How to be a Professional Blogger

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Have you ever longed to be a professional blogger? Do you want to be a rock star in the blogging world? If these are your online desires, then you can get them actualized even if you don’t know the way out. Once you’re here to read down the page, you’ll surely get the fundamental blogging ideas that will turn you a professional blogger soonest.

As you continue building out your site, search engines will trust you more and more and your page rank will improve over time. In the early days of building out a blog, search engines do not trust any much yet, until the blog has been run for some months of consistency and persistence. So, if your blog happens to fall in the category of those that are not being trusted yet by search engines, understand why it’s happening lest you give up too quickly and quit financial freedom for life without knowing.

When we talk about pro bloggers in the blogosphere today, we’ll be mentioning people like Arianna Huffington; a world blogger who has been consistently generating a monthly revenue of $10 million, Peter Rojas; an independent blogger who earns approximately $5.5 million every month of life, and others. They have impacted into the lives of so many people through blogging. So, blogging is more of passion than revenue-making as it was in those days.

Aside from mentioning the top two richest world bloggers out there, there are more than enough blogging routines that I do at home which includes performing related searches about becoming a pro blogger and many more.

In today’s publication, we’ll be talking about the main steps to take towards becoming a pro blogger. Pro bloggers of today never started being referred to as pro bloggers but worked the techniques with the right energy and never gave up until they won the blogging battle.

Here are the major steps to take when it comes to becoming a professional blogger:

  1. Build blogging buddies for your online business
  2. Get associated with online influencers
  3. Build stronger relationships with authority bloggers
  4. Be a guest poster for others and accept guest posts into your own blog
  5. Create an affiliate marketing mastermind group on social media and keep members engaged
  6. Create an online community and then activate that on your blog
  7. Create content like a pro and make your blogging expression flow like that of a pro blogger
  8. Do blogger outreach campaigning
  9. Add videos to your content to increase readership
  10. Add podcasts to all of your content to increase readership.

Build Blogging Buddies for Your Online Business

Who are the blogging buddies to connect within your blogging career? These are the like-minded people who share similar thoughts on their blogs and have set similar blogging goals with you.

Building a network of buddies is a good strategy for presenting yourself as a pro blogger. As these are part of those you always refer to as the target audience, you’ll be reaching them directly through their site contact boxes offering help and assistance to whoever needs such from you. As they see this passion in you, they’ll start visiting your blog and follow you as a pro.

Get Associated with Online Influencers

Influencers are top professional bloggers who help the potential authority bloggers as they keep struggling to step up in the online world. A potential authority blogger only gets connected to an influencer through a pro blogger who happens to be a buddy to such a blogging personality.

This simply works with impressions. When the pro blogger you’ve been helping and promoting so far on your blog gets impressed by your frequency, consistency, and persistence in what you do on his blog (Including blog commenting) and others, he begins to trust you and your brand. After sometimes, he starts recommending you to an influencer who happens to be a friend and you may start receiving invitations.

Build Stronger Relationships with Authority Bloggers

To build stronger relationships with authority bloggers, you need to implement some working strategies. Authority bloggers are not that easy to build relationships with unless you’re ready to give what they take.

You cannot establish any relationship with an authority blogger unless you’re willing to give some commitment. You must be committed to offering valuable and attention-grabbing comments.

Aside from leaving attention-grabbing comments, you must do the same frequently maybe 2-3 times a week without breaking it at all. This is the kind of commitment you need to give as a veteran to draw the attention of an authority blogger to yourself.

Be a Guest Poster for Others and Accept Guest Posts into Your Own Blog

Guest posting is one of the few blogging strategies you need to implement to become who you wish to be in the blogging world. If you really want to become a pro blogger, then be ready to follow pro blogging fundamentals as you cannot expect to see pro blogging results without following those fundamentals.

For your information, pro bloggers don’t find it so easy to create the kind of content readers will love to read over and over again. So, they would seriously be in need of your guest posts more than you think. Reach out to them and submit proposals to as many as possible.

Create an Affiliate Marketing Mastermind Group on Social Media and Keep Members Engaged

You can simply be acting like a pro blogger while still struggling with your blog as a veteran by creating an affiliate marketing mastermind group on social media as well as engaging the group members.

Once you’re able to create something like this, people will see you as an authority blogger and you’ll generate a lot of blog followers. One important thing you must constantly do with your group members is engagement.

A lot of newbies need your help, professional blogging expertise, and mentoring. So, they clamor for groups like this to build their online marketing experience.

