How to Generate Revenue from a Website

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You want to generate revenue from your blog but haven’t been getting enough traffic, okay? Maybe you’ve been not been getting any meaningful traffic at all, right? Get to understand that in blogging, there are strategies you need to implement in order to get results on time. But the problem with most veterans in the blogging world today is that they wouldn’t want to learn new things that pertain to blogging.

Which class do you belong? Do you always love to learn from other people’s skills, resources, and experiences? Experientially, most people don’t take their time to check out what others are doing and that’s why so many veterans will have to continue giving up and quitting. For as long as people would keep turning down pieces of useful advice, challenges and frustrations will continue to hold lives down.

In today’s publication, I’ll simply analyze how you can generate revenue from your blog and continue like that in a lifetime. Why do most newbies and veterans give up? Why do so many people quit from online business when they are almost near financial freedom wthout knowing? It’s simply because they didn’t take the right blogging steps from the onset. So, they get frustrated easily and, thus, wouldn’t be able to keep on blogging.

Here are what you simply need to do to start generating revenue from your blogging empire:

  1. Prepare to write high-quality and informative content frequently
  2. Build laudable engagement with your potential blog readers
  3. Engage your social media audience to build social traffic potentials
  4. Send an email list to your potential subscribers
  5. Share every new post you publish on your blog via social icons
  6. Supply answers to niche-related questions on
  7. Participate actively in onine forums
  8. Write guest posts for niche-related top bloggers.

Prepare to Write High-Quality and Informative Content Frequently

Content is king as you’ve heard and read times without number from so many blogs out there but in what way? Is it just by writing something down or by putting anything you want to write down on a blog? Not at all! Content is not king that way at all. When it comes to building an ideal blog for an ideal blog audience, it starts from writing high-quality and informative content frequently.

When it comes to building blog content for search engine optimization (SEO), it goes a long way with creating great content while engaging the audience. Content without engagement results to zero ranking and zero traffic. Such content never generates search engine traffic simply because it never ranks.

Google has a broad list of ranking signals out of which content is an extremely ranking factor. Not just an extremely ranking factor, but the top two ranking factor in Google.

Build Laudable Engagement with Your Potential Blog Readers

Would you be willing to build laudable engagement with your potential blog readers? Would you want to skyrocket your blog to the first page in Google soonest? Your answer is here. Your solution is right here. What would you simply need to do? Engagement!!! You would need to build a lot of engagement on your blog and you’ll smile when you start seeing pro blogging results.

What is the sure way to build engagement with your potential blog readers? Taking a lot of comments and responding on time will help you achieve a first-page ranking in Google soonest. More comments equal more ranking while more rankings equal more traffic. And more traffic equals more revenue which you’ll surely earn in a lifetime.

Engage Your Social Media Audience to Build Social Traffic Potentials

While building site engagement alongside, you’ll equally be building social media engagement to build social traffic potentials in all respect. Within a few months of doing this consistently, you’ll find that you can build a mighty blogging empire. Create your time and get the best of dedication to your business, and you’ll smile at last.

The way most veterans use the social media is such that they would only be expecting traffic magic after they would have built hundreds of followers and all of that. Building a battalion of followers is good, but it’s not the basic criterion for building social media traffic. You’ll need to be very active on the media posting, commenting, as well as helping a lot of people solve their problems and challenges.

Send an Email List to Your Potential Subscribers

Sending an email list should have started right from day 1 as you’ll have your subscribers as the first set of people to read your content and comment on them. Though most veteran bloggers do count email list building a waste of time or something that doesn’t work out as expected.

A newbie blogger, of course, told me recently that he has not been getting a moderate number of subscribers to read his posts while another blogger said he hasn’t been able to get any appreciable traffic through email newsletters.

Well, as for those who would always be ready to implement the working strategies, sending an email list is a must as part of what helps you build readership for your blog. If you haven’t been making the most out of email lists yet, then you’re not doing email engagement the right way yet.

Share Every New Post You Publish on Your Blog Via Social Icons

For SEO purpose, you need a social share icon on your blog and you’ll simply need this in order to spread the word immediately the blog post is published to the nearby audience.

You have hundreds of social share plugins on WordPress at your own disposal and the one I use on my personal blog is the Utimate Social Media Icon. It really works and functions well.

Supply Answers to Niche-Related Questions on

Have you ever heard of or is this just your first time of hearing about this platform? Let me congratulate you as you’re well on your way towards financial freedom so far you’re willing to leverage it profitably.

On, you don’t get paid to post comments but simply get lots of traffic hits answering niche-related questions consistently. With the Alexa rank, you can hardly find a related platform that can generate you so much traffic hits like It’s a ready-made traffic generator for veteran bloggers who are willing to dedicate time to this business.

Participate Actively in Online Forums

What about posting to online forums? Isn’t it a superb SEO building strategy? Isn’t it a quick way to build links and improve a page rank in Google in as much as content and links are the top two ranking factors in Google’s search algorithms?

One logical way to build organic traffic through online forums is persistence/presence. Once you can choose a specific number of high Page-rank forums to post to daily, you can rest assured of generating so much traffic from there and will earn cool and consistent revenue in a lifetime.

