Helpful Tips to Get You Writing Daily

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Writing is a skill with a growing influence in today’s world. There is writing for every kind of crowd, industry and any kind of activity that requires sharing of information. I have been personally influenced by great writers, and feel that this moment is a good time to give back to other writers.

Writers are rarely born great; instead, they become great through a lot of discipline, hard work, dedication, and constant practice. One of the most common traits about the best writers is that they have found ways to express their thoughts on paper or on the computer daily.

You too can become one of the greatest and most celebrated writers of our times by simply following this important rule. If you are struggling with being consistent in your writing, this tutorial contains some useful information that could help you improve the quality of your writing and get you writing daily again.

Table of Content

  • Benefits of Writing Daily
  • Helpful Tips to Get You Writing Daily
  • Conclusion
  • Benefits of Writing Daily

To help you maintain perspective on why you should be writing daily, here are some benefits for your consideration.

I. Writing Helps You Clear Your Mind

Writing every day is a great way to clear your mind of entanglements. You can write on different topics every day, the important thing is that you’re writing. I have journals for different writings – for my meditations, writings for business-related ideas, writings for different projects, and writings for my personal development journal.

These writings help me to express my ideas on paper while freeing my mind to carry on the business of processing thoughts.

II. Hone your Writing Skills

Writing daily is the fastest way of improving your writing skills. You get better with practice and consistency. Writing is like every other exercise that helps to build your muscles. You may not see the physical daily improvement but over time the results become obvious to all.

III. Helps You Keep Tab on Your Thoughts

Keeping a daily journal is one way to help document your thoughts and give you a sense of where they are directed. I’ve had the opportunity to revisit my plans over and over simply because I kept a journal of my train of thought.

IV. Keeps You More Organized

Just the same way we have different folders on our PC to organize our documents, writing daily helps you to organize your thoughts and ideas instead of cluttering them in your mind.

V. Build Your Brand

Having a blog where you post your daily writings is a great way to build your brand. A fitness trainer could set up a blog and post daily contents that help others achieve fitness and live healthy. This will help to build a readership base and prospective clients who may be interested in engaging your professional services or buying your products.

VI. Earn Money

Get paid for putting your writing skills to work. You can earn as a freelancer or on contract. There are lots of writing opportunities for technical, non-fictions, creative and business writers.

VII. Put down Fresh Ideas for Safe Keeping

Whenever my mobile device isn’t nearby I always have a pen and paper on standby. I need them to put down any fresh ideas I receive, and I usually get these kinds of fresh ideas daily. It’s as if nature unfolds herself to those who are willing and ready to write down her ideas.

VIII. Get Rid of Writers Block

Constant daily writing no matter how small will help you do away with writers’ block.

IX. Get Happier

Writing helps you to express thoughts in such a way that it lightens your mood. This can lead to a happier and more fulfilling life.

X. Create Your Own Writing Style

There are no 2 writers that write the same. With time, you will discover your own unique writing style, just remain consistent at it.
Helpful Tips to Get You Writing Daily

These tips will help you get started with writing daily, and if you have been at it before, it will enable you to achieve consistency in it:

1. Designate a Special Time for Writing

The most productive time of the day is usually early in the morning. This is the period where daily routines become habits. Your writing time can fit into this period also. It could be just 10 or 20 minutes at first, but the important thing is to always honor the schedule.

Writing may start out as a burden, and then a routine and eventually culminate into desire once you start noticing the improvements in your writing. Always keep the time even if you are in no mood to write. A few words would suffice for a day, but keep the schedule and be punctual while at it.

2. Have a Place for Writing

As important as your writing time is your place of writing. Have a quiet place free from distractions and fit just for a chair and a table. Having a particular place for writing will help to trigger you in the mood whenever yu find yourself there. If you are sincere enough, you will find that a place can help greatly reduce the effect of writer’s block because of the atmosphere that pervades it.

3. Read Constantly

The more you read the more you are inundated with new ideas to implement into your own writings. Read extensively and don’t be too focused on your genre. There have been times I’ve had to stop myself right in the middle of an interesting write-up, only to go resume writing because of something new that was triggered while reading.

4. Be Consistent No Matter What

You have to maintain consistency with your writing even in busy times. You can write for just 10 minutes or write on a stretch for 10 hours. The most important thing is being consistent every single day. You can also write on different topics, do not let the fact that you cannot complete an ongoing write-up stop you from writing in a day.

5. Just Write!

The best way for you to write is to just to get started writing. Take a pen and paper or keyboard and computer and just write. What are you going to write about? You can write about the bird, trending news, write about a friend, or a non-fiction story. The important is to get to writing and see you improve while at it.


The best way to write great content is to just write. Don’t wait for tomorrow, do not wait for some time in the future, not even later today, but now is the right time to start writing. Pick up your pen and paper and write whatever comes to your mind. Distractions are the biggest barriers to writing frequently and from this post, you have found out how to put them where they belong.

Great writers are made daily, and by following the outlined tips you just might be the next writer to be celebrated.

5 thoughts on “Helpful Tips to Get You Writing Daily”

  1. Hello Israel

    Thanks so much for sharing. I`m a blogger and bloggers are supposed to write articles but I do find myself struggling to write content.It does not help that my English is terrible(in my opinion).

    Now reading your blog, I realize the worst mistake I`ve been making, Being unprepared and disorganized. To me usually writing involves looking up a keyword and then going with it, I find that I end up writing something I`m not even well informed about. How are my readers supposed to understand my article if I myself do not understand it 100%.

    This is a real eye-opener and I really appreciate you sharing this,I will follow these tips and see if I can improve my writing quality.

    Cheers Roamy

  2. Hello there, thanks for the review! it was informative and as well helpful. Writing is an intellectual skill that requires hard work and diligence. Most people do not know how to write because they do not know what to write about and some know what to write but lack the necessary keywords. Writing is an expression of our thoughts or ideas and when writing, the mind needs to be connected.

    • Having a good passion for writing is one; being able to write consistently is the other. Most writers experience writer’s block while writing, and they don’t know the right thing to do at the moment. Once you are able to overcome writer’s block, you’ll get to write on an everyday basis.

  3. You have provided some good tips here. What criteria do you use to figure out if you have written something good?  Who should you go to critique it? When I read good content I appreciate it when the author respects the reader and doesn’t create distractions that can take away attention from the content. When I read interesting content if I get distracted the chances are I will leave the page. 

    I love to write. My approach is to give valuable information to the visitor to my site to help them make an informed decision to purchase a product or service they are looking for, Hence I will have affiliate links to allow my visitor to in a way reward me for good content by clicking the links and make a purchase of what they were looking for. 

    That would be my benchmark that my content was really good. 

    Thanks for an intriguing article.

    • Hey Edwin, you’ve got great mission by longing to create valuable and useful content for your ideal audience. Aside from providing the readers with helpful and intriguing content, you’ll also look like a thought leader to your audience and build an authoritative site in no time. Thanks for your comment!

      Israel Olatunji


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