How to Build an Audience for Your Blog

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You’ve heard about bloggers who earn thousands of dollars from their personal blogs and have been so curious about this, right? Maybe your personal blog hasn’t earned you a penny despite all of your posting efforts in the last 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, or 15 months. Let’s set you up properly on how you can build an audience for your blog.

Building an audience for your blog is of paramount importance to your overall success as an internet entrepreneur. And this is feasible so far you’re willing to give it all it entails.

Who is your blog audience? Your blog audience is the real humans who is particularly interested in your interest and is ready to follow you up in blog posts, blog comments, and everywhere else you’re found featuring as a pro blogger.

Building your blog audience
Building your blog audience

Building Your Blog Audience

Building a blog audience has been the most daunting task for most people out there, whereas, people get lost and get astray from implementing the right strategy when they fail to operate within their own niches.

You’ll need to build a personal reputation by creating helpful and remarkable content while engaging visitors, and you’ll succeed in building an ideal blog suitable for an ideal audience.

In today’s post, we shall emphasize much on the right way to build an ideal blog for the ideal audience.

In order to build a blog which an ideal audience can follow, here are the basic steps:

  1. Take part in Twitter Chats
  2. Add your site address to your social media profile
  3. Visit other people’s blogs, read content, drop valuable and attention-grabbing comments
  4. Participate in forum discussions and help other people solve their problems
  5. Guest post for authority bloggers in your niche
  6. Tell your relatives and friends about your personal blog
  7. Become an active member in authority bloggers’ Facebook groups
Building your blog audience
Building your blog audience

Take Part in Twitter Chats

You can positively leverage the Twitter platform to build an ideal audience for your personal blog so far you’re willing to apply the right techniques. Twitter is great for SEO when it comes to adding hashtags.

You can add some hashtags to certain keywords in your chats and tweets and drive tons of organic traffic to your blog. This is purely a good strategy for building an ideal blog audience.

Add Your Site Address to Your Social Media Profile

As part of the great ways to gain reputation and build an ideal blog audience in the online world, social media is a powerful instrument and, particularly Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter are the major social platforms to leverage among hundreds of others.

To maximize the use of social media for building an ideal blog audience, you must add your site address to your profile and make it visible to the public to access.

When people link to your timeline, business or your official pages on social media, they will easily navigate to your profile and pick your blog address from there. Some may desire to link straight to your blog homepage, read your blog posts, and comment on them.

Things turn around when a lot of social traffic is generated from your blog as this is part of the top ranking signals in Google. You’ve learned so far that Google recently changed its search algorithm for the ranking of blogs and social media traffic is one of the most rated traffic sources to boost a high Page Rank for a blog.

Building your blog audience
Building your blog audience

Visit Other People’s Blogs, Read Content, Drop Valuable and Attention-Grabbing Comments

Visiting other people’s blogs as well as reading content will help you improve your blogging skills speedily and will increase your personal reputation in the blogging world.

You won’t be visiting other people’s blogs alone, but will be acquiring the right blogging skills from other people whose blogs are niche related.

Why should you drop valuable and attention-grabbing comments on blogs? You’ll get noticed by other bloggers and will receive free mentions in blog posts and comments. Aside from getting mentions on other niche related blogs, you’ll also get high quality links back to your own blog and will improve your search engine rankings.

As you build out your site with helpful and informative content while engaging visitors, you’ll see your blog skyrocket to the first page in Google quickly.

Participate in Forum Discussions and Help Other People Solve Their Problems

When it comes to getting the first-page ranking, links are an extremely crucial factor and forum posting is one of the greatest ways to get these in place. By adding your blog address to the signature section of the forums, it appears at the bottom of every thread and posts you create on forums.

While implementing this strategy, the high Page Rank forums should be given the highest priority. This is because they are already search-engine-optimized and most of these forums generate millions of traffic hits every month. It’s really a working strategy when it comes to building an ideal blog audience.

How do you use forums to make the most? By being active and participating in discussions, responding to other members’ questions, as well as creating posts frequently, you’ll drive a lot of traffic to your blog and your blog will appear on the first page in earnest.

One thing you must bear in mind is that you only need niche related forums to ensure you get high-quality links and avoid penalties from Google. Get as many forums as you wish to join by searching on Google. Make posts daily to each of the forums and ensure you respond to all of the questions and comments other forum members leave on your own threads and posts.

Participating in forum discussions
Participating in forum discussions

Guest Post for Authority Bloggers in Your Niche

Do you know that you need other people’s blogs to build your own blog and move it off the ground? A great strategy to implement this is guest posting for other bloggers who have got much more traffic than you do.

Most veteran bloggers believe it’s a waste of time to guest post for others, thinking that they’ll be wasting the same amount of time they’re supposed to spend on their own blogs.

As a guest poster, you’ll easily create a friendship with other bloggers and build high-quality links for your blog. One thing you must note is that you’ll have to submit your guest posts only to niche related authority blogs. Why do you need to guest post for authority bloggers?

  • You’ll get a bigger exposure to step up fast in the blogging world
  • You’ll meet an ideal audience who will visit your blog and become great fans.
  • You’ll get high-quality backlinks to your blog
  • You’ll improve your ranking in search engines
  • You’ll get tons of organic traffic in earnest
  • You’ll build domain authority for your blog
  • You’ll earn cool and consistent revenue in a lifetime.

In the course of trying to guest post for others, you’ll need to send a proposal first to authority bloggers out there and some will definitely consider to give you the opportunity to post once they’ve visited your blog and found that you have what it takes to publish on their blogs.

Though there are a lot of blogs that pay writers to guest post for them, once Google detects that you work as a paid guest poster, you may receive some penalties eventually.

Guest posting is not a waste of time as some veteran and newbie bloggers imagine, but a great way to get better exposure and skyrocket your blog to the first page on time.

While preparing to guest post for an authority blogger, you’ll have to contact such a blogger through his site contact email. You’ll state clearly in your proposal that you have an excellent idea to write about which must be specified.

Building your blog audience
Building your blog audience

Tell Your Relatives and Friends about Your Personal Blog

Do you have friends and relatives? Introduce your blog to them and make sure you ask them to read some posts and leave their comments. Promise that you’ll respond to their comments as soon as you receive them.

Your blog is not to be hidden from the people you’re familiar with but must be communicated to the world as much as you can. You’ll be working on it daily with persistence and diligence building exposure for it.

Your blog is something you can boast of any time, not what you cannot let relatives know about. It’s your personal brand and a virtual real estate.

When you tell friends and relatives about your blog, they will also tell their own friends and relatives about you and your blog will gain a lot of exposure both online and offline. This will guarantee a steady flow of traffic into your blog from time to time and you’ll earn revenue in a lifetime.

Become an Active Member in Authority Bloggers’ Facebook Groups

Do you belong to a Facebook group created by an authority blogger? If you don’t, then try and become a member of many groups and begin to receive blogging updates that will help you become a pro blogger.

Do you want to have super blogging experience? If yes, you must create and build connections with authority bloggers. Give them free mentions in your blog posts, comments, social media posts, and in forum posts.

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