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How to Change Your Internet Homepage

When deciding whether or not to change your internet homepage, there are certain factors that need to be considered. Some blogs may focus on money making ideas while others may have a different idea from money making. Basically, there are two types of homepages namely; The classic homepage, and the Static homepage.

In today’s edition of our weekly publications, we shall analyze the following:

  1. What does a homepage stand for?
  2. The difference between a static homepage and a classic one.
  3. Why you need to decide on which of the two homepages to switch to.
  4. The main steps that need to be taken when you want to switch from the classic homepage to the static one and vice versa.
How to Change Your Internet Homepage
How to Change Your Internet Homepage

Is a Static Homepage Profitable for Your Blog?

Whenever you click on the “Homepage” tab of your website in any of your web browsers, you’ll always find the most recent posts on your blog queued at the top of the blog page.

In most WordPress themes, it’s been set by default that your homepage displays a number of the most recent posts on your blog depending on how many you want to display on the first page of your blog.

As you build out your site, you will feel like changing the homepage setup on your site sometimes, and the options would be to either change to a static homepage or leave it as a classic one.

The kind of service you render on your blog will strictly determine whether you should set up a static homepage or leave it by default.

You also decide on how your homepage is going to look depending on what you want new visitors to know whenever they pay their visits to your blog.

How to Change Your Internet Homepage
How to Change Your Internet Homepage

Should You Choose a Static Homepage?

You may want to change your homepage from default to a static homepage if you’ve always seen it like that on many other related blogs since it’s good to learn by imitation.

Despite the fact that a lot of bloggers are switching from default to a static homepage, you may still consider some factors for which your homepage must stay at the default one.

For example, if your blogging plan is to make people quickly discover who you are, what you do on the site and for the blog to drive in tons of unique visitors, then you may choose the static homepage. The static homepage would be most profitable.

If you also have it in your blogging plans to draw every visitor’s attention to particular actions on your site like visiting your blog page, reading your content, doing a keyword research through your blog, and many more, then you should still consider choosing the static homepage.

So, if you’re planning to shift from default to a static homepage, know that you’re doing that for a cogent reason, not because a lot of people are doing it. It should be done for a particular purpose.

Consider the following factors while planning to change your homepage from default to a static homepage:

1. What Type of Homepage Would be Profitable for Your Blog

2. How do You Make Money with Your Blog?

3. How do you Create a Static Homepage?

4. What Should You Add to Your Static Homepage During Setup?

5. How Should You Give Your Static Homepage a Professional Look?

How to Change Your Internet Homepage
How to Change Your Internet Homepage

1. What Type of Homepage Would be Profitable for Your Blog

If, for instance, your blog is about affiliate marketing, the best homepage for that niche is a static one, not the default template at all. It pays for an affiliate marketing website to run on a static homepage as it sells products (Digital or physical) to the people. And, there must be a landing page on which all of the driven potential customers must first land whenever and wherever they launch the homepage of your site.

But there are some sites created to blog about different kinds of sports, hobbies, and the likes. Such sites are more promising to operate on a classic homepage, not the static one.

How to Change Your Internet Homepage
How to Change Your Internet Homepage

2. How do You Make Money from Your Blog?

As we’ve considered above what type of homepage would be profitable for your blog, you must also know that the way you make money from your blog determines which of these homepages would be most profitable.

You must also note that both the static and the default homepages might be profitable for some blogs depending on the niches, what they do on the blogs, the kind of money making system the blogs operate and a lot more.

Sometimes, it may be good to compare between your blog and other niche-related blogs to see what most related blogs are using for their business.

3. How do you Create a Static Homepage?

As simple as the first three letters of the alphabet are, so is the setup for moving from a homepage to the other.

Here are the steps in which you can set up a static homepage for your blog:

  1. Set up your new page right in your WordPress dashboard
  2. Make the new page your blog homepage

4. What Should You Add to Your Static Homepage?

While setting up your static homepage, you may want to add some content in order to make your visitors know certain things about your blog. Despite all of these, you still own the authority to decide whether or not you should add content.

Add the following to your newly created static homepage:

  1. A link that takes your visitors straight to your blog page
  2. A link to the page where visitors can read your vision statement
  3. A link that takes visitors to the “Start Here” page of your blog
  4. A link that takes visitors to the most recent posts on your blog
  5. An email subscription form through which visitors can be converted into email subscribers.
How to Change Your Internet Homepage
How to Change Your Internet Homepage

5. How Should You Give Your Static Homepage a Professional Look?

If you want to make your static homepage look professional, then using the free version of the WordPress theme may not do the job for you. You must switch to the pro version of the theme in order to have access to the pro features which are perfect enough to make your static homepage look professional to your target audience.

How to Change Your Internet Homepage
How to Change Your Internet Homepage


I’ve received a lot of emails from newbies and veterans asking which of the themes they should use to set up their static homepages?

And I would like to reply them in this blog post that almost all the WordPress themes you will find in the WordPress directory of blog templates would allow anyone to set up a static homepage except that some may not allow you to do so using the free versions while others allow you with free versions. So, you have all of these themes at your own disposal to bring your new static homepage to life.

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16 thoughts on “How to Change Your Internet Homepage”

  1. Your article put my mind at ease. Thanks for clearing up this. I was in two minds on whether I should switch to a static page as I am someone who does not want to change.

    Tell me, does switching to a static page affect SEO? As for themes, would you recommend using page builders to ‘beef’up the look of one’s homepage.

