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Thanks for your interest in working with me! I’ve been a freelance writer for more than two decades. And, it’s been an amazing freelancing journey for me.

I’ve published a variety of quality guest posts for authority sites in my industry, posted hundreds of articles to article-submission sites like EzineArticle, GoArticle, and more. The whole commitment has given me a super blogging experience over the years & has led to a developed passion for writing.

I’ve had the opportunity to write for local and international brands & have partnered with several content marketing agencies home and abroad.

How I Help Brands Produce Relevant Content

When clients get in touch with me to discuss freelancing projects, I simply organize a short interview with them via email, and try to get specific details about their business:

  • What their business is all about;
  • How they’ve been generating content so far; and
  • Specifications as to who their target audiences are.

Most brands don’t usually manage their business this way — many would say they’ve once hired a freelance writer, but it never sufficed for the two parties.

Once I’ve gathered the needed information on what the clients do, got to know who their target audience is, and who they want to attract, engage, and convert, I forward to them additional details such as the word-length, content format, and pricing.

If you’re willing to work with me, use the contact form below and reach me directly. I’d be happy to start working for your brand soon.

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