How to Get Backlinks to Your Website

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When it comes to ranking a blog, it begins with links and content first. In Google’s search algorithms, there are currently more than 200 ranking factors but links and content are the two most crucial signals for ranking blogs. If that be the case, then writing a comprehensive/detailed blog post for a link-related blog topic is worth the time, dedication, and commitment.

Before Google took over the website-ranking authority years back at all, Alta Vista, Yahoo, and others were in charge of ranking blogs, and content was the only signal/factor that was used to determine ranking. In those days, search engines looked into content quality, variety, and frequent publishing.

Google took over the site -ranking control with effect from 1998 and, thus, created its own search algorithm which ranked posts based on over 200 signals out of which links and content are the top two crucial ranking signals.

Google never looked into how many words you have within your content or how many people visited your blog daily to read posts unlike before but rather accessed the quality of those visitors who linked to your blog from other blogs (Backlinks). It implies that the position of your ranking in Google depends on the quality of the links you got from other blogs and how informative/engaging your content is to the ideal target audience.

When a niche-related authority blogger links directly to your blog, reads posts on your blog, and leaves quality comments on some posts, the link you’ve got from such a visit is said to be a high-quality one which ranks well in Google. That’s simply what explains the quality of links you can get from other blogs.

Below are some blogging tips you can follow in order to get high-quality backlinks to your own blogs:

  1. Write high-quality guest posts for niche-related authority blogs
  2. Leave attention-grabbing comments on authority blogs
  3. Do blogger outreach campaigning frequently
  4. Leave High-Quality Answers on Quora
  5. Link to authority bloggers’ social media posts/pages and leave authentic comments
  6. Join a good number of high Page-Rank online forums and create posts frequently
  7. Brand your site and make it entertaining

1. Write High-Quality Guest Posts for Niche-Related Authority Blogs

You must bear in mind that links have to be generated only from niche-related blogs whether they’re owned by an authority or a veteran blogger. Link quality is part of what determines the position of your search engine ranking.

When most of your links are generated from unrelated niche blogs, Google lowers your ranking position in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and you’ll receive a slap which could be detrimental to your blogging success.

To start receiving guest post invitations from authority bloggers, make sure you:

  • Build your blog on the solid blogging fundamentals
  • Publish informative and highly-engaging content on your blog frequently
  • Build link authority through blogger outreach campaigning and forum posting
  • Contact some authority bloggers on a regular basis asking for what you can do for them.
  • Help and promote authority bloggers in your blog posts, and elsewhere
  • Leave authentic comments on authority blogs frequently; and
  • Submit guest-posting proposals to authority bloggers using the site contact boxes.

2. Leave Attention-Grabbing Comments on Authority Blogs

Get a good number of niche-related blogs you’ll be offering your comments to on a frequent basis and follow that up without missing a schedule. Make sure you always leave valuable, authentic, and attention-grabbing comments on all of these blogs so that you’ll get noticed by both the blog owners and the followers.

To make the most out of the weekly comment-posting heralds, your comments must:

  • Be a minimum of 50 words in more than one paragraph
  • Contain relevant points fleshed out of the main blog content
  • Be attention-grabbing
  • Be highly-engaging
  • Contribute more quotas to the main post

3. Do Blogger Outreach Campaigning Frequently

What do you understand by “Blogger Outreach Campaigning”? It simply involves all the outreach activities that a pro blogger performs to build/improve a page rank in search engines. These outreach activities include:

  • Guest-posting
  • Visiting other people’s blogs
  • Reading other bloggers’ posts as well as leaving authentic comments
  • Providing quality answers to niche-related questions on; and others.

4. Leave High-Quality Answers on Quora

To provide quality answers to those niche-related questions on, you’ll need a Quora account which takes only a minute or more to set up. You have the option to create an account via email, Facebook, Google+, or Twitter. Once you’re done with the account-creation, start posting high-quality answers and make sure you do this with passion.

When it comes to link building for SEO, Quora takes the first position among the counterparts and you’re guaranteed to improve your rankings in search results leveraging it.

5. Link to authority bloggers’ social media posts/pages and leave authentic comments

Follow authority bloggers to their social media posts/pages and contribute your quotas to the groups. Make sure you add your blog address to your social media profile in order to generate links.

To make the most out of this strategy, you need an active account in each of most-used social media platforms.

6. Join a good number of high Page-Rank online forums and create posts frequently

When it comes to building high-quality links, forums are a powerful instrument. Though there are hundreds of niche-related forums that you can join, make sure you only select the ones with high Page Ranks.

Once you’re done with your selection, create an account in each, edit your signature with your blog address, and start using the forums for link building right away.

One particular thing you must learn to accept before using the forums is that you can get your account suspended any time for spamming. Once you’re caught spamming the forum, you’ll get banned and the ban may never be lifted in some of the forums.

7. Brand your site and make it entertaining

There’s much to gain when it comes to branding and packaging. It starts from using a professional logo for your brand through choosing an awesome site design template. You have hundreds of such beautiful themes at your disposal if you’re running a WordPress site.

A professional blog logo design service is perfectly offered on and you can equally leverage this tool free to build a brand for your blogging empire.

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  1. Hey there! Thanks for sharing this well explained and in depth guide to getting backlinks for a blog or website. I found it difficult to understand what backlinks were when I first started and I think this information will help many others understand it better. But not only that, you also explain the ‘how to do’ part of backlinking too like guest blogging and leaving quality comments. I never thought about answering questions on Quora.



    • Thanks for stopping by, Marlinda! Much grateful! Link building is crucial to improving a page rank in Google and the best strategies to implement are getting lots of engagement done on your site, writing guest posts for niche-related authority blogs, posting answers to niche-related questions on, and many more.

      Thanks for the visit!

      Israel Olatunji


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