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While starting up a new blog, part of what you’ll learn is about the ways in which you’ll be interacting with your blog audience. You initially learned that you’re blogging for no one but your audience. These are real humans who are personally interested in your niche and always come around to read the posts you publish on your blog.

You learned further that in order to keep your audience intact, you’ll need to frequently publish posts that will satisfy their appetites so far the reason for checking out on your blog is to read informative and helpful posts that will help them improve their own blogs.

For them to continue visiting as well as checking out for the latest posts on your blog, you’ll need to constantly and frequently create highly-engaging content on that blog and must be transparent in all respect. You need to seem like an authority blogger to them by virtue of your work.

The so-called audience wouldn’t ever want to visit your site anymore once they’ve discovered that you publish plagiarized content for them to read or use images that belong to other bloggers for your content. Once they can’t continue to see the originality, uniqueness, and consistency in you, they’ll click away from your site and may never visit again in the lifetime.

During the course of blogging, it’s worth considering what your audience really demand that will make them love to continue visiting your site as well as reading posts on your site.

It’s equally worth learning how you can engage your audience which is part of the pro-quality expected of you in order to have those people coming back to your site over and over again and that’s what I’ll be highlighting here in today’s post

Here are ways in which you can engage your audience effectively:

  1. Engage your audience through high-quality and informative content
  2. Engage your audience through blog commenting
  3. Engage your audience through social media posts, pages, and groups
  4. Engage your audience through guest blogging
  5. Engage your audience through Quora
  6. Engage your audience through email marketing campaigns
  7. Engage your audience through forum posting

Engage Your Audience Through High-Quality and Informative Content

When it comes to engaging your audience, it starts with creating high-quality and informative content frequently. And doing it frequently will perfect it as the audience would only love to follow a blog author that consistently and frequently posts content on his blog.

As other people appear as audiences to your blog, you’re equally an audience to other people’s blogs. For example, I started visiting and reading other people’s blog posts from the onset and that really helped me a lot in stepping up with lots of blogging skills and initiatives. I was visiting each of 7 authority blogs 3-5 times a week to read the latest posts and leave valuable, attention-grabbing, and authentic comments.

Engage Your Audience Through Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is another excellent way to engage your audience. I learned through an authority blogger that more bloggers will follow me through outreach campaigns if I can always leave attention-grabbing and authentic comments on niche-related authority blogs which I found to be a good and working strategy eventually.

Other commenters would get captivated to read your comments and possibly click from the authority site into your own website.

As you move on consistently leaving such valuable comments, you’ll get noticed by the authority bloggers and will gain their following to your own site. When they start following you to your site to read posts and leave comments, some of those people who follow them will also follow you.

Engage Your Audience Through Social Media Posts, Pages, and Groups

Social media is an excellent place to build engagement with the audience. As millions of people are active users on social media sites, it follows that you stand the chance of building a large following with commitment, dedication, and engagement.

Always be ready to help others passionately as this is simply the best way to engage other people and build a relationship with them in the online world.

Engage Your Audience Through Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has been proven to be a working strategy too when it comes to building engagement with the audience. If your blog is still not getting much traffic, you’ll need to submit guest posts to authority bloggers in your niche. Through a guest post, you can be generating hundreds of thousands of traffic hits every month and this could help you move your blog off the ground. And once your blog is successfully moved off the ground, only the sky will be the limit.

If you had tried submitting proposals to some niche-related authority bloggers but haven’t got promising responses, don’t let that discourage you from building your site further.

Engage Your Audience Through Quora

Quora is my best-loved platform when it comes to building high-quality backlinks and building relationships with other people in the business. As you become an authority in providing high-quality answers to other people’s questions, you’ll continue to grow your Alexa ranking position and will build a successful online empire.

You don’t have to sign up to Quora to start using Quora so far you have an active Facebook or Gmail account. You can simply continue with either your email or Facebook account to Quora.

Engage Your Audience Through Email Marketing Campaigns

The email marketing campaign should have been your pioneer marketing strategy on starting out. When a blog is newly-launched, it’s still on zero traffic and the only way to help such a blog take-off quickly is to start building an email list right from the onset.

To start collecting emails, I would like to introduce the Hello Bar tool to you, folks, as this will help you make your website GDPR compliant and, at the same time, collect and sync emails on your behalf automatically on all visits to your site.

Engage Your Audience Through Forum Posting

If you’re good at creating threads, this is an excellent way to build relationships and generate lots of links for your website. Though most forums have their terms of use, once you can abide by those rules, you’ll never have issues with any of them and will have a breakthrough using the forums to build your online business.

Edit your forum signature settings and let your website URL appear at the bottom of every thread and post you’ll create on the forum. Make sure you search for high PR forums before you start with forums at all, though my recommendation for anyone is the Warrior Forum – the #1 internet marketing forum in the industry.


Having read the post regarding how you can build engagement with your audience, be an action taker and make things happen by implementing those strategies on a daily basis.

If you ever need a hand with anything going forward, don’t hesitate to let me know.


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