How to Build a Blog from Scratch

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Are you trying to build a blog with the goal of creating an online business which yields a lifetime income? How would you love to set up your blog? Would you prefer choosing a paid blogging platform to the free one or vice versa? Though the kind of blogging platform you choose wouldn’t matter in running a successful blog, it determines sustainability in the long-run.

A blog is simply defined as an online diary whereby personal ideas, interests, and passion are published to earn revenue. Gone were the days when people would only blog for passion and wouldn’t earn revenue at all. Blogging was all about sharing ideas, thoughts, and info for fun alone but has now become what has truly created financial freedom for some people.

Before Google took over the ranking of sites as far back as 1998, content was mainly used as the sole ranking parameter to determine page rankings. And now that Google has developed its search algorithm, content still remains king, though with the implementation of specific blogging strategies. And it all starts from having the right mindset through being persistent in all areas of daily blogging routine.

How can you successfully build up a blog from scratch? How many hours would you be willing to give your daily blogging routine? What extent of energy would you be willing to give to ensure that the blog is well-built from scratch? These are the main blogging areas we want to emphasize on in today’s post. First, you need to know that there’s no barrier to success so far you’re ready. Once you’ve determined to become a success, you’ll always be ready to give all it will take to actualize that goal.

Here are the main strategies to be implemented in order to build a blog from scratch:

  1. Choose a captivating blog domain of say two to three words long
  2. Choose a blog niche out of passion
  3. Choose WordPress as your favorite blogging platform
  4. Add all essential site protocols to your domain
  5. Install the All-in-One SEO plugin on your blog
  6. Choose the low competition keywords to write all your content using Jaaxy
  7. Leverage all essential tools needed to write SEO articles
  8. Make all of your blog content unique, original, engaging, and informative
  9. Build social and site engagement with your ideal blog audience
  10. Help and promote authority bloggers in your blog and social media posts, comments, and guest posts.

Choose a Captivating Blog Domain of Say Two to Three Words Long

While choosing a domain name for your blog, avoid too long domain names which may be so hard for most people to keep or memorize at a glance. Thus, I recommend a minimum of two words or a maximum of three words for a domain name search. Aside from making it easy for visitors to memorize such domain names, domain names with shorter lengths outrank those with longer lengths.

Though it’s not compulsory to have your domain name related to the title of your blog, it may mean a lot to the audience if you can try to choose a domain name that is related to your blog niche. It creates a kind of impression that they’re in the right place even before reading any post at all.

Your page rank may be somehow affected if your domain name is too long. When it comes to building a blog from scratch, it equally begins with the conciseness and niche-relevance of your domain name as people will find it difficult to memorize a long-stretched domain name after they’ve visited once or twice.

Choose a Blog Niche Out of Passion

As part of the strategies to implement for building a blog from scratch, the niche must be chosen with a passion to ensure that the blog lives for as long as possible. A blog collapses quickly when the owner operates on someone else’s niche. What do I mean by operating on another person’s niche? When you can’t figure out what you love doing, you’ll end up blogging on someone else’s niche.

So, your niche has to be chosen with passion or interest. Your niche is just like your hobby and something you would always love doing in a lifetime. That’s how a successful blog must be built from scratch. You’ll have to visualize the future of your business and must ensure that it’s something you’ll love working on in a lifetime.

If you don’t know how to choose a niche for your new blog, it becomes necessary to use “Jaaxy”; the best and most advanced, yet the simplest and easiest niche and keyword research tool in the online world

Choose WordPress as Your Favorite Blogging Platform

When it comes to leveraging a search-engine-optimized blogging platform, WordPress is the best and it keeps growing daily for the best. It has a lot of features for website owners to build a page rank in search engines.

From scratch to the last stage of building a site, WordPress has everything you’ll ever need such as web design templates, professional themes, All-in-One SEO plugins, web-builder tools and resources, self-hosting and control panels, classic editor, widgets, custom menus, and many more.

Add all Essential Site Protocols to Your Domain

Once you have purchased a custom domain name for your blog, you’ll need to add the important site protocols in order to build authority for your blog quickly and speed up site trust and ranking as well.

Some of these protocols include Site Protection, Site Privacy, Site Speed, Site Email, WHOIS, and many more. All these features add to the ranking speed of a blog; the HTTPS feature of your blog, the loading speed and all of that which increases your site trust with Google.

Install the All-in-One SEO Plugin on Your Blog

The All-in-One SEO plugin is a compulsory plugin to be added to your blog as it adds a lot of features such as General Settings, Performance, XML Sitemap, Social Meta, Robots.txt, File Editor, Importer and Exporter, Bad Bot Blocker, and Feature Manager.

If you haven’t installed this plugin on your site yet, then you’ll have been missing an important SEO plugin that will help your blog skyrocket fast in search engines.

Choose the Low Competition Keywords to Write all Your Content Using Jaaxy

The ability to choose the low competition keywords for creating content is part of the strategies to be implemented when it comes to building a blog from scratch. Most veterans use related search keywords to create their content, whereas, choosing low competition keywords is much more than that now.

It starts with leveraging the right tool for creating content and understanding keyword and niche research technology. The major parameters for conducting a keyword and niche research are as follows:

  • Quoted Search Results (QSR)
  • Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Article Power
  • Average Searches
  • Monthly Traffic

Leverage all Essential Tools Needed to Write SEO Articles

There are essential tools that help you build a blog properly from scratch. Some are used for building content such as Jaaxy while others are used to detect and remove duplicate content from your blog. Tools that help you remove duplicate content are DupliChecker, Copyscape, CopyGator, and many more.

Aside from those mentioned above, there are also tools that help you check your content against grammatical mistakes and errors such as Grammarly and others. All these are essential for building a blog from scratch.

Make all of Your Blog Content Unique, Original, Engaging, and Informative

To ensure that you build out your blog from scratch, you must learn how to write informative content while engaging visitors. Once you’re recognized as a passionate blogger who creates useful and informative content, you’ll grow an ideal blog audience and will build a successful blog.

Why do some authority bloggers generate millions of traffic hits monthly if not because they create the kind of content that satisfies readers’ appetites? How did authority bloggers become what they are today if not that they built their audiences with lots of engaging content? Try to implement pro blogging strategies in order to start seeing pro blogging results soonest.

Build Social and Site Engagement With Your Ideal Blog Audience

Are you planning to improve a page rank for your blog soonest? Then, go for the best by building engagement with your ideal audience. You can build social and site engagement with your readers through the blog and social comments and this is part of the strategies every veteran needs to implement to become a winning blogger.

To ensure that you receive enough comments to your blog, start writing engaging content such that your readers will have every cause to leave their comments. When others see that people have left some valuable comments thanking and praising you for the content read, they won’t hesitate to leave theirs. They would want to be part of the discussion and you’ll build a page rank in Google rapidly.

Help and Promote Authority Bloggers in Your Blog and Social Media Posts, Comments, and Guest Posts

Do you want to get noticed by authority bloggers? Do you want to receive free mentions on authority sites in return for the help and promotion you’ve done on their behalf through your personal blog and social media pages? Then, start helping and promoting them in blog comments, social media and blog posts.

To make the most out of this, visit some authority sites, read posts, and make sure you leave attention-grabbing comments.


Blogging is really a battle as there are millions of people out there who are contending for the same page rank in Google. So, the safest way for a veteran to become a rocking blogger is to build a blog on solid fundamentals.

If you have questions to ask about blogging and how you can build a blog from scratch or, perhaps, just want to contribute to the discussion, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below this post and earnestly expect to hear from me.

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