Write Guest Posts for Niche-Related Top Bloggers.

Guest posts can skyrocket your blog to the first page, first position in Google, of course, so far you’re willing to give your best to it knowing that top bloggers need the best of your high-quality content to be delivered and published on their blogs.

You have open doors to starting out as a guest poster so far you can learn the right way to captivate top bloggers through your proposals. Get the best of the guest post proposals ever submitted and you’ll surely receive invitations from many of them.


The top richest bloggers in the online world who earn millions of dollars from their personal blogs monthly implemented all these blogging strategies and built their blogs on the solid blogging fundamentals.

Having read the content about generating revenue from a website, you might want to ask a few questions. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below this post and I’ll be more than happy to respond to your question.

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  1. Thanks for your valuable comment, Curtis! Much appreciated! I want to commend you for the valuable information you provided in your last comment. You showed in your comment that a newbie blogger needs to publish lots of informative content first on starting out before implementing the pro blogging strategies. While adding content, building engagement with the audiences would do such a blog a lot of good as it will surely help to move it off the ground. Kudos for your golden initiatives! Your intelligence is needed in the online world.

  2. Oh wow! Thanks for the info on your blog! Recently, I have only been using facebook and instagram as the main source for promotion. However, I do need to go to the community more. Thanks for this. It gave me more ideas on how to engage with the audience. 

    I didn’t realize how going to forum sites can be helpful to produce more traffic. 

    • Thanks for your participation, Ralph! Much grateful! Engagement is very paramount to your online success and can help you improve a page ranking in Google. This further determines your domain authority, page authority, trust flow and all of that. Thanks for the visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  3. Hello Israel. Thank you for sharing the ways I can generate revenue from my website. I want to escape the 5 to 9 rat race and become my own boss that is why I decided to start an online business and build websites. Not being able to monetize these websites will be something so frustrating. Your tips will help Google find me.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Barry! Much grateful! You have all resources at your own disposal at WA to build a successful online business. Though you can set up a multi million dollar brand easily, building it towards accomplishments takes some time, effort and little expenses. Dedicate more time to your business and you’ll surely generate revenue on your blog. Thanks for visiting!

      Israel Olatunji

  4. Hey there,

    starting a blog is truly an amazing way to turn Your passion into valuable and meaningful content creation which can be shared with the whole world! It is also a great way to ditch a regular 9 to 5 job and start working from Your comfortable home and start earning some great income!

    These are very helpful and informative steps and advice You cover. As a reader, I feel motivated after reading Your article, great job! You’ve said that a person should be prepared to post content frequently. If that’s not possible, does a person still have a chance of running a successful blog even though he will post rarely (like once a week) but the quality of content will be very high? Keep up the great work 😉

    • Thanks for your comment, Evald! Much appreciated! Setting up a blogging empire is the sure step to boarding a financial freedom train, and running it with lots of passion is the assurance of becoming successful.

      Handling blogging like a real offline business which you do with lots of effort, commitment, and concentration will help you actualize your blogging goal in the end. Keep rocking your blog. Keep making cool money from your website. Thanks for the visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  5. I am one of those people who like to learn from others, so this article is quite relevant to me. You have given so much details of which most of what you have highlighted I do implement and my traffic has been making very great improvement. But after you get all this traffic with people commenting on your articles, how does all this convert to revenue? Are you paid for the high traffic or how does this transform to money?

    • Thanks for your question, Anita! Much welcome! Kudos to you that you’ve begun to implement those strategies and have been getting accomplishments in traffic already! Much impressed!

      As traffic rises on your blog, you’ll have all the potentials in this world to earn cool and consistent reveue in a lifetime. You can earn by promoting affiliate products such as Amazon products. You can also display Google Advertisements (Ads) on your site and share revenue with Google. Thanks for asking!

      Israael Olatunji

  6. Dear Israel,

    Thanks for the detailed and in-depth post.

    I am a full-time blogger and your post on how to generate revenue from website is very helpful, it gave me new insights.

    Yes indeed money is in the list and I need to focus on building my email list. Many said about the potential traffic generated by Quora and your advice is a double confirmation. All the points you discussed are very helpful and I will implement those on my website for sure.

    Wishing you great success!


    • Thanks for stopping by, Paul! Much appreciated! Quora is not known to so many veterans out there and it baffles how this is so. Being such a great question & answer platform with a very high Alexa ranking, everybody should have been leveraging it. But I’m sure it’s never too late when it’s not yet late. Anyone can leverage Quora to build high-quality links as External links are involved when it comes to building a Google PageRank. Thanks for your visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  7. This is a good introduction to making money online. It makes sense for people who have already established their website and have good traffic.

    I don’t think a newbie should even think about trying to do all of this in the beginning. They need to create high quality content for a while, until they start getting some decent traffic. At that point is when I would recommend starting an email campaign and getting subscribers to register. Until then, I don’t believe email buys you anything.

    Social media should start with your first post so you can get people interested in your site. I like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and a  few others, where I add every post I create. Much of my traffic comes from my Facebook page that I created for my niche site. I would definitely suggest that anyone using Facebook, should create a page for their site to help get people interested.

    A lot of valuable information here. Thanks for providing it.


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