How to Build Authority Online

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When it comes to building authority in the online world, it begins with the quality of the content you create on your blog. People do change from one level of authority to the other, meaning that authority is more than authority. And if you want to build authority online, you can only achieve that through blogging.

Though it takes several months and years of blogging to become an authority even at the lowest possible level, achieving that earlier in your blogging journey is quite feasible once you can figure out what it takes to build authority in your niche.

Some people would say they were only able to start earning revenue after the first year of blogging or a bit more while others would say they started making money within a few months of starting out with their blogs. Why the difference in blogging? It’s simply because some people are much more focused and dedicated to business than others.

In today’s publication, we shall discuss how you can build authority and move from one level to the other in the online world. Not that alone, I shall endeavor to make everybody see that building authority is vital to ranking and will guarantee financial freedom in a lifetime. So, if you’ve started building a blog to become an authority, then sit back and read this publication down the page.

Here are some useful blogging tips to build authority in the online world:

  1. Publish the high-quality and informative content that can satisfy the readers’ appetites frequently
  2. Build social, audience and site engagement with your potential blog readers
  3. Connect to online influencers in your niche
  4. Build strong bonds with niche-related top bloggers
  5. Do blogger outreach campaigning frequently

Publish the High-Quality and Informative Content that Can Satisfy the Readers’ Appetites

The basic thing you do in blogging is writing content. Content is simply what tells the audience everything you do on your blog. How do you satisfy your readers’ appetites through content? How can you begin writing such informative, compelling, remarkable and highly-engaging content? It’s a simple task which a 12-year old child can do.

Sometimes, I do speak about learning by imitation as a good strategy for developing a writing skill. How would you be able to write professionally when you don’t care to learn from professionals? How would you expect to see pro blogging results when you wouldn’t ever want to follow the pro blogging strategies?

What makes content highly-informative, helpful, useful, compelling, remarkable, and engaging?

  • Do some thorough research for all of the content you publish on your blog
  • Feel your readers’ feelings while writing the content
  • Solve problems in your posts and make readers love to read the content on your blog over and over again.
  • Look for what is currently trending and write an article about such
  • Craft a headline for your content
  • Write detailed content.

What impresses the potential blog readers to read your content often?

  • Make list posts most often
  • Use bulleted and numbered lists in your blog posts

Build Social, Audience and Site Engagement with Your Potential Blog Readers

When we talk about building authority in the online world, the aspect of ranking takes the most crucial part and this is simply enhanced by receiving tons of high-quality and attention-grabbing comments.

More comments equate more rankings and more rankings equate more revenue. Once you start receiving tons of valuable and authentic comments on your blog, you’ll skyrocket your blog to the first page easily. One thing you must maintain in order to keep things going on smoothly with the building of the audience engagement is that you must get back to your comment authors and respond to their comments within 24 hours.

There are blogs that wouldn’t approve your comments (No matter how valuable, authentic or attention-grabbing they are) let alone responding to them. When I left a comment on such a blog and didn’t get approved or responded to on time, I wouldn’t ever visit again to read or do whatever they do there.

So, put yourself in the shoes of a blog commenter who leaves such a valuable comment on your blog but doesn’t get an approval or a response at all. Then, make changes right away. In the first place, blogs that do not respond on time look exactly like dead blogs to the audiences.

If you wouldn’t ever want your blog to look dormant or like a dead one, make adjustments straight away. Also, there’s no way you can rank your blog in search engines if you’re not engaged in a lot of SEO activities.

Connect to online influencers in your niche

When it comes to connecting to online influencers, you don’t easily get access to them directly but you later begin to have access to them once you have created strong bonds with the top bloggers and they’re ready to help you in return.

By helping and promoting top bloggers in your blog posts, social media posts, and comments without expecting anything in return, you’ll find that the law of reciprocity will take effect, and before you’ll know it, you’ll start receiving the favor back naturally.

Once you’ve successfully created strong bonds with top bloggers and they have trusted you well, they’ll passionately connect you to an influencer in your niche.

Build Strong Bonds with Niche-Related Top Bloggers

How do you build strong bonds with top bloggers? You start by leaving some authentic comments frequently on their blogs and you make them attention-grabbing enough for you to get noticed on time. It’s truly a working strategy for getting noticed by an authority blogger.

Another good way to get noticed by top bloggers is by helping and promoting some of them without requesting the return favor at all hoping that the law of reciprocity will surely take effect someday.

Do Blogger Outreach Campaigning Frequently

Your blogger outreach campaigning must be perfect, being everywhere at one time or the other, helping other people one way or the other passionately.

One of the great ways to outreach to niche-related bloggers out there is visiting other bloggers’ blogs or contacting them through the site contact box to offer some help. The kind of help you may need to contact top bloggers for may include:

  • Helping them promote certain posts on your own social media account
  • Helping them coordinate their online forums and communities
  • Writing interesting, captivating, informative, and engaging guest posts for them, and many more.


Now that you’ve read the post on how you can build authority in the online world, you’re left with no option other than following pro blogging strategies by building your blog on the proven fundamentals.

If you enjoyed the reading, don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the box below and you’ll hear from me in earnest.

5 thoughts on “How to Build Authority Online”

  1. First of all, very very very informative. I have been blogging for about 8 months now, hardly any traffic. If I have to be honest i was at the verge of giving up so many times, over and over again. But i know deep down inside, being an authority website takes time and trust.

    Thanks for the information, i will try to make good use of it and hopefully be able to become one of those high authority websites.

  2. I really enjoyed this read and i sure hope to incorporate a few ideas shared here. The one that got my attention most is connecting with online influencers in your niche. This literally blew me away and i am glad i found this article. I never thought of it in the light discussed, soonest, i’ll put that into practice and see how it goes. Cheers Israel

  3. This was a great article because it is so important to become an authority in your brand.  Years ago, people flocked to niche websites and all was good.

    However, now people quickly realize when a person is a phony and really doesn’t know a lot.  A big part in building authority is to not insult the intelligence of your readers and tell them things that are going to help them.

    Again this was a great article that all bloggers should read.

  4. This is very informative indeed!  Something that I, personally need to be reminded of, of these tips. And not only me, but also others out there, newbies or not, who are (still) struggling on achieving success.

    One thing from your list that I want to try is, the blogger outreach campaign. Is it difficult? how often you get response? in your experience, what is the possibilty that the blogger you are trying to reach is helpful?

    Anyhow, I wish this post will reach a lot of readers and benefit from it.

  5. Building an online business can be tricky and if you are to one day become an authority you would need the help of others that are already an authority in the online world in your particular niche. You have laid out some amazing ways in which one can use to achieve this.

    For the upcoming bloggers they most certainly need to create amazing contents if they want to have any hope of catching the attention of these authority figures. Also to connect with these top bloggers can also take a lot of time before they are able to trust you and give you some assistance and before that can happen you have to scratch their backs first before they scratch yours.

    You have provided some amazing tips in this post. Thanks for sharing.


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