How to Boost Web Traffic

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Before the taking over of Google for the ranking of blogs in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), bloggers used to pool out tons of web traffic easily from content writing alone. Search engines of those days never got meticulous about link building for ranking blogs unlike nowadays that links have become an extremely crucial ranking factor in Google’s search algorithm.

Since Google took over the ranking of sites with effect from May 1998, content had not remained the most crucial ranking signal but the top two with links and the only factor that was being considered by the search engines (Alta Vista, Yahoo, and others) of then for ranking purpose was low compared to what Google is now considering.

This time around, Google has got a hierarchy of over 200 ranking factors in its search algorithm of which links and content are the most crucial ranking signals. So, the two factors are just like a twin that can’t do without needing each other. How does Google rank these days based on content?

  • The content must be topically-relevant
  • The imagery must be relevant to the topic
  • The content must be highly-informative and engaging
  • Engagement must be thoroughly done along to make the content rank well in search results
  • The content must generate high-quality links, meaning that the caliber of the people that will be visiting to read must include authority bloggers; and many more.

Link building on its own must be done in accordance with the ethics of blogging, otherwise, you may receive a search engine slap which may be so detrimental to your online success. Links are built through forum posting, guest blogging, asking and answering niche-related questions on and similar platforms.

While trying to generate links for a first-page ranking, you must endeavor to generate high-quality links alone which come only by leaving your blog’s Uniform Resource Locator (URL) only on niche-related platforms, forums and all of that.

The use of any link-generator software surely results in low-quality links which may be subjected to getting slaps from search engines.

In order to boost web traffic, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a niche page for your niche website on Facebook
  2. Write an article of at least 1000 words in length per day
  3. Share every post published on site daily using the social share icons installed on your blog
  4. Guest blog for pro bloggers
  5. Generate tons of referral traffic by commenting on authority blogs
  6. Build lots of engagement with your target audience
  7. Lure readers down the page by writing well-informative content.

Create a Niche Page for Your Niche Website on Facebook

You have the option as a rocking blogger to create a niche Facebook page for your niche blog. This will surely help you generate lots of web traffic from that single page alone. You’ll be able to create more awareness about your blog to the ideal target audience in social media.

And aside from that, you can simply link posts from your blog to your niche Facebook page and can interchangeably refer the audiences to your Facebook page right from your blog. This will further maximize your exposure and, thus, boost your traffic potential in the online world.

Write an Article of at Least 1000 Words in Length Per Day

While you’ll be aiming at frequently writing unique articles of 2000+ words in length on your blog to really rank well in search results, you must realize the fact that you wouldn’t have to be making all of your content up to this length all the time but once in a blue moon. They serve as important pointers to the ranking potential of your blog. And they help you stand very strong in the faces of the competitors.

If you’re creating content daily, it would be great to write articles of 2000+ words in length at least 3-4 times within a month to integrate your page ranking potential as well as skyrocket your blog in search results on time.

Share Every Post Published on Your Site Daily Using the Social Share Icons Installed on Your Blog

Do you have the social share plugins installed and activated on your blog? If yes, Do you care to share every post you publish daily on your blog? Are you aware of the fact that this is very crucial for ranking purpose?

When it comes to integrating SEO on your blog, sharing blog posts on social media plays a crucial role as it boosts exposure to the ideal target audience and also makes Google rank your blog faster for building social values for that blog.

Guest Blog for Pro Bloggers

Have you ever considered guest blogging for top bloggers ever? Or you’ve seen writing for others a waste of time, right? If so, don’t hesitate to reverse that idea as it’s never a waste of any time tapping tons of organic traffic while writing for others.

And you wouldn’t ever have to bother looking out for guest blogging offers from top bloggers around the web except you want to be guest blogging for co-veterans. You’ll only need to continue building your blog while guest blogging invitations to authority blogs such as ProBlogger, Smart Blogger, Entrepreneur, and many more will find you naturally.

Generate Tons of Referral Traffic by Commenting on Authority Blogs

Gone were the days when search engines used to follow blog comments and rank them in search results. That’s not happening anymore with blogs as all sites are set by default to “Nofollow” irrespective of the blogging platform.

There’s a horizontal space you used to enter your website address in the Site Comment box. Whenever anyone clicks on that address on the author’s blog, you’ll earn referral traffic which adds to your site traffic.

Build Lots of Engagement with Your Target Audience

When it comes to ranking your blog in search results or simply getting a page rank in search engines, engagement is the way out. Receiving lots of comments daily on your blog as well as responding to those comments on time will make you shake the world blogging.

So, the more of comment-taking you do on your blog, the more your ranking potential on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Lure Readers Down the Page by Writing Well-Informative Content

By writing a lot of well-informative content on your blog, you can easily start getting some decent amount of organic traffic to that blog but if you wouldn’t be able to figure out how you can go about crafting your headlines whenever you want to create content, then you’ll hardly get an appreciable number of readers who will always read down the page on your blog.

While writing the introductory part, prepare your readers towards the body and concluding part of the content making sure to fulfil all promises made in the introduction.


Have you learned a bit about how you can boost web traffic? Why not implement the working strategies and move your blog off the ground? Do you want to move your blogging game to the next level? Then consider it possible and done so far you can follow pro blogging fundamentals as analyzed in this post.

If you have any question you want to ask about how you can further boost web traffic, don’t hesitate to leave a comment using the comment box below this post and earnestly wait for my response. Wish you much success in your online endeavors!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by, Mina Kim! Much appreciated! Aside from writing more content, there are quite other ways to boost your site traffic so far you’re willing to work out the techniques with the right energy. If writing content daily would be so hard to accomplish for you, then follow the other routines as instructed in this post and you’ll keep getting more traffic.

    Though it wouldn’t be necessary looking out for who to write guest posts for around the web, you’ll start receiving invitations soonest to write guest posts for authority blogs even without hassling at all. It works out naturally once you can continue building out your blog implementing the working strategies. Thanks for the visit!

    Israel Olatunji

  2. Hi Israel! I have found your post very useful! Boosting web traffic is a task that all bloggers of all levels want. The more exposure our posts can have, the better it’ll be!

    Some of the suggestions mentioned here, I have already been doing. But I must admit you have mentioned a couple that I have totally neglected and am looking forward to implement immediately on my site! I must say that guess blogging is one of them. Your post has made me change my ideas on this topic. Thank you very much!

    • You’re much welcome, Henry! Thanks for getting back! In the online world, there are strategies that really work out and these include guest blogging for authority bloggers in your niche, answering niche-related questions on Quora, posting to high Page-Rank online forums and many more. Thanks for your participation!

      Israel Olatunji

  3. Traffic is the key to any online business these days.  I remember years ago it was so easy to get traffic.  You would right a couple key word stuffed cheesy articles and just like that hundreds of visitors to your tacky sales page website.

    Well traffic is still important but these days you need to work a lot harder for it.  You give us some great tips and everyone should be reading your articles.

    Thank you.

    • Thanks for your comment, Dale! Much grateful! Writing alone without engaging the visitors thoroughly wouldn’t be enough to boost site traffic. There’s no point pouring water in a basket so far water cannot stay inside. You have all the strategies at your own disposal to implement if you just want to start seeing positive results on your blog. Thanks for your visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  4. I read your post– every word of it. This is exactly what I need, and probably many bloggers newbies or experienced as well.

    Getting traffic / boosting your traffic is a long time struggle! And most likely one of the reasons for quitting. With the steps you provided, I strongly believe that it’ll be helpful so I, myself, will take actions and follow it.

    I have a question though, What does it take to be a guest blogger? and how?


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