How to Attract an Audience to Your Blog

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Does it baffle you always that you don’t get many audiences to visit your blog let alone reading the posts on your blog? Do you constantly feel that you’ve been writing only for yourself since no one seems to have created interest in what you’ve been writing so far? Maybe you’ve now been contemplating that you’re actually doing it the wrong way, right? Not to worry at all! You might be doing it the right way, yet, not getting any appreciable amount of traffic.

When things seem to be so confusing to you and you don’t feel like moving forward anymore, the solution is right before you, even at your doorsteps. You’ll only need to take heart and free yourself from depression and criticisms. Without walking through this direction, moving forward is not guaranteed in a lifetime.

I’ve seen so many struggling veteran bloggers who were almost at the verge of quitting finally when they eventually discovered that they weren’t doing it the right way yet. It takes a couple of months only to rank when you’re doing it the right way. What’s the right way to be a rocking blogger? How can you run a blog and attract lots of potential audiences?

Do you want to be like those who began to receive rankings within their first 3-4 months creating content? Are you surprised to hear that some newbie bloggers are ranking so early? You don’t have to be as you can also rank within 3-4 months of following the blogging basics. It depends on your own readiness to build an empire. It depends on how much time you’re willing to dedicate towards implementing the working strategies.

There’s no limit to where you can reach in the online world so far you can build your online business on the solid blogging fundamentals. As you’ll be working the techniques with the right energy, the sky won’t be your limit in the blogging world.

In today’s publication, I’m going to show you again another set of 5 tactics which will help you attract more readers to your blog.

  • Know your potential blog audiences
  • Think beyond your present blogging level
  • Grow an online community
  • Create a blogging empire which is at the core of SEO excellence
  • Build your business on the solid fundamentals

Know Your Potential Blog Audiences

Of course, so many people can visit your site any day which may include the returning visitors and the new ones. Who are your potential blog readers? How can you recognize your potential blog audiences? Several activities that are being carried out on your blog daily tell you who your potential blog readers are:

  • Your potential blog readers leave valuable comments after the reading: Readers are known as potential readers so far they passionately read your posts and also leave comments there. When readers find that you create awesome content, they read over and over again, bookmark your posts all the time and leave authentic comments thanking you (The author).
  • Your potential blog readers desire to follow the pro blogging fundamentals: If you’re such a passionate rocking blogger who creates high-quality and informative content frequently, you’ll find that a lot of readers will subscribe to your feed and click through whenever they receive notifications that a new post has been published on your blog.
  • Your potential blog readers never miss out on any of the newest posts published on your blog: If you’re such a rocking blogger that publishes consistently, you’ll have lots of potential readers with time who will always read all of your posts as you publish them one after the other. They’ll become great fans of your blog.
  • Your potential blog readers will stick to your blog once they’ve known you as a blogger loaded with lots of blogging experience: As more people join the internet users daily and venture into all forms of decent online entrepreneurial businesses, there seems to be a lot of technicalities and most newbie bloggers search around the web space to seek knowledge from the experts.

Think beyond Your Present Blogging Level

As someone that is aiming for a greater tomorrow in the world of blogging, you wouldn’t be expected to restrict your blogging activities to the current blogging level where you are. There are millions of authority bloggers out there who are also battling for the top page ranking in Google, though this doesn’t stop you from reaching there so far you’re willing.

How do you think you can attract hundreds of targeted readers to your blog and get to the top page ranking easily on time? It doesn’t just work out like magic, but with lots of time and hard work if you’re willing to build your business on the solid fundamentals.

Grow an Online Community

When you’ve realized that more and more readers are returning daily to check out the latest posts on your blog, it’s high time you started building a community and there are various ways in which you can simply accomplish this. Creating an online forum on your blogging portal can help you a lot when it comes to growing an online community.

Aside from creating an online forum, you can create a virtual community right on your blog through which your audiences will be asking and answering questions. If you’re operating a WordPress site, there’s no cause for alarm. Setting up an online community through a website can never be easier.

Create a Blogging Empire which is at the Core of SEO Excellence

Are you working towards building your blog with the numerous SEO techniques or strategies? Well, I’ve seen a struggling veteran blogger who doesn’t care to optimize his blog for search engine ranking. He claims that he’s only concerned about writing product reviews on his blog which is not instrumental to success at all.

If you really want your blog to be at the core of SEO excellence, then be willing to follow the pro blogging fundamentals and implement the pro blogging tactics.

Build Your Business on the Solid Fundamentals

While considering building your business on the solid fundamentals, you need some useful pro blogging tips that will truly show you how you’re going to establish an online business that will pull tons of potential readers and yield lifetime revenue.

.If you’re not going to start ordering eBooks on Amazon, then you’ll need to consistently visit the pro sites and learn those things that you’ve never implemented on your blog ever.


If you’ve read the post and have one or more questions about how you can start getting lots of readers to your own blog, don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the box below this post and earnestly wait for a quick response from me.

4 thoughts on “How to Attract an Audience to Your Blog”

  1. I’m so happy whenever I come across any of your post. They are very helpful and would be a source of guide for me to achieve good successes in my business online.

    I know it is frustrating and discouraging as it is difficult to get readers for our contents as newbies in the blogosphere. I’m happy to get these tips to attract more visitors to my website. Knowing my potential audience is an awesome tip and my no 1. I’m taking my time to connect with them on Facebook and other social media platforms.

  2. Love your work,

    I left a comment on another post on your website too,  I really enjoying your website, this post about how to attract an audience is fantastic.  You are giving me so much valuable information, I feel like a sponge soaking in all your wealth of knowledge, You have given me some good steps to follow and I will be doing what you say.

  3. Hello Israel

    Nice article on growing your audience. Enjoyed reading the content and would add the suggestion of growing your site on solid fundamentals is very important. I had tried several push button solutions to generate content to only have my site downgraded by google. So be original and solve your readers problems or talk about their interests. The article was extensive and had a lot of good advice. Keep it up and look forward to more articles from you. Cheers Jake

  4. These are great tips for attracting an audience to your website! I’m personally intrigued by building an online forum on your very own site. Do you have another article focused on this? I’ve always found commenting on a website and waiting for a reply to be a bit of a hassle. Have to wait for the comment to be approved and then wait for the reply. 

    Another tip I want to add to this is building social engagement. If you build out popular social media page on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. You can get lots of people to your website and plus sharing and getting engaged is much easier on social platforms.


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