassador.

GetAmbassador Pricing Plans

GetAmbassador offers 3 pricing plans for users to choose from:

I. Startup Plan – It’s created for start-ups and small businesses that require a basic affiliate placement program and comes with features like e-commerce and email integration, mobile SDK, and API access.

This plan goes for $800/month which has to be paid annually.

II. Professional Plan – An ideal plan for mid-sized businesses with higher marketing needs than their smaller counterparts!

It helps to manage business relationships with marketers, affiliates, influencers, and partners. Also, customize your offers and manage multiple programs!

This plan also packs additional campaigns, Salesforce integration, multi-language support, up to 10,000 Ambassadors, and automated payouts.

The pricing for the Professional plan is $1500/month which has to be paid annually.

III. Enterprise Plan – This plan is perfect for mid to large-sized businesses and enterprises who want custom solutions. This comes with a lot of features depending on the requirements of the client.

Pricing on this plan is quoted on a request basis.

Pros and Cons of GetAmbassador

Pros of GetAmbassador

  • Receive up to 20% commission for getting new customers to register for GetAmbassador
  • Great referral and affiliate marketing solution for all business sizes
  • Access a demo to get a feel of how the platform works before making payment
  • Manage to track and report both offline and online
  • The marketing solutions help to simplify the marketing process for your business

Cons of GetAmbassador

  • The available pricing plans on GetAmbassador are on the high side.
  • There is no live chat for users to quickly communicate with the support team of GetAmbassador.


Startups considering kick-starting their business with referral or affiliate marketing would find this solution very useful.

GetAmbassador provides tools to help boost your brand and promote your products and services through referrals and affiliate marketers.

You can request a demo to get a hang of the system before proceeding to payment.

Do you need an affiliate marketing community that will give you access to affiliate Bootcamp classes and weekly webinars?

Here’s a recommended platform for you.

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  1. The only importance of every business and its profitability is its growth that is its increasing patronisation by different people and there are many ways to achieve this the oldest being word of mouth which is why referral marketing is one of the most important ways to grow online businesses and most effective. 

  2. I have seen so many affiliate programs and referral platforms recently that I feel quite overwhelmed and it’s hard to decide what to go for. GetAmbassador seems a great program but it is quite expensive. But then, get a commission of 20% is very nice to get. It is tempting, I have to say!
    Thank you for your comprehensive review, much appreciated.

  3. Hello there,  thanks for this very detailed and informative review of Getambassador! I discussed starting my business online with my friend and he mentioned GetAmbassador and I decided to make some research about it and this review has answered so many questions on my mind and worthy of note is that “GetAmbassador provides an easy-to-use platform with lots of features for tracking and reporting of referral and affiliate marketing activities” this indeed will be very useful for me as a starter. Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks for reading, Jomata! GetAmbassador is one of the most recognized referral marketing tools in the market today. You can explore this software if you’re willing to venture into referral marketing.

      Israel Olatunji

  4. Quite an intriguing review you have here on GetAmbassador…I must say that I really commend your time and effort geared towards reviewing this platform and also putting your candid findings in writing for all to benefit from…I really do find your tips so amazing and help me a lot on my finding too.

    Thanks for the review!

    • Hey Evans, if you are looking for a viable referral marketing tool, look no further than GetAmbassador. You’d find a list of 10 solid reasons you should use this software.

  5. Hello there! Wow, I’m really glad I got to see these post, I believe it has been of great help to me in the GetAmbassador program, thanks a lot for the info, I really do fancy these post your description of each words you used was amazing, I believe with these post you have enlightened me more about it, thanks alit for the info

    • Glad it helped, Skuchmane! GetAmbassador is one of the most popular referral marketing tools out there; you can leverage this software to monetize your blog. Thanks for leaving a thought!

      Israel Olatunji

  6. This seems to be a really good platform. Do they offer their programs in Asia? It seems to be a lucrative income source too. 

    I’m actually a budding affiliate marketer, and looking for information that will help me jumpstart my affiliate business. I’ve read a couple of your blogs which provided me really good insights on generating income. 

    Thank you for posting this. You’re immediately on my favorite resources on online marketing.

    • Much appreciated, Jenn! Glad you found this post helpful! GetAmbassador is a world-class referral marketing platform. So, you can explore this software to monetize your site. Thanks for reading!

      Israel Olatunji

  7. That is an overwhelming amount of information in one small website. I did not understand a lot of it, but I can imagine that if you did need a program like this one, you have answered all their questions. You did a great job on breaking down the pro’s and con’s of it. You explained what it did and didn’t do. Overall a very good website. I can picture you selling a lot of these. I wish you luck.

    • Thanks for stopping by! Though the information is a bit long, the post explains everything you need to understand about GetAmbassador. Thanks for reading!

      Israel Olatunji


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