How to Earn Extra Money from Home Legitimately

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Do you want to start earning some extra income online working from the comfort of your home? Do you know that you can earn $5-$20 every day depending on how much time you’re willing to devote to the job? What job are we talking about here if not freelance writing?

Not the kind of freelance writing in which you would have to wait for assignments or the approval of clients before you can ever receive any payment but the kind of legitimate freelance writing job that will earn you some extra dollars doing what you love doing in the comfort of your home.

To go straight to the point, we’re talking about blog commenting; a freelance writing job you’ve ever been waiting for and I’m pleased to inform you that it has been fully been launched now at Wealthy Affiliate only; an online business community that has grown at a pace faster than the industry.

I’m talking about the new WA Site Comment 2.0 tool that was officially released on 5th October 2018 by Carson in a blog post as part of the revenue opportunities deliberately created for affiliate marketers off all levels within the community.

So, if you know you’ve been on the lookout for the best way to earn extra revenue while building out your own site alongside, the opportunity has come to you now if you would take it and celebrate financial freedom soon or leave it and simply have yourself to blame in a lifetime.

In today’s publication, I’ll describe the new Site Comment 2.0 tool, highlight how you can become a certified commenter, enumerate the incentives and revenue opportunities you’ll get by offering comments to other people’s blogs as well as the strategy for consistently maintaining your certified commenter status.

The new Site Comment 2.0 Tool

The new Site Comment 2.0 tool is an integrated tool deliberately released by WA for affiliate marketers of all levels to leverage towards the the building of their blogs for ranking.

How You Can Become a Certified Commenter

Yes, anyone can become a certified commenter so far the passion for building engagement with others is there. The new Site Comment 2.0 tool has made this a reality in a lifetime such that anyone from anywhere in the world can become a certified commenter and start making the most of such an integrated tool.

The Incentives and Revenue Opportunities

On the new WA Site Comment 2.0 platform, incentives are categorized into namely; the Comment Boost incentive and the revenue opportunity incentive.

When you become a certified commenter, you’ll have the opportunity to earn $0.50 per comment offered every day which means you can earn as muc as you want without any limit.

The Strategy for Consistently Maintaining Your Certified Commenter Status.

It’s required that within a 30-day period, you must leave up to 50 valuable and quality comments on other people’s blogs for you to keeo your certified commenter status for as long as you want.


Do you have any question on how you can start earning extra dollars every day posting comments to other people’s blogs? Don’t hesitate to let me know by leaving a comment below this post and earnestly wait for my warm response.





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