How to Increase Your Website Traffic for Free

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Are you planning to increase your website traffic? Do you want to grow your site traffic without spending a dime? Then, sit back and read this post down the page.

Many people are trying hard to build their website traffic but to no avail. Why are people failing or finding it so hard to build traffic on their sites? It’s because they don’t know how to implement working strategies. They didn’t know that it’s all about strategies.

If you want to build website traffic for free, then learn how to strategize blogging and you’ll start getting results soon. If you want a rapid change in your website traffic, then follow the right blogging strategies.

When I started out online with a blog, I didn’t figure things out on time about traffic generation, and so couldn’t move my website off the ground for so long. I almost gave up before I started reading blog posts about traffic generation. I almost called blogging a quit before I discovered that only a blog operated on the pillars can become successful in the online world.

Are you willing to build your business on the solid, proven blogging fundamentals? Would you love to operate your blog on the proven pillars? Then, start reading blog posts and you’ll move your blogging game to the next level.

In today’s publication, I’ll show you key strategies for building your website traffic. One thing about building traffic is that you need to implement the working strategies. You must be an action taker to start getting results.

Here are key strategies for driving free traffic to your website organically:

  1. Visit blogs and read posts.
  2. Comment genuinely on blog posts.
  3. Leave attention-grabbing and authentic comments on niche-related blogs.
  4. Build engagement with your blog readers
  5. Stay active on social media sites.
  6. Write high-quality and engaging content every day.
  7. Build high-quality links to boost your domain authority.

Visit Blogs and Read Posts

Visiting other people’s blogs and reading posts will let you learn more and will show you the strengths and weaknesses of other bloggers in the same as you. This is part of the blogging routines you’re expected to observe on an everyday basis in order to move your blogging game from one level of accomplishment to another.

When I first got started blogging, I wasn’t visiting other bloggers’ blogs as I previously mentioned in my introduction above and continued losing not until I learned from a pro that it’s good to be visiting other people’s blogs. This was when I started new things about blogging. That was when I started learning from the pros out there.

Comment Genuinely on Blog Posts

When you visit other people’s blogs, what do you do there? Do you just read, read, read and click away like that without offering a comment? The more the comments you leave on blogs, the more the exposure you build for your website in the online world, and the more the online presence you establish for your brand.

One of the main advantages of commenting on blogs is to create connections/relationships with other bloggers in the same niche as you. Becoming successful online entails building online connections with others as well as building strong bonds.

Leave Attention-Grabbing and Authentic Comments on Niche-Related Blogs

What sort of comments do you leave on other people’s blogs? Do you try to leave attention-grabbing comments on authoritative blogs? Yes, you’re building an online empire for yourself. You’re really building strong bonds with other bloggers in your respective niche.

When you leave attention-grabbing comments on other people’s blogs, you’re attracting other people’s attention and that of the blog owner who happens to be a pro blogger in your respective and who can connect to the online influencers.

While building a blog, learn to build blogging buddies along. You’ll find that you can move mountains in the world of blogging. You’ll build a blogging empire and rock the online world so fast.

Build Engagement with Your Blog Readers

How do you build engagement with your blog readers? Are there several approaches to doing this? There’s, actually, no other approach to building engagement with your blog readers except through engagement. You simply ask your readers to ask questions, contribute ideas, as well as flesh out certain points from the content.

What is the advantage of building engagement with your blog readers? You simply build your trust flow and trust metrics when you increase engagement with your readers. Google sees you as a responsible and committed blogger.

Stay Active on Social Media Sites

To make the most out of the social media sites, you need to stay active. By asking questions, answering questions, as well as building engagement with your social media fans and groups, you’ll increase your social media traffic.

Before the social media got monetized, it was so easy to get almost instant traffic and anyone could post links. You won’t post links on social media anymore. You will no longer get instant traffic from the social media no matter how engaged you’re on those platforms.

Write High-Quality and Engaging Content Every Day

As Google changes its search algorithms from time to time, content and links remain the most crucial ranking factors. The quality of your content – how engaging, how informative, how helpful, how useful, how compelling, and how remarkable your content is as well the quality of the links you generate from other people’s blogs determine and domain authority and search engine ranking.

Do you try to publish content on an everyday basis? In order to build authority in the online world, you must ensure you write high-quality content every day.

Build High-Quality Links to Boost Your Domain Authority

Link-building is one of the most working strategies for building an online empire. This helps a lot when it comes to improving search engine rankings as building traffic to your blog. Though links are regarded as an extremely-crucial ranking signal, you must ensure that you build high-quality links to avoid getting slapped by Google.

There are good ways by which you can generate high-quality links for your website some of which are submitting guest posts on authoritative sites, leaving attention-grabbing comments on authority blogs, answering niche-related questions Quora.

4 thoughts on “How to Increase Your Website Traffic for Free”

  1. I have my own website and I want to increase the traffic of my website. This article had everything I needed to know about how to increase the traffic on my website. All the seven tips and strategies were really easy for me to understand and follow through. I learned how to build engagement with the bloggers, to write high-quality content and a lot more. You have given great explanations throughout the article. It was easy to follow and understand the article. Thank you so much for sharing this article. Hopefully, my website gets more traffic by following these strategies.

    • Alright, Sujandar, thanks for stopping by! You can increase the traffic to your site with time so far you can implement the right blogging strategies as given in the post you commented on. You have the 7 tips at your own disposal and can follow them sheepishly if you just want to make your website skyrocket in the search engine. Thanks for your comment!

      Israel Olatunji

  2. These are great ways to build traffic to a website. My two favorites are comments and PPC. One of the features I love about Wealthy Affiliate is their comment exchange. It’s a group of people trading comments that helps drive relevancy to google and bing. Another way is PPC. If done right, it’s amazing how much traffic you can receive without breaking the bank. 

    • Thanks for your valuable comment, JB! Yes, comments and PPC campaigns are great features of WA that allow anyone from anywhere in the world to get tons of search engine traffic to your website. If you’re offering comments and getting such back to your own site from the site comment 2.0 platform, you’ll earn traffic. Thanks for the great consideration!

      Israel Olatunji


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