Create an Online Community and then Activate that Through Your Blog

There are ways to create an online community such as adding a forum plugin to your blog free and lots more. It doesn’t cost a dime to institute and install a forum plugin on your blog so far you’re running a WordPress site.

Once you’ve successfully created a forum on your blog, build it up by referring people to create threads and posts to start discussions. With time, you’ll discover that you’ve already built a large community.

People do love to ask questions and, thus, will see such a community as an opportunity to free their minds and sort things out.

Create Content Like a Pro and Make Your Blogging Expression Flow Like that of a Pro Blogger

Creating content like a pro will save you from crawling on the ground for a very long time as people recognize content written in pro writing styles while they also identify such content written by amateurs.

Readers discriminate between the pro-style of content and the less superior one. They can only voluntarily follow when they’re satisfied with what you say on your blog. Otherwise, they’ll click away once they can’t find such things they’re always on the lookout for on blogs.

It flows from your expression while writing the content and the potential readers recognize the tone of the content as well as decide quickly on whether to follow you or not. Thus, do your blog a lot of good by choosing the pro content style as the mode of writing for your blog content.

Do Blogger Outreach Campaigning

Aside from the fact that outreaching to other niche-related blogs brings dividends of high-quality backlinks, it’s equally important for presenting yourself as an authority blogger. Readers who follow those blogs watch the comments and guest posts you always publish and, thus, get to know you better than ever.

Before you know it, they’ll start noticing you the way blog owners do anyway. This is simply how blogger outreaching helps to get lots of connections as well as build an online presence.

When the blog owners start following your blog, all their followers will automatically follow suit. Do you think you can build an online presence without implementing the working strategies? Have you restricted your operational blogging skills to writing content and engaging the readers alone?

When it comes to meeting an ideal blog audience, it happens mostly through blogger outreaching.

Add Videos to Your Content to Increase Readership

Adding videos to your content helps to increase readership geometrically. It’s been a proven strategy in the hands of authority bloggers. They claimed that a reader can only remember up 20% of what he heard, 30% of what he saw, and 70% of what he heard and saw.

As this would be the case, a lot of readerships would be lost if videos are not added to the content. To start adding videos to your content, search for some video making tools on Google and skyrocket your blog with time.

Add podcasts to all of your content to increase readership

Still, on increasing blog readership, it’s important to add podcasts as these would serve almost the same purpose as videos in your content. You can see why some people would always want to hear you through voice chats on social media.

It’s because most people believe more in hearing than mere reading just as they believe much more in seeing than hearing and reading alone. Video marketing has gone a long way as pro bloggers leverage it these days to boost organic traffic.

6 thoughts on “How to be a Professional Blogger”

  1. I really liked your point on creating a mastermind group. It sure goes a long way to have as many brilliant minds as possible in one place pushing each other. I will have to try that one out.

    I do have a question though. As a beginner, I find it hard to create a mastermind group. Would it just be better to join an already successful one and go from there? What do you think? Since you are the expert here, I look forward to reading your answer.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

    • Much welcome, Alex! Though creating a mastermind group on Facebook is quite easy, for a newbie one may start first by joining one of such groups. You’ll learn a lot more from such groups by joining first than insisting on creating your own first. In life, we learn from one another as knowledge is never embodied in anyone.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Israel Olatunji

  2. Oh my Israel, I just want to hold you up, put you in my pocket, and have you with me when I sit down to write, or research, etc.

    Half of what you have mentioned I would have had no way of knowing how to do. How on earth do you find the time to do all of that? I’m sure you have it down pat, as to a routine and such. I honestly am impressed with your knowledge.

    I learn so much everytime I read one of your articles. And yes I have your site already bookmarked, and I am eager to read more of it. I want to learn everything you know!!!

    Thank you for your insight as well as your awesome tips!

    • Kudos to you for the reading, Laura! Much grateful! You’ll surely become the pro blogger you passionately wanted to be once you can implement the working strategies and work the techniques with the right energy.

      I don’t really have all the time but only try to squeeze myself into observing all these routines to ensure I practice pro blogging.

      Thanks for the visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  3. It can take a while for your own personal blog to gain traction. In the meantime, I recommend blogging for other companies. All companies need content on their websites. Many will pay well for excellent content.

    • Ideally and realistically, it doesn’t take that long to become a professional blogger so far you can build site engagement at a very high level through blog comments. Google puts a faster ranking consideration on this more than just writing content for no one to read or just being active on social media.

      Thanks for the visit!
      Israel Olatunji


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