    Thanks for all the help

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Roopesh! Much grateful! It’s ideal to change your site homepage from a classic to a static one without SEO implications at all.

      It depends on the nature of your business though the post explains a bit more about the type of businesses that would sell more with a static homepage and those that would be more productive using a classic homepage. Thanks for the visit!

      Wish you much success,
      Israel Olatunji

  2. As always, great advice Israel!

    I just have a few questions. My blog is in the internet marketing/online business niche. I focus more on Shopify and social media marketing than I do on affiliate marketing, but I was curious if you would recommend I use a static page or a default page.

    I currently have it on default, because I like that my website visitors can scroll through a list of different topics with lots of pictures, but some people have suggested I use a static page. What would you recommend?

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jordan! Much welcome! As your niche is about Internet Marketing/Online Business, it generally pays to run such on a static homepage.

      If all you were to consider for sticking to the classic homepage is because you would want your visitors to scroll through a lot of different topics, then it’s not worth considering in as much as you can add a link to your blog posts right on your static homepage as explained in the post you just read.

      And you might want to lure your visitors into certain actions such as visiting your sales page, reading your blog posts, linking to your training resources and lots more. If you ever need a hand with anything going forward, do not hesitate to get back to me. Get access to my training resources through the link below; Training Resources

      Thanks for the visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  3. Hi Israel,

    You have much helpful advice here for me to think about. Initially, by default, my site’s landing page was a blogroll. I have changed it to a static page after the first few months. As my site grew, with more articles and categories, I find that it is not user-friendly anymore. Looking for ways to improve it. And your tips on what I should add to the static page will help.

    Thank you,

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Sharon! Though every blogger has the options to move from a classic to a static homepage and vice versa, you need to check the progress of your blog so as to determine whether a static homepage would be more profitable for your type of website than a classic one.

      Wish you much success,
      Israel Olatunji

      1. Thanks for the advice, Israel. I will definitely look into it. At this moment, shamefully, I’m not earning yet. By changing things around, hope to give a better user experience to my readers.
        Pressing on,

        1. Do not worry at all, Sharon. You will surely make money with your blog as the road is sure and the dream is real. Just try to follow the blogging fundamentals you’ve learned so far. Be consistent in implementing the working and proven strategies. Rocking your blog is guaranteed.

          The nature of your business will determine whether you’re going to change from a classic homepage to a static one. You may want to read the latest post on my blog titled, “How to Get More Comments on Your Blog“. Read through and leave a comment. And you will hear from me in earnest.

          Thanks for the visit,
          Wish you much success!
          Israel Olatunji

        2. Yes, you will, Sharon. Let’s set a goal for your blog between now and December. Start implementing all these working strategies I’ve been teaching so far both in my blog posts and in my WA training resources out there conscientiously.

          You will thank me by the end of the year, Sharon. These are the proven and working strategies of the pro bloggers out there. They will make you become a rocking blogger so far you’re ready to implement them now. They are the best strategies for getting the first-page ranking so far.

          Emulate my blogging ideas and strategies and follow up with me on WA through my training resources. Be consistent. Be persistent. Keep creating. Keep engaging. Rock your blog. Be successful online. Do exactly what I do irrespective of what your blog niche might be and I will occasionally visit your blog and post a feedback.

          Wish you much success, Sharon!
          Israel Olatunji

        3. For your information, Sharon, I’m launching an internet marketing community on my blog today whereby topics on everything related to internet marketing will be discussed from time to time and you will have the chance to ask any question on whatever you want to know that will help you build a first-page ranking for your blog.

          The ‘Forum” tab will be added to my blog any time from 3:00 pm today. And you will have the chance to register and log in as a user when you want to use the forum. Thanks for getting back, Sharon!

          Israel Olatunji

  4. Thanks a lot for the helpful article on static homepage vs blogroll. This is the question that has been bothering me for some time as I have read quite many articles suggesting to use static home pages instead of the blogroll. But actually, no article explained the reasons for doing or not doing it. So finally I get the answer to this question as you managed to explain and to understand the reasons behind this decision.

    1. Thanks for the engagement opportunity, Arta! Kudos to you for the reading! I know some people do not actually know why they need to set up a static homepage or a classic one. And that’s the reason I wrote an article on “How to Change Your Internet Homepage”

      Not all businesses would find it profitable to switch to a static homepage as there are hundreds of blogs out there that are profiting from a static homepage. So, it depends on what your blog is all about.

      Wish you breakthroughs in your business,
      Israel Olatunji

    1. Thanks for your comment, Akpe! To input, a logo right away on your WordPress site, log in your WordPress back office and click on the “Theme” button under the “Appearance” tab. At the top of the page, click on Site identity, and then on “Click to edit the site logo”. You are good to go by following this guide sheepishly. Thanks for the visit!

      Wish you much success,
      Israel Olatunji

  5. Theophilus Akpe

    Hi Israel,

    Thanks for the piece! But here is my question.
    Where in WordPress does one click to set up the web page to static or default?

    1. Thanks for your relevant comment, Akpe! In almost all the WordPress themes, you are permitted to create a homepage for your blog be it a static homepage or a classic one.

      When you want to create your homepage, click on the “Add new page” button in your WordPress account dashboard. At the right sidebar, choose from the template options to set up your homepage and publish your newly-created homepage. If you have further questions on setting up your homepage, do not hesitate to get back to me.

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