How to Brand Your Site

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Branding a website is paramount to online success the same way it helps offline businesses succeed. Do you want to be unique in the blogging industry? Then, start rebranding your site. If you truly want to stand out in the online world, one of the good things you can do with your site is branding and repackaging.

Experientially, well-branded businesses do have an edge over others. The same goes in online business with websites. Though when you’re still struggling with traffic, it’s usually hard to focus on traffic together with branding, you just would have to strive to make sure you do all that matters in moving your blogging game to the next level in the blogging world.

One thing you would do well to observe while building a site is to avoid making horrific blogging mistakes which can hurt your blogging success so much that you may want to end up quitting online business. And one of the horrific blogging mistakes we’re talking about here is being narrow-minded in the course of blogging. What do I mean by being narrow-minded? A typical example is following the footsteps of others who are not doing it the right way.

Definitely, if your blogger mentors have not really ben on success track, you’ll surely follow suit and may not end well in the blogging journey. So, if you know you want to be a rocking blogger, then start diversifying blogging strategies henceforth. Diversification is all you simply need to become a rocking blogger.

In today’s publication, I want to show you some key elements towards building an online brand as well as rebranding your business in the online world which will surely turn you into an authority blogger.

  1. Build a WordPress site using the crucial SEO/ranking tools
  2. Choose a professional theme such as the Thrive Themes for your site design
  3. Use a pro version for most of the features you implement on your blog
  4. Leverage a professional graphic design brand like Canva for your brand logo design and featured image
  5. Enrich your blog with in-depth and highly-informative content
  6. Build thorough engagement with your ideal target audience
  7. Leverage the All-in-One SEO WordPress plugin for your blog

Build a WordPress Site Using the Crucial SEO/Ranking Tools

You must build a WordPress site leveraging the crucial SEO tools to improve your page rank in Google. When it comes to building an authority as well as ranking a site in the online world, it starts from branding and repackaging. The look of your site tells the visitors about the blogger level at which you’re operating.

There are very many SEO tools to leverage right on WordPress that will surely skyrocket your blog and turn you into a professional blogger. When you’ll have branded your blog using those tools, you’ll start receiving help requests from some of your followers.

Choose a Professional Theme Such as the Thrive Themes for Your Site Design

In as much as you want to rebrand your site, you must prepare to use a customized and professional theme like the Thrive Themes. This is the favorite theme of the pro bloggers and one of the most integrated WordPress professional themes that will help you make money with blogging.

Though there are hundreds of themes on WordPress, if you just want to brand your website to make it look like a pro site, you may try out the Thrive Themes or the likes and start experiencing a better and more professional blogging interface.

Use a Pro Version for Most of the Features You Implement on Your Blog

Using the pro version for the theme, plugins, and SEO tools you implement on your blog is part of what makes you a well-branded authority blogger. It usually reflects easily on your blog that you’re indeed a pro blogger and will help build connections in the online world.

Though it may not be ideal for a newbie blogger to start upgrading to the premium features or pro versions of the plugins, themes, and SEO tools used so far, once you’ve started seeing some earnings, take actions by upgrading to those tools.

Leverage a Professional Brand like Canva for Your Brand Logo Design and Featured Image

As far as building a well-branded site is concerned, logo design is very crucial and the best of it can be leveraged on Canva. You can have the numerous design and custom features that you may use to brand your website on Canva and there are hundreds of design templates that you can edit to make your blog look so beautiful and awesome to the target audience.

Canva is well-known for its professional features and templates for helping brands design the best site logo, featured images and all of that and has both the free and pro versions. So, if you’re ready to move your brand to the next level, don’t hesitate to leverage the pro version in order to have access to more integrated features.

Enrich Your Blog with In-Depth and Highly-Informative Content

Creating in-depth and highly-informative content on your blog will also play a vital role in making your brand look more professional than ever. This is equally a great way to brand your business in the online world. And reading other people’s blogs is one of the strategies to improve your content rank in search engines and build a better brand.

So far you can make frantic effort to build your blog with lots of highly-quality and informative content while engaging the visitors, you’ll surely move your blogging game to the pro level in the blogging world.

Build Thorough Engagement with Your Ideal Target Audience

You want to prove yourself as a passionate and professional blogger, right? Then, add engagement to your branding procedures. It speaks a lot when people first visit your site to read some posts and find that you have a lot of people on board that you’ve been engaging so far.

This naturally motivates the readers to leave more comments as they would love to contribute their own quotas to the discussion. But when they scroll down the page and discover that no one has ever left a comment, they’ll automatically feel that the content is not that informative.

Leverage the All-in-One SEO WordPress Plugin for Your Blog

The All-in-One SEO WordPress plugin should be leveraged as well to make your blog a better place to visit for the ideal target audience. You can always find this plugin by searching for the plugin directory.

Once you’ve installed and activated this plugin on your blog, you can access it right away and perform actions such as submitting your blog to Google XML Sitemap with a click of the mouse, accessing robots.txt, social meta, importer & exporter, and all of that.


Having read the post, you should be able to go branding your online business now leveraging those plugins, tools, WordPress themes and all of that and should prepare to start seeing your blogging success coming out gradually.

Do you have one or more questions in mind that you might want to ask based on this topic? If you enjoyed reading this article, leave a comment using the comment box below and earnestly wait for a quick response from me.

8 thoughts on “How to Brand Your Site”

  1. Good afternoon Israel,

    This was an interesting and very helpful post.

    I would love to stand out as like that my message would become more known.

    I will have to look at the Thrive Themes to see if I need to change the one I have. Thank you for all the information. I realize there is still a lot of work to be done.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Hello Taetske,

      Thanks for stopping by! Once you’re ready to build an online brand, you’ll see the world as a place spacious enough for you to accomplish all of your goals. Your multi-million dollar brand will surely take you to the promised land. By implementing those strategies, you’ll succeed in building a virtual real estate. Thanks for the participation!

      Israel Olatunji

  2. After reading your website from start to finish I feel that I’m now ready to go out and brand my website with the pro version of word press. The first thing I looked for was your Privacy Policy and I didn’t find it till I got to the bottom of the website but it was there. I found the information very helpful. Branding is very important if you want to gain trust which results in sales. That is what this is all about, is making the sale. I would buy from you. Your content was well written and inspired me to join WA.

    • Branding a business has a lot of values to the big companies out there as it distinguishes a brand from others in the same industry. Building a brand from the onset has a lot of future dividends and advantages. And one of the good ways to go about this is through the use of graphic design for your site logo and all of that. Thanks for coming on board!

      Israel Olatunji

  3. Hello Israel. Thank you for sharing these powerful tips on how I can brand my website. Branding is very essential in standing out among bloggers and Affiliate Marketers. I just started out and by the end of the month I will be purchasing a pro version theme + I am working on my logo. Branding and Beautiful Websites are what I love so much 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment, Barry! Kudos for stopping by! You’re going to look like an authority if you can brand your business and this will make your work distinct among the competitors in your niche. Thanks for participating!

      Israel Olatunji

  4. Building a brand is about as important as it gets.  Even when you watch shows like Shark tank and Dragons Den they are always talking about building a brand.

    You need to focus and work hard.  You need to get into a course that step by step is going to show you the proper application when it comes to building your brand.

    This is a great down to earth and honest article.  Thank you for taking the time.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Dale! Much appreciated! You need to brand your business in order to look professional and attract more readers to frequently visit your blog. A well-branded site will attract more visitors than the one which isn’t branded at all. Thanks for the visit!

      Israel Olatunji


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