How to Build Your Website from Scratch

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Do you want to build a blogging empire from scratch that will create multiple streams of income for you in a lifetime? What’s the best way to go about this and how can you make the most out of your launched blog in the online world?

Unlike in those days when people were not yet blogging for money, we now have among the top bloggers of the world whose blogs are currently pumping millions of dollars every month and those of others that are already generating hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly.

Where are you going to fix yourself in the midst of these people? It depends on you completely as the future belongs to those who really believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Unlike before when you could rank a blog easily even without building links at all, content and links are now the twin sisters that are mostly needed by everyone to rank in search engines. I didn’t take a meaningful step towards building links in my early days not until I realized that getting to the top of the page would be hard without trying to build links alongside creating content.

Now, you may need to answer some questions such as: Do you want to build an online empire from scratch? Are you willing to dedicate the required time, effort and little expenses to get to the top Page Rank soonest? How many hours a day would you be able to dedicate per day to the building of your blogging empire?

Your response to each of those questions coupled with your actions to actualize them will determine future success and sustainability in the online world.

In today’s publication, I’ll show you the key tactics for building an online empire from scratch.

Follow the tactics below in order to build your blog from scratch:

  1. Get all the crucial site protocols/features for your Website
  2. Install and activate the right SEO plugin such as Yoast Plugin, All-in-One SEO plugin, and the likes
  3. Create content using an integrated niche & keyword research tool such as Jaaxy
  4. Build content for SEO using some vital tools such as, and all of that.
  5. Keep your content plagiarism-free, informative and highly-engaging
  6. Engage your potential target audience both at your site and on social media
  7. Build external links through forum-posting and Quora

Get all the Crucial Site Protocols/Features for Your Website

The site protocols are those features that you’ll need to acquire along with your domain registration and they cost a lot of money though. Here at WA, you only have to pay for your domain name registration and you’ll get free Site SSL, WHOIS certificate, free Site Speed, free Site protection & Security, free Site Privacy, free unlimited email accounts for your site, free unlimited hosting package worth more than the third-tier $250 monthly hosting packages sold elsewhere and lots more.

To rank well in Google and other major search engines, you need these site protocols/features and you get them all for free within the WA web space. Congratulations to you, WA members!

Aside from receiving better rankings with those protocols, you’ll also need them to build trust with your potential audience. Sites with the HTTPS feature and others get more trust and rank faster than the domains that do not have those features added.

Install and Activate the Right SEO Plugin

Some of the SEO plugins you can install and activate for monitoring your stats and traffic include the Yoast plugin, All-in-One SEO plugin, and the likes. Without bothering yourself at all, you can add your blog to Google sitemap and get your site crawled by Google with a click of the computer mouse.

Aside from adding your blog to XML sitemap, you can also import and export site data, fetch as Google, add social Meta, block bad bots, get access to the File Editor and many more.

Create Content Using an Integrated Niche & Keyword Research

You have the Jaaxy niche and keyword research tool at your own disposal within the WA community for free if you’re a premium member. You can, of course, do some niche research if you don’t know how to choose the right niche for your blog or just want to change your blog niche.

When it comes to creating the kind of content that will rank fast in Google, the topic has to be a keyword-researched one considering the important keyword metrics such as the Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI), Quoted Search Results (QSR), SEO, Monthly traffic, Average searches and all of that.

Build Content for SEO Using some Vital Online Tools

While creating content, you must make use of some important online tools that will help you rank your content in search engine fast. Some of these tools include the ones for checking grammatical errors such as Grammarly.

The tools needed for detecting duplicate content on a blog should also be leveraged to make the most out of your content for SEO. Some of these tools include Copyscape and lots more.

Keep Your Content Plagiarism-Free, Informative and Highly-Engaging

Once you can keep your content plagiarism-free using the integrated online tools like Copyscape and others, you’ll successfully keep your blog in good standing for SEO/ranking.

Alongside keeping your content plagiarism-free, you must also make the content highly-informative and engaging for those potential readers who need such content to satisfy their appetites.

Engage Your Potential Target Audience

If you need to skyrocket your blog on the first page in Google, then build lots of engagement with your ideal target audience. More comments equate more search engine rankings. And more rankings equate more search engine traffic.

To get more comments to your blog, simply leverage the WA Site Comment 2.0 platform which comes with two great incentives. You’ll earn for commenting on other people’s blogs. You’ll also get comment boost each time you request comments to your blog from other members and will be put on a 24-hour priority queue.

Build External Links through Forum-Posting and Quora

When it comes to building external links for your blog, this is best done through forum-posting and Quora. On Quora, you’ll simply be providing high-quality answers to other people’s questions embedding 1-3 of the links that redirect people to your blog in each of the answers you provide. Your consistency within the platform will surely help you build lots of high-quality links.

You can simultaneously leverage the online forums too for building external links. You simply add your website URL as a signature which must always appear at the bottom of every post you create on the forums